Friday, 29 March 2013

Completed: A darkness in the East (the dragonprince's arrows#1) by Aaron Pogue

Mister Aaron Pogue if you ever read this please allow me to say two things.

You are one hell of a glorious troll and i mean that in the kindest way possible
I really loved this novella and i look forward to the next instalment. 

But dammit that ending....
I'm just gunna go to my waiting corner and wait for the next instalment to come out *sighs*
I'm bad at waiting... especially with an ending that good.

Um it's a novella so i can't describe much plot wise without spoilers so all I'll say is that it's a short story set in the Dragon Prince's universe at some point between the second and third book.
Oh and i guess i can mention that Daven is the main character.

oh and if you haven't gather by now i really enjoyed it... i only called the author a troll cause that was one hell of a way to end it and it makes me want more and there isn't any more yet....

so yeah.

The good:
Well written, this is pretty much a given for this author... i just really like his style.
Good character development, even in this short story i get to see Daven's character arc and that makes me really happy.
the time it's set, i look forward to seeing more of Daven's adventures between book 2 and 3

The not so good:
It's not stand alone, I'm sure you could enjoy it if you hadn't read any of the other Dragon prince books but you'd be missing out on so much... especially that ending. Though as someone who has read the other novels it was great seeing certain characters again... but yeah not a stand alone short story at all.
it's a novella so it's short (approx 85 pages according to amazon) and in my case i just want more... cause I'm greedy. 

The bad:
no dancing.... *sighs*

and only one person who reads that will get it... but that's okay.

so yeah I really liked this novella, it was a lot of fun and glad it'll be it's own small series.
it's priced at 2.99 on kindle *grumbles about current USD to CAD conversion*if i had just waited one day...
and yeah i suggest you pick it up and all the other dragon prince books.

ALSO to those wondering why i haven't done many novel reviews lately.

1. I tend to get 95% of my reading done on transit since otherwise i can't multitask when reading... however lately i haven't gone on transit at all... so I'm going to try and set aside some time from painting to sit down and read.

2. The book I'm currently read is painful but I'm so close to the end that i just want to finish it and be done with it... move onto something that has been suggested to me... i just know if i switch to a different full length novel i wont go back to it.... so i gotta push through the pain... beside it may redeem itself.

alright..... so yeah.... have you gotten the dragon prince books yet?
Aaron Pogue's Amazon Page

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