Sunday, 1 July 2018

First Impression: Spring 2018

I was bad and forgot to post my last first impressions the the end of the last cour... hopefulyl  don't make the same mistake again...

anyways as always

Ground rules

1. I will TRY to give every show on Crunchyroll a chance but that doesn't mean I am obligated to watch a full episode. If I stop early I will give a time stamp and reason for stopping. I will not be looking at shows on Netflix or Amazon's anime Strike because the former won't simulcast and the latter Is just too much of a pain and expense to set up.

2. No shows that are under 20 minutes in length, I don't like waiting a whole week for a 3 min gag. there are some exceptions but it's rare.

3. No shows with Brother, Sister, Father or Mother in the title... too often it goes into incest... which I really do not like.

4. If the show is a second season of a show I didn't watch before I'm not going to talk about it here.

5. No card game shows, I may give them a chance but they really aren't my thing.

6. All opinions are my own and based solely on what I have seen. I tend to go into these shows completely blind. If I don't enjoy the show after 1 episode or even quit out of an episode early I'm not saying the show is bad... just that I didn't enjoy it.

Returning Shows

Darling in the FranXX
I was kinda hesitant about this show at first because I've never been the biggest fan of anime made by Trigger and the first first episodes are so blatantly trying to be allegory foe sex that is had little to no subtlety... it was all just too on the nose.
However as the show has progressed it has gotten infinitely more interesting. We are learning more about the world, more about why children are pilots, more about what it means to be an adult i nthe world.
This new episode (ep 13) was also really well done and as long as they don't mess it up I should be hooked till the end of the series.

New Shows

Magical Girl Ore
. . . This reminds me of Excel Saga, as of this moment i'm not sure if thats good or bad but it 100% gives me excel saga vibes.
I will say the first two episodes (cause they aired back to back) gave me a few chuckles. it's an interesting blend of Genre and i'm curious to see if it can keep up this level of zany or if it'll jump the shark.
The show is about a 15 year old girl who wants to be a magical girl.... however it may not be all it's cracked up to be. (and i know that described a bunch of other dark takes on magical girl anime but despite the amount of blood i doubt this is going to go into that territory)
So yeah may give it another episode at least. it hasn't hooked me as fast as Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! but it may still be a fun watch.

Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-
... ok... just on that title alone... I hope this is good
And after that intro song... yeah i'm going to like this show...
Oh no maybe this is more magus bride then natsume.... No wait this is good, she has a backbone and this show just made me laugh outloud.
hmmm also a bit of Hanasaku Iroha and Rstaurant to another world...
Ok so i should describe the show?
A young girl can see spirits, is abandonned by her month and adopted by her grandfather. However he passed away a few days ago.
Now as an adult she comes across an Ogre (oni) who is claking she must be his bride... her grandfather had used her as collateral. However this Oni works at a famous Inn in the hidden Ayakashi world.... and she doesn't want to marry someone she just met let alone an Oni. She declares that she will find a job, pay off the collateral and get out of being his bride.
It's like.... all the things i love about those 4 shows in one, I love that she has a backbone, i love that the relationship that should develop between her and theo ther Ayakashi will be based more on equal footing then just "well you have to cause i own you"
The animation may not be the best but I am looking forward to this show so much... please don't mess this up.

Space Battleship Tiramisu
. . . i'm usually hesitant about space shows but with a little like fly in space/Naked dance.... i'm almost curious.... however it's a 7 min long show so i'm not that curious.
Oh man suwabe you are better then this

Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenisis
can... can i just count this as a sequel and not watch it? never seen fist of the north star and i honestly don't care to change that.
While the intro has some really interesting motion graphic type animation... i know this isn't how the show looks... and i don't feel like sitting through terible CG of burly men... if i wanted that i'd just go watch jo jo (and i know it's well loved but i cannot get into it)
Is it Berserk levels of bad CG? no... but it still looks like it would be better as a video game then an anime.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby.
Musume is japanese for daughter (also girl but ignore that for now).... can i just wrap it up in my "no familial terms" blanket and avoid it cause... I will be amazed if this is any good.
So... when race horses died off they reincarnated as horse girls... and now they race (in bloomers cause of course)
and then..... when they win they have idol recitles.
no.... this is too silly....
you wanna see horse girls run? then this is the perfect show for you... it doesn't even look as bad as you'd expect a show about horse girls to be. however i'll pass.

GeGeGe no Kitaro (2018)
So this is an older series (novel? Manga?) that has been modernized.
I think it's a really neat conept. Asking a Yokai for help in modern times.
and even though i've made it clear i like stories with Yokai in them this one doesn;t do it for me...
not sure if it's because the character names all their attacks or i just don't have the history with the series it just.... it's fine but it didn't really resonate.

The Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These
So based on what MAL tells me this is an adaptation of the novels not a remake of the original The legend of Galactic heroes... I was just curious cause the title was familiar even though i have never seen or read anything.
For now though i think i'll pass, just too much space and i don't feel like forcing myself through it at the moment. (plus the CG i have seen os far is distracting so yeah pass for now.... if i hear good things from friend or find out it wont give me a panic attack i may give it a try though probably not)

Persona 5 Animation
This is stunning, considering how fast this anime is coming out compaired to the game that is really impressive.
that being said this first episode is really really rushed, not a complaint but yeah it's hard to fit the first like... 2-3 hours of a game into 23 mins. I hoping the pacing gets better though at the same time it's a huge game so yeah.
I figure it'll be good... i also figure it wont fix my biggest issue with P5 but i'm going to enjoy this

Comic Girls
After giving shows like newgame a chance i figured this may be fun take on being an artist and working towards serialization...
Yeah unfortunately not the case.
this is a cute show where four high school girls who all write/draw different kinds of manga live in a dorm and work together to help each other grow.
Which New game does this and succeeded is that even if the characters are eccentric they still seem grounded in reality. You could know and talk to people like this (except having a boss who is adverse to wearing a skirt... i don't buy that for a second)
This is just character types to the extreme... perhaps it'll tone down over the course of the show but it's so over the top right now i can't get into it.

I'm not the biggest fan of boxing anime but this one just oozes style. It almost feels like the lines were drawn with a sharpie and i just love it.
Will i stick with it the entire time? probably not.
But i'm curious enough to give it another episode... i just really hate tournament arcs so thats the only reason i'm not giving this a full recommendation.

Gurazeni: Money Pitch
Not a fan of sports anime but again trying to give things a chance.... granted a lot of this seems to be CG assisted and it just looks odd.
So it's a show about making money as a pro baseball player.... Yeah sorry pass, the art isn't doinf it for me, i really dislike baseball and yeah i'm good.

Cute High Earth Defense Club HAPPY KISS!
YES, I forgot this was going to be this season. Sure it's a new cast which means no Kin-chan but i'm still all over this.
It's not as good as the original series but it's still goofy fun magical boys show.

. . . um.
ok i think i know how to tackle this.... maybe.
Imagine your every day life, seems peaceful and happy right? nothing to complain about... but suddenly there are inconsistencies....
are you really happy?
why are you hearing a voice you've never heard before.
Why do you see memories that you don't have.
why is everyone acting so strangely.
and then suddenly you see why, and it's more horrific then you could ever imagine.
I think I enjoyed this.
I may need a few more episodes to decide.... like... maybe 10 more or so...
but I think it was pretty good.

Dance with the Dragons
Do you like your fantasy anime to be purely exposition for the world building for the first episode?
Cause i sure do not.
The most annoying thing about this show is that at least half the exposistion doens't need to be there (or at least doesn't need to be there from episode one)
Like yes we need to know about the group of people who fight dragons and why... we can even know that they are still teated like shit by corporate and possibly being used by higher ups.... as well as knowing that someone is looking for them... fine great.
every other bit of dialogue or term could have been introduced natrually by showing or not at all and we lose nothing.
it's a show about a world where science allowed for magic to be reality.... also dragons are a thing and they are killed cause they may harm people.
will i be watching more? no, even if i hear nothing but praise that first episode was a slog.

What do you do when a young psychic girl drops into your aparment and breaks all your expensive vases? take care of her of course.
This is a Slice of life comedy about a yakuza thug being overpowered and taking care of a little girl who has probably spent her entire life destroying anything considered an enemy.
I don't think it's my cup of tea but it seems like a cute enough show... the comedy just doesn't land for me.

Another Baseball anime...
Well this one seems to be better... it's about a kid who has a famous dad but he is just ok. It can be disheartening having all this pressure and it doesn't help that your sister is so much more talented then you are.
Daigo either needs to get his shit together or work hard.
It's better then the other baseball anime and it's always more interesting dealing with character who are average getting better but i doubt i'l be continuing. I really dislike baseball.

Libra of Nil Admirari
This is based on a dating game isn't it...
oh yes I am going enjoy this show.
There are cursed tomes and this group of people hunt down and deal with.
One book ends up in the hands of Tsugumi's brother who tried to kill himself thanks to this book. Due to the stress of this incident she can now see the aura of the cursed books and now the group wants her.
I tend to like VN adaptations more when the female protag has a name so this has that going for it.
Will i watch the whole thing? probably... i just hope it continues to be plot for the most part. (and if it pulls an amnesia well you'll all get to hear about that so look forward to it?)

Golden Kamuy
Not a comment on the show but it's using very real looking fire in an anime and it just.... looks odd to me... anyways
and the cg bear is more "realistic" . . . hm
Stylistic choices aside it's an interesting take o na time you don't often see depected in anime.
I don't know if I'll stick with it... only cause i'm a bit squeamish about one of the things that will be a running theme... perhaps i'll marathon it at the end of the season? i don't think i can do it week to week.

