Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Completed: Usagi Drops

or as NISA called it "bunny drops"

now i swear i wrote one of these for it.... but i can't find it so it either never got moved her from Tumblr or i'm going crazy.... hm... well both are possible....

Daikichi is a 29 year old bachelor, he wakes up to the sad news that his grandfather whom he hasn't seen in a while has died. When he goes to the funeral theres a small girl there, who's name is Rin, it's odd because she doesn't match the description of any family members kids... oh well.
Well apparently the girl is the illegitimate child of his late grandfather.... who would have guessed. She's a little odd and so shy she isn't really speaking and none of the family members want to take her in cause it's a huge responsibility.
When talk of an orphanage comes up Daikichi stands his ground and asks the girl is she want to coem home with him... they seem to get along anyways...

so the premise of the show is dealign with a life changing situation like taking in a child and how it can affect the life you percieved to be normal.

This show is Pure slice of life.... you see about a years time just of random things. Going to kindergarten... balancing work and school.... learning how to do hairdos.... simple things that in and of themselves aren't that interesting but the end product is the sweet short show with a lot of heart.

The good: 
the animation is really different and the parts before the intro song look like a movign watercolour painting and it just.... looks like nothing i've seen before.
It pulls tears but isn't a tearjerker.... things are said by characters that would/have been said by real people in the same situation.... this show has some incredibly real moments... and they are heart breaking.... but unlike clannad it doesn't harp on them (granted i love clannad and it's constant goal to have you a sobbign mess for 50ish episodes.)
the music is subtle but sweet and yeah... i can't seem to go without mentioning the music somewhere.

The not so good: 
I want more : ( the dvd came with 4 bonus short episodes that i hadn't seen before and they were pure adorable but i still want more... i know there is a live actin version of this story and i haven't seen it but i really want to.
While Rin has some incredibly real moments she also doesn't really act like a kid HOWEVER i forgive this because she was raised by an old man for 6 years... still it's a little odd in places.

The bad: 
.... hm.... yeah i got nothing.... well other then harping on the length but i have a feelign the manga keeps going... i don't know i havn't read it.
oh and side 'bad' thing.... my dvd palyer wouldn't play more then 4 eps on a disk or any of the bonus stuff so i had to finish it on my comp.... but i think thats moreso my dvd player dying then any fault to NISA.

Art book that comes with the premium edition is so pretty.... next to zakuro it's my fav so far... i promise that will change once the Natsume one arrives (only a short while after my birthday to boot!) but for now it's the prettiest....

so yeah the Blue ray dvd combopack premium edition sells for 55 at NISA online, it's the entire season plus 4 extra mini episodes.... mine came with a magnet frame but that was a first come first serve thing so i don't know/can't promise if they have anymore. i think it's worth every penny.... but i really like buyign nisa boxes (cause they are actually boxes and now flimsy cardboard BS that sells for 70-90 bucks *heres looking at you most other anime licensing companies*)

anyways time to finally kick this cold i think (well i hope since i'm out of antibiotic now.... and if i get worse i'm screwed....)

Monday, 27 August 2012

just need to write what i'm feeling somewhere... just ignore me

A quick history for those of you who are choosing to ignore the title.
In my first year of highschool i moved across the country... and ended up having to do this odd thing called middle school since this side has highschool start a year later.
anyways that was nearly 11 years ago...

Yesterday my mother posed a question, would i be upset if we moved back.
Ask me that question 10... hell 5 years ago and the answer would be an immediate "no i don't care if we move back" but this time... i hesitated.
I love my hometown, it's way prettier then the area we live in now... but now i've spent almost equal time on both sides of the country.
I'm sure it's not as great a place as i remember it being.... everything seems great when your a kid after all... plus i would be starting from scratch since the friends i had then, while they are great people, are not necessarily the friends i would have now. But it's wouldn't hurt my career at all since that's barely started and honestly i can be an artist anywhere... and i really do miss it...

