Saturday, 5 May 2018

Tokyo Xanadu ex+

So, now that I have finished the psvita version (normal play through) and ps4 version (hard play through and at this rate maybe a calamity run) What do I think.
Yeah I still love this game.

Alright so... right off the bat.
It fixes pretty much every issue i had with the Vita version.
The camera has a better field of view, I either got better at using slow characters or they were tweaked a bit. Typos are ALMOST all gone (the ex+ exclusive content has more typos and spacing issues then the stuff that was also in the vita game) I didn't accidentally make [character who steps forward when doing a smash attack] go out of bounds and softlock the game and above all else... the credit song plays during the true ending.
From what i understand NONE of those issues have been patched out of the vita version.... so between that, extra content, extra attacks and extra playable characters just get this version. It is 100% worth it.
If you have played the vita version and are wondering if ex+ is worth it, YES 100% it is the better game. The extra content is mixed throughout the game and adds so much to each character.

Still I'm getting ahead of myself.

Tokyo Xanadu focuses on Morimiya, an area in Tokyo that was devastated by the Tokyo earthquake 10 year prior. (this game takes place in 2015)
Lately strange events start happening and Kou finds himself stumbling into a strange world one day after work.
He makes many allies and tried to figure out the mysteries of these events surrounding his town.

The combat is action based and feels incredibly fluid (though my muscle memory was fighting with the fact that this version has slightly different controls to the vita one.... still after i changed it to match the vita game it was smooth sailing) Some characters are a little broken (Yuuki mostly.... at least the way i play) but every character is completely unique feeling.

It's a bit longer then the vita counterpart thanks to all the extra content (i would say 20ish hours more?) And this time i actually spoke to every npc (I didn't do that in the vita run cause i knew I'd be doing it here) and i got so much more of the world fleshed out.

It runs a lot better then the Vita game too, the only slowdown i ever experienced was in the afterstory which is ps4 exclusive (based on my time with cold steel i'm guessing there something with their night sky box that makes it so stuttery... luckily it never seems to be there during combat.)

But yeah I love this game.... i'm debating doing a calamity run just to clean up with trophies and use some of the NG+ exclusive costumes (here's looking at you "goth kou")

Still i do have a few other games i wanna play before i get to that..... or at least thats what i'll tell myself before i end up replaying on fast forward.... but yeah.

The best part of Tokyo Xanadu ex+?
even more sequel bait (and possible crossover bait?) then the original version (it was there but now there is more!) so yeah... here's hoping for another one soon (i mean this came out in 2015, it's entirely possible once they finish Sen IV it'll be the next in line?)

but yeah that's all i have to say, i love it, playing this version actually bumped down the original version on my top 10 list last year.... that's just how good this one is.
I wanna draw fanart but it may be spoilery so we'll see if i post it anywhere.
Still go play this if you can!

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