Monday, 26 June 2017

Eccentric Family 2

This show is hard to describe but i'll do my best... also i'll be posting more trip pictures at the end!

Eccentric family is about the balance between Tanuki, Tengu and Humans.

The second season has a slightly different focus then the first but all the pieces are there.

Yasaburo is still causing trouble because of his fool's blood.
The Friday club is still having a year end Tanuki hotpot.
The question of who will help lead Tanuki is still up in the air.
Akadama is still pining for the Half-tengu Benten.

However there are quite a few new characters that create an interesting dynamic.

The show can be goofy at times but I adore it's heart warming nature and it's ability to make me cry.

I'm sad that it's over but a small part of me is hopeful for even more of yasaburo's foolish adventures.

Both Season are on Crunchyroll and I highly recommend them.

Now for pictures!
While i was in Japan there was an eccentric family Cafe~ it was really yummy and super cute so here are some pictures.

The whole cafe (which was in a really nice mall across from Tokyo Station) was themed around the show. I had the Curry and 'frog in a well' Latte (which was just a green tea latte) and it was absolutely delicious.
My friend had the Gyuudon and Benten cocktail (which i believe was hibisucus from what she let me try)
I also ended up buying and acrylic stand of Yasaburo, a book with loose papers that apparently you are supposed to bring to different shrines to have stamped... I also got something else but I seem to be forgetting it at the moment.

After that we actually in Kyoto and because that is where the show is set i'll show some locations~

Unfortunately I didn't take many picture in town because it was pretty Rainy and miserable every time we were there but I hope you enjoy these Kiyomizu-dera and Inari Shrine pictures.

I will say considering Kiyomizudera was a location showed shortly after i got back i can't wait to rewatch the show and see what other landmarks i witnessed in person.

So yeah go enjoy this show!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

RDG: Red Data Girl

Recently Crynchyroll added a ton of stuff to their catalog and I had heard about this show so i figured why not give it a try.

What i got was an interesting premise with little to no payoff.

RDG: Red data girl Is about a young girl named Izumiko. Her entire life she hasn't been able to use any kind of technology since it will just break in her hands. Apparently she is one of the last humans to possess 'true power' and is destined to become a Hime-gami who has the power to destroy the world.
After being pared up with a mountain monk who is her age they transfer to a new school in Tokyo in order to learn more about the Hime-gami as well stop the destruction of the world.

only thats not what it's about at all

They transfer to the school and theres a power struggle between the two top students. One an omnioji (a kind of diviner though thats not completely accurate) and one who has a relationship with a divine spirit.
Somehow or for some reason one of them will be picked as the "world heritage person" by judges who are all secret and Izumiko picking a side will effect the world or something....

I think the main problem with the Anime is that when you try to cram 6 novels (or what i'm assumign is a portion of 6 novels) into 12 episodes you are going to make things feel rushed and/or unexplained.
Most of the main plot points are said as if we are just supposed to automatically know what on earth is going on.
Worst of all the ending doesn't tie off any plot threads introduced (my guess is that they planned for 2 season but only [as of June 21 2017] 1 season has been made. )

The other disappointment is that a main plot thread, her inability to use technology, is only touched on a handful of times but it's a main character trait so it was just disappointing... as well as her red glasses and braids which are apparently important until they suddenly aren't.

It's not all bad, the show is animated by PA works and they did a lovely job. It's nice seeing a PA works show that attempts to have a bit of plot. the characters are all distinct enough and again the baseline concept is interesting it just feels like this adaptation focuses on the wrong thing. The main character feels like a side character most of the time. So it's just a little disappointing.

All that said if they made another season i'd watch, I may check out the manga if possible to see if that adaptation explains things a little better.

At least i don't feel like my time was wasted i just feel like it was all cut short.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

10 years....
6 seasons...
and that ending.

Ok Biases out of the way first.
This is my fav show.
Hands down if i had to pick only one show to watch for the rest of time it would be this one.
I recently went to Japan and i spent an obscene amount of money on merch..... about 90% of that for this show.
There was a cafe that was open for the final week of my trip.... I went with a friend EVERY DAY....
I went to the damn town that this show is loosely set in.
I love this show.
It will be my number 1 anime of the year.
If someone licenses it I will buy it no matter what the price is.
and i will hope it doesn't take 3-4 years for another season even though i know thats probably exactly whats going to happen.