I did eventually answer that i wouldn't mind... i mean... i would be sad, i love my friends out here but i'm at an age where
a) some are planning to move out there as well
b) i'll work harder at keeping in touch

in the end i guess it doesn't matter what my parents do... i'm old enough to live alone and the only reason i don't is to help out with my special needs sibling/earning money so i wont be in the poor house the second i do move out... but that opens up a new question.... would i be willing to stay here completely alone while they move back? I don't know.... probably but other then the people i enjoy spending time with theres nothing firmly holding me here.... i feel kind of..... in a place where i don't know what i would do.... i could move overseas for all i care and it would affect me about as much as moving back to my hometown. I just haven't found a place yet....

though i know leaving the friends i have here.... that would be really hard... but again nothign says they are going to stay here either... work could pull them all away....

Rawr i just don't know.... i think i'm thinking about it too much... it just just a question.... i don't think they actually plan to move back... i don't know for sure.... but i guess when the time comes i'll make up my mind then...

I guess i'm just feeling guilty for hesitating.... and then for answering that i wouldn't mind... of course i would mind.... it's just.... i'm so unsure about everything right now.... oh well doesn't matter.... i have work till feb so i will just focus on that.... *sighs*

For anyone who read this i apologize for my mopeyness... but to be fair i did say just ignore me : P

alright time to go draw something...

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Completed: Otome Yokai Zakuro

or as NISA titled it... Zakuro.

this is my second time watching it.... i must have finished it just before i started writing these little blurbs hm.... Thing is i barely remember it from the first time watching it.... yet i gave it a 10 on My Anime List....
And i still can't figure out why i did that....

The show is good.... I like it but a 10? thats reserved for things like Natsume yuujinchou and Kuroko's basketball and Clannad..... not this.

ok.... so...

The plot is fairly simple.
It's around the turn of the century (Meiji Era i think?) Japan has just opened it's borders and is trying to accept the new influx of western culture...Though not everyone is happy about this.... for example the main character hates the western culture and it's Spirit hating attitude.... because she and her companions are all half spirits. Anyways their boss, a full fox spirit feels that they need to work together with the army to solve cases involving things that are supernatural.
Enter the eye candy.
We have Riken, the tall quiet type that looks scary but is fairly gentle, he pairs up with Susukihotaru who's main ability is being able to sense emotions of objects or people by touch. She's a little cowardly herself but she always tries hard.
then Ganryuu who has a baby face but continues to act tough. he gets the twin girls Bonbori and Hozuki who can finish each others sentences and are always fighting over the attention of the boy.
and finally Agemaki, the blond who is terrified of anything supernatural... that should make things interesting. he of course gets paired with Zakuro who just finds him a worthless person.... despite the handsom.

and then yeah the show just becomes about findingout more about the characters and eventually finding out more about Zakuro's past and why she is considered special among half spirits.

The good: 
Damn this show is pretty, like really really pretty... it just has such nice art direction and everything flows nicely... also the character designs are really really nice

The intro song is good, maybe i'm just a sucker for techno but i really like it.

Depending on who was the focus of the episode you get different ending songs.... i duno i always smile when they do this... granted i'm not a huge fan of any of them.... they are good and have gorgeous art to look at but the songs are just kinda.... bleh?

The story overall is cute and sweet and everyone has an ark. the ending is also pretty good and they leave it up for a second season.... but i don't think it'll get one any time soon... who knows

All the characters, despite their gender are strong and that is really refreshing.... yes the girls fight with singing but they also fight with a sword.... yes the men get saved a lot but thats only because they don't know how to handle the spirits they are up against... they still manage to be integral parts of the team.

The not so good: 
.... it's all.... kinda pointless... i mean we see the characters develop but i want to know more about their past... specifically susukihotaru, riken and ganryuu.... they get no backstory... i assume they do in the manga but i haven't read it so i am left wanting more..... they did leave it open for a second season but for a show like this they shouldn't have counted on that fact because it most likely not going to happen.

