Saturday, 20 July 2013

La Lune - From start to finish

i'm like 90% sure moon in french is feminine? if not then sorry >< i took french immersion and i still get tripped up by hich gender objects are.
(also it's been ages since i was in french and it's amazing how much i have lost... i can understand it easily enough but speaking it is so much harder then i remember)

so uh yeah... due to a heat wave this took a lot longer then i anticipated... because where i do my digital work is easily the hottest room in the house... and i HATE extreme temperatures.
also i got SMT IV the other day so... that cut into my time to be productive....

still i manages to sketch out a quick picture of Niut (not Nuit) and my original plan was to make it super ornate with lots of little details....
but then.... we had weather that felt like 45 degrees Celsius thank to all that lovely humidity i didn't have to deal with when i lived far from here.... 
so... instead of being hunched over my cintiq which throws off a little heat itself i figured... just make this a quick one.

then i proceeded to do nothing for days... today was the first day we had less then 50% humidity AND no chance of thunderstorms so i figure may as well get as much done as possible before the weather turns hot again.

and in that time i managed to finish it... yay~

it is less ornate then i was planning but in the end i like it
well other then the hands but i hate hands on principle more then anything else...
and yeah in the end just having fun playing in Paintool sai (though most of the BG was done in PS5.5) and yeah i hope you like it... and i hope i'm able to post more frequestly... maybe some traditional pics are in order...

for now though i think i earned myself a Popsicle~

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