Yotsuiro Biyori
Another restaurant anime with Suwabe....
yeah i'll bite
Ok so slice of life show surrounding a japanese cafe/sweet shop and the customers that attend.
Yep this is 100% my jam and i look forward to more. I mean it's not like i have a thing for Cafes or anything (it's just the bulk of the events i went to in japan and a inspiration for an entire set of images...)

Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair
What if the world actually had a gatcha system?
it's a meta fantasy comedy but... it feels like it's trying super hard.
The intro is super cute but i think i'm passing on the show as a whole.

Butlers X Battlers
Oh please let a show with a title this bad be good
Uh..... so... butlers sounds like Battlers...
um a guy who was with his sister is suddenly not... and he had super powers but you only see that at the end?
the one episode wasn't very good... which is disappointing cause it's quite pretty.... may give it another episode or two to see what is going on (though the post credit splash helps see that they got warped from somewhere(when?) else

Steins;Gate 0
I did watch the original anime, i know nothing about 0 but i am looking forward to it.

No better time to post this then at the seasons end right? oh boy.... ok next time i'll post sooner for sure

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Tokyo Xanadu ex+

So, now that I have finished the psvita version (normal play through) and ps4 version (hard play through and at this rate maybe a calamity run) What do I think.
Yeah I still love this game.

Alright so... right off the bat.
It fixes pretty much every issue i had with the Vita version.
The camera has a better field of view, I either got better at using slow characters or they were tweaked a bit. Typos are ALMOST all gone (the ex+ exclusive content has more typos and spacing issues then the stuff that was also in the vita game) I didn't accidentally make [character who steps forward when doing a smash attack] go out of bounds and softlock the game and above all else... the credit song plays during the true ending.
From what i understand NONE of those issues have been patched out of the vita version.... so between that, extra content, extra attacks and extra playable characters just get this version. It is 100% worth it.
If you have played the vita version and are wondering if ex+ is worth it, YES 100% it is the better game. The extra content is mixed throughout the game and adds so much to each character.

Still I'm getting ahead of myself.

Tokyo Xanadu focuses on Morimiya, an area in Tokyo that was devastated by the Tokyo earthquake 10 year prior. (this game takes place in 2015)
Lately strange events start happening and Kou finds himself stumbling into a strange world one day after work.
He makes many allies and tried to figure out the mysteries of these events surrounding his town.

The combat is action based and feels incredibly fluid (though my muscle memory was fighting with the fact that this version has slightly different controls to the vita one.... still after i changed it to match the vita game it was smooth sailing) Some characters are a little broken (Yuuki mostly.... at least the way i play) but every character is completely unique feeling.

It's a bit longer then the vita counterpart thanks to all the extra content (i would say 20ish hours more?) And this time i actually spoke to every npc (I didn't do that in the vita run cause i knew I'd be doing it here) and i got so much more of the world fleshed out.

It runs a lot better then the Vita game too, the only slowdown i ever experienced was in the afterstory which is ps4 exclusive (based on my time with cold steel i'm guessing there something with their night sky box that makes it so stuttery... luckily it never seems to be there during combat.)

But yeah I love this game.... i'm debating doing a calamity run just to clean up with trophies and use some of the NG+ exclusive costumes (here's looking at you "goth kou")

Still i do have a few other games i wanna play before i get to that..... or at least thats what i'll tell myself before i end up replaying on fast forward.... but yeah.

The best part of Tokyo Xanadu ex+?
even more sequel bait (and possible crossover bait?) then the original version (it was there but now there is more!) so yeah... here's hoping for another one soon (i mean this came out in 2015, it's entirely possible once they finish Sen IV it'll be the next in line?)

but yeah that's all i have to say, i love it, playing this version actually bumped down the original version on my top 10 list last year.... that's just how good this one is.
I wanna draw fanart but it may be spoilery so we'll see if i post it anywhere.
Still go play this if you can!

Monday, 2 April 2018

March comes in like a Lion

Oh... another anime about an orphan..... man i really did have a lot of those this season.

Anyways March comes in like a Lion is possibly one of the most stunning anime I have ever watched. The use of visual metaphor and animation techniques I never dreamed possible blow my mind every time. The story is also really good there isn't a single thing i can criticize about this show.... other then season 2 is over...
Hopefully we will get season 3 next October.

Anyway the story continues to follow Rei as he works as a Professional shogi player. He balances work, school life and the family that continues to help him.

There feels like a bit more focus on the other family this season but I think it works cause it shows Rei's shift in attitude about shogi. It's a difficult show to describe but it is seriously and i'll be amazed if it doesn't make my top 10 of the year.

I know this is short but i feel like all i can really say is go watch it, you'll know weather or not you are interested within an episode or two.

