Saturday, 27 February 2016

Crimson Peak

I finally got a chance to see it.
Unfortunately much like a few other films i'm not really able to discuss it in an unbiased fashion...

So i'll just say this.
If you like Guillermo Del Toro you will mostly likely enjoy this film.
however if you can't stand surprisingly graphic violence... may not be your cup of tea.

ok now onto what i am comfortable talking about.

1. The sets were the most amazing sets i have ever seen.
That three floor mansion isn't three floors on ground level, it's actually a 3 floor mansion. it's the biggest set i've ever walked through and every hallway and every detail had something unique and eye catching. Once someone wanted to show me to take the outside stairs to get from the attic portion to the ground cause the view was pretty impressive however my fear of hights locked my legs and i ended up walking back down through the set.
and yeah certain bits aren't connected but for the most part a stunning incredible one of a kind set.

2. The costumes are so lovely.
Due to where i work i rarely get to see the wardrobe/costume department up close but on this one i got to and i can't even begin to describe how beautiful every since article was.
all the shoes all the dresses, i think it may even be nominated for an oscar tomorrow and i will not be surprised at all if it wins.

3. I hate my shoulder.
most things i work on for a set time and then when i'm not needed i get my 'pink slip' (which they can't even put on pink paper so wheres the fun in that?) and i go on my way to the next thing.
I was really looking forward to this show... my first Non sci-fi show... it was exciting.
and then my shoulder gives out and i have to leave the show early.
I was heart broken, the people i was working with where so incredibly kind and it killed me to walk away even though i knew if i pushed it any further the recovery time would have been even longer then it already was.

4. No credit for me.
I wasn't expecting one, i wasn't there nearly as long as i was on some other films, however a family member who had gone many films without a credit got one on this so i was very happy for them... it may just be your name on a screen but it's a nice Thank you to see it there.
Maybe one day i'll get to see my name up there too.
maybe on the one i finished not too long ago...
Ha ha ha probably not.

so yeah that's it.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Light novel: Durarara vol 2 and Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon vol4

that stupid stupid long title...

anyways i kinda forgot these came out so i read them one after the other.

Durarara vol 2
Really good, this time we focus more on the Saika arc... since the novels are less intertwined then the show it is a interesting new look at it all. The writing is solid and i love seeing more of these characters.
looking forward to vol 3 in march... if you like the show i completely recommend the books, if the show was a bit too non-linear for you but you like to concept read the books....

Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon vol 4
Well this was a disappointment.
I have only read a few light novels but this volume of this series actually pissed me off.
i know it's a long series but every book should have a climax.
a point that makes you remember it.
The haruhi suzumiya books all have a point.... and it's 10 volumes long... this book has no excuse.
in vol 4 we are introduced to the blacksmith... thats it.
now having seen the show i know what happens next and had that been added to this book it would have been longer then a two hour read AND would have given everything a point.
when i got to the epilogue and i was only 75% through... i was not happy.
there are two side chapters tacked on the end and they are cute BUT there is no excuse for a story that felt like it could have taken 1-2 episodes to take an entire book.
volume 5 will be good and should get us pretty close to where the show ended... but if there are more filler volumes like this i'm going to have issues with that.
i mean the main antagonist has like... half a page total of being there.... thats it....
still a cute series with a terrible name but yeah this volume was disappointing.