They all fall in love super fast.... Susukihotaru's being the most sincere and the cutest while zakuro is the most irritating only because of her fickleness... and her tsundere tendencies..... granted i'm getting a little tired of the Tsundere character type only because so many probably could be fixed if you just talk it out and it's frustrating to watch.

In fact the main plot point for the antagonist.... could easily be talked out... things didn't need to go the way they went.

The bad: 
Forgettable.... yes i watched it while i was fighting a fever but again i'm forgetting all the small details... i just don't care.... which is funny cause i really really enjoyed rewatching it...

 do i reccomend it....
i'm not sure.... agian i really like it and i don't begrudge the purcase cause it came with kickass art cards and a really pretty box... but i don't know if it's the type of show that has wide spread appeal...
so if your curious go to crunchyroll: watch a few episodes.... it's free and completely legal... if you like it watch the rest and maybe even buy the dvd to support NISA so they license more stuff and make more pretty boxsets. if you don't like it at least you gave it a shot and it cost you nothing.

alright time to change my MAL score on this to something more reasonable... and hopefully the other NISA box set i got starts working on my dvd player. i htink it's dying but i hope it waits a while before it finally kicks the bucket.... i dont hav the time to go buy a new one *sobs*

Friday, 24 August 2012

Completed in the past: Yumeiro Patissiere

Thanks to work stopping my from finishing much of anything i figure i should randomly pop in and review shows i've seen but probably wont watch again any time soon.

i wont be able to remember exact details but that's better then nothing... right?

Alright My personal history with this show:
I like shoujo Anime.... a lot.... and you don't get much girlier then Yumeiro Patissiete (YP from ehre on out)... if the big eyes... odd proportions and fairies weren't enough to let you know that this was the girliest show you've seen in a while i don't know what to tell you.

This was the show to make me become a subscriber on crunchyroll.... not because it's super good or anything.... it just ended up on a cliffhanger and i hate waiting.... oh and it was cheaper then netflix with more selection and nice HD videos.... so yeah....

It has two seasons.... YP and YP Professional (YPP from here on cause yeah.... i don't like that i'll spell patissiere wrong every time.

alrigth so i'll review each part on it's own because it's kinda hard to lump them together...

Also a quick note, this show used to be on crunchyroll but i think they lost the license and no one (as far as i know) has picked it up so yeah.... i don't think theres a legal way to watch it.... i could be wrong.... point is i watched it legally a while back and i wanna talk about it... because of reasons.


Yumeiro Patissiere:

# of episodes: 50

Intro song: Terrible.... i don't knwo what it is about shoujo anime aimed at a younger audience but they intro and ending songs are almost always ear gratingly annoying....

Ending: ugh it's not good but it's better then the intro song.... not saying much though

the story... or what i remember of it:
The story follow Ichigo, a young girl with an amazing pallet, as she joins pastry chef school... unfortunately she finds out really fast that passion and one skill is not enough to be decent... but since she was scouted by the owner of the school.... or someone important in the school... (read as unrequited love interest) anyways... due to being scouted everyone expects this prodigy
and she sucks...
I mean what kid can't make a perfect mille crepe on their first try... am i right?
because she can see fairies!

i should explain.... see there are these fairies that partner up with talented humans and work to improve their skill so they can be personal pasty chefs to the queen of the fairies...
anyways she works hard and gets put in with the top group and they don't accept her blah blah blah but seeing as they are all boys.... um... more on that later... maybe.... anyways they all kinda fall in love with her.... some moreso then others.

there the Japanese sweets one.... makes sense they are in japan.... his ark involves learning to take what he knows from growing up in a sweet shop and applying it to other techniques.
The... um... green haired rose loving one.... i just remember him for being really effeminate and liking flowers.... a lot.... he had an interesting episode where he tries to make a cake that tastes like roses without being perfumy..... but i worked in a grocery store many years ago so just seeing rose water reminds me of that smell and it makes me sick.
the blond chocolate kid who is the main love interest because he is a tsundere.... his arc involves opening up and trusting others
then theres the previously mentioned guy who scouted her but never seems to be arround love interest.... never liked this character so i don't remember him much *shrug*

