Sunday, 26 March 2017

Masamune-kun's revenge

A bit of a mediocre note to end the season on but that is ok.

Masamune's revenge is about Makabe Masumune, a former chubby kid turned hotguy who wants to make the girl who ruined his childhood fall in love with him just so he can dump her.

The rest is your standard rom com fare, nothing truly unique but i did enjoy makabe's callout to how much bullshit 'pretty' people can get away with (cause seeing it all the time in my line of work... it's nice to see it called out in a show)

But other then that it's just okay. the animation is nice, character design is cute. music is a bit forgettable and the ending is more a glorified setup for season 2... whenever that actually happens.

But maybe hold off till season 2 actualyl happens before sinking any time into this... it's fine but there are better rom coms.

you can make your own opinion and watch it on crunchyroll.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Interviews with Monster Girls

Personally I think they could have translated the title a little better.... (maybe Interviews with Demi-humans?) but i will say despite the mediocre title the show is pretty cute.

Our focus is on Takahashi-Sensei and his quest to learn more about demi-humans even though they are rare.
Luckily for him there are three at the school he teaches: A vampire, a Yuki-onna (snow woman), and a Dullahan... also one of his fellow teachers is a Succubus.

The show is very episodic, mostly focusing on one topic affecting the demi-humans and almost always mostly focusing on one of the 4 girls. It explores their nature versus what is in myth and it's an interesting and sweet concept.

Personally i wasn't a fan of the fact that that all the students had a crush (even if it is completely innocent) on the teacher... Sorry but having gone to more then one school where teachers dating students was a thing that happened it's just creepy and gross to me to even play it up for laughs. However I can say nothing ever comes of that and the focus is more on the girls becoming friends then anything romantic.

Overall the show was cute, short and sweet. I may not remember anything about it particularly down the line but i still enjoyed my time with it for now. The animation is good and i really love the world building even if i feel they didn't really push it enough... that all being said if there is a second season i'll probably give it a try since the show wasn't bad in any way... i just felt like it wasn't anything special either.

Still it's not the worst thing i watched this season (and hell even the worst thing i watched this season wasn't bad it was just... silly) But more on that in a bit.

I would say if an episodic show that deal with fantasy in a modern environment sounds enjoyable to you then give it a shot. It's a bit on the cutesy side but I still found it pretty tolerable. You can watch it over on Crunchyroll:

Friday, 24 March 2017

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga

I forgot how much i enjoy this series.

Kyoto Saga is a bit oddly placed in the timeline for the anime...

It's less of a season 2 and more of a season 1.75

What I'm saying is like... Watch season one but stop around episode 20 or 21.... then watch kyoto saga... and then maybe go finish season one?
maybe? i mean they kinda set up like we'll get more eventually...

The problem is back in 2011 The anime needed to 'finish' but the source wasn't done yet (hell it's 2017 and it still isn't finished) so the anime made an incredibly epic (if not a little rushed) ending...
Kyoto saga retcons that in the sense that it happens well before the events at the end of season 1.

Does having seen season one in it;s entirety ruin kyoto saga? not at all... but it did leave me confused where it was in the timeline for an episode or two.. hopefully we get more seasons and we either completely erase the ending of season 1 from existence or keep pushing it further and further away since it's a really good set of episodes.

Back to the point thought...

Blue exorcist: Kyoto Saga focuses on Rin Okumura, who just happens to be the son of Satan. Still being the son of a demon who killed countless Exorcists 16 years ago wont stop him from becoming the best exorcist ever. However right now there are bigger issues and the class of exorcists in training need to head to Kyoto and help keep the eye of the impure king safe.

I was a bit worried that focusing on a single arc after taking 6 years off would be too little too late but i really enjoy this. the characters grow a lot in that arc (and makes the sudden growth at the end of season 1 a bit more believable)

That being said only 12 episodes? but I want more! here's hoping we get another full blown 2 cour season before the manga ends cause even though i am reading the manga (the art is just so lovely) I want to see a lot of this stuff animated.

