Thursday, 22 August 2013

Rant - there will be strong language

i honestly don't think i can talk about this without flying into a rage so yeah, long story short: some people are annoying and obviously don't get it.

so my brother, an adult with severe autism, goes to a program a few days a week.
it's expensive as hell cause once you turn 21 the government pretty much cuts off all support.
it's lucky that it's not too far but it seems to move around every few years so we may get screwed over.
and it's probably the happiest my brother gets to be... he's lost a lot of social skills and this is helping him if only a little.

today i get a call. "could you come pick him up a bit early (this is with about an hour - 30mins left in the day) he's being a little roudy..."

roudy? hm... maybe he's a little agitated cause were supposed to get a thunderstorm and he hates those... "sure thing i'll be right over"

so i get there as soon as i can and look at him in the room, quite... smiling... happy... not roudy at all.
the staff were like. "why are you here?"
that's a pretty big red flag to me... and it's not the first time it's happened... it's almost a joke among the staff like what small thing did they decide to send the kid home for this time?
"i was called, apparently he was a bit roudy?"
"he was loud... but nothing out of character for him..."
wait.... i was called cause he was loud... no that can't be right...
"ah well it's all good, see ya" so i go and ask the person who called me what exactly happened.
"well i almost called you first thing in the morning and i should have"
funny when i was walking him there he was so excited and happy and smiling and just looking forward to the day.... so they keep talking.
"he was really loud and pacing"
now... i have a habit of talking before my brain has time to process the shit i'm saying...
i almost blurted out. "of course he's loud.... he's autistic." but instead i just kept on listening.
"and he just wanted to go on the computer and we just need a quieter day from him..."

i can't fucking believe this.
you're not calling me here cause he hit someone...
your not callign me here cause he was acting out of character and you didn't know how to deal with it.
you called me here cause he was annoying.
he's a loud kid
he's loud when he's happy
he's loud when he's upset
if we knew how to make him less loud we would have done it 20 or so years ago.
the pacing is a stim, it's something people with autism do.... be thankful he's not doing the stim where he impersonated a emergency test signal... or the stim where he quotes the entire movie The REF or the stim where he sings "close to you" horribly out of key over and over. Pacing is a good stim cause it's quiet.

I get it... he's big and you don't know how to deal with him... but seriously... a little loudness is enough for you to send him packing? at least he doesn't have other health issues... are far as people with special needs go he's relatively easy to deal with cause he is so independent.

maybe i'm just being a little sensitive because of a letter sent to a family in a similar situation that was full of so much hate i can't even believe someone would write it.

but this is so fucking annoying... it's the second time this person has called me to pick him up cause he's loud... you would think they could figure it out but apparently no... only quiet easy kids... fuck the ones that take a little bit or work or give you a small headache. there is no damn support for those who have special needs and if he gets kicked out cause he's a bit noisy it's going to make him so sad.

i'm just really annoyed and wish people would understand that your 6 hours of hime being a little loud is nothing comparied to the lifetime we have had to deal with it.
we don't appreciate you acting like you know more about him then we do and we really don't like the fact that we pay as much as we do for him to get sent home every few classes.

part of me feels like they do it cause i am so close and quick to pick him up... it's easier then dealing with him... it's still bullshit

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