Sunday, 24 March 2013

Uranus - From start to finish

Home stretch for these chibis...
originally i drew the original senshi one day while i was waiting for my ride to be ready to go at work...
i never planned to do the outers cause honestly they aren't my fav characters...
but people liked the inner senshi WAY more then i was expecting and people kept asking would i do the outers or the stars.
I did like pluto and saturn so i figured fine... i will do the 4 outers...
i will not do stars.
i actually didn't like that season much at all.
if someone commissioned me to draw them i would but otherwise... i don't feel like it.

cause in th end it was all on a whim.
anyways i was really sick this past week (still kinda am but at least i can hear things now and my voice doesn't cut out as much) and i couldn't really get much more then the random sketch or study out.... and i was thinking about what i could do... and i'm planning on getting a button machine (i have been saying this for months fun fact) but then i wondered what i would make into buttons.... well if i had all the senshi i could sell them as a set...
but that would involve finishing the three i have left.
so i sketched the three and i'm pretyt happy with the result... still need to touch them up but thats what inking is for.
so since Uranus was the nicest of the three and the one who needed the least touchign up i did her first
i forgot to make the line art bigger so the image is small for me but oh well it was fun... in the end it'll only ever be 600 wide on the internet... but still i like making it bigger for sticker purposes.
so yeah i hope you like it.
and if i messed up on some details then sorry.


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