So my opinion on this show is utterly worthless because i love it so damn much.

That being said.

Natsume Yuujinchou is about a young boy who can see spirit, after a chance encounter with a cat he learns of his grandmothers final possession the book of friends. This book holds the name of every Youkai his grandmother defeated and is sought out both by yokai wanting their names back and those wanting to control the names within.

The show is episodic in nature and as far as pacing goes it's pretty chill. Sure there is a surprising amount of blood for what is essentially a shoujo title and some of the questions asked in episodes are genuinely scary but overall this is a heart warming show that will make you feel good about everything.

Until this season where it'll take out your heart, show it to you and then crush it right infront of you.

I mean it's still heartwarming but I don't think i've cried so hard for a show ever before.
It's to the point where i'm convinced i need to build a time machine and slap past me up the back of the head for predicting exactly when the 3 most painful episodes of the season would air.

Now we just get to wait for Natsume Yuujinchou Nana... it'll probably be a few years (the manga needs to get ahead) but much like Go and Roku it'll be worth the wait.

My only hope now is that someone licenses it for North american distribution (i'll even pay the aniplex tax if i have to just let me own this damn show)

Expect more fanart from the show as well... if past experience is anything to go by i tend to need to do something with this show every few months cause it's just so damn good.
Also just for fun....

I have more pictures from Hitoyoshi but.... i figure this is enough for now.
Alright.... Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Trails in the Sky The 3rd

I want to start this off the same way i started my Trails in the Sky Second Chapter Ramble.

To everyone who had a hand in making this game and allowing an English speaking audience to enjoy it I have one thing to say.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart... Thank you.
I know (while this may not have been as large in scope as second chapter) that this series is a bitch to translate for. I know the sheer amount of text (not even mentioning that damn near every chest says something unique) was an insane task. You persevered and worked extremely hard to get this game out and to that I say Thank you.

Thank you!

I can't say it enough.

Thank you.

I know none of you will ever read this (granted last time i said this BOY was a mistaken)

But seriously, Thank you.

True story: The day I saw the tweet. "A nun and a priest walk into a game" I audible gasped. My family who were nearby at the time wondered who had died. (then i had the joy of explaining it's for a game where i got the look.... you know the one) Still even though the evidence was pretty damning I had some to terms that we were never getting the 3rd and i refused to get my hopes up.

The next day (or shortly after? my memory is not known to be the best) I was streaming some art and in a 5 minute break I checked twitter.
"Trails in the sky the 3rd coming to the west" I heard myself reading that glorious tweet out loud before tears rolled down my face.
I honestly don't know of any other series that could make me cry by announcing a localization (well i can think of a few more now but i'm not going to get greedy)

Alright onto the Spoiler free ramble.

... Now to think of a way to describe this game without spoiling anything....
I know!
A nun and a priest walk into a game : D
Alright so this will be short.

We follow two Grailsritters, Kevin Graham and Reis Argent,  as they look into a mysterious artifact that was pull out of the lake.
Soon they find themselves drawn into a new mystery in which they will need to rely on old friends to help solve.

Out of the three games (hell out of the 5 if you count cold steel series) this one is the most unique. Pretty much immediately certain things are added to the combat system that make it far more deadly then ever before.
It's also got a far less powerful protagonist then any of the other games do. Not that Kevin is physically weak by any means but for me his job was making sure no one got hit and if they did that no one stayed hurt for long. Sure Reis makes up for this by easily being one of the most (if not the most) powerful characters in the game... but still it takes a little getting used to.

Outside of that I can't say much other then you get a lot of party members and i loved it.

My playtime was 42:03 which i feel is pretty close to how much time First chapter got? This game is shorted then Second chapter for sure but again Second chapter was massive.

One of the things I'll say is that near the end if you enjoy double checking things you are asked. "Was it worth the wait"
100% it was worth the wait.
Not a shadow of doubt in my mind... it was worth the wait.
I loved this game, Every moment drew me in and when I'm getting teary eyed at chests being so supportive near the end... I know i was hooked.