The good:
Lots of episodes means lots of fun facts about different kinds of cakes, unlike kitchen princess (which maybe i'll talk about on day) it doesn't give you the recipes but it shows how tricky something can be...
lots of fun characters and the only reason i don't remember half of them is cause it's been a long time since i saw the show.
the character arcs take a while to develop which is nice.... nothing worse then rushing things like a stoic character  learning to trust others. though random 'evil' chefs were kinda silly... and they weren't really evil.... just mean i guess....

The not so good:
Other then Ichigo and the main love interest i barely remember this show.... it's cute and all but kind of forgettable... it's only been 2 years since i saw it and my memory isn't that bad.

The terrible:
It's targeted to children.... yes it's petty but again i'm not a big believer in kids shows.... i'd rather it be something kids can enjoy and then maybe watch later to realize how deep it is and like it as an adult. Thats just me but yeah 

The stupid  fairies.... this show would be so much better without the stupid fairies.... i dunno it's just too Shugo Chara for me.... another show i think would be better sans faries but the fairies have to be there for that show to work so i forgive it..... but yeah the fairies are annoying and useless and serve no purpose in the plot other then using their magic to fix certain situations.... showing that she got better because she took the skills she currently had to improve on other aspects would have been so much better.... maybe i'm just biased? probably...

did i like it? yeah it's cute but flawed but a lot of fun in the end..... so how did season two fare?

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional: 

# of eps: 13

Intro song: one of my favorite intro songs of all time.... right up there with Ano hi time machine.... its not even the kind of music i tend to like but i love it.... Sweet romance... go listen to it (though you probably wont like it as much as i do.... i don't even know why i like it)

Endign song: one of my favorite endign songs.... right up there with Take off.... again not normally the kind of music i like but it;s a lot of fun and the full version is so catchy. Home made happy is the name of the song....

A few years (4 or 5) have passed since the end of season 1.... Ichigo is all grown up and having spent a few years (or maybe just one) in paris she comes back to the original school and sees all the Boys(?) grown up.
The japanese sweets one is still making japanese sweets.... his hair is longer and he pushes himself too hard.....
and thats all i remember of him.
The green hair boy is tryign to be more and more of a girl.....
and thats all i remember of him
The main love interest is still the main love interest BUT NOW HE HAS COMPETITION!!!
theres an american boy.....
and thast competition.... because..... he likes Ichigo
... yeah i barely remember him ause he didn't need to be there.

anyways the thing with this season is theres a sweets town where everyon owns a shop and each week... erm... month... cant remember... anyways who ever does the worst needs to close up.

OR thats what the season would have been about if they had longer then 13 episodes.... i have a theory that this show wasn't doing well and got cancelled... because it's all going at a decent pace untill the last few episodes where all the character development happens... litterally
"OMG i actually love you all along"
"yay i am happy : ) "
"me too"
"the end~"
in like one ep.... out of nowhere.

so yeah...

The good:
this season despite the length is more enjoyable then the first season cause yes it's still aimed at children but they have grown up and are dealing with more real life problems... and not so much focus on the fairies which is a welcome bonus.

The not so good:
Fairies while not the focus are still there.... ugh just go away!

The terrible:
the pacing sucks.... it is so rushed at the end and i feels like a "oh no we have been cancelled but we have all this character development to happe nwhat do we do?"
maybe thast not the case but considering season 1 got 50 episodes.... i have a strong feeling that i'm not completely wrong.

Do i still reccomend it?
yep...... but you can't watch legally (as far as i know) anymore so.... yeah.... if you like super girly stuff or baking.... then give it a shot.... if not stay away from it you will hate it.