Plus in my opinion it's better then the other shogi anime airing right now (but i'm not a fan of moe so i'm a little biased)

Also you hear the cats inner dialogue, what more could you ask for.
Go watch it here:

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

See... at least one of the shows I watched this season doesn't involve an orphan.... or at least... we don't know if his parents are alive or dead so i'm just going with not an orphan.

Death March start in the real world with a programmer working his ass off to finish a game with a team before the deadline hits. It immediately swaps to a sucked into another world story when he finds himself looking younger and in a mix of the two games he was working on.
Unlike other people he has acess to some pretty terrifying magic, this essentially maxes out all his stats and gives him seemingly limitless skill points to assign as needed.
He uses this new found god mode to be a merchant, travel around the world and make it a better place (well he kinda fall into that)
For a show about a character who is quite literally overpowered, it's pretty chill. Sometimes it's like a cooking anime, it's got it's Harem moments though the main character doesn't seem to be perusing anyone in the harem.
There are moments when there are battles but for the most part he is doing his best to hide how strong he is.

It's a cute little show that was fun to watch.... however...

So far it's only 12 episodes, there doesn't seem to be any hint when we will get more... and as a full story that as of this moment is "complete" It falls flat in every way.
We don't know why he is in the world... just that his condition for being there is different then everyone else.
we don't know why he has a HUD still, we don't know about the warnings concerning one of his party members, their main quest isn't complete and overall too much is just left unfinished.
Now it does say "this isn't the end of the story" but at the same time right now this is all there is and until we got notified of season 2 (which could happen later this year or many years from now) I cannot reccomend this show [unless you just want a chill experience that goes nowhere, then yeah enjoy]

I almost feel like the season finally should have been a few episodes back because it was the end of a large event and we actually get some closure (they even changed then ending osng which made me think maybe this was the end of the season) It would still be incomplete but it wouldn't be ending on such a dull note.

If there is more I will probably watch, it's a cute and fun little show just very disappointing about where it decided to stop for now.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

School Babysitter

This is a really cute and sweet story about two orphans being taken in by a lady who owns a school.

I swear I watched more then just... stuff where the main characters parents are dead....

Anyways Ryuuichi and Kotaro have a hard time getting used to their new home when they find out that the eldest brother will be forced to help with the school daycare during his time off. His brother attends the daycare so this all kind of works.
The rest of the show focuses on the kids at the daycare and those who end up as part of the "babysitting club" but the show isn't afraid to blindside you with the fact that Ryuuichi character recently lost his parents and hasn't had time to grieve.

Overall theres no real plot other then everyone warms up to each other more over time and the kids are cute.
Still this show gives me Natsume Yuujinchou Season 1 vibes... it's good and sweet but it feels like there could easily be another 5 seasons...

Past that my only dislike about the show is the proportion of the kids... they all look like babies when most of them are toddlers and should be reaching the teanagers/adults knees not ankles. (and the one actual baby can fit in their hands it just... it's really distracting)

Will there be more? no clue. I would love for there to be more but if this is all we ever get then it was a cute little show in a season where I wasn't watching very much.
Though on that note if there was a sequel where Kotaro was older I think that could be really interesting.

For now though I enjoyed it.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

The Ancient Magus' Bride

Normally by the end of a show I'm pretty sure i know how i feel about the overall.
That is probably why this show perplexes me.
24 episodes and i'm still not sure what i think... So lets break it down.

The story follows Chise Hatori, a teenage orphan who can see spirits.
Considering the parallels to my fav show Natsume yuujinchou you would think that this would automatically make me favour the show more. However...
After trying to jump off the roof of the school building she is approached by a man who owns an auction. he convinces her that instead of dying why not sell herself to someone who can make use of her gift.

She ends up being bought by a Magus who is tall like a giant and has a head made of bone and horns on either side of his head. He informs her that he wishes to teach her to be a magus as well as make her his bride.

The story then ends up being more episodic. We learn more about what Chise is and why she is considered so special and rare to those in any of the magical fields. We see her try to use her powers without destroying herself. We see her try to grow a backbone after being such a doormat for so long. Above all else we see her trying to figure out how she fits into this family dynamic.

This show, on face value has everything I love in it.
Stunning Visuals.
Interesting world building.
Amazing Music...
And yet I still find myself on the fence... and I think i can pinpoint a few reasons why.

1. I really don't think Elias and Chise have a healthy relationship. It gets better as the show goes on but it still feels like Elias is a bit too controlling.
About 3/4 of the way through the show I saw a video essay by Lindsey Ellis that mentioned there could be some similarities between the romance in this and the romance in twilight but one is universally panned and the other is ok.
For me, I had never thought about the similarities but having it pointed out that that really made things click into place for me. Both give me that same somewhat creeped out vibe cause there is such a shift in the power dynamic...
When the show is loosely based on this one relationship and you can't really bring yourself to enjoy that then it gets harder to like the show overall.
Now as I said, it gets better... Chise grows a backbone and I really started to enjoy the show but then...

