Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rose queen - From start to finish -

so as i mentioned before i went to the con over the weekend, it was a lot of fun but seeing as i was near other people i got pretty sick.
cause... i'm the type of person that just needs to be in the same building as someone with a cold to catch it..

so while i didn't go to the con on the final day i did figure it's not an excuse to just rest... i still should work on something... cause i'm crazy/workaholic/not the type of person who just rests in bed no mater how high her fever is.

the problem is fevers and drawing don't go well together.
i did two or three really bad sketches before i finally managed this one.
in the end i still wasn't loving it but i figured at least i could work on it while i got over the con plague... which would give me time to figure what to do next.

also more experimenting in Paint tool Sai... cause i'm still not 100% used to it and it's quirks.

at first i was goign for queen of the faries vibe but then i figured it not regal or ornate enough (and i wasn't gunna add more details) so i decided she would be the rose queen fairy thingy.
then i proceeded to add as many ruffles as i could justify.

i swear none of the colours are what i originally worked with, the dress and hair colours were reversed, her wings were move blue...
but in the end i was just playing around and it was fun~ i hope you like it!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Completed: Conbravo 2013

but Kat!
i hear you cry out.
how can you be done... there's still one more day.
yep... but i have had such a great time where i feel like even though i don't think i'll make it to the final day i got more then i could ever ask out of this con.
plus i'm really tired...
and i can't feel my right leg... so i should probably call it a good con and just recover.

so... story time sounds like it's in order.
I have only been going to cons for about 10 years...
i tend to average 2-3 cons a year because some rather large ones are not too hard to get to.
however that number went day 5ish years ago.

Cons lost their magic.
I ended up going to cons alone cause if i did go with friends they would just sit on the grass and talk about how dumb some of these nerds were...
yeah... you're the one who paid 50 bucks to 'sit on the grass'
i ended up only going to the dealers room cause the guests were the same almost every year and even if they were new the panels ended up being the same...
again with only going to the dealers room... at first it was fine cause you could get some good deals but then cons started jacking up the price by 20-50 dollars thinking that "those crazy kids will spend anything to get what they want"
it stopped being fun.
now granted at that point in my life i was dealing with the whole saving up for the next year of college still... one of the two huge cons i antended i just decided not to go.
and the horror stories i hear about hat con... 2 hour line ups just to get back in the building, no access to panels unless you pay for the weekend... all the guests were charging for autographs.
i was happy i skipped it...
i was happy i missed out on something i had really enjoyed.
(to be fair... i was in bed with a fever that weekend so the choice wasn't mine but i was still glad i didn't go)
because it was no longer what i remembered... little bright eyed naive kat thought that cons would always be the highlight of this time of year... and now i didn't want to go to them?
was i not as much of a fan as i used to be?
or did i just buy anything i wanted through the year  which made the dealers room obsolete and took away the final thing that cons fulfilled.

while i still had anime north i was getting tired of it too... it was just too crazy, too many people and in the end going to a convention alone just isn't much fun... and while i did go with a good friend of mine last time i still felt overwhelmed and like i didn't have the time iwas expecting to have.

then... 3 or 4 years ago a new con started
and it was close, one of the easiest cons i've had access to.
so i went
and it was terrible.
no panels
no guests
no vendors room
just socializing while you waited for one of the few things they had planned.
so... pretty much my worst nightmare.
i don't mind socializing in ground of 2-4 but more then that and i just don't feel like talking anymore.
i was miserable... at the time
i am so glad i went.

the next year they announced doug walker, spoony and angry joe as guests.
but there was a catch.... it was further away/harder to get to.
still i had no idea if the con would last... it was it's 2nd year of the con so i figured... go, get the autographs and go to a few panels and hopefully it's good.
and it was.... it was a blast.
so i kept going
and they kept adding more and more amazing guests
last year i could barely go cause i had a really bad fever... bu i had dragged my friend from two hours away and i wasn't going to say "yeah sorry... you came all this way and we aren't doing anything."
i think i lasted 2 or 3 hours before we had to head back and i had to go be ill...

so this year... i couldn't get over the sheer amount of guests they had... but a few stood out o me personally.

James Portnow - he writes the show extra credits and is a professor at digipen, while his show focuses mainly on game theory or the games industry i really think most of his stuff can be applied to other disciplines so i had huge respect for him.
So when i went to his panel it was a blast... somehow i ended up first in line but i really just wanted to sit down and i figured no better place to wait then the line. the panel was so interesting and had some great discussion and after it was done we just kind of moved to a free all, sat in a semi-circle with air conditioning and chatted.
i had never been at any panel where the guest was so willing to continue to discussion despite the time ending... it's almost always "ok your time with me is done i'm going back to the green room"
today just as we were leaving I saw him agian and knowing i wouldn't be there for his signing session i asked if i could have his autograph and instead he's like "no.... no autograph... thats too much about me and this con should be able all of us... want a picture istead?"
yes i wanted a picture instead but i figured it would be too forward of me to ask... so this made me smile.
i haven't looked at the shots yet.... i hate pictures of me... but i will... and then i'll decide which to post on facebook for my anual visit to that site i don't like...
so yeah, really awesome guy... very kind and down to earth, i hope he had a great time cause i know for me personally he helped me remember what was so fun about cons in the first place... bumping into people who you look up to and just being able to have a conversation without worry.

Mara Willson - this is short, my brother really loved her films and i figured it would be nice to have her sign something for him cause he couldn't go.

Channel awesome/chez apocalypse - a lot of them came last year but i missed it due to sick so i was glad to see them... got a lot of autographs which was great and i half bought their book which i will not review until it's fully out for everyone.

The game chasrers - never actually saw these guys... thoug hthey must have hated the prices in the con for games.... everything was way too expensive (not that it stopped me from buying a super famicom game 'wanderers from Ys'... but thats more thanks to fangirling then anything else... i just thought it would be a fun thing to own even though i can't play it)

Pro jared - So... this may sound odd but i was most looking forward to seeing Pro jared.
see when i watched his q&a from another con all i could think was "wow... he's freakishly quick on his feet with his answers... maybe he did improv?"
then later on that vid he confirmed that he had.
so i essentially wanted to see him do some improv.
I love his reviews, i love his nuzlocke... but i wanted to see the improv more then anything else.
unfortunately he wasn't in many of the skits (cause there were a lot of people) but the skits he was in were pretty damn funny. (especially the one minute one... though i'm sure the one guy hated being part of that... his poor knees.)
so after the show i noticed that everyone was swarming the voice actor guy who was also there and i just wanted to tell jared that i hadn't laughed that hard in a long time and that he was one of the best things about this con.
"you mean me? not him?" he replied... to which i almost replied. 'i don't know who he is' but i kept that to myself... i knew 'who' he was.... i just didn't play mass effect or dragon age so... it wasn't as big a deal to me..
so i answered yes and asked if i could get a photograph.
he was really nice about it, i got my pictures which again... haven't looked at but i'm sure they are fine... i'm sure i throw off the white balance cause cameras hate me (read as i'm really pale and the camera either makes me paler or it cant focus on me)
after that i went ot his autograph area and got that....

and then i realized "wow i hurt all over" so we went through the dealers room and that was that.
 It was probably one of the most fun cons i've ever been to. i feel a little bad cause i dragged my friend all around and half the people she had never seen but now she will (mwa ha ha ha) but still.. going to cons alone isn't fun... so i'm really happy she was there.

i got all my signatures in the book of friends cause it makes me giggle. i'm surprised how quickly it's filling up.
otherwise all i got from the deals room was a kero plush toy and a Riou plus toy (black nyanko), some perfume that smells like lilac (fav scent), a sailor moon surprise bag that had random stuff in it and... i think a piece of artwork... and thats really it. well as Ys 3 jpn... which i just had to get for novelty.

i'll post some of the pictures later but for now it's well past midnight and i'm running off very little sleep. i hope that those go tomorrow.. erm... later today... have a blast but for me right now... i have to pass out.

