Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pichu -From start to finish-

ugh i can't wait for drivign lessons to be over so i have enough time/light and energy to finish the painting... luckily it's all backgroudn stuff and glitter at this point...

oh right i'm supposed totalk about pichu.

so this was part of the requested sketchdump of pokemon where i did what people wants to see me do
some turned out decent... others derpy... what can you do it was fun in the end.
one of the ones i was most happy with was pichu so i figured may as well render him.

so i listened to a 55 min long podcast while i started....
and by the end of the podcast i was done...

yeah pokemon are fast to draw.

still this will probably be my last one for a while, i'm waiting on the next 12 descriptions of this project commission thing i'm working on and i'll be focusing more on original art again...

but yeah we'll see.... i need to find a way to balance things so i don't burn out cause 15 images is a lot or pressure and i wanna make sure every single one is the best i can make it.

so yeah... in the 55 mins i never took a screen shot... oops.... so heres the finished pichu
and of course the shiny colouring
anyways i hope you like it and i'm gunan get back to painting and dreading my final day of class


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