Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cosmos - From start to finish -

no matter what i do i seem to always come back to these sailor moon chibis.
they are just too much fun to make.

now i'll be honest, i was super excited to see a never aired in north america season of sailor moon... i mean in my eyes the seasons had been getting better and better so this unaired one had to be the best!
then i watched/read it.
. . .
while i like some of the character designs... i gotta say stars is one of my least favorite arcs of the show (more so the manga then the anime... cause i hate that particular ending)
but still like i mentioned there were some character designs i really liked.
Chibi chibi was one.
sailor cosmos was the other.

many many years ago i drew both of them...
they were terrible and i will not be showing them here (i don't even think i have a digital version of those pics anymore) so when i did my senshi set i didn't think about adding eitherof them cause
a) they don't have symbols and thats was the key element of that series.
b) i would have to do the stars who i actually am not a fan of...
i think the reason i dislike stars in cause everyone gets the same uniform... i nthe first seasons (especially in the manga) they all have things that make their outfit special.... i nstars they all have the same type of uniform and books and chokers and ugly puffy sleeves.... i just felt it took some of the personality away. well same thing goes for the stars... i can't tell which is which cause they all wear the same silly outfit and it feels so radically different from the rest of the senshi.
i don't mind the girls pretending to be boys that transform into girls aspect cause in the end it doesn't matter but i honestly cannot remember any of them.... granted i just caught upto the re-release manga nad havn't got to stars yet so it has litterally been over a decade since i read the arc and maybe i'll have a different opinion now... we will see when i get there. super s will still be my fav
i got off topic didn't i...
long story short i avoided doing stars characters cause i didn't want to do the main ones.

but then the other day i suddenly wanted to draw sailor cosmos... so i did.
 now... a quick lesson on how i (and most people) colour.
When you are rending a colour you tend to highlight and shade with other colours.... you have to find this happy middleground where the main colour doesn't change cause all colour is relative.
Example: using green to shade Red while not letting the green overpower or change the red.
the main things you want to stay away from are White, Gray or Black because they are the absence of colour so using them to highlight, tone or shade you image gives this ugly and unnatural muddled effect.

why bring this up?
Sailor cosmos is 90% white.
her dress, her cape, her staff, her hair and hair clips and broach... all white.
. . .
so this poses two challenges.
1. what colour am i going to use instead of white.
2. how far am i willing to push the contrast so it doesn't end up grey.

so i went with purple mainly cause in art her eyes look fairly purple and because the other dominant colour is Yellow and yellow on purple will give me some contrast.
then i did the dance of figuring out how far i could push it.

when i was happy with it i added a very dark bg, again trying to get as much contrast as possible.
i really hope you like it and my little rant on how characters should have more variety this then cause it makes my job harder... but in the end it was a blast and probabyl one of my fav sailor moon chibi's of the entire set.
will i do more? probably... they really are fun.

she is available as a sticker as well

for now that i think i may end up vanishing from the internet for the weekend...
though i'm sure on sunday or monday i will have a report on how awesome the con i'm attending was.
and it will be awesome... or at least more awesome then last year... cause i could only attend for 2 hours thanks to my stupid fever.
anyways see you in a few days!

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