Part of me wonders what it would have been like to play this in the order of the series but honestly i don't care. I'm just happy i got to experience it at all since i had given up on ever playing it.

I will say this.
Star door 15 was not nice... I don't think I've cried that hard concerning anything ever.... Falcom (and I guess those that translated it too but this one is mostly on falcom in my mind) That was not ok.... you should feel bad for that.... I know you don't cause you thrive on our suffering but no... bad Falcom, you sit in the corner and think about what you did.
No don't think about how to make it worse!

Now for the part where I get a little greedy.
I would love to have Xseed put out the crossbell games.
I know it probably wont happen.... I'm even ok with it not happening but if i had one hope.... it would be getting to play those games. I just love this series so much and i just wanna throw as much money as possible to whomever brings it over.

However for now I'll just enjoy the fact that i can look at a little more of my kiseki art books without getting spoiled. (well I'm pretty sure a lot of crossbell has been spoiled cause of Cold steel but hey.... gotta keep whatever i can under control.)

But seriously...... Thank you for this.

Alright I think it's time for some Kiseki fanart! right after I finish these project pieces! (which you will find out more about in August!)

Also just in case my Bias wasn't clear enough in all this.... I put aside Persona 5 to play this game... so yeah.... I enjoy Falcom games just a little too much.

Side note: there are a few instances where the text is still in Japanese (at least in my play through, it's probably been patched by now)... both in battles.
one at the end of Schera's door and the other in the final round of the final arena.... neither are story relevant but just thought I'd mention it.

But yeah... This will probably be my number 1 game of the year... at least... don't be surprised if it is come new years.
For now it's back to work and back to chipping away at Persona 5, Fire Emblem Echoes, Xanadu next and all the games that are coming out just around the corner.

And for those who stuck through to this point... i present my fav Chest phrase.

Yeah I'd buy that.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Japan Day 21 - Canada Day 10421

I meant to do this after getting back yesterday but nope... was just too loopy.

The day of the final day was a bit surreal. We were all making sure that two things were accomplish.

1. we were all packed and leaving the place pretty much how i came
2. we ate all the food we couldn't take with us to the airport or Canada.

After accomplishing these two things Keiko stopped by and walked us to the station and bid us a safe flight.
Our flight wasn't till 5ish but we didn't want to risk anythign so we just went to the airport early. I think for most of us 21 days is plenty of time to do what we needed and we all just wanted to get home at this point.

At least the flight home was direct.... thats just about the only kind thing i can say about the flight though.

I have learned that i can deal with my anxiety when playing... the turbulence still sucks but i'm not a mass of tears.
What i can't handle is a asshole behind me digging his knees into the back of my seat for 12 hours... but if it was just that i maybe could have gotten some rest on the plane.
BUT it wasn't just that, douche bag infront of me from the very start of the flight pushed his chair so far back i heard cracking... and every half hour or so he'd try to push it further. I wasn't too worried about the chair actually breaking but it was annoying cause i had the tray down to watch movies on my tablet and it was pretty much poking into be for 12 hours.
but thats not even all of it.
A fligth attendant knew the dumbass behind me so for portions of the trip where there chatted he used my chair as an anchor and had the bonus of being a hand talker.
so yeah no sleep.... but the food headign to japan hadn't been terrible... maybe this would be the high point.
ha ha ha.... no.

Sure air plane food is known for being pretty awful but this was bordering inedible.... in fact out of the 3 meals i only ate 1..... and some cookies.

However the flight itself wasn't too bad... occasional bits of toubulance but nothing like the first flight had.

Getting thrug hthe airport in Canada was easy for me because i managed to do this entire trip on one carry on rolly luggage and my purse. still i waited with my friends for their luggage since i needed to wait for my ride as it was.

Customs was also far less painless then i thought it would be, a lot of "ok now go here" but in the end a pleasant experience overall.

Now that hard part began.

We left japan around 5 pm on the 21st.
We arrived in Canada at 4 pm on the 21st.... and in order to help my sleep schedule go back to normal... i would at least need to stay up till 10. by the up already been up around 24 hours... and anyone who knows me knows i like sleep.

Luckily I had some tea waiting for me when i got in the car (which was the best welcome home present anyone could give me ever) and lots of stories to tell while fighting off the sleep.