2. It ends in a way where Everything is resolved.... but also nothing is resolved.
Every main plot thread in the series is tied up in what feels like breakneck speed at the end. No loose ends, everything is good... But it feels like they haven't been able to tell their story.
Now from my research the manga still seems to be ongoing so perhaps they just wanted to finish everything in a way that both allowed for another season but also didn't disappoint if that second season never happened. I just feel like you have this great setup of Chise being both powerful but fragile and it never really amounts to anything. Perhaps this is the case in the manga, i haven't read it but in the anime it mostly felt like things were happening to Chise instead of Chise driving the plot....

3. One of the plots early one deal with cats in a way that almost made me drop the show.
Much like Natsume this show can get deceptively horrific, it does not shy away from difficult subject matter but on more then one occasion I felt it pushed it too far and that makes it really hard to enjoy the show. It's not enjoyable to be thinking "what horrors are you going to blindside me with".

I don't know if there is enough story for it but I do hope that one day we get another season... currently it feels unfinished and rushed.
I want to like this show I really do, as mentioned before the possibility for a cool story is there, it just feels like they have side stepped it. The visuals are stunning and I will probably get the OST as soon as I can cause the music is great.
And I want to be clear I didn't hate the show... but I just didn't love it either.

Anyways thats really all i have to say on this show... I think I have a couple of shows ending shortly however i didn't end up watching too much this season. next season is looking packed though (hopefully this time i'll remember to post my first impressions BEFORE I talk about the show ending~)

First Impressions: Winter 2018

New year and a ton of new anime i know nothing about, Time to give my first impression on every show I can get my hands on (so pretty much anything on crunchyroll)

First things first...

Ground rules

1. I will TRY to give every show on Crunchyroll a chance but that doesn't mean I am obligated to watch a full episode. If I stop early I will give a time stamp and reason for stopping. I will not be looking at shows on Netflix or Amazon's anime Strike because the former won't simulcast and the latter Is just too much of a pain and expense to set up.

2. No shows that are under 20 minutes in length, I don't like waiting a whole week for a 3 min gag. there are some exceptions but it's rare.

3. No shows with Brother, Sister, Father or Mother in the title... too often it goes into incest... which I really do not like.

4. If the show is a second season of a show I didn't watch before I'm not going to talk about it here.

5. No card game shows, I may give them a chance but they really aren't my thing.

6. All opinions are my own and based solely on what I have seen. I tend to go into these shows completely blind. If I don't enjoy the show after 1 episode or even quit out of an episode early I'm not saying the show is bad... just that I didn't enjoy it.

Returning show

March comes in like a Lion
This show still has some of the most creative ways of showing things like depression and anxiety. I love every moment.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
This should probably be in new shows since it's a what.... 18 year gap bewteen the end of the last seasons (ok probably closer to 15 after localization time and whatnot) 

The Ancient Magus' Bride
I'm still not 100% on board with this... there are aspects of chise and elias' relationship i just don't buy or feel off and i feel likethe show is going to address them but I'm just on edge. The show is lovely to look at and the music is good but i feel myself putting up a wall when i watch it and i don't know why.

New shows

A Place Further The the Universe
I'm cautious with any titles that have space related stuff in the title however the style of all the promo art I've seen is enough to give me the courage to give it a try. Also I think this has more to do with a ship then space so... here's hoping I'm not wrong.
This is a show about youth and pushing yourself in order to make your dream a reality. 
Mari has always been timid however one day while her mother forces her to clean up she finds an old journal with her goals for highschool written on the front page.
1. keep a journal (which is already a bust as this is literally the only page filled in and she's a second year student)
2. Skip school at least once. 
3. Go on an adventure with no plan 
4. Make the most of her youth. 
So it's decided... she's going to hope on the train in the other direction from school and have a youthful adventure until she chickens out at the last second... like she always does. 
On her way home from school another girl who shares her school uniform runs by to catch a train but drops an envelope in the process... an envelop that happens to have 1 million yen. (around 8900k USD for reference) 
Mari does eventually find the girl and returns he money and finds out why exactly she's been saving. She wants to follow her mothers footsteps and explore Antarctica.
However due to the fact that she is a highschool student everyone tells her it's imposible... in order toprove them wrong she continues to take steps towards her dream and even encourages Mari to join in... even if the natural reaction is to give up or run away cause it's scary. 
So.... if you couldn't tell by the far longer then normal description... i really liked this first episode. I worry that it may devolve into cute girls doign cute shit but I seriously doubt it will (or at least I hope it doesn't) The animation is a bit of an odd mix between high detailed BGs and rather simplistic character designs but in the end it does work.  
Hopefully this show continues to be good.

Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles
It's pretty girls eating food.
And it's sexualized to hell and back...
So if that sounds fun to you then enjoy... it seems completely pointless.
In my case it just amkes me want to go back and have more ramen (the ramen i did have there was pretty damn good... granted i'm more of a fan of Ton Katsu)

Laid-Back Camp
This is a show about cute girls camping, the backgrounds are lovely and true to the places they are set in.
but it's too cutesy for me... I have no idea why it's got over 500 5 stars ratings in a little over a day.
Granted this kinda thing tends not to be something i enjoy so yeah most likely pass.

Record of Grancrest War
I assume based off the title this is loosely connected to Record of Lodoss War, a show i have never seen but have always been curious about.
Anyways if it does reference anything in the other show i have no clue about it.
I'm not sure if one episode is enough, the world is full of Chaos, manifestations of energy that bring about impossible things like demons.
A Mage Siluca is unable to stop a demon lord from appearing and a peace that was 1000 years in the making is destroyed in an instant. Now she travels to far away lands to contract her skills to a lord.
However along the way they are stopped by bandits, before she can even fire off a single spell a knight (or at least wannabe) named Theo comes to the rescue. Not wanted to contract with the letcherous old man she's been promised to she takes this opportunity to trick the man into forming a contract with her... their ambitions seem to line up though it is odd how blatantly pushy she is being.
Again the one episode wasn't enough to hook me but it wasn't enough to make me run off either... i'll probably give it 2-3 more before deciding if I'm enjoying it or not.

Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko
Monsters have been plaguing Tokyo for centuries... Thank goodness girl in school girl uniforms/mini skirts are able to weild swords to take them down.
I can't even begin to describe how much I want the military school genre to die.
The only young girls can fight the monsters (and they fight in a skirt cause that is practical) is also a genre I wish would just go away but alas... it's like the backbone of fanservice anime so yeah it's here to stay.
and to boot it looks like they are setting up a tournament  which hopefulyl is just this episode cause yeah.. not a fan of those either.... look this show just isn't for me... i wouldn't call it fanservice because even with the low angles you never see anything but it's still that kind of show.

I'll be honest, i'm not a huge fan of yuri/shoujo ai (i'm not sure what this falls into but i'll assume the latter) because more often then not one character forces themselves on the other character and i'm sorry that is really shitty.
Still may as well give it a chance.
*deep sigh*
Look.... i think this could be good, but I know i'm not going to enjoy it.
having a character who doesn't get "love" is interesting to me, until I figured out I'm ace I didn't get it either so seeing that in another character has potential....
but when the student council president openly gropes this girls ass after seeing her put the phone in her skirt pocket... this feels like it's just pointless pandering.
Yes i get that she is breaking school decorum rules but i'm pretty sure literally feeling someone ass through their clothing is also violation of the rules... or at very least a sexual harrasment lawsuit waiting to happen.
please don't play the teacher forcing himself on a student as romantic please don't frame an adult forcing themselves on a child as romantic...
*head on desk* While it is just a kiss thanks for proving my point about why i don't like shows like this.
Look, I have real issue when any character forces themselves on any other character. It is not okay and i really wish some genres wouldn't rely on it as much as they do. I get it she does it to prove a point but still it's just such a shitty thing to do that I wont be watching the show.

I didn't realize this was a new show, there have been so many idol shows lately they all just blur together.
Oh man... some of this CG is rough.
um... it's your standard "we are starting a new idol group, you (a newbie to the company) will manage them. They are all colour coded so please if you cna't remember their name at least refer to them by colour (added bonus that it's a group of 7)
But hey rigth after i type this the president of the company acknowledges this and tell the newbei she has to cut down the group of 7 since that is too much to remember.
but like... the show is called Idolish7... we know they'll all be a group.
we don't even see them working for the audition... it just happens and we see them all sweating waiting for the results.
Nothing about this show separated itself from all the other idol anime out there... and boy are there a ton.

Mitchiri Neko
3 min show about gags invovling cats.
but not like.. real cats... fatasy cats that play soccer or dicuss the type of pot to get into.
in thee mines we get 6 skits... so yeah.
but yeas as much as i love cats... uh... pass.

Takagi is a young girl who loves to tease the boy she sits next to.
However this boy wotn take it sitting down... he vowes to tease her back and embarras her infront of everyone... except he's terrible at it and ends up getting in trouble himself instead of making the girl sweat.
Still they both obviously care for each other quite a bit and it seems like a cute show based on a little harmless teasing.
Granted i feel like it's really stuck on a 4koma kind of pacing... so it's a lot of set up for a gag... i just don't think it's the kind of show i'd enjoy week to week but maybe i'll marathon it at the end of the season since it does seem cute.