Picture time, unfortunately a lot of the pictures are blurry cause of low light... i did my best~
also the lights they had in the guest session rooms had a very purple look to them, i tried to fix it but no luck : (

So this was at the pub quiz event. it looked like a lot of fun but i could only stay for one round, the room was really dark so these were the only two in focus pictures.
The first one is Jew Wario from RetrowareTV and his focus is on imported games, i really enjoy his stuff cause it gives a breakdown of how easy it is to play the game even if you don't speak the language.
the Second is Nash with booze... cause it was a pub quiz. He does a hilarious show entitled What the Fuck is wrong with you, it details horrible things found in the news and while sometimes it's painful to listen to cause of the shear amount of stupidity that some of these people do... it's always good for a laugh.

The Chez Apocalypse Q&A was a blast and it was nice to see so many different opinions.
though there were a lot of questions about canadian content and i'm sorry but assuming that they know what is and what isn't is a bit silly in my opinion... hell there are sometimes i'm surprised something is classified canadian and i live here... while other times things are classified as hollywood despite that they were shot and produces here.
after this i went with my friend to the signing and the two of us bought the book, i will not review it till it's out but even then i'll probably only mention how enjoyable it was.

so here's where we get to "context is for losers"
aka Improv all-stars.

as i mentioned before i was realyl looking forward to pro jared's improv and yeah it was really funny, the four special guests were Doug walker, Brentalfloss, Mark Meer and pro jared... all four had me in stitches by the end... i didn't get any pictures with brentalfloss cause he and doug had to leave a bit early and i was too busy laughing during the show to hold a camera/i was pretty far back/the lighting was kinda terrible.
then people left and i got to sit in the front so i got some more shots.

look how much fun they are all having, it was so funny and by the end my side hurt from laughing so much.
but yeah no context for anything... cause thats the way improv should be.

i will say this was my fav shot of the day.
otherwise there are only two pictures left.... the ones with me in them...
so the pic with me and jared is terrible cause pale + purple light = no colour in my face... like... less then normal... and it was humid... and my hair was all frizzy...
*hides* ugh... i kinda wanna go back to hamilton just to get a better picture... but no.... ><
my one with james portnow is a little better... but my hair is stil la frizzy mess... and i'm still as white as a ghost.
ugh just... i'm not photogenic... lets leave it at that lol

i had a great time... i really could not ask for a better con experience... i just wish i weren't so breakable/easy to get sick (i seem to have already come down with con plague)
hopefully the next year is even better!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cosmos - From start to finish -

no matter what i do i seem to always come back to these sailor moon chibis.
they are just too much fun to make.

now i'll be honest, i was super excited to see a never aired in north america season of sailor moon... i mean in my eyes the seasons had been getting better and better so this unaired one had to be the best!
then i watched/read it.
. . .
while i like some of the character designs... i gotta say stars is one of my least favorite arcs of the show (more so the manga then the anime... cause i hate that particular ending)
but still like i mentioned there were some character designs i really liked.
Chibi chibi was one.
sailor cosmos was the other.

many many years ago i drew both of them...
they were terrible and i will not be showing them here (i don't even think i have a digital version of those pics anymore) so when i did my senshi set i didn't think about adding eitherof them cause
a) they don't have symbols and thats was the key element of that series.
b) i would have to do the stars who i actually am not a fan of...
i think the reason i dislike stars in cause everyone gets the same uniform... i nthe first seasons (especially in the manga) they all have things that make their outfit special.... i nstars they all have the same type of uniform and books and chokers and ugly puffy sleeves.... i just felt it took some of the personality away. well same thing goes for the stars... i can't tell which is which cause they all wear the same silly outfit and it feels so radically different from the rest of the senshi.
i don't mind the girls pretending to be boys that transform into girls aspect cause in the end it doesn't matter but i honestly cannot remember any of them.... granted i just caught upto the re-release manga nad havn't got to stars yet so it has litterally been over a decade since i read the arc and maybe i'll have a different opinion now... we will see when i get there. super s will still be my fav
i got off topic didn't i...
long story short i avoided doing stars characters cause i didn't want to do the main ones.

but then the other day i suddenly wanted to draw sailor cosmos... so i did.
 now... a quick lesson on how i (and most people) colour.
When you are rending a colour you tend to highlight and shade with other colours.... you have to find this happy middleground where the main colour doesn't change cause all colour is relative.
Example: using green to shade Red while not letting the green overpower or change the red.
the main things you want to stay away from are White, Gray or Black because they are the absence of colour so using them to highlight, tone or shade you image gives this ugly and unnatural muddled effect.

why bring this up?
Sailor cosmos is 90% white.
her dress, her cape, her staff, her hair and hair clips and broach... all white.
. . .
so this poses two challenges.
1. what colour am i going to use instead of white.
2. how far am i willing to push the contrast so it doesn't end up grey.

so i went with purple mainly cause in art her eyes look fairly purple and because the other dominant colour is Yellow and yellow on purple will give me some contrast.
then i did the dance of figuring out how far i could push it.

when i was happy with it i added a very dark bg, again trying to get as much contrast as possible.
i really hope you like it and my little rant on how characters should have more variety this then cause it makes my job harder... but in the end it was a blast and probabyl one of my fav sailor moon chibi's of the entire set.
will i do more? probably... they really are fun.

she is available as a sticker as well

for now that i think i may end up vanishing from the internet for the weekend...
though i'm sure on sunday or monday i will have a report on how awesome the con i'm attending was.
and it will be awesome... or at least more awesome then last year... cause i could only attend for 2 hours thanks to my stupid fever.
anyways see you in a few days!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

i'm just gunna... rant... for a little

cause if i keep my rage in... i may explode... and that would be bad...


Lets talk about free!

so far 4 episodes have aired....

i have no idea why this anime is so popular.
okay i know 'why' the show is popular... but i don't understand.

in 4 episodes we've only had a character who is was too obsessed with swimming, a girl who fights over how to pronounce her name and a guy who sinks no matter how perfect his form is and a rival who is a rival cause of reasons and pointy teeth.
and you know what? those traits do not make a fully developed character.

if i haven't made it abundantly clear i tend to value character above all else... above art and music... characters need to be interesting for me to even remotely give a shit.


you know what it feels like? it feels like they didn't know how to write interesting characters so they just stuck to their moe girl trops but stuck them in grossly disproportionate male bodies. AND YES i am NEVER going to get over how terribly the anatomy in this show is.

Look... it's really not hard to target a show to girls... we do not need huge amounts of blatant pandering fanservice.
don't believe me?
Look at Kuroko's basketball.
how much intentional fanservice towards women is in it...
whats that?
maybe 5% if you count the yaoi fangirls freaking out over everything cause the cast is mostly male?
thats it?

why is that...
oh cause it's not targeted at us... at all...
yet it's got a huge female fanbase....
now why is that..
well my hypothesis is that it's got a good story
with interesting and flawed characters...

what does free have?
boys who have girl names... 
a guy who would swim 24/7 if he could and no flaws other then being monotone all the time.
a shota type boy who bounces around all the time but otherwise has no defining characteristic good or bad.
a gentle giant with green eyes... and otherwise no dicernable characteristics.
a megane (glasses) who's obsessed with formula and statistics but can't figure out that things take more then that... he's also obsessed with beautiful things.
a rival who had pointy teeth and dreams of becoming a olympic swimmer, he really wants to beat mister perfect 24/7 swimmer but when he does he's still upset.....  otherwise no definable characteristics.
a girl who has a boys name and is obsessed with the badly detailed muscles. otherwise no definable characteristic but i have a sinking feeling she's supposed to be the audience avatar.

