Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Code: Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth~

I was supposed to finish this in 2017 but got too busy and here we are.

Also quickly sharing my Biases.
I love silly reverse harems... as long as the main character has a name and they are definitely going for one route i'm happy.

This show meets all those criteria.

We follow Cardia, a mysterious girl who has an odd poison coursign through her body. anything she touches with her bare skin melts. Luckily she has clothing and certain items that negate this problem but it does mean she is forced to live in isolation. That is until Chivalrous thief Arsene Lupin come and steals her away.

We learn that she is the daughter of a famous and somewhat hated scientist. a man who created an item of infinite energy... it also happens to be whats keeping Cardia alive... as well as what make her  impossible to touch. Arsene, originally stealing her for a selfish reason, befriends her and decides to help her get rid of that natsy poison.
How? well with his house full of pretty boys all with referential names. like Saint-Germain, Victor Frankenstein, Impey Barbicane, Abraham Van Helsing and even Delacriox II.
These overly designed pretty boys all have special talents and work together to gather more info on Cardia's father as well as leaning about how this may be able more then the fate of one girl.

It's corny, it's stilly it's over the top and I loved every minute, I want to get the game and see the other endings.

Also how can you hate a show with a character named Herlock Sholmes... you can't... you just can't.

Needless to say... if you hate reverse harems then yeah this show will not change your mind (though it's seriously not even a big part of the show... the show is about cardia and just happens to have some hot guys to pick from)

If you hate shows where the characters have ridiculous over the top costuming when they are trying to blend in.... then watch something else.
However if all that sounds like a fun time I seriously believe you will enjoy this show. The art is lovely, the music is enjoyable and above all I really enjoyed the story. It's corny and predictable but it's also fun and sweet and sad when it needs to be.
Would it have made my top 10 list had I finished it on time? No... but it would have been an honourable mention cause this show was just so enjoyable.

You can watch it all on Chrunchyroll

Monday, 1 January 2018

Year End Top 10 - Anime

Last year was full of a lot of great anime...
Yet if you know anything about me you already know my number 1.
Also to make sure everyone understands how my top 10s work. Only shows I have finished in 2017 will be o the list.

This yeah I think I'll be changing the formula just a bit.

Shows that might have made the list had i finished them this year: 

My Hero Academia season 2

For whatever reason i still haven't watched the final 5 episodes of this season... i think my thinking was let this show end cause i didn't care for that arc in the manga and then marathon..... but then i forgot to marathon.
SO yeah technically it's on the list... it would be in the top 5 but i didn't finish it in 2017 so i can't actually put it there.

Attack on Titan season 2

I didn't watch any of this, much like the first season i didn't want to watch a show like this week to week so i let it build in hopes of binging and then... well forgot about it. The different between this and hero aca is that i don't think they would have cracked the top ten. It's a neat show and i did enjoy season one (when i saw it a few years later) but from what i hear it starts to drag... probably going to wait for season 3 before i even start this one.

Code: Realize: ~Guardian of Rebirth~

Long story short I watched too much this season... I got overwhelmed and ended up behind on pretty much everything. Still i enjoyed what i saw of this and will probably finish it today or tomorrow and maybe it'll make it to 2018's list. Probably not but who knows i really do love some reverse harem fluff.

Honourable Mentions:


Specifically the first 6 episodes.
Had this only been those episode it would be fighting for number 2 spot. it was funny and sweet and just a joy... until the next episode where it got so terrible so quickly. It's honestly too bad cause I wanted to love this show but by the end I hated it.

Our love has always been 10 centimetres apart

Really cute show should probably be considered my number 11 of this list. I love the art and music and once again I have a soft spot for fluff.

Alright now that we have gotten through that... time for this list! 

10. Restaurant to Another World

I don't know why i enjoy this show as much as I do.
Is it the episodic nature of learning more about people who visit a single shop?
Is it the lovingly animated food that makes me really miss Japan?
Is it Suwabe as the lead chef?
Yeah probably that one but also the other two.
This show is fun, even though it's 100% episodic most of the characters have an arc, either within their episode or over a few episodes as they go back again and try similar yet different dishes.
I would love if this show got another season... i have no idea what they would do with it but hey at least I'd get to see Suwabe serve up really pretty anime food.
Also there was an episode that was done like a wildlife show... good times.

9. Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga

... really? holy crap this year was good if a show i was certain would be in my top 5 would be 9.
Anyways The reason it is as low as it is is how it was handled. It retconned the end of the first season so you just open cold some point after Rin's secret is exposed but before the world nearly gets destroyed.
I loved it, but it makes recommending the show really hard cause i have to be like "watch till about episode 22 and then watch this second season and then if you want go back and watch the last few episodes of the show"
Still I really did enjoy it and... man it's already so hard to try and put these in an order.

8. New Game!!

I binged both season of this show. Originally when I saw the first episode I was worried that it would just be cute characters being cute. However I was pleasantly surprised. Yes there is a lot of cute girls being cute but they are also working their ass off to make a game. they are struggling, they are succeeding, the are failing, they are growing and in the end it's a sweet heartwarming show and I hope we get another season down the road (even though it can be considered a complete story). The art is adorable, the music is super catchy and despite the aura of Moe that wafts off it the story is really good.
It does at times remind me a bit too much of work though so that's probably why it's not a bit higher. Still really good show if you can get through the first episode you will probably enjoy it.

7. Your Name

I love this movie, out of all Makoto Shinkai's films this one is probably my fav*
The cinematography is amazing, it strikes the perfect balance between realism and anime. The story is great and had me laughing and crying constantly.
However, unless I'm watching on dvd/bluray with the remote in my hand I will never watch this film again and I can't put a film i refuse to watch much higher on my list.

*I have Astrophobia, there is a scene that goes on for way longer then it needs to in this film.... I had no idea about it (though i should have known better, Makoto Shinkai loves that kind of shit) and I ended up having a really bad Panic attack in the movie theatre. Other then this one scene the film is pretty much perfect. so yeah.... good film, do not watch if you have Astrophobia. (or watch in an environment where someone can skip past that scene for you.)

6. A Silent Voice

Another really good movie. Visually it's stunning, the colours pop and the use of visual metaphors for things like PTSD and Anxiety are all realized really well in this moving medium. It cuts some of the story bits from the manga that just dragged and didn't really add much of anything. I love that even though the main girl is deaf she still has friends and is treated normally even if it's a bit harder to communicate. I love that is shows kids are little shits who deserve to get their asses handed to them when they outright refuse to learn something to make things more convenient for others. (I may be a little biased on that point I'll admit, I've had some kids say horrible shit to me about my autistic brother and it was nothing a little public shaming of the parents didn't fix). Still there was a lot of really good anime this past year so thats the only reason why it didn't crack the top 5.

5. March comes in like a Lion 

Specifically season 1... cause season 2 is technically ongoing.
Again this show has amazing visual metaphor for anxiety, depression, grief, and PSTD. The music is amazing and the story of a child prodigy who has an odd love hate relationship with the thing he's best at is really interesting.
However Season 1 specifically has some issues. If you know nothing about Shogi then... well don't  expect to learn about it here... yes there is a song about all the classes but Crunchyroll in their infinite wisdom decided not to translate it... and it's like a full episode worth of content. Rei also takes quite a long time to get out of his depressive funk so the show is a bit of a downer BUT seeing him grow and become kinder and warmer and deal with some of his emotions is what pushed this show to top 5.
Also the dynamic he has with the other characters is perfect and I just love everyone.

Oh boy this is just getting more and more difficult... OK

4. Eccentric Family 2

I adore this show, it's quirky balance of Humans, Tengu and Tanuki is wonderful and sweet and funny.
However this season wasn't as enjoyable as the first one.
I still adored it, i would still love yet another season but overall I think season 1 was far more concise and focused.
that being said I had so much fun at the eccentric family Cafe so.... yeah.

3. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

This was my favourite show of winter 2017, It was so refreshing seeing a character who wasn't a teenager and who grows so much while still being a gamer.
This show does everything right where GAMERS went so very wrong. It's sweet, it's funny, it made me emotional and despite being low budget it never feels like it's cutting corners.
I seriously hope we get more... I know we probably wont but I want to see more of Moriko and Sakurai's story. Still even if this is all we get i loved every second of it.

2. Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

OK so I lied when i said I only really knew what my number 1 show was... I knew this would be number 2 as well. It had to be.
The story continues after Yakumo finishes telling Yotaro the tale of his old friend Sukeroku. it deals with the guilt Yakumo has for how he lost his best friends and lover, it deals with the fact that he is getting older and despite his best effort to have Rakugo die off with him the artform continues to be past to the younger generation. We deal with Yakumo's facing of his mortality as well as the changing times. In the end it finishes exactly the way it needed to and even though I'm so sad there will never be anymore i adored every minute of it. the voice acting is some of the best i have ever heard and even though Akira Ishida gives me chills when i hear his voice it's so perfect for this role. Yotaro's journey is also really enjoyable to watch. every moment of this show has stuck with me despite it being one of the first shows I finished in 2017
However if you even know me just a little... you know my number 1 pick.

1. Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

cause of course it's Natsume Yuujinchou Roku.
Also spoilers for 2018, if i see the film this year it'll be my number 1 once again.
That's how much I love this show.
This is another episodic show that overall has an arc... though I will say I hate myself for calling when certain chapters would be animated.
Honestly considering which episode they finished the season with... and I doubt they'd continue that line of thought for the movie... man season 7 cannot get here fast enough.
If you love fairly chill shows about learning to deal with things in your life like grief or being different then I cannot recommend this show enough. There is also a talking alcoholic kitty : D
but yeah considering I went to the town this show is loosely based on... it's no surprise that once again it is my fav anime of the year.

What was your favourite show or film this year? Any shows that exceeded your expectations? feel free to let me know!

Year end top 10 - Video games 2017

This year was a bit odd for me and gaming, I beat pretty much every game I bought but I didn't even beat 10 games....
Could it be because the games i did beat were on the longer side? possibly.
Is it because i didn't even touch my backlog? yeah most likely.
oh and those 3 weeks in Japan might have cut into gaming time but I think I made the right choice

So here is you year end top 8!

8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)

I mean.... I tired every map and saw the end credits so.... that means finished in 2017 right?
The reason why it's last on the list is simple. It's a fun game but it's most fun with friend which I haven't gotten to try yet.
I love the feel and music and the game is really pretty but still it's just another kart racer. It's really fun but the other titles meant more to me this year.

7. Full Throttle Remastered (PC)

One of my earliest memories gaming involves this game. I loved it as a kid until my bro accidentally broke the CD. When I heard this game was getting a remaster I was so happy that I'd get to enjoy one of my first Point and Click games.
And it's still really good, I loved every moment of it and i was amazed how much i remember considering that the last time I played it would have been almost 20 years ago.
Should it be higher on the list because of the personal connection i have to the game? maybe but i think this is where it belongs because in the end... this isn't actually my first time finishing it.

6. Zwei 2: The Ilvard Insurrection (PC)

A Falcom game.... on one of my lists?
Well yeah actually like... 4 of them...
Anways Zwei 2 is a cute game about Ragna and Alwen, the combat (while a little simple) is pretty fun and the music is fantastic. it's not terribly long but it's full of style and personality.
I think the only reason it didn't resonate with me more is the fact that the combat is REALLY simple... it gets more complex over time but both characters get their most useful moves very easily on (granted I loved using Ragna's weapon as a glider)
I am looking forward to playing Zwei 1 and seeing how the game works with it's completely based on sprites and i would love to see Zwei 3 someday down the line.... this cute series really does deserve more love.

5. Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita)

I want to put this version of the game higher I really do.
But after playing the ps4 version I can't.
There are so many typos and bugs and things that don't unlock the thing they say they will. the worst part is that there isn't even any sound after you beat true end.
And i was fine with that.... but then i played the ps4 version and they have fixed (or tweaked) everything.... the vita version (as far as i can tell) has never been patched. They didn't care and that annoys me.
It's bad enough where had i beat the ps4 version before the end of the year i would have counted them as separate games. Between the fixes and the added content/mechanics they are not even remotely the same game anymore.
Still the game is really fun, i love the story and the music is great (even if it feels a bit more persona-y or tales-y at times)
Also because i will most likely beat Tokyo Xanadu ex+ next year... yes i will still consider it it's own game and it'll probably get a spot on the top ten.... so look forward to that i guess?

4. Danganronpa V3 (PS4)

This game is brilliant, a perfect way to end the series and a great commentary. While i didn't connect with all of the cast as much as i have in the past it was a fun romp with probably the best conclusion ever. All I can really say without giving anything away is Fuck Danganronpa.