I gave my families their souvineers... ate and then the rest gets a little fuzzy... i know i did stay up till about 9:30.... and i woke up at 4.... not the best start but i should be able to get back to normal in a day or two at least.

The best part of coming home was the reaction from my cats,  iwas expecting them to be cold nad distant but they were all over me right away and very tolerant of my constant snuggles.

The plan now that i'm back in Canada is simple.

1. Work on art for the zine, i've got my two mockups done i just need approval.
2. Play all the games.... between Persona 5, trails in the sky the 3rd and fire emblem i have a bti to catch up on.
3. Catch up on 3 weeks of anime, specifically natsume yuujinchou cause 2 of the episodes that aired i have been waiting for years (and what i saw of the fandom reaction was glorious)

So yeah the daily blogs have come to an end but still lots of stuff in the future.
(also i may do a post mortem blog in a few days with pictures to just wrap my thoughts abotu the trip up.... i just need to recover first)

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Japan Day 20 - Final full day

All good things must come to an end.

Granted considering getting 7 people to get 3 weeks off is more then a bit of a task I should be thankful we got to stay as long as we did.

The last leg of our trip has been in Tokyo, and we happen to be here for the Sanja Matsuri Which is one of the great Shinto festivals.
We were led by our Air BNB host (who has been amazing this entire time so far) to the central path of the festival. We got to see many people of all ages and sizes carrying "mikoshi" (which are like portable shrines)

I took a lot of pictures so should be fun seeing how those turned out.

After tha we headed to to a store because a haikyuu ichiban kuji stared today..... problem was it sold out in an hour.... so we bought the last natsume yuujinchou ichiban kuji.

After that we decided 30 degrees with 80% humidity was too damn hot and we headed back to the place with the lovely AC.

I'm still feeling pretty sick but it seems to just be a scratchy throat for now.... i think my body will hit me once i'm at home but you know what? I appreciate it waiting.

Colin brought a hand scale so i decided to weight my carry on.
23 lb.
Shit... my max is 22lb... and i don;t want to check anything.

So after rearanging my bag and purse i think i managed to get carry on to 19-21 (cause the hand scale wavered between that) so hopefully that all works out. (I'll check if i have to but i have mugs and i rather not have air canada move those for me.) [and if i have to pay a fee then so be it]

Other then that just enjoying the final evening before a 12 hour flight.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Japan day 19 - Foreboding

Back in tokyo it's time to tie up loose ends.   Since being here last time store have changed and events have updated. Marise and I got ready and headed to Ikebukuro.
Her goal - new Yuyu hakusho items, mine -  persona 5 shop.
We headed out, figured out the subway system since that's what we are currently close to an made our way to the shops.
Only there also happened to be right in the area of the natsume cafe so we had to stop there... in unrelated news we have pulled every keychain and every towel.... impressive? Maybe but also a little sad.
Anyways we made it to the yu yu hakusho cafe and Marise got some more key chains and then we headed to the other side of the station to the persona 5 shop where i finished picking out souvineers for people (i mean blind pulls count at picking out?) as well as a new awesome shirt for myself (Morgan a telling the player to go to sleep) and after all that spending i got to do three lottery draws... and the first one was a 'gold' draw so i wont the grand prize of a big button (like.... 8 inch button?)

It was at this point that i started to worry... i could feel a tickle in my throat.
So close to the end i can get sick yet.

I ignore it, we head back home and search out lunch. There's a soba place around the corner and we went in there. Even though it was a hot as hell day we got hot Soba and you know what? Worth it.

After that amazing meal we headed back to the place to simply relax.
Only when you read more you can feel it more... the awful tickle in the back of my throat getting worse and worse. It's getting harder to think and i just want to sleep.

Hopefully i last the next 2 days, that's all i ask... i can be sick back in Canada.

Eventually the guys return but then we headed out again, this time for dinner. Marise has been hunting for sushi with no luck an tonight was no exception.. tomorrow hopefully or it'll be a sushi breakfast before the flight.

As i prep to sleep i just hope that this cold leaves me alone... just for a little longer. At least all my shopping is done (cause i am almost out of money.... i have enough to get me thought the next two days but not much more then that)

Alright... final full day in tokyo tomorrow, wish me luck!