so free... let me get this straight.
you expect me to care about the trials and tribulations of this club when every single damn character is a mary sue?
all because these poorly drawn men are supposed to be Hot?
no i wont be pandered to like this

there is one chunk of the episode that i just watched dedicated to being an extremely close up shot of the megane's ass as he clenches it.
and this goes on for at least 2 minutes
for no reason
no plot development
all cause he doesn't like wearing a speedo.
so then we get a "lets go to the mall and try on clothes swimsuits" montage which lasts most of the rest of the episode followed by a meetup with the rival who is all annoyed that his friend who hasn't been training as hard as him isn't as strong as him...
then mister perfect calls him out for being a crybaby and a quitter so that if he does lose he can't do either.
how many times do i need to say this
why am i supposed to care.
"because they are hot" is not a good reason.
"because the animation is nice" is a worse and incredibly wrong reason. i've been vocal about how k-on ruined kyo-ani so iwont mention this again other then the animation his behind glitter and glamour to look nice but it's actually pretty lazy... the only thing that is well done is the water.... but the guys and the way they are drawn just seems fluffy and floaty and unrealistic.

if i hate the show... why am i watching?
cause i believe that you can't bitch about things till you have seen them...
that is why i watched all the episodes of the first season of k-on.
that is why i read twilight.
so i could make MY OWN opinion based on what I experienced.
i'm not going to parrot someone elses opinion as my own... i can't bitch about how vapid and pointless this terrible show is unless i watch it and analyze it. i can't say how it could be better if i don't see where it went wrong and most importantly i can't learn from it if i ignore it's existence... you can probably learn more from a terrible book/anime/game/film then you could ever learn from something great...
from somethign terrible you can pinpoint where it goes wrong and avoid doing that at all cost.
so i guess note to self.
it doesn't please anyone
and it doesn't excuse you for having no plot.
if you have fanservice in you plot heavy thing thats fine.... but when you are passing off fanservice as plot you are doing it wrong.

and remember
i'm a girl
this shit is supposed to be aimed at me
i am the target market
and it's just pissing me off.
screw this show.

NOW you may be thinking this is just one opinion
most people for some reason seem to like the show
well i'm not the only one who's pissed off about this episode
read yet another rant.... on a completely different topic then mine.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Figure photoshoot - Tales of nendo petites

I got these so long ago... and then when i was putting them together i broke Yuri's sword handle... so then i got some crazy glue and fixed it but then i forgot to take pictures for a few months

then i lost the spot where i take these pictures.... so until i had a new setup i wouldn't be able to take pictures.
then i gained a temporary setup and all was good and this batch was the last i did before i lost it again.

then.... i forgot i took the pictures for another month or so...

but seeing as i need my memory card to be empty for a convention this weekend i figured no better time then to see if i stil lhad stuff on it...

i'm a bit scatter brained at times apparently.

so..... Tales of series... i really like these games though i've only played a handful (phantasia, destiny, symphonia 1&2, world, abyss and vesperia) and i'm kinda bummed that we are getting so many of them in english for the ps3... cause i don't own a ps3... and i can't justify getting one considering i know i'm getting a ps4 near launch... and it's not backwards compatible.... *sighs* so hopefully one day i'll get to play but for now i get to be envious....
or wait for a huge ps3 pricedrop.... whichever comes first.

also this will be very picture heavy cause with 7 figures each getting two pics plus group shots... so yeah.

look how cute they all are! I got duplicate Asbel with my order but otherwise i got the entire set~

my fav of the batch is Yuri, he just has such a sassy pose... anyways.

if i screw up any names sorry... just remember i haven't played al lthe games (i was realyl hoping the secret figure would be cress but alas... not ToP merch for me (ignoring the scale mint and arche figures i have)

Asbel - Tales of Graces

Sophie - Tales of graces

Jude - Tales of Xillia

Milla - Tales of Xillia

Estelle - Tales of Vesperia

Yuri - Tales of vesperia

and finally the secret figure
Leon - Tales of destiny

fun fact, even though i love his cape... man is it tricky to get on... Sophies pigtails are also a bit of a pain.

so yeah sorry i couldn't do more interesting compositions... when i had the photoshoot area available i didn't have access to the Macro lense... and these figrues are pretty small.

i took these pictures over a year ago but... i mentioned them.. .and they are Tales of related.

Super close ups of Arche and mint from tales of Phantasia... which apparently is getting a SNES repo cart.. .which will cost a few extremities but i am willing to pay for this... really love this game... first game i ever got everything
every secret
ever spell
every level
I also miss my green backgound... helped a lot of thing pop... though it was just a couch we had for ages... my current bg is leftover tile i swiped after the reno was done

i just wanna post a picture of my cat chloe after she turned my recycling bin into her bed.
what a silly kitty cat~
she's very upset that it was garbage day today and therefor no paper in the bin... she misses her nest

anyways i should probably take some pictures of kirito... he's just chilling in his box.
but it means setting up the thing and having to rush to get the pictures done so maybe tomorrow... if i'm not writhing in pain from going to the dentist today. 

for now i hop you have a great day and if you get a chance you should play some tales of games.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Platnum - From start to finish

i am learning something the hard way... and remembering why i stopped drawing fanart.

I mostly draw original characters... which stories i have either roleplayed or written up in my head that'll never make it to paper.
but in a world where art is easily accessible and fanart is prevalent more attention gets given to fanart cause it's a world and set of characters some people already know about.
The original stuff tends to get pushed to the side.

when i was younger i hated how a five minute piece would get more attention and praise then something i had worked really hard on for a long time and liked.

Now i just understand it's the way things are... fanart takes less time so it's not that rushing makes for better art but familiarity is a good way to get someone used to your style while you also show them original stuff. It still stings a little but you get over it... either you will like what i produce or you wont. in the ned i'm just happy to make it...

that being said yesterday i was all pouty cause i submitted something new and no one cared and it hurt my feelings (cause i'm a big baby)... i know now that i was so upset cause i've been running a fever but still... it a fit of poutyness i just decided to draw whatever and i ended up with
yep... i was pouty so i drew something cute... i don't understand my brain either.
still this just made me wanna rewatch Cardcaptor Sakura again but my dvd player is dead so... thats not happening for a bit (read as till i drag myself to a store and get a cheap dvd player while i wait for the ps4 release)
anyways i was pretty happy with it but at that point it was getting late and i was so tired so i figured i'd ink the next day and follow up from there.

after about 2 hours of work....
i love how quick Sai is...
but yes i feel much better after making this even though i doubt i'll be able to finish anything else this week (wisdom tooth pulling tuesday and con fri-sun) but who knows... all depends on recovery time in the end (i'm just hoping no swollen face in con pics... i need a new one as my ID now that my hair is shorter)

anyways i hope you like it
and if you don't oh well~ i tried~

Saturday, 20 July 2013

La Lune - From start to finish

i'm like 90% sure moon in french is feminine? if not then sorry >< i took french immersion and i still get tripped up by hich gender objects are.
(also it's been ages since i was in french and it's amazing how much i have lost... i can understand it easily enough but speaking it is so much harder then i remember)

so uh yeah... due to a heat wave this took a lot longer then i anticipated... because where i do my digital work is easily the hottest room in the house... and i HATE extreme temperatures.
also i got SMT IV the other day so... that cut into my time to be productive....

still i manages to sketch out a quick picture of Niut (not Nuit) and my original plan was to make it super ornate with lots of little details....
but then.... we had weather that felt like 45 degrees Celsius thank to all that lovely humidity i didn't have to deal with when i lived far from here.... 
so... instead of being hunched over my cintiq which throws off a little heat itself i figured... just make this a quick one.

then i proceeded to do nothing for days... today was the first day we had less then 50% humidity AND no chance of thunderstorms so i figure may as well get as much done as possible before the weather turns hot again.

and in that time i managed to finish it... yay~

it is less ornate then i was planning but in the end i like it
well other then the hands but i hate hands on principle more then anything else...
and yeah in the end just having fun playing in Paintool sai (though most of the BG was done in PS5.5) and yeah i hope you like it... and i hope i'm able to post more frequestly... maybe some traditional pics are in order...

for now though i think i earned myself a Popsicle~

Thursday, 18 July 2013

First impression: Shin Megami Tensei IV

normally i don't do first impressions for games cause... well.. .they tend to be short enough to not warrent it.
SMTIV is an exception to this rule...
i'm 10ish hours in (granted i have been doing a lot of side quests and griding) and i'm only just not starting to get more places to visit.

