Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rose queen - From start to finish -

so as i mentioned before i went to the con over the weekend, it was a lot of fun but seeing as i was near other people i got pretty sick.
cause... i'm the type of person that just needs to be in the same building as someone with a cold to catch it..

so while i didn't go to the con on the final day i did figure it's not an excuse to just rest... i still should work on something... cause i'm crazy/workaholic/not the type of person who just rests in bed no mater how high her fever is.

the problem is fevers and drawing don't go well together.
i did two or three really bad sketches before i finally managed this one.
in the end i still wasn't loving it but i figured at least i could work on it while i got over the con plague... which would give me time to figure what to do next.

also more experimenting in Paint tool Sai... cause i'm still not 100% used to it and it's quirks.

at first i was goign for queen of the faries vibe but then i figured it not regal or ornate enough (and i wasn't gunna add more details) so i decided she would be the rose queen fairy thingy.
then i proceeded to add as many ruffles as i could justify.

i swear none of the colours are what i originally worked with, the dress and hair colours were reversed, her wings were move blue...
but in the end i was just playing around and it was fun~ i hope you like it!

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