Saturday, 13 July 2013

Completed: Pacific Rim... But...

I can't really review it cause i have family who worked on it so i'll say this.

DO NOT go see this is 3D.
In my personal opinion it is a bit too dark and a bit too much rain and sparks to be enjoyed in 3d, i saw it in 2d and some of the action was hard to follow... granted i do have the bias of hating 3D but still... i think it would just be too difficult to see/headache inducing.

If you like mech anime.... you may be reminded of some shows.
not saying this is good or bad just saying it was fun making connections to shows.

If you are not a fan of mech anime... this may not be the movie for you... but you probably know that already.

I will mention that i really enjoyed the music and some of the sets were pretty cool (though sometimes too much cg for my taste... however this is sci-fi so i forgive it that)

other then that it was nice to go see a movie in the theater again cause i haven't had much time to do that lately.

So yeah, curious to see what the box office is like.

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