Also, even though this game has an option for lower difficulty... who knows how long till i beat it... under the impression that i actually get to beat it.
but i wanan talk about it... so... .while my 3ds charges i think it's a good time.

 i'll keep it as spoiler free as i can cause... it's a brand new game and i'm really close to the start still... so there isn't much i can spoil.

You, The protagonist (who's default name is Flynn so i'll call him that), have just turned 18.
apparently in this world youths that hit that age once a year need to go through 'the rite'
you put on a gauntlet and if it 'shines' you will be chosen as a samurai and forced to work as one.

wait a second that gauntlet looks familiar.
it's around this point where it's pretty easy to pinpoint when the is set... especially when you consider where other SMT games have been set.

well apparently theres someone distributing 'something' (can't tell you what cause spoilers) that causes humans to do... uh... 'something else'
now... i dunno what SMT's perogative by making that do what it does but i see what they are doing... just why 'that' can't you be a little more specific?
damn no spoilers is going to be harder then i thought.
anyways you gotta stop that someone before they get to all the humans.
 you also have the added goal of dealing with the demons. this goes with all (most? i haven't played all of them) other SMT games demons/gods/myths/stories are all real. That turns this game into a dungeon crawler (which is done pretty well in my opinion even with all the "kill this x amount of times" quests.)

After playing for about an hour i went on twitter and said my first first impression was that it was good, difficult but also forgiving.

so what i mean by that.
It is so easy to be killed off my puny mobs in this game. i have actually died more on a mob that just mazioed me to death when i had a character week to lightning in the party because each time the enemy gets someones weakness they get a chance for another action.
also normally in SMT games when main character dies... thats it... game over.
no only will the fight continue if Flynn is killed (you just can't switch party members or use items) but if everyone is killed there is only a small penalty for death.
instead of getting a game over you are brought before Charon who is too lazy to take you across... but if you pay him (ingame money or playcoins) he will let you go back to just before the fight you lost.

hm... an difficult game that has added things to make sure casual players don't toss it across the room? what else was like that...
oh yeah! Fire Emblem! you know the game that they are advertising that if you register both before aug 31 you get a 30$ credit (yay free money for things i planned to buy anyways!)
but yeah fire emblem had a casual mode that didn't let characters actually die!
i'm not sure if nintendo is brilliant or terrified of making difficult games.
I personally like the idea... but at the same time... especially with SMT (cause i played FE on classic mode anyways) i don't feel like there is any fear of my party getting wiped out... cause i can just have them revived for a little money... and if i don't have enough it just goes on a tab.
maybe there is a way but so far i can't see how it's possible to get a game over... probably a good thing but who knows.

do i think thats why the two have been advertised together?
they are being advertised together cause of the SMT x FE game thats coming out later....
it's just funny that both games, which normally wouldn't be targeted to the casual player, have added features to make it easily for people to try without feeling like they suck.

but yeah what i'm trying to say is after 10 hours (ish) put in i'm still having a blast... despite havign just made it to a new area... i have no idea how long the game really is (i'm gunna guess 70-100 hours and i wish i was making that up cause i don't like terribly long games... though on a handheld it's not so bad) but yeah i look forward to seeing where it goes.

also curious to see how much my choices and interactions actually affect things cause it isn't blatant "good or evil" it's "how would you act in this sitation..."
hm... if there are multiple endings this game may only be 40-60... lets hope for that....

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fav NISA Titles (game)

Japanese fans voted saying what was there Fav NIS game
Here is the link

now I have quite a few NIS titles however because i never owned a PS3 and i don't yet own a vita i did miss out on a chunk...
so this will be my list of my fav NIS games keeping in mind ionly really played ps2 and DS ones.

now i am assuming that if it was put out by NISA then it's NIS... i know this isn't completely true but it helps me put more on the list so.... yeah.

so i've played 9 games released by NISA... so this will be a top 9... fancy that.

9. A witch's tale.
I have many things i want to say about this game.
so much anger and hatred i have for it.
I picked up the game because i like NIS titles AND it had really interesting art.
but then i played it... and nearly broke my DS.
i barely remember the plot... your a withc whose being sent around by a vampire to reunite the storybook lands? i don't know... all i know it all the controls... from moving to combat are done with the stylus.
now some games can do that just fine.
this is not one of those games.
i stopped at a point where you had to go underwater... not cause i hate that underwater time limit crap (though i really do hate it... even in Ys Origin it was my least favorite part) but because the glitchy controls wouldn't let me get through a puzzle are quick enough which made me drown constantly... and then when i was close to getting it right... the game wouldn't let me go on a platform... i'd be trapped and drown.
so i put the game down and knowing i was close to the end (for me anythign past half way is close) i looked up a walkthrough cause at this point i didn't care i just wanted to get to the next part.
thats when i noticed something.... distressing.
the walkthrough had instructions or mentioned somewhere that in order to get the game to end... you have to beat it a second time.
So take a crappy broken stupid game....
then artifically lengthen it by forcing you to play twice....
well to say the least that game was out of my DS pretty damn quick cause i was not tolerating that shit. i already felt ripped off... that was just adding insult to injury
all i can say is at least i didn't get there cause my ds may have gone out the window....

8. Disgaea infinite
I picked it up cause i enjoyed the disgaea series and ti seemed cute.
it's like a vis. novel type game where based on choices you take different paths... each path is pretty short and their are a lot of them... plus you have to get some to unlock others.
not a bad game just doesn't stick out as terribly memorable.

7. Makai Kingdom
I really liked the concept of this game but the humor just felt a little flat, the combat was kinda bland and the story was pretty short. again not a bad game at all it just didn't resonate with me.

6. GrimGrimoire
um... i think this game was supposed to be hard... but a friend and i beat it in an afternoon.
granted... once you get dragons and chimeras.... it's kinda like... yeah... game over... i win.
it was the first time i encountered this artist and while i do not particularly enjoy his style (cause... the anatomy tends to throw me off) i still think the character design and the art in the game are really nice... even if thye are a little silly...
not a fan of breathing sprites though... it just was a bit too much movement in my opnion.

5. Phantom Brave
This game is just to damn hard for me. i hate timed crap to begin with so the fact that characters only stay on screen for X amount of turns... no my brain just doesn't work like that.... i like setting up all my pieces then attacking...
still what i saw of the story was enjoyable while i didn't like the mechanic in the battle system when i did manage to beat a level i was pretty happy.

4. Mana Khemia: Student Alliance
yes this is the glitchy psp version... i don't know what to tell you... i realyl loved everything about this game... the only time it upset me was when it crashed right after beating a boss forcing me to do the entire area over again.
but otherwise i had a black creating all the items in order to get stronger... so much fun.  still haven't had a chance to play 2 but oh well

3. Disgaea 2
So disgaea 2 had a lot to live up to... when i found out Laharl wasn't the main character i was pretty disappointed. still Adell was prettyfun to play as and the humor still made me smile... plus we did get cameos from a lot of other games... it was also really easy to get super high levels pretty early on (at least for clerics.)
still it's not higher cause the last two games here just have a special place for me

2. La Pucelle tactics
This game...
oh this game...
i should hate this game
See when i played it i kinda screwed myself over.
I focused all my attacking power on Prier the main girl, Allouette who is another main character and said to be the next maiden of light, and Croix who is a badass guy they find early on.

now those who have played this game came probabyl pinpoint exactly where i went wrong.
due to reasons there is a mission where not only do you not get to use any of those three.... but you also have to be a boss with a very specific character.
the character learns a spell that takes 80mp but will kill the boss.
but i rarely used him... and when i started the level i only had 79 mp max....
and while i could get him to level up... i stil lhad to get him to restore the mp and then make it to the boss without dying.
why not grind outside the level you ask?
it's a point where you can't.... i think you are trapped on another island or something... but the point it i couldn't level up outside the fight or if i could the experience was so piss poor that it would take a while.

