Saturday, 4 August 2012

To Safety ~From Start to finish~

I was debating doing this since i didn't take a lot of WIP pics but i'll post the ones i did take.

So this picture originally came about when i was just randomly doodling after work... i was pretty annoyed that i had been stuck with someone elses job.... and that someone else refused to acknowledge that it was in fact his job.... i thought i handled it well but considering how dark all my sketches from that week were.... i don't think i was....

theres a lot i am really happy about in this.... i think the scale of the two works well and thats something i have had problems with in the past (before college... i think all those classes with having more then one model really helped)... does it have problems? yes... i still suck at drawing hands and feet but i tried my best and in the end I am pretty happy.

This is one of those pics thats as i was drawing it i came up with the surrounding story... in this one i wanted to focus on Niut, a girl who has been shunned by everyone since she has a ability that causes people to age faster and tends to result in early death. Dragons however are long lived creatures so she tends to have one as a guardian.

This is shortly after the village has had enough of her curse and tries to get rid of her... however the dragon knows she's just an innocent kid with an extremely unfortunate gift so he takes her away looking for a place where she could be safe and far away from people. Though things are never that easy.

this was my first WIP post.... i know none of the layers are named but normally i do name them... anyways at this point i had not idea what colour scheme i wanted.... i knew i wanted the horns to be a beige colour but i didn't know if i wanted to accent with blue, black or purple. In the end i went mostly for purple since i knew Niut would be wearing Red and i felt it would be easier to connect the two and make the pic look harmonious.

I took this last weekend after getting back from the con... i hadn't touched the pice since the previous WIP so i got a lot done in a short amount of time but i knew i wouldn't be able to finish it.... so i held off till today since i knew work was going to get crazy.

the end result.... i wanted it to look like a forest on fire but i wasn't liking how it effected the pallet so this is what i ended up with... and yeah... trees are so hard to draw i don't know why i even tried... oh well it was a lot of fun... now on to happier pieces!

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