Saturday, 25 March 2017

Interviews with Monster Girls

Personally I think they could have translated the title a little better.... (maybe Interviews with Demi-humans?) but i will say despite the mediocre title the show is pretty cute.

Our focus is on Takahashi-Sensei and his quest to learn more about demi-humans even though they are rare.
Luckily for him there are three at the school he teaches: A vampire, a Yuki-onna (snow woman), and a Dullahan... also one of his fellow teachers is a Succubus.

The show is very episodic, mostly focusing on one topic affecting the demi-humans and almost always mostly focusing on one of the 4 girls. It explores their nature versus what is in myth and it's an interesting and sweet concept.

Personally i wasn't a fan of the fact that that all the students had a crush (even if it is completely innocent) on the teacher... Sorry but having gone to more then one school where teachers dating students was a thing that happened it's just creepy and gross to me to even play it up for laughs. However I can say nothing ever comes of that and the focus is more on the girls becoming friends then anything romantic.

Overall the show was cute, short and sweet. I may not remember anything about it particularly down the line but i still enjoyed my time with it for now. The animation is good and i really love the world building even if i feel they didn't really push it enough... that all being said if there is a second season i'll probably give it a try since the show wasn't bad in any way... i just felt like it wasn't anything special either.

Still it's not the worst thing i watched this season (and hell even the worst thing i watched this season wasn't bad it was just... silly) But more on that in a bit.

I would say if an episodic show that deal with fantasy in a modern environment sounds enjoyable to you then give it a shot. It's a bit on the cutesy side but I still found it pretty tolerable. You can watch it over on Crunchyroll:

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