I can't beat this game without replaying from the start... never using a certain character and focusing more on the ones i didn't use.
so getting so screwed over... why do i still love this game?
cause i can get it on PSN for my psp if i wont (i think at least) and i get more rpgs beat on handheld.
and the story was good... and even though i now know i can't use my favorite character... i'm okay with that... cause... well i'll get to kick there ass for abandoning me like that.
also it's great playing a character who isn't 'the chosen one'

1. Disgaea
what can i even say... this game is wonderful.
the humor
the art
the characters
the endings
it was all so well done.

and i have a story with this one too!
so i was playing D&D at my friends place, one of the group members came in late and said "look look i got it i got it" and he had la pucelle tactics.
I had just gotten a ps2 and had never heard of the game so i look at it and think it looks great.
he comments that i should trying playing disgaea first if i can find it.
he showed me some art or maybe he had that game on him as well but i thought it looked interesting so i figured get it when i go to EB games next.

the problem with this logic to my poor 13-14 year old mind was that the game was no longer being printed... it was a niche title so the store hadn't gotten very many
so i was sad and figured i'd never play this rare game but oh well.
time passes and one time when i'm in the EB i see it.... but it's not a cheap game and i don't have enough on me to get it... so i rush out, run to my bank cause it wasn't that far... i get back and it's gone
i didn't bother reserving it cause i was gone all of 5 minutes.... and it's a niche title...
so i curse everything and just hope i get to see it again.
a year passes and they get a reprint
i buy that game so fast and just hope it lives up to all the expectation i had for it.

It did not disappoint.
first i wanna mention that i love the OP ninja... i mean he even dodges healing spells... it made me laugh so hard.

second i want to talk about the endings.
there are 8 endings for this game
Good (canon)
bad 1 and bad 2
Etna, Flonne, Human and mid-boss.

i think i got all the ending cept for human and the 2 bad endings (cause the bad endings had insane conditions)

now you think the best ending would be the good one?
it's pretty easy to get... just don't pass too many bills or kill any allies. (which can happen by accident lol)
still when i first beatthe game i ended up with Normal ending. somewhere i accidently hit an ally... oops.
still i'm really happy that i got normal ending first.

but the game is pretty old... and yeah...

in the normal ending you fight the seraph who has just turned flonne (who was my best healer you jerk) into a flower and now you fight for revenge.
after the fight sereaph is dead in a pool of his own blood.
but even though laharl won... flonne is still just a flower
all that violence... all that killing... it didn't actually fix the problem.
he realizes he screwed up... he knows there is a way to fix it though... he sacrificing his life and gives it to her knowing that in the end she deserves to live more then a monster like him.

roll credits.

This ending tears out my heart... when i saw it i was sobbing, i'm choking up just typing about it... it has such a great character arc in just one little scene... in that moment i saw laharl grow and realize how much impact his actions had.

at the end of the credits they get a new prinny... with a surprisingly similar hairdo (at least thats what they say).

so here i am thinking.
well if thats just the normal ending... the good ending must be incredible.

so i play through again... with laharl and ninja soloing the entire time cause... why not.... nothing hits the nija and he counters 90% of the time
i beat the seraph again but this time he's just knocked out... no blood.
he still realizes he's a jerk and gets ready to sacrifice himself but then.... 
Seraph wakes up and changes flonne back to normal... well.. mostly normal... see now she is fallen angel flonne. you find out who mid-boss really is though honestly if you don't know who he is the first time you see him then... well i'm a little surprised... anyways it was all an elaborate plan to uinte the worlds and peace and harmony and blah blah blah...
it's a good ending
it's fine... it tells the story that needs to be told.... but it just wasn't as well done as the normal ending... of course this is just my opinion and i'm not saying characters sacrificing themselves makes for a better story... i'm just saying Laharl grew so much more in the normal ending then he did the good. and that growth made for more impact then "hey JK it was all a setup... phew you almost did me in there.. .that would have been bad... okay better fix all the shit i messed up... hope you don't hate me!"

so those are my favorite NIS released games...
all the games are pretty old but again... i'm missing a chunk of time... i do look forward to playing 3 (and hopefulyl 4) on vita
otherwise i should really call it a night considering how late it is... oops... didn't expect to ramble so much.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

First impressions: Summer 2013

alrigth here are my first impressions of the first episode of every new show i get my hands on

Dog & Scissors. 
1. what is with the sudden trend of scissors in anime, i mean we had the really dumb hair cutting anime last season and now this? ugh.
2. fan service comedy show where the main character is killed but because he wants to read a book before he dies he ends up reincarted as a dog.
hm.... i just.... didn't find it at all interesting or funny so.... i can't see myself continuing.
also the girls obssesion with scissors is just strange and makes no sense.... i mean they may explain it later but since it's a comedy fanservice show they probably will just keep using it as a gag and give a super shallow explination for it at the end.
still... i can't see myself continuing much further then this... maybe if i hear other people enjoying it but i doubt thats going to happen...I mean one of the biggest issues is Comedy is cultural... so I'm not a fan of japanese comed ycause even though i know a lot of cultural references i don't know enough to get the jokes.

My opinion before sitting down to watch it:  Oh great, Kyo-ani k-on! style but with boys... this should be some floaty animation with some really terrible anatomy that values moe/fanservice over plot.
My opinion after: what did i just watch? i mean... yeah... floaty animation and terrible anatomy but the characters... who... who thougth that was a good idea... and could they have put in any more fanservice?

Now i am biased, I'm not a fan of sport anime cause 9/10 they are silly/stupid/unrealistic.
I also hate anything that vaguely resembles K-on cause i blame it as single-handedly setting anime art back about a decade since every single character looks the same and moe is valued more then plot. (i mean look at Clannad and Haruhi suzumiya before and after k-on.... you will see a HUGE downgrade in quality)

so the fact that free! has both of these elements put me off the show immediately.... i mean that preview they did a few months ago? all i could think was 'people don't look like that, people don't move like that, and most importantly people don't act like that' It's fanservice at it's most blatant and pandering (though it is fanservice for girls so i guess it's nice that we are being noticed as an audience?)

So it's about a boy who is a little too obsessed with water... like he wears swim trunks 24/7. and his friends from swim club and the fact that one went to australia and now he's come back al levil cause he wants to be an olympic swimmer.... and that makes you evil?
i don't even know.... half this show is guys undressing.
i'm not joking
i can think of 5 times of the main guy undressing out in a public area and then one for each of the other guys.... and while i am a girl i do have mostly male friends and i've NEVER seen ANY of them whip off a shirt that epically.

anyways i've sure the show will go towards them all becoming friends again and learning from each other but i don't know if i can watch it cause.
a) they all have feminine names which makes some of them act more girly which is just cheating IMO cause  it's like "oh we'll give girls fanservice.... but we don't know how to write compelling male characters so lets just make them girls in boy bodies" it can be done well, this doesn't feel like it's being done well at all.
b) i know i keep harping on it but the animation is just so ugly.... at least they weren't all given tiny hands but still... it is not nice to look at....
c) it's a fanservice anime.... which i hate... directed at my gender or not.... i want interesting characters and compelling plot not watch how quickly these boys will strip down.
d) music is important to my enjoyment of things..... the music in this has been dubstep.... if there is one style of music i just don't understand.... it's dubstep.

i'll give it a shot but something tells me i wont be lasting till the end.

sorry.... that was... longer then i expected..... onto the next thing!

