Saturday, 17 August 2013

Completed: Elysium

ok just to get it out of the way.

Disclaimer: i'm not a fan of sci-fi.

that being said

This movie was fine, better then some other things i've seen recently.

The plot is about the rich and powerful up on their colony doing everything in their power to keep those poor dirty earthlings off their pristine perfect ring thingy.

Matt Damon (max i think?), thanks to having the worst boss ever gets a lethal dose of poisoning that will kill him in 5 days.
so he's motivated to get up to elysium and use one of there magic healing bed thingies.

however his only way to get up there is to do some pretty illegal things which just gets him in more trouble.... but still... he's determined to get there before he is killed.

I think the alternative title to the film is "how much and we beat up matt damon" cause seriously he goes through hell.

but there is a reason why the film is just 'fine'

it's incredibly predictable.
the base concept isn't terribly original either... i've watched how many shows in the past year that have 'perfect' space colonies.
and finally... it is excessively violent, i don't mind violence in films but there is a point when you have to look at the scene and think "with less gore would this have the same/more impact?"
yes... yes it would... cause when i saw a guy get blown into multiple pieces in a peaceful area my brain immediately went "why would they need that weapon here? on earth i could understand them making it... but not here"

in fact many things made me go "why didn't they just--" in this film....
90% of the people want to go up to cure injuries... so why not put a magic healing bed in every hospital on earth and everyone would be happy...
yes i get that the story is an allegory for immigration, the 1% and the haves vs have nots... i get it... still... easiest way to avoid having a riot is to make the lower class happy and give them their damn healy beds.
if you have the power to create magic healing beds... could you not then spend your infinite amount of time left creating something that gets rid of the pollution on earth? elysium was pretty but earth can be so much prettier and with the added space on elysium the overpopulation may not be an issue.
or maybe build more elysiums.
thats one of my problems with sci-fi logic in general... they tend to have these amazing things but all these other possibilities get swept under the rub cause iit would be impossible to address them all.  (that thats not why i hate sci-fi... i hate sci-fi cause it enjoys employing blackholes/super novas as plot device and that doesn't sit well with me)

so yeah the film is fine, especially considering it's a film released in august, it's a hard R though so if ultra violence to the point of being cartoony isn't your thing then maybe wait a bit. but yeah not upset that i saw it....

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