Side note: art and story by the same person who did St. Dragon girl.... a manga i will eventually talk about.... 

so um.... yeah.... my grammar is probably worse then normal in this, i apologize but i am really sick at the moment so yeah... lots of rambling... sorry

Friday, 17 August 2012

Completed: Durarara!!

aka Drrrrr!! and apparently Dulalala... odd titles are odd.

First - I went into this show knowing nothing more then a lot of people liked it and there was a girl with no head who had a cat ears helmet.

Second - i know the show is older but i just noticed it on crunchyroll now so yeah... figured why not.

third - I will try not to spoil anything.... no promises.

Durarara is a show about....
it's about.... *sighs* how does one decribe Durarara without spoilers.
OH i know!
Durarara is a show about non linear story telling and how it can be done really really well. Despite the fact that you see some part multiple times (from different standpoints or with more knowledge of the situation) and it never gets stale... well at least not for me.
Durarara is about the perception of your ordinary life and how it shifts depending on who we surround yourself with.
and most importantly.... Durarara is about one crazy town in Japan....

and i think that is about as spoiler free as it gets.

The good:
I really like the first ending song.... i guess i'm just in a boy band sound mood when it coems to Jpop cause yeah i also really liked Take off which is the first ending to Blue exorcist... but it soundsl ike your typical boy band sound.... *shrugs* whatever i like it... it's fun.... Second intro is good too but yeah fav song is first ending.

Like i mentioned before this is Non-linear story telling done Almost perfectly. i'll get into where it falls short a little later.

The characters are so enjoyable and so full of personality.... though again there is one thing that annoyed me about a few characters and i'll get into that later.

The style... it's a little more rubbery then i tend to like but in this world it works and it's always fun to see style that vary from the moe crap out there.

The not so good: 
While most of the score is really good... there were a few songs that took me right out of the show damn near instantly mostly cause they felt like they should have been in a different show altogether.

A lot of characters have stalker character traits.... even worse then that a few are rewarded for being like this. Um.... being a stalker is fine as a narrative device if one character has it.... maybe two? it can be shocking and scary.... but when 4-5 people have it and one of them actually in a sense gets rewarded for it... that's where i start to take issue... i personally hate when it gets used at all but considering the content of the show i see why they used it as much as they did. i could just be reading too much into this but it;s how i feel.

The end... there is a huge plot line that i found really interesting that is kinda dropped.... just when you think it's getting more important it just gets pushed to the side for the main story line.... see thast the problem with non-linear stories... you can have a TON of side stories and they can easily not get as much attention as you're hoping for. but who knows... the manga could go more into it... i don't know i haven't read it. now thats not to say the ending is bad... in fact it's really good.... i just hate the big ass plot point that they decided to ignore.

It's a little predictable... in fact i predicted every major plot point despite going in with no prior knowledge.... which is funny cause damn near everyone i talk to says it starts off too confusing.... maybe i'm just weird and read too many stories with twists and turns *here's looking at you Brent Weeks*

The bad: 
It's impossible to talk about this show without giving something away : (
i like talking about shows when i finish them.... so yeah... it's making my life harder

The Annoying.... but only to me: 
*sobs* no... not again.... i just.... i just finished a show with you in it Hiroshi Kamiya.... you are like the Jhonny Yong Bosch... a really good actor and in every show ever....
*looks at My anime list* .... hell you two even play the same character in this....
so yeah.... Hiroshi Kamiya plays Izaya Orihara in this.... so every single time he spoke all i could hear was a really mean Natsume in my head.
in fact when he first spoke i blinked.... i couldn't believe it so i checked right away... and yeah.... there he was again.... i honestly didn't play to watch so many shows in a row with him there.... *plans to watch eden of the east next but is checking first* looks like i'm safe

Side note: Miyuki Sawashiro is also coming up in a lot of shows i watch... she was in Kimi ni todoke as one of the friends, she was in angel beats at the first lead singer and she's in this as Celty.... she has a distinctive voice... also in kokoro conenct... how could i forget that... and she's Sasada from natsume.... how did i not notice that? well probably cause sasada isn't my fav... hm... anyway luckily since i see her in so many things at once i will probably not have the same issues as i do with Jhonny yong bosch or Hiroshi Kamiya but who knows.