Gifu dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji
i didn't make it very far in this cause
1. it's not a story i enjoy in general
2. this one guy at the start has a neck thicker then his head.... mmm no
3. they way thay have dealt with colouring makes things look a little plastic.
4. not a shonen anime fan. 
so yeah... just not my thing... it may be good but i'm not interested. it looks a lot like 80s action shows... like fist of the north star or jojo.... infact.... *quick google search* main writer of the manga is the same guy who did fist of the north star.... *takes a bow*

Chronicles of Going home club
so the idea is what if the going home club was an actual club.
it remindes me a lot of azumanga Diaoh (cause it's skit based with fast paced random comedy) with a dash of Haruhi suzumiya (the part where the club is all about having fun.) and even a smaller pinch of Ouran high host club (rich person who has idea idea baout common life) and perhaps a little luncky star just to round it all off....
thats... this show...
to be fair, it got me to chuckle more then once.
but i probably wont keep watching cause comedy anime isn't really my thing... it's not a bad show though... and the animation decent... though the 'straight man' character of the series was getting on my nerves by the end.... yes shit is crazy around you.... stop pointing it out.

Servant x service
another comedy anime but gives off more of a "working!" vibe... one of the reasons i enjoyed Working (i think it's also called wagnaria) was that it was fun because of situational comedy instead of being based on cultural comedy. Comedy based on situation, in this case a boring job as a civil servant, is way more universal then random shit happening and occasionally pausing to see if there is laughter.
*pause, quickly checks*
so......... apparently it feels like workign cause it's done by the same person.
are there any other random connections i'm just randomly going to make? i'm normally not this good at guessing... i mean i can guess voices easily but not normally entire series. though it does have a very similar look to working...
still so far i am enjoying it...  and right now i'll watch pretty much anything handed to me cause yeah.... not too impressed with this season.... at all.....

Rozen Maiden Zuruchspulen
I have watched a few of the other rozen maiden anime series and i did read the manga.... i always felt like it was  a neat concept that never went anywhere... like it was cut off before it had time to finish
This first episode feels like it's being played on fast foreward... everything is happening whiplash quick.... maybe because it's been quite a while (2006? i think... though don't quote me on that) since the series originally aired and this is just a quick recap before actually furthering the story?
to be honest... the crossfade style of animating seems a little.... lazy.
but still i wil lprobably keep watchign cause by the pace it set in thie ep we will get new content pretty soon.
a quick note on ALI project
please make a new song... i'm tired of hearing the same damn song over and over... it was interesting but now it's one note.

Il Sole Penetra le Illusion ni ~ Day break illusion
wow seriously... getting tired of the stupidly long titles. 
so when i saw production art for this i had two thoughs.
1. interesting art direction, kinda has a disgaea feel to it (mostly due to skinny limbs)
2. wow bodies do not look that way....
theres one shot in particular where one of the girls is wakign up form bed and streakign her legs in ever direction and it looks like her hip has detached itself.
other then that i didn't think of it much cause.... i'm not a fan of moe magical girls.... PMMM didn't bug me too much cause i enjoyed the story so i could get past some of the design choices (i mean... firts time i saw it i said "wait that homura changed? she looks exactly the same" and i know i'm not the only one that felt that... but again, well told story made up for it.) so i said if it's on crunchyroll i'll give it a chance but i'm not expecting too much from it.
So after watching the first ep... i have one major problem.
Okay so bringing up PMMM again for a second, it waits three episodes before we actually get to know what the story really is.... this does about halfways through the ep... and instead of letting us know what the show really is it seems to be more done for shock then anything else.
i'm essentially accusing this show of being moe for one reason and one reason only, so when it shows brutal violence/blood/gore/death/tenticle like things.... that it'll be more shocking.
it comes off as trying WAY too hard.
now i do think there is a potentially interesting story here (cause i enjoy stories that deal with tarot cards) HOWEVER with the art style and type of fanservice they have been giving coupled with helium voices.... i probably wont be able to make it through.
*quick check* AH... the character design is done by the person who did Astoretta's toy....
yeah i instantly know now that i'm probably going to hate this show.... i'll still give it a try but yeah... not holding out high hopes for it because yeah.... just not going to be for me

The Eccentric Family
First reaction: hm... i don't remember hearing naything abotu this show *click*
second reaction: arts a little simplistic still kinda pretty
third reaction: he's a tanuki that impersonates a human and looks up to tengus (crow... demon... thingies) as they fly above the sky and try to keep a balance with human life
I think i'm gunna enjoy this show.
If i haven't made it clear i love things that mix real world with supernatural.
I don't know why i love it so much... but i do... when that tanuki tranformed into a person i went from unsure to pure smiles in an instant.... hopefully the rest of the show makes me smile this much.
 (everything before this was written before the intro song played... just needed to mention my happy.)
So... i do have a few issues.
Ears look odd... they are very square and i just... don't like it...
Seems to be relying on fanservice as comedy to hook people in but it felt a little unnecessary because i'm really intrigued by what little of the story is given to us.
The art will tkae some getting used to but i have a feeling that this will be one of my favorites this season... and it's nice to see PA Works have a different style i just wish it was as detailed as some of their other titles.

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realists.
well that got shonen ai-ish faster then i have seen any show do.... i hope it has some plot cause if it's just fanservice i'm out...
OH BOY.... Shota.. BL Shota... is there a term for that?... i don't know....
this just... doesn't compute... i don't get the allure....
also kid... being a realist is one thing but you are talking to a goat butlet and you can't believe that demons exist? really?
I think the idea of demonic politics is an interesting one.... but i doubt i'll continue with this.  I am not a fan of fan service shows... even when the fan service is directed at my gender.

Fantasista Doll
So... magic/yu-gi-oh meets angelic layer and fate/series? with a dash of shugo chara, Rozen maiden, Cardcaptor sakura and moe.
the character designs are cute but.... wow the premise seems stupid.
i honestly don';t know what to think... i'll probably get another ep or two before i decide cause right now it looks like him not watching much...

1. right off the bat due to style and subject matter it reminds me of uh.... crap what was that story called. Ikoku meiro no croisee (aka Croisee in a foreign labyrinth) this is a positive thing cause... i enjoyed that cute story and stories like it... so yeah even though the character design is a little too adorable i think the show looks pretty damn good so far.
2. okay.... i am still in the middle of the episode but i LOVE the fact that it's both in english and japanese.... i can't tell you how annoying i find it when just everyone the main girl talks to happens to speak the same language despite being in a different country.... this is fish out of water done so well. (another good exaple of this is the action/comedy french/japanese co pro Wasabi with Jean Reno)
3. so after watchign the episode.... just imagine me saying something along the lines of "omg cutest thing ever" but only in high pitched noises.
this is so far my fav of the season... it's one of my fav stories and i love how it handled the dual languages... though seriously shinobu only learned one word on her trip? english is hard but... not that hard *language snob*
but seriously i love everything about this so far, the art is utterly adorable the animation is really nice the backgrounds are lovely (though england did look like it was out of a storybook) and i'm a sucker for fish out of water/culture shock stories.
really looking forward to this

The world god only knows: Goddesses
i did watch the other two seasons but not the OVAs... the other season were kinda fun if not a little over the top... this season i'm just not sure what i think yet.
before the goal was get lost souls that just happened to be in girls hearts and needed to be excised with a kiss.... now it's different... so i gotta let it have a few more episodes before i decide if i like the change or not.
this first episode.... it does feel like i've missed a lot... they recapped the basic premise and even talked about some of the side stories but again... i don't know if those are the OVA stories or not cause i haven't seen them... just feel like i'm missing an entire other season or something...
oh well... 

aka: it's not my fault i'm not popular
aka: No matter how i look at it, it's your guys fault i'm not popular
The commone thread is "not popular.... so thats what i'll call this.
i have been curious abotu the show since i saw a review of the manga... and since the manga (as far as i know) hasn't been licensed i haven't read it... so i was happy to hear that it was getting an anime adaptation and the crunchyroll would be streaming it.
*the brother just appeared.*
that...sounds familiar... like natsume but not... whos the guy i always confused to hiroshi kamiya.... nakamura yuuichi! *had to check* i mean... these two actors... are in everything... it's pretty funny.
okay so the show... hm... it's an interesting idea... it makes me a little uncomfortable to watch a trainwreck... i may give it a few more episodes but just... it's a painful viewing experience.

