Friday, 24 March 2017

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga

I forgot how much i enjoy this series.

Kyoto Saga is a bit oddly placed in the timeline for the anime...

It's less of a season 2 and more of a season 1.75

What I'm saying is like... Watch season one but stop around episode 20 or 21.... then watch kyoto saga... and then maybe go finish season one?
maybe? i mean they kinda set up like we'll get more eventually...

The problem is back in 2011 The anime needed to 'finish' but the source wasn't done yet (hell it's 2017 and it still isn't finished) so the anime made an incredibly epic (if not a little rushed) ending...
Kyoto saga retcons that in the sense that it happens well before the events at the end of season 1.

Does having seen season one in it;s entirety ruin kyoto saga? not at all... but it did leave me confused where it was in the timeline for an episode or two.. hopefully we get more seasons and we either completely erase the ending of season 1 from existence or keep pushing it further and further away since it's a really good set of episodes.

Back to the point thought...

Blue exorcist: Kyoto Saga focuses on Rin Okumura, who just happens to be the son of Satan. Still being the son of a demon who killed countless Exorcists 16 years ago wont stop him from becoming the best exorcist ever. However right now there are bigger issues and the class of exorcists in training need to head to Kyoto and help keep the eye of the impure king safe.

I was a bit worried that focusing on a single arc after taking 6 years off would be too little too late but i really enjoy this. the characters grow a lot in that arc (and makes the sudden growth at the end of season 1 a bit more believable)

That being said only 12 episodes? but I want more! here's hoping we get another full blown 2 cour season before the manga ends cause even though i am reading the manga (the art is just so lovely) I want to see a lot of this stuff animated.

For now I'm just grateful we got more... and hopefully I can get my hands on the ost for this season cause there are some new songs that are really pretty~

Alright all that's left this season for me is Masamune's revenge and Interview with monster girls. I didn't have much this past winter to watch but at least a few of the shows were top notch. This one (for me) is included with the top notch shows.

You can watch it all on crunchyroll: (at the time of writing this the entire show is completely free so get on that!)

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