Maerchen Maedchen
this this is how it went.
the intro plays and i think "ok this is a neat setup... sure they eyes look like SAO crossed with eromanga but... maybe the story will be good.
then the intro was full of fanservice... in face like the same fanserve at least twice... also how large is that book that you can completely sover your nakid bodywith it? also so many low angkle shots to focus on gym shorts....
just... ugh
so let me get this straight.
Whenever something even remotely upsetting happens to you... you go read... and beacuse you read so much you have no friends.... not even aquatances... no one....
uh huh...
anyways the show actually isn't bad, yes there is fanservice but it's less "lets just titilate the viewers" and more "what would you do if you had to run from a lunatic chasing you and you were in the bath and your clothes were stolen. I worry that in the future it'll just be pointless fanservice but hey maybe i will give this another episode or two.... even though my track record for Magical school anime is abysmal.
Oh right the plot, girl who likes books accidently gets magic book and stumbles into magical work after chasing a mage she sees roaming the streets.
Unable to find the mage in this new world she ends up being taken in by a kind lady and... well takes a bath and you can get the rest from there... apparentl the book she has is important and now she'll be a member of the school i guess.
... then again from that ending song.... maybe i'm giving this show too much credit... we get a swimsuit, a maid, girls in gym uniforms and a girl licking a lolipop....
I get it... some people think you have to be more eye catchign to stand out but it really does come across as trying too damn hard... if you can't keep viewers interested with your plot then don't bother.

Junji Ito Collection
Not a fan of horror series but this seems like this could be interesting.... plus i have a friend who likes this creator and I trust her taste... even if our taste vary wildly.
Call it a gut feeling..... i'm not going to like this.
So i'm just gunna pass... I have a feeling there is some shit i just don't need in my head and i do not need to stick around to find out what that is.
plus holy f*ck this guy is annoying and i just want him off the screen.

Slow Start
... this is Either just a cutesy show or hiding something horrible under the surface... it's just too cute... this can't be all it is. however i thinks this is exactly all it is... a super cute show about first year high school girls...
Ok... i feel the pain of being at the top of the roll call list.... that got a chuckle out of me...
This show doesn't; seem bad... but it's just cute girls discussing random topics with visual gags.... Its cute that the one girl is shy and she's trying hard to make friends but it's just too much nothing.
However i have a feeling this is definately on one of my friends watch lists...

The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!
*looks at march comes in like a lion and then back at this* Ok.... do you want that show minus the introspective look at depression/ptsd as well as the pressure of being gifted and what that means as you get older? Oh and add just all of the cuteness you can cram in? yeah thats this show...
Moe March comes in like a lion....
and don't get me wrong March comes in like a lion has some utterly adorable moments but they feel more natural then a small girl who happens to be in your apartment who can't say your name without biting her tongue calling you master.
I just can't figure out why air this now? why not wait till spring? i'm not sayign it's automatically going to be worse then march comes in like a lion but blatantly competing with it seem foolish. Granted i hate this kind of cutesy bullshit so i'm obviously not the target audience.... and the target audience may not like serious shows like march comes in like a lion.... so i guess it has a place but yeah.... why is this a winter show...
any this 16 year old Ryuo (a high title in the shoji world) is nearly defeated by the cutesy 9 year old who he found in his apartment... but in the end he wins so it's all good...
she's only been playing 3 months.
still she wants to be his deciple, and she's cooking for him... and he finds out she's truly givfted in every way... at this rate she'll be a ryuo at a yonge---
why is there a scene of the 9 year old in the shower.
.... yeah ok no you know what? i have my shoji anime... i am getting too many bad vibes from this show... i was worried it would just be moe bullshit but i can tell it's going to be so much worse then that. I'm out
watch March comes in like a lion.

School Babysitters
The proportion of the little kid is a bit freaky to me.... i mean they are the size of a baby but they are walking so thye have to be like... 2? and they are being asked questions like "can you keep walking" so like.... they just seem small.
Ah it's hanasaku iroha but instead of the parents being irresponsible and missing they are dead... also the old woman in this isn't stern but more a..... well you can use your imagination for a descriptor.
So anyways the main guy and his brother lose his parents in a plane crash, they may have never been hom anyways but it's still sad, luckily (?) an old lady who lost her son and his wife invite them to stay at her academy.
only when he's not in class he's going to be the schools babysitter.
i mean i've heard of colleges having daycares but maybe this is one of those academies that has all the different levels of schooling? or a really promiscuous group of teens?
or just a daycare atatched to the school?
Either way it's pathetically obvious that this old lady is actually their long lost grandma (but hey if the show just prives this as a red herring i will give it all the credit) and she acts cold but really she cares... probably.
anyways it's the teachers children... well that is very nice for the workplace to provide daycare.... dunno how they'd feel about it being run by a student but hey... thought that counts?
ugh all of these toddlers are drawn like babies... it's freaking me out man... and the one baby is SUPER small... like i get anime is styalized (hell my art is anime inspired so of course i know) btu you still kinda have to adhere to realistic proportions... most toddlers will be around 2.5-3 feet tall.... all of these looks like less then one with super chubby hands (another baby exclusive trait)
anyways it does seem like there is an adult in all this, though he was just asleep with like 5 or six kids playing unsupervised so... yeah the student may be a better choice.
oh my god the baby can fit in his hand... no... no this is all wrong
oh the kids are old enough to read? then yeah they definitely should be bigger...
Ok all bitching about proportions aside I did enjoy this show, it got me crying pretty hard in a single episode. I don;t know if i'll enjoy it in the long run but i'm willing to give it a chance. I just may draw them with actual proportions for toddlers for my own peace of mind.