I can't be the only one who does this with voices or actors... *sighs* right?

oh well... do i recommend the show.... YES but.... understand it's not for everyone.... i can see what it's so popular but i can also see why some don't like it.... all i can say is if you can try to watch at least half of it and it think you'll like it.... but thats a lot to ask from someone.

so yeah... unfortunately work keeps me from finishing novels or games for a while but i'll find time for them... eventually *sighs* right now i need to focus on getting over this cold.

what did you think if Durarara? love it? hate it? completely indifferent? please let me know~ i love to hear peoples opinions.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Things i wish people would understand

Just cause i'm an artist doesn't mean i'm strong in every type of art out there.
I can draw, paint and sculpt with ease but you sit me down and ask me to design a website or flyer in a structured manner i'm not going to be as confident about it.
I can do it but it's going to take about 10 times longer then a painting and it may need a few drafts... my brain just doesn't work like that.

so i get a little annoyed when i get it thrown in my face "but your an artist, you should be able to do this so fast" Well yeah i can but it wont be as good as my other stuff...  i know the theory behind it all and how to make it look good but even knowing all that it'll probably take a few suggestions from others who are good at this kind of thing or at least know what they want before you get a final product that looks eye catching.

it's just annoying when i say "i can do it but it's not my strong suit" any the response is always "well what is?"
I have a friend, she's a fantastic painter and very good at realism but had a hard time sculpting.... she could do it and it would eventually look good but it was way harder for her because as artist we aren't automatically good at every art form in existence. That's not how it works. SO yeah... i'm just annoyed and needed a little rant and now i feel better.... yay~

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Completed: Angel Beats!

and here i was thinking i wouldn't be able to finish anything for a while due to always being busy....


Angel beats starts off with the main character being told he died and if he doesn't want to be obliterated then he needs to fight against the threat of Angel. He of course doesn't believe a word of it... even if he can't remember anything... so he goes and speaks to the angel who proves to him that not one is he dead but they are in a place where there is no sickness or death... you just come back.... she proves this by stabbing him through the chest.

When he wakes up he tries to figure out why.... why is he there? why can't he remember? why must they fight? is what they're doing right?

The good:
The story is an interesting premise, the characters have nice designs and personalities and overall it feels really nicely done.... apparently it's got some connections to Key/Visual Arts (kanon, clannad, Air) but i am told it was never a game.... more just an idea...

The REALLY good:
Those who know me tend to know that i will judge things based on the music.... this show has a REALLY good score, the intro song has been stuck in my head since i started watching the show.... it does make the rest of the show more enjoyable because this title is not without it's flaws.

The not so good:
I haven't seen many PA works shows but i have liked the ones i've seen.... their animations has been good.... this show however is kinda hit and miss.... The intro animation is so smooth and clean but the in show stuff seems....... lackluster? it's nto bad but considerign how gorgeous other Key/visual arts stuff is (granted i think those three were done by Kyo Ani) it was just a bit..... okay... nothing special...

The outright Terrible:
The pacing of this show is so rushed at the end you may get whiplash.... it's almost like they went "oh no... .we're 11 episodes into a 13 episode show! and we need to resolve everything..... shit"... this would have greatly benefited from an additional 13 episodes.... it doesn't help that the second a threat is removed or put to the side another pops up right away... maybe i'm the only who feels like this though?

The distracting (though probably only to me):
The main character Otonashi is played by the same Voice actor as Takashi natsume from my fav show Natsume yuujinchou. I'm the type of person who is more likely to recognize your voice then your face or your name.... so when i associate a voice with a certain character it gets really hard for me to separate it.... another example is i always hear Luci christian as Duck from princess tutu even in shows like Claymore where it's hard to tell it's the same voice actress... so yeah i'm watching the show and every time he talks i see natsumes face and yeah.... it was just a bit distracting for me.