For now I'm just grateful we got more... and hopefully I can get my hands on the ost for this season cause there are some new songs that are really pretty~

Alright all that's left this season for me is Masamune's revenge and Interview with monster girls. I didn't have much this past winter to watch but at least a few of the shows were top notch. This one (for me) is included with the top notch shows.

You can watch it all on crunchyroll: (at the time of writing this the entire show is completely free so get on that!)

Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

Aka: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
Aka: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju season 2

If Natsume Yuujinchou didn't have another season this year... i could say with almost certainty that this would be my number one show of the year...
Alas Natsume Yuujinchou Roku starts in a week and a half so... it'll have to settle for number 2.

Showa Genroku rakugo Shinju as a series follows the life of the 8th Generation Yakumo.
And i do mean that literally.
we start off with him as a child.
and we experience his entire life.

For those unaware (like i was before i saw this show) Rakugo is a type of Japanese Theater performed by one actor. There are no sets and they very rarely move off a single cushion however the have have some props (a glass of water, a candle, a fan... or even if the story calls for it the burning of incense)
The story is told almost exclusively with your voice.

Considering this is an anime and the voice actors literally had to be able to perform these pieces in ways that also shows if the character was nervous or confident or tired of having a heart attack. This is possibly the best show of voice acting i have seen in any piece of media ever. From the first minute to the very last line i found myself drawn in and loving every moment of the show.

It runs the gamut of emotions where you can be laughing one second while crying the next (and wow did i cry a lot during both season of this show). However, the most important aspect is that the characters feel real. Their lives feel real and when they hurt you feel for them... when they are happy you cheer them on.

This is a truly wonderful show and even though i'm sad it's over (and there really is no room for a 3rd season... in the end the story has been told) i'm happy that you can go over to crunchyroll right now and watch it all.

I feel like i'm not doing this show enough justice but I really hope you take the time and watch it.

Between the story, the animation, the acting and the music... i just can't say enough good things about it.

Also i've never had a intro song tell a story that actually made me cry... i had to pause the show and compose myself before continuing on with the show... that's how emotionally connection to this show i became.

However why take my word for it, see for yourself!

Next should be either Masamune-kuns' revenge or Blue exoircist~

Thursday, 23 March 2017

March Comes in like a Lion

Season 1 finished a few days ago and season 2 is announced for October but i figured it would be best to talk about this now cause i don't want to wait.

March comes in like a lion focuses on a young professional shogi player, Kiriyama, as he deals with the stresses of life and battle with depression (and possibly PTSD)

It deals with the pressures of children who are extremely talented at something and how that can completely wreck their self esteem.
It deals with loss of immediate family members and the challenges of living with a family you weren't born into.
It deals with the concept of family as a whole being the people you surround yourself with who make you feel at home....
and most importantly...
It deals with the inner monologue of cats.... and i am sure it is 100% accurate.

The show is stunning, full of wonderful visual metaphors that make you ache from the core as you watch this kid struggle.

The music is also really good (and i mean any show that has a bump of chicken intro and ending can't be bad in my books) and evokes a feeling of continuing to fight even when it feels like the water is rising up around you.

Finally i want to talk about the creator Umino Chica. I have been a fan of their stories for years.
Even if i'm not the biggest fan of how Honey and Clover ends the journey is one that has stuck with me more then more.
Even if i still haven't see the second eden of the east movie the concept was still handled in a way that was incredibly interesting.
With March comes in like a lion the biggest pitfall would be that it takes half the series to even try and explain the rules of shogi.... but in the end that doesn't matter... it's a show about the characters above all else and had it finished last year it would have been in my top ten anime of the year (maybe number 4? last year was amazing for anime)
The point being I don't think i've seen one of their properties i didn't enjoy immensely... and i knew going into this show i was going to have a good time.
Does that mean i was a little biased? probably BUT I really would love if others watched this show. The journey is worth it.
Plus... the cats... they are the cutest... ok yeah i'm a bit biased.

I look forward to seeing more in October, hopefully it's another 2 cour show because i think the additional episodes allows for the perfect pace.

However the winter season is coming to a close and even though i haven't been watching much... i should have 3-4 more of these before i rush out my first impressions of spring anime (because i'll be going on trip shortly after the season begins and i want to get it out before that)