How to Keep a Mummy
I thought this would be a 3 min show for sure... but NOPE it's full length.
Anyways how would you feel if your father constantly sent you horrific cursed items... this time he sends a mummy but no worries! he lets you know it's super cute! (and in a coffin with a cross on it for some reason...)
and thats the show, amn i's hard to live with a mummy but it's so darn cute.
it's not a bad show but there was little to nothing to grab my interest. it's a cute showing being cute.

Oh it's time for the a TRIGGER show... maybe i'll enjoy this one. *looks back on their catalog* i mean their track record isn't the best with me but always willing to give it a shot.
It's interesting, after Failing an exam to become a paired pilot of a franxx Hiro prepairs himself to head home to his orphanage (or more likely be disposed along the way... who has room for failures anyways?) however after a chance encounter with a girl sporting two horns and a sudden attack he soon finds out he is a (or the?) Darling this girl has been searching for to make the giant robot work well.
Well it's actually about puberty but sure... all that robot shit i guess.
the animation is really pretty, the mix of fairly simplistic designs and subtle cg work as well as interesting monster/robot design and high detailed BGs creat an odd mix that actually manage to work.
Will i enjoy the whole show for the whole cour? I highly doubt it.... we are already on mars or something so the chances we are headed to space are exceedingly high.
And last time I watched a trigger show (or a show that was done by the team that would immediately become trigger) that went into space i had a massive panic attack and actualyl don't remember the whole second half.
well except the shit that sent me over the edge... i get to remember that with cystal clarity... thanks brain.
Anyways... considering it's looking like i'll only have a couple of shows this season... i may continue with it.
Assuming is stays the hell out of space.... i wont do that again... not with this animation/creation house.
After watching episode 2: oh it's about sex more then puberty... i will still argue about it being abotu the latter but the focus is definitely on the former.

Death March to Parallel World Rhapsody
There is a certain thing where game developers crunch to get everything ready for launch, Susaki is tasked with cleaning up a rookies mistakes since said rookie vanished without a trace.
anyways after finally doign bug fixes for two games he finally can get some sleep... only he starts havign an odd dream (?) about a world thats like a mashup of the two games.
only this actualyl hurt... luckily he has a special thing that was impliments to kill all the monsters... doign so gets him from level 1 to level 310.
anyways my guess is that this will be another transported to another world story and he will be the special to save everything, it may be cute... i'll probably give it another episode or two but as of right now the only unique this is how much cg was used and yet it still looks pretty good.

Pop Team Epic
Never have I wanted some thing to be a short show more then this.
the fake show they show at the start looks terrible in it's own way but wow i'd rather be watching that.
it's a bunch of rapidfire skits... for 24 minutes
I get why people would enjoy this but I can't even last 3 minutes let alone 24.

I like the concept of a show saying it's okay for guys to like cute things.
that is a good concept.
But his is taking that concept and trying to sell you sanrio cute stuff specifically and i take issue with that.
this exact same plot with a made up company would be 100% fine.
but this glorified 24 minute ad? pass.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
The world is full of people however in Hakata 3% of the population seem to be part of a certain line of work.
So we have a story that focuses on Hitmen.... and detectives... and hitmen hitmen and also a samurai hitman.
The first episode wasn't enough to hook me but i feel like there is something interesting under the surface... a bit of a Durarara vibe to it (minus any supernatural stuff i guess)
just not sure with this one.

I follow some people who have been extrememly ecited for this, i know nothing about it but i hope at least they are enjoying.
Unfortunately this show is front loaded with a LOT of exposition... i'm not sure if thats the catch up those who haven't watched the previous anime or read the manga but it makes this first bit a bit of a slog.
Also it has a lot of tropes that seem to be extremely popular in 90 anime. neither a good or bad thing it's just really noticeable.
I have a feeling if you know the source this is probably enjoyable, i'm not the biggest fan of shonen titles to begin with and so far nothing about this show is really hooking me.

So.... i forgot to post this.... and considering i just finish magus bride... uh... better late then never?