omg these long titles are going to kill me
Stella Women's academy: High school Division class C3
here on out: Stella
now i'll be honest... airsoft is not something i comprehend... the idea of shooting at people with pellets from guns that are made to be real... it boggles my brain......... but not for the reason you are thinking.
I am a paintball girl, i shoot people with balls full of 'paint' from a colourful gun that looks nothing like a real weapon... yeah you have to compensate your accuracy cause paintballs aren't perfect and enjoy veering but thats half the fun... and i just realized i've been playing it for nearly  decade.... suddenly feel old.. .sad thing is i still get carded every.... single.... time... (cause you gotta sign a waver)
so essentially my mindset is why play a gmae where people can claim they didn't get hit instead of one that splatters all over.... though you can wipe... though never wipe near my cause i will throw you to the lions.... this one guy was on my team and as i was walkign off i noticed he had been hit but wasn't leaving.... a barrel *covered but he didn't know that* to the back quickly changed his mind.
wait... what was i talking about.... oh right... stella...
lets all be honest... this is a show that was made to show moe girls holding guns.
however it doesn't seem terrible....
still.... paintball > airsoft... (in my opinion)
but still... i get the glasses (though i prefer a full out mask) and gloves.... but why knee pads and elbow pads... that stuff just restricts movement and adds unnecessary weight....
ah whatever thats just my opinion cause i played as light as i could (focusing on speed and accuracy..... and charging up the middle of the field since no one does that.... but honestly it was the most fun... mad it so much easier to get behind enemy lines~
ah i miss paintball >< stupid wrist injury means i barely play anymore... but yeah... anime was decent but i rather just play the real thing.

Sunday without God
what.... did i.... just watch....
well... it was pretty....
and the designs were a little moe but not in a distracting way...
i don't know what i think of this one.... interesting concept i guess but i have no clue whats going on.
i'm giving this one a little more time....

Silver spoon 
Ah... this is one of 'those' anime...
 i've noticed a disturbing trend in some shows (true for all shows from all countries) where when something is becoming less popular (carrier choice, mode of tranportation, travel location ect.) thye make a tv show trying to show how cool/awesome/quirky/funny it really is.
a good example i can think of is Miracle train... where the subway stations are personified as hot boys and the one girl gets to 'ride' them all and discover more about the subway.
i am not joking
this is a show that exists
and it's terrible...
now that coming from someone who gave up after they were like "now you can only carry something these specific dimensions onto the train" cause it was like... wow that show was trying too hard.
now i need to mkae it clear that i have nothing against putting in tidbits of information into media....
it's a good way to have someone look something up and learn it on their own cause thye are curious.
Like when i was watching yumeiro patissieru and she made a log cake and i had never heard fo such a thing... i looked it up and found out about a new type of cake.
but making a show which only has the purpose of showing you how great something is will always... every single time.. .come of as insincere and trying way too hard.
so silver spoon is an anime about a highschool dedicated to farming.
NOW... knowing that farming is one of those fields that most kids don't want to go into yet it is a nessicary trade i can understand why a show would want to show how rewarding farming can be
but this is just trying way too hard.
it doens't feel like a plot... it feels like "learn about farm animal anatomy/where your food comes from. "
hey.... ever think... maybe i don't care? cause if i did care? i would look it up?
oh hey.. maybe i already know where that cut of meat is.... maybe i don't need you to preach to me like i'm some kind of moron...
shows like this really annoy me.
i didn't finish the episode... if by 10 minutes you've pissed me off then you have majorly screwed up.
but seriously who doesn't know where eggs come from? who could be that stupid? the show just wanted an excuse to say anus over and over and over.

Fate/Kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA
Dear people who give shows titles....  please remember that people are just going to shorten it so give things easier to remember shorter titles...
thank you
going into this show i though "so... fate/stay night world but with magical girls?"
First impression: what... happened to the art
it looks so bad
so very moe
ugh... it's painful to watch...
so after watchign the show.... ugh
i think i've made it clear that i don't have a lot of tolerance for moe or blatant fanservice.... and one type i hate the most is Loli fanservice.
also my first impression was pretty accurate i just forgot to add with elements of meta humor and Cardcaptors.
will i continue? no...
if the art were better or the story more amusing or maybe a little less loli moe fanservice... then maybe... but Illya's voice is grating and the concept is just stupid so i'll take a pass. 

Gatchaman Crowds
um.... i know nothing about gatchaman...
no i do know about the old one.. .it was called something else here wasn't it...
this looks...... nothing like that...
Again... the art in this is pretty terrible...
and this blatant fanservice
you know what?
i'm tired and i don't want to waste my time on this... if i wanna watch gatchman i'll just watch the old one... the characters are just too annoying and in the end i just don't care.

only one show left.... : (

Hakkenden Season 2
oh... .would you look at that.... i still don't care.
i wanted to like this show... but no.. i'm done... if after 14 episodes i still do not even remotely care... you have not done your job. 

so yeah not bothering with anything on funimation (cause no hulu in canada) though i was curious about dangan ronpa... guess i'll just have to play the game when it comes out.

so out of the 19 shows i tried...
i ended up not continuing anything from a previous season and it looks like i'll be watching...
Servant x service
Genshiken 2
Eccentric family

the shows i'm going to give another ep or two before deciding are.
Fantasista doll
Rozen Maiden: zuruckspulen
Day break illusion
sunday without god.

i may also watch Free in a way where i give episode by episode reviews but honestly... i dont want to put myself through that crap.
why can't it be the fall season already? it'll have Kurobasket 2 and thats enough to make me happy.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Completed: Pacific Rim... But...

I can't really review it cause i have family who worked on it so i'll say this.

DO NOT go see this is 3D.
In my personal opinion it is a bit too dark and a bit too much rain and sparks to be enjoyed in 3d, i saw it in 2d and some of the action was hard to follow... granted i do have the bias of hating 3D but still... i think it would just be too difficult to see/headache inducing.

If you like mech anime.... you may be reminded of some shows.
not saying this is good or bad just saying it was fun making connections to shows.

If you are not a fan of mech anime... this may not be the movie for you... but you probably know that already.

I will mention that i really enjoyed the music and some of the sets were pretty cool (though sometimes too much cg for my taste... however this is sci-fi so i forgive it that)

other then that it was nice to go see a movie in the theater again cause i haven't had much time to do that lately.

So yeah, curious to see what the box office is like.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Houzukigami - From start to finish-

so.... finished rewatching Natsume's book of friends the other day...
and that involved watching the moon splitting arc again... which is probably the best costume natsume ever gets to wear... and so even though i'm not good at drawing masks on caharcters i decided to try...
but then i figured if i did just a bust i could have a sort of circular compostion...
so i sketched it out...
and then i went... well it's better then the chibi i drew of nastume.... yay
so i inkined it and originally it was going to be kinda like sume-i style but it wasn't working so i decided against it.... and just went for a  thicker then normal line.

so yeah... coloured and inked in Sai with a few final touches in photoshop.

and i though abotu doing a manga version colouring but cause only the small chunk of hair is visible and i like the contrast of the anime hair colour more i decided not to...
anyways enjoy.
i'll try to do more natsume yuujinchou fan art in the future it's just the more i like something the more critical i am for the art i make for it.

and if you haven't seen the show you should watch it over on crunchyroll and then buy it from NISA *nods* cause it's good...


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Completed: Natsume's book of friends season 4.... again

for like the.... 6th time?

so... considering i've already written reviews on the show why am i talking about it again?
cause... it's my blog and i do what i want?

Well there is actually a real reason... 2 reasons.