So did i cry? Yep.... a few times but mostly near the middle-3/4... the ending i thought was both really good and also a little pathetic.... i just didn't like what a few of the characters were portrayed as being. I don't want to spoil why it just seems like everyone just starts being really out of character... also i'm confused by the timing..... but i guess that doesn't matter....

do i recommend it? yes, if you like other Key/visual arts stories you will most likely enjoy this one.... if you like sadder anime then you'll like this one... it's streaming for free on crunchyroll (though only half is out at the moment unless your a subscriber like i am)

alright thats it for now... sorry these are so infrequent.... blame work.... though as the season ends i'll probably queue a few of these up to make it last longer then the weekend (all the shows i watch upload on either saturday or sunday.... it's kinda brutal)

alright i'm off~

Saturday, 4 August 2012

To Safety ~From Start to finish~

I was debating doing this since i didn't take a lot of WIP pics but i'll post the ones i did take.

So this picture originally came about when i was just randomly doodling after work... i was pretty annoyed that i had been stuck with someone elses job.... and that someone else refused to acknowledge that it was in fact his job.... i thought i handled it well but considering how dark all my sketches from that week were.... i don't think i was....

theres a lot i am really happy about in this.... i think the scale of the two works well and thats something i have had problems with in the past (before college... i think all those classes with having more then one model really helped)... does it have problems? yes... i still suck at drawing hands and feet but i tried my best and in the end I am pretty happy.

This is one of those pics thats as i was drawing it i came up with the surrounding story... in this one i wanted to focus on Niut, a girl who has been shunned by everyone since she has a ability that causes people to age faster and tends to result in early death. Dragons however are long lived creatures so she tends to have one as a guardian.

This is shortly after the village has had enough of her curse and tries to get rid of her... however the dragon knows she's just an innocent kid with an extremely unfortunate gift so he takes her away looking for a place where she could be safe and far away from people. Though things are never that easy.

this was my first WIP post.... i know none of the layers are named but normally i do name them... anyways at this point i had not idea what colour scheme i wanted.... i knew i wanted the horns to be a beige colour but i didn't know if i wanted to accent with blue, black or purple. In the end i went mostly for purple since i knew Niut would be wearing Red and i felt it would be easier to connect the two and make the pic look harmonious.

I took this last weekend after getting back from the con... i hadn't touched the pice since the previous WIP so i got a lot done in a short amount of time but i knew i wouldn't be able to finish it.... so i held off till today since i knew work was going to get crazy.

the end result.... i wanted it to look like a forest on fire but i wasn't liking how it effected the pallet so this is what i ended up with... and yeah... trees are so hard to draw i don't know why i even tried... oh well it was a lot of fun... now on to happier pieces!

Can be seen on
Red Bubble
Society 6

Thursday, 2 August 2012

completed: Total Recall... but...

I told myself i would not.... under ANY circumstances... review this film due to the conflict of interest....

However there are some things i will mention.

If you suffer from epileptic seizures do yourself a favor and miss the first 5 mins or so... i'm dead serious.... i'm perfectly fine when film use flickering but this even made me hurt.... however it's only in the very beginning.

The sets are really cool.... again i'm biased as all hell but seriously.... some of the coolest sets i've ever seen.... and you can see them being built! On the DIY network there's a show called Hollywood builders and their pilot episode shows the sets being built and all the time and effort that goes into creating the illusion of a real world. it's only airing in the US right now but it will eventually make it's way to Canada. so keep an eye out (i think there are some ways too see it online but again not sure)

Lastly.... and the most important to me.... i didn't get a credit.... which i'm kinda bummed about but not really since not a lot of people got credits... people who were way higher up... still it's disappointing.... oh well.... my IMDB page reassures me that i worked on it so it's all good.... maybe i'll get a credit on the one i'm on now.... guess i'll see in a year or so~

Total Recall hits theaters August 3rd (tomorrow)