Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dropped: Nayuta no kiseki

ugh this hurts.

okay so first i wanna talk about import games.
1. i have 5 titles in my entire collection that are imports.

a) Project diva -Rhythm game
b) Project diva 2 extend - Rhythm game
c) Jump superstar - fighting game
d) Ys vs Sora no kiseki: alternative saga. - fighting game (so much fun, if you can you should pick this game up)
e) Vantage master (which is still sealed and i only bought it cause the vendor had it cheap) - turn based strategy rpg spin off thingy...

2. while i can understand a lot of japanese and i am taking lessons reading it is still really hard. essentially this means that if a game has voice over i can get enough of the plot to enjoy it... if it's mostly text based i'm screwed.

in games like p.diva and jump superstars as long as you know what the menu buttons do you are fine, same-ish with Alternative saga though there is a story mode... but it's fully voice acted from what i remember so it didn't bug me.

So when my friend got Nayuta no Kiseki and said he would lend it when he was done i was excited cause yay a falcom game.... i love those... but i was worried cause it is an rpg and therefor i may get stuck if i don't know where to go....
still i gave it a shot.
and something unexpected happened.

i think it was in ys 7 when i said you don't play flacom games for the plot cause they tend to be on the silly side and your really just in it for music and gameplay... apprently i way lying.
yes nayuta has some really pretty music.
yes the gameplay is really fun and easy to control, hell all the combat stuff is completely understandable (though i've gotten stuck cause the game was telling me to head back and learn a move but i didn't know that)
from what i understood the plot seems pretty fun.
but because so little of the game has voice acting... i feel like i'm missing out on a lot
and thats just making me bummed out.
so yeah i'm enjoying the gameplay but i'm not enjoying the game...
cause i can't understand it *cries*
so yeah next time i see my friend i'll be returning it to him with the hope that eventually (even if it's DL only i don't care) it'll come out here and be playable in a language i can read...though right now i think i have to hope for for trails in the sky second chapter and maybe even final chapter... i'll continue to wait for them.. .even if my friend will constantly torment me with the fact that we probably wont see it for a long time.

oh well! Ys Celceta in the fall (i think around my birthday if not a little later) so i will get my falcom fix...
also may replay Ys7 cause other then 6 it's the only one i haven't replayed at all.
though honestly i don't have a lot of time for games... i fit in a little bit for SMT IV but even thats been taking a backseat to dealing with art/sick.

oh well... Nayuta no Kiseki... great game... too bad i can't understand it.
Also Xseed i think you are doing a great job and i know the falcom games are a little ridiculous so i rather you take your time and have a good product then rush to please impatient fans... i will just be off in my corner hoping for the best~

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