1. this is the NISA special edition dvd/blu-ray and it's really pretty and completely worth the money... it came with a bookmark as a pre-order bonus and it just happened to fit in my kindle case so... if i ever need a bookmark at least i'll be able to grab on quick.

2. since i've been reading the manga while i wait/hope for season 5 something happened that changed my entire perspective on the series as a whole.... and i moreso wanna talk about that then i do the anime.... so... i'm using this as a good excuse.

However if you aren't completely up to date with the manga (chapter 63) stop reading here and just go pick up the dvd if you haven't already.

The one thing i always told people about this show was "it's a little on the slow side.... i mean the antagonist isn't even shown till season 3.

I can't tell people that anymore cause it is no longer true... it was never true... i just didn't realize.

When you look at the characters on face value alone one is INFINITELY more creepy looking and even sounding.
so naturally being the judgmental asshole i apparently am (thank you show for showing me my true nature) i figured the one who is willing to use human and yokai alike to further his goal would be the antagonist.... not the case.

See through out the series Natsume has done a good job of keeping the book of friends a secret cause any exorcist who saw it would probably want it since it would give them power over many powerful Ayakashi/yokai

however in one of the later chapters someone sees him... kinda.

Okay i need to talk about the once difference between the anime an manga.

In the anime Natori sees a bit of the book in the hot spring episode... it's never brought up again so i thought maybe natori was being a good guy and just keeping it a scret to preserve the friendship...
well i was half right...
in the manga though he didn't see him at all... instead it just happened in these last few chapters and he even said "don't worry, we both have secrets, no need to tell me"

so at this point i'm relived cause yeah... when natori saw the book i let out a loud gasp. but it was all good right?
in one page.... with a few lines of dialogue i felt my heart break.
"nastume seems to have some important secret thing he keeps with him, find out what it is, maybe he's not fit to keep it"

you... son of a...
He trusts you, he's willing to confide in you now and you are going to throw that away just to further your stature as an exorcist... natori... all along... he has been the antagonist.... he's not evil per-say.. he didn't go into it thinking "i'm gunna screw this kid over cause he's inexperienced and quick to trust".... no he's just Greedy which in my opinion is a million times worse. he would always use natsume, who has been established to have an immense amount of spiritual power despite his frail appearance, to do seals or set things up and then he would take all the glory. so the fact that this kid may have a book full of spirits real names is just too much for him to stand... his title and beating the matoba clan who look down on him will end up being far more important then his friendship and the trust natsume has given him.
and i can just see it now... it's going to completely crush natsume and kill his ability to trust anyone.... and it'll probably be where natori loses his leg.
in an earlier point of the story it's mentioned that natori's mark never goes down his left leg since he's probably going to lose it at some point...

so.... now knowing who the true antagonist is when i was re-watching season 4 something horrific dawned on me.
In the bottle episode... Natori meets Tanuma.
Natori sees how close natsume and tanuma are and how they are both willing to put themselves in danger for the other. 
Natori wouldn't be above using that friendship in order to get what he wants.

then i read some translation of part of the Natsume's book of friends Novel.
and keeping in mind that it may or may not be canon (depsite the slight difference i consider both as canon) if it is canon and natori has yet another scary thing.... He knows natsume is friends with someone named Taki Tooru... that this person knows natsume can see things and that they would probably also rush into danger if things came to that.

so lets recount...
Natori knows where nastume lives, has spoken to his guardians and knows about ll his closest friends.

and who knows.... maybe.... maybe nothing comes of it.... but considering the look on his face... and the way natori acts... i just know he is going to absolutely shatter natsume's faith in humanity.

in one page Yuki midorikawa proved that they could be more evil and cruel then i could ever imagine... they gave me an entirely new way to look at this show.
and i loved every minute of it... i just hope one day i can be even half as cruel to my characters....  (anyone who writes stories probably knows what i mean by this)

but yeah.... great show, great manga... i can't wait to see where it goes from here (cause i mean it only took 10 years for the antagonist to truly be revealed... so good times....)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ramblings on crowd funding

I just watched the latest episode of Thumb wars
in short it talks about mostly the controversy with how double fine potentially misbudgeted for their game which is already over budget and are now asking for more money....

i'm not really going to talk about that but it was the spark that made me write this so i felt i should mention it.

i will say that in the episode the co-host Yousif (i hope i spelled that correctly) made some points they were shut down by the host in ways i don't completely agree with.

"As an investor i want to see a good finished project."
This is shot down because purchasing anything is a gamble and you aren't really an investor you are just buying a product on delay.
I respectfully disagree... i mean yes... buying anything is always a gamble, kickstarter or not you never knew what your going to get/if you are going to get an experience you enjoy... you just have to hope that they fufill their promises.
HOWEVER... lets say i fund something, and it doesn't do well/live up to the promises it made/out right sucks.
I am going to be a lot less likely to fund something cause i've been screwed in the past and theres no way to hold the person accountable other then not give them any more money.
and this is my opinion based on fact.

I have funded 4 projects through various crowd funding things.

1. a website known as Anipan which pitched as a place where you could put larger art without the worry of theft.

2. Aaron Pogues kickstarter to put his story into public domain rigth away(essentially an experiment) and one of the tears was an autographed book from him (i thought it was an interestign cause but i was more interested in the books)

3. LA game space/ a handful of indie games.

4. An art book/interview book which just got funded a week or two ago.

so what happened?

a) anipan is a website where you can post larger images if you want... i doubt it stops theft that much though.... the community is disjointed because of the lack of features like an inbox and the way the front page is set up is messy and favors 'popular' art so it's hard finding lesser known artist.... and even if you do findthem talking to them is a pain. one of the perks i paids for was a paid subscription to the site for a year... the sites been up how long and i have yet to see that pay off...
i feel ripped off by a site that barely works... and i knew that was a risk but it doens't change the fact that i would need something special to fund something again.

b) the prize was awesome (and already done) but the project didn't reach it's goal : (
so this time i was more annoyed cause i got excited for something i'll probably never have.

c) been hearing about the gae packs we are getting for la game space and it seems like if i were ever in LA it would be a neat place to visit... i don't feel ripped off by this cause i gave very little and it sounds like if nothing else i'll have a ton of indie games to talk about.

d) this was my gamble... it was not cheap.... but with the promise of interviews from people at Falcom and even art done by someone who works at falcom in the early days i had to give it a chance... if this doesn't end up working i will be pretty upset.

because like it or not i do feel like an investor, i gave you money.... i am hoping to get what you promised in return... and for it to be good.
because when things are bad people will not trust you so easily in the future.

It is nice to see people start taking the publishers side because that feeling of "i gave you money, how can you ask for more" is true in every medium... and while that is not always the case it may break the trend of praising the poor visionary who just wants to get their dream across when in reality they just need to be kept on a short leash lest they go crazy with power... which is good in my books...

near the end of the video it feels like they are arguing about two different things.
Yousif is arguing that he feels double fine has not lived up to their promises and even asked for more money for another game and a second round for this one and how thats not cool considering he raised 1000% more then he asked for.
Shawn seems to argue that this wont take down kickstarter.
ummm of course it wont... it's just one little failed/failing project.... BUT stuff like that will make the buyer even less likely to spend money and then the smaller less popular indie developers who actually NEED the money probably wont get any....

the way i see crowd funding is the way i look at grants.... when you apply for a grant you give a budget and a pitch and if they like it enough they will give you money under a bunch of stipulations...
if you dont' produce on time or try to ask for more money or produce something they see as being poor in quality then they will never give you funding again....
how grants continue to be given out every year despite some failures.
i think kickstarter is the same.... you burn me then no.... no more money for you..... but will KS care? no... they made their cut already.

i wasn't a backer of the double fine game, even though my earliest gaming memory is Full throttle... i feel that larger names using kickstarter is a bit.... ugh.... i don;t think they shouldn't i just wont support it... i'd rather give money to the little guy cause i think they need it a bit more.

anyways thats my opinion... i liked the video i just didn't feel like they were arguing the same thing... if that makes sense.