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Completed: Natsume's book of friends season 4.... again

for like the.... 6th time?

so... considering i've already written reviews on the show why am i talking about it again?
cause... it's my blog and i do what i want?

Well there is actually a real reason... 2 reasons.

1. this is the NISA special edition dvd/blu-ray and it's really pretty and completely worth the money... it came with a bookmark as a pre-order bonus and it just happened to fit in my kindle case so... if i ever need a bookmark at least i'll be able to grab on quick.

2. since i've been reading the manga while i wait/hope for season 5 something happened that changed my entire perspective on the series as a whole.... and i moreso wanna talk about that then i do the anime.... so... i'm using this as a good excuse.

However if you aren't completely up to date with the manga (chapter 63) stop reading here and just go pick up the dvd if you haven't already.

The one thing i always told people about this show was "it's a little on the slow side.... i mean the antagonist isn't even shown till season 3.

I can't tell people that anymore cause it is no longer true... it was never true... i just didn't realize.

When you look at the characters on face value alone one is INFINITELY more creepy looking and even sounding.
so naturally being the judgmental asshole i apparently am (thank you show for showing me my true nature) i figured the one who is willing to use human and yokai alike to further his goal would be the antagonist.... not the case.

See through out the series Natsume has done a good job of keeping the book of friends a secret cause any exorcist who saw it would probably want it since it would give them power over many powerful Ayakashi/yokai

however in one of the later chapters someone sees him... kinda.

Okay i need to talk about the once difference between the anime an manga.

In the anime Natori sees a bit of the book in the hot spring episode... it's never brought up again so i thought maybe natori was being a good guy and just keeping it a scret to preserve the friendship...
well i was half right...
in the manga though he didn't see him at all... instead it just happened in these last few chapters and he even said "don't worry, we both have secrets, no need to tell me"

so at this point i'm relived cause yeah... when natori saw the book i let out a loud gasp. but it was all good right?
in one page.... with a few lines of dialogue i felt my heart break.
"nastume seems to have some important secret thing he keeps with him, find out what it is, maybe he's not fit to keep it"

you... son of a...
He trusts you, he's willing to confide in you now and you are going to throw that away just to further your stature as an exorcist... natori... all along... he has been the antagonist.... he's not evil per-say.. he didn't go into it thinking "i'm gunna screw this kid over cause he's inexperienced and quick to trust".... no he's just Greedy which in my opinion is a million times worse. he would always use natsume, who has been established to have an immense amount of spiritual power despite his frail appearance, to do seals or set things up and then he would take all the glory. so the fact that this kid may have a book full of spirits real names is just too much for him to stand... his title and beating the matoba clan who look down on him will end up being far more important then his friendship and the trust natsume has given him.
and i can just see it now... it's going to completely crush natsume and kill his ability to trust anyone.... and it'll probably be where natori loses his leg.
in an earlier point of the story it's mentioned that natori's mark never goes down his left leg since he's probably going to lose it at some point...

so.... now knowing who the true antagonist is when i was re-watching season 4 something horrific dawned on me.
In the bottle episode... Natori meets Tanuma.
Natori sees how close natsume and tanuma are and how they are both willing to put themselves in danger for the other. 
Natori wouldn't be above using that friendship in order to get what he wants.

then i read some translation of part of the Natsume's book of friends Novel.
and keeping in mind that it may or may not be canon (depsite the slight difference i consider both as canon) if it is canon and natori has yet another scary thing.... He knows natsume is friends with someone named Taki Tooru... that this person knows natsume can see things and that they would probably also rush into danger if things came to that.

so lets recount...
Natori knows where nastume lives, has spoken to his guardians and knows about ll his closest friends.

and who knows.... maybe.... maybe nothing comes of it.... but considering the look on his face... and the way natori acts... i just know he is going to absolutely shatter natsume's faith in humanity.

in one page Yuki midorikawa proved that they could be more evil and cruel then i could ever imagine... they gave me an entirely new way to look at this show.
and i loved every minute of it... i just hope one day i can be even half as cruel to my characters....  (anyone who writes stories probably knows what i mean by this)

but yeah.... great show, great manga... i can't wait to see where it goes from here (cause i mean it only took 10 years for the antagonist to truly be revealed... so good times....)

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