3. Persona 5 (PS4)

I know this is pretty much everyone's GotY. I love the game, the style is fantastic. the characters are lovable and the dungeon design is the best the series has ever been.
But it can't be my number 1 game simply because in the end I was left feeling it isn't finished.
The ending is rushed, there is a massive thread left hanging that really should have been resolved... it feels like they left these open for a later version of the game with new content. (they did it for both p3 and p4 but at least those games felt complete)
Still everything else was great and maybe in a year that doesn't have a Kiseki game and an Ys game it would be number 1.
but not this year.

And now for the hard part.
I have been staring at this for days.
And i don't know what I want to pick.
One if objectively a better game, better game play, it's the first time I've ever wanted to complete a game 100% including a nightmare run.
The other one has a story that resonates so much with me and some of my all time fav characters... not to mention the fact that i literally cried on stream when i saw the tweet announcing it.
It's a battle between my head and my heart... and I think I know which will win.

2. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (PS4)

Again... Ys VIII is a great game. The combat is so much fun, the characters are wonderful... the music is some of the best in the series and the fact that you can see all the places you are going to go makes the island feel alive.
I love Dana's story (i can't imagine playing the vita version which must cut out.... most of this since she doesn't have changing forms or that final dungeon), I love the challenge which never felt unfair. Any other year this would be my unquestioned number 1, it's my fav of the entire Ys series.
Yes the translation is (as of right now) pretty bad.... but they are working to fix it so I'll give them a pass on that for now.
Still i love this game and once the translation is fixed i will be doing a nightmare run/trophy cleanup
However... there was one other game that in the end just means more to me.

1. Trails in the Sky The 3rd (PC)

I'm a little surprised that after everything this is my number one.
It's an old game, the combat isn't nearly as fun as later games in the series get but in the end I don't care.
Kevin is my fav character in this series, having a taste of his story in second chapter had me hooked and The 3rd gave me everything i wanted and more (as well as making me sob multiple times).
I've never had a game where after completing a side quest (or the closest thing to a side quest in this case) made me get up and walk away from the game so i could get through all the emotions.
I feel such an attachment to each of these characters and even though i fully acknowledge that both Cold steel and Ys VIII are better games... in the end i enjoyed this one more.
It means more to me then any other title in the series so far.
I desperately want to go back and replay even though i did pretty much everything.
In the end I ultimately knew this would be my number 1, honestly now that I'm finished writing this... i wouldn't have it any other way.

What are your top ten games you beat this year? what are some games you hope to beat in 2018?

Sunday, 31 December 2017


I think this is the final show i can cram into 2017.

Blend-s Is a show in the comedy work place show much like Working.
Infact... it's a lot like working in general... more on that later.

The gimmick to this show is that in order to get enough money to study abroad Maika looks for part tim work. the problem is she has a scary face and no one will hire her... that is until a blond haired italian ex-pat asks her to play a sadistic character in his themed cafe.

Unfortunately the overall theme gets lost really early on and it becomes more about making Maika accidentally Sadistic when she's trying to be nice... or just putting the workers in cute/fanservicy situations. Nothing is too "omg they are just doing this for the fanservice"... but in the end it really just feels like it's all for the fanservice.

Had i not seen working before hand maybe i would have enjoyed this more... but Working does everything in this show a million times better. the characters are quirkier (mostly because unlike this cast thats who they are instead of just playing characters to their strengths), The relationships are far more believable and in the end even though it is an episodic show it does have an arc... it's also three season long verses 1 so i can't fault blend-s too much for that.

Granted even if this got another seasons (and it probably will) I don't think I enjoyed this season enough to continue on. It's cute and has funny moments but i just don't really care in the end. these last few episodes were a bit of a slog to be honest. they weren't bad but the only reason I powered through was because i was so close to the end.

HOWEVER, if you enjoy working or service x service or shows like that and you haven't had anything close to that lately then give this show a try, you may enjoy it more then i did.

You can watch it on Crunchyroll (warnign the intro will get stuck in your head so... enjoy that)

Edit: thinking about it i think i know why this show doesn't work for me.

Everyone (except the manager and maika) are extremely meta savy.... if one character (the author or the idol) had been save of tropes and meta things that would have been fine... btu since EVERYONE is save about all the tropes it kinda falls flat.

Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart.

I'll admit, I love fluffy shojo funtimes.
And these honeyworks anime have all been utterly adorable. Predictable as hell but fun and sweet and that can be a nice change of pace from.... well the normal soul ripping shit I watch.

This story has the same setting as the other two honeyworks films except it's a 6 episode show (which is the perfect length for something like this)

We follow the story of Miou and Haruki as they fail to close this 10 cm gap between them despite how much they care for each other.
With their dreams seeming to pull them in different directions and random soapopra-ish tragedy plaguing them will they ever manage to hold holds?

It's cute and fluffy and sure there is little to no substance i still really enjoyed it. Do i want more Honey works film or anime? sure! will it make the top 10 anime of the past year? doubtful. but it's still cute and i enjoyed it.

you can watch all the Honey works shows over on crunchyroll and if you want some cute fluff it's perfect for that
I've always lover you:
The moment you fall in love:
and finally
Our love has always been 10cm apart:

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- (2017)

Many years ago I remember watching (at least partially) the original version of this show.

Now I should mention my memory is a pile of garbage... however one episode really stuck with me.
If you've seen the show... yeah "that" episode.

well I thought this was more episodes (like a second season... btu one that assumes you haven't sene the first so it doesn't leave anything out)... I didn't realize it was a retellign this "that" episode.... so that was fun.

Still while this show overall had little to no "point" and very little in the way of an arch I still enjoyed it. It's very pretty, the music is good and even though most of the stories end up just being "oh boy look how awful people can be based on their upbringing and rules" I still ended up watching the whole show.

The good:
Animation, music, the stories as a series of one shots that have little to nothing to do with each others (except a few episodes which also have little to nothing to do with Kino)

The meh:
Kino is extremely monotone and that can be a bit grating.
if you want a plot or purpose then this isn't the show for you... it's episodic to a fault... you could watch any episode with just kino completely out of order and nothing would change.
Short, it kinda teases that maybe there is more but at the same time it's like "this is the end... but it could be the beginning"

In the end I did like it, I don't think I'd recommend it but I did like it.
Anyways tryign to power through some shows since the end of the year is tomorrow and... well i've got some top 10 lists to write.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Elegant Yokai Apartment

Yushi ends up needing a place to stay when his school dorms end up being damaged... however being an orphan he doesn't really want to ask his adoptive family for anythings else (be it living accommodations or cash)
Luckily he happens to find an amazing deal on a cute little apartment complex...
the only downside seems to be that it's mostly full of yokai.

This show had some potential to be a cute little maison ikoku style show with a yokai twist, however the final result is a show that is fine but overall is just wasted potential.

The show never quite figures out what it's about.

Is it about a boy who feels like an inconvenience to everyone and is just trying to find his place in the world? sometimes.... when it feels like it.... but not really.
Is it about dealing with learning new things about the world that change how you view it and how that can change you as a person? a little fore like...3 episodes.
Is it about the variety of people that can all inhabit the same space in some kind of odd properity? not as much as you would think.
Is it about a magic book that has the power of the major arcana? kinda but said book isn't introduced till like.... episode 10 or 11?
Is it about how to deal with people who's world views are different then yours? only on the barest surface.
Is it a study on the human condition as well as manipulation techniques involving mob mentality? again for like 3 episodes yes...
Is it about rich people getting away with everything..... probably yeah... i mean it's the longest ongoing theme.
is it a cooking anime? at times.
is it about strengthening yourself through training... i guess for a bit in the middle..

It's all these things and more and because of that it just becomes a mesh of themes that in the end feels both rushed and pointless.
Had they just focused on a few things... like.... oh i dunno
dealing with the fact that he's an orphan.... dealing with living with all kinds of different people and awakening to a new power that you had no clue even existed..... if it had just been that this could have been a really cute little show.

Instead yushi does everything in his power to avoid the biggest main theme... this book he inherits near the midpoint of the series.
a book that i may add has little to no point... except for the last two episodes.

But if it's such a mess why did i stick with it? cause it was fine... it was never so dull that i wanted to do something else but it was never so exciting that i just had to figure out what happens next...

it's fine... nothing more nothing less.
I can't recommend it, but i don't begrudge watching it. However you can give it a try, it's all over on crunchyroll.