Saturday, 28 February 2015

A New Chapter

Starting on Monday i start a new job that should run through till the end of august/beginning of September.
What does this mean?
I'll be a little less active... i'll still do my posts about when i finish things and first impressions and whatnot but if this show is anything like the other shows i've worked on I am going to hit a point where all i do when i get home is eat and then sleep.
But i will still be around, I will be posting on twitter because i can, i will be working on this webcomic thing (trying to get as much of a buffer so that when i am too tired to work i don't have to worry about missing my self imposed deadlines)

i'll be honest, i'm worried about this show. I'm already in a position where i don't know if i want to continue in this industry and i don't want this to be the thing that pushes me over the edge. i've seen people have mental breakdowns and i don't want to be like that.
I'm also worried that like the last project i worked on my body may not be able to handle it.... i have been off for nearly a year (sprinkled with some weeks at tiny tv shows) and i still feel the pain from the last show.. i am still broken... and i kind of need my arms to work so i can make art.

hopefully it all goes well... then hopefully i can do some travel before going back to work... if i decide to continue this route.
hopefully people get a kick out of my little fan webcomic thingy which you can get a sneak peak over on patreon (for free cause it's odd charging for fanart)
but yeah... i'm scared but hopeful about the next 6 months... we will see.

but yeah in the end not too much changes... just a little quieter.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Figure Photoshoot: Snow Miku 2014

I enjoy vocaloids
I'm not a huge fan, but i play the project diva games and have a couple of figures...
well two
a figma that my friend broke (gotta love when you tell people 'don't force it' and they do anyways) and this miku.

Anyways when i saw the 2014 design candidates i knew that if this one won i just had to own it cause it's so cute!

and it ended up being one of my most expensive nendos... but it's still really cute.

quick side note: screw UPS charging handling that was damn near double the shipping cost.... yeah wont be ordering from good smile again... ami ami all the way~

anyways not cheap but utterly adorable.

The hat is magnetic so it actually stays on pretty well and she had a lot of parts... including a big book that holds all her parts (all nendo's should have this)

and some close ups

I also love that when up open the book it doubles as a stand

any my fav pic of the day
i just think she's so cute without the hat

I was also gunan take pictures of hibiki, flonne and sakura but the light started to die down and my cats were annoyed that i wasn't paying attention to them. hopefully tomorrow... if not then later.
In other news i'm writing a fan comic... cause i'm crazy... i'll post completed chapters all in one post for those who are curious... otherwise it'll be page by page on patreon and maybe deviantart.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Story Time: Lunar

Growing up I was a nintendo kid,
i swear when i was born my family brought me home in one arm and a NES in the other.
every time i went to my grandparents i would play SNES
I have the best n64 christmas story in 96 or 97
The gamecube was the first system i ever saved up for and bought myself (when i was 13 no less... how the hell did i afford it... i don't even remember)
and waiting for the wii was agonizing (though to be fair... i probably played it the least)

anyways everyone around me growing up had a playstation... but games like spyro and hercules (yeah thats all anyone seemed to have) didn't do it for me so i never tried to save up or ask for my own.... until i saw a trailer for final fantasy 10... then i was all about owning a ps2 (which i bought soon after getting a gamecube... somehow)

so essentially i never owned a playstation 1, and finding ps1 games in my area was damn near impossible...and when i did they weren't cheap.

so to this day the only ps1 game i have bought personally is final fantasy 7..... which gave me panic attacks... so thats fun.
the other ps1 disk i own is Lunar, my friend was buying another copy for himelf and said "you want this? it's a little messed up but who knows, it may work"

so that should have been my first warning.

anyways i brought it home, didn't play for long and stopped... overtime i completely forgot about it till recently.

I always felt guilty... i mean i have been told it's really good so why did i stop.

The other day my friend was over and asking if she should get a ps3 or a retron, she didn't have consoles growing up so having so many years of gaming and only so much money is overwhelming.
i told her ps3 cause i have heard mixed things about the retron... she asked if ps3 is backwards compatible.
"yeah i hear it plays ps1 games, not ps2 though... i've never actually tried" so i grabbed lunar cause i figured it could roll into me playing it after she left.
and then the memories flooded back on why i stopped.

The voice over during the first cutscene kept stuttering.
i poped it out, cleaned it and noticed a little damage... put it back in and same results.
"thats right... the disk would randomly play voice clips from random parts of the game... from characters i never met"
so i chuckle, pop in ff7 and show her "see it works, the other game was broken long before i tried it here"
so then i chastise the friend who gave it to me "oh yeah" he mumbles "that game was really messed up"

so yeah... still haven't played lunar... maybe one day
i should beat suikoden before that... so close to the end... and i know i can't get the good ending *cries*

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Figure Photoshoot: Aomine Daiki

I love the movement of this figure.

I love how all these Kuroko's basketball figures defy gravity.
i don't know if i'll get any others in the set but the three i have i love.
so yeah close up time.

 and my fav picture of this batch

but yeah love this figure, hope you enjoy my pictures of it... i'll try to take more pictures of all the nedoriods i got lately.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Figure photoshoot: Kagami Taiga

I have had this figure for a while but just never had the chance to take pictures of it till now.

I remember when i first saw this figure i wondered how it would stay upright considering bot hfeet are up.
i was not expecting how they managed this.

A metal pole? a metal pole in his foot...
i can fit kuroko under him.
The nice thing about him being so high up means i could get a lot of nice angled shots.
but yeah... this is a really nice figure.
never had one that defies gravity so much.
also lots of nice close up opertunities.

and then my favorite shot.
but apparently i'm not the only one who liked this figure.
I think my cat Chloe was mad i wasn't taking pictures of her... so i took a few

and one of my fat cat Corwin who was just happy to be sunbathing.
ok Aomine Daiki tomorrow.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Figure Photoshoot: Matoba Seiji

I have a lot of figures i haven't taken pictures of... here's another one from Natsume Yuujinchou.

Matoba seiji is one of the only characters i know that has made me go from hating/fearing his appearances in the series to loving him... he still is creepy but he is much better in my eyes compaired to another character who i now hate.

anyways.... pictures~
i wish his figure had more movement to it but i still think it's a nice banpresto figure.

and some close ups~

and my fav shot of this particular figure.
I hope one day i'm able to get the few remaining banpresto figures i want (tanuma in a yukata, Natsume in the blue kimono with a piece of paper in his mouth) but for now it was fun taking pictures of this one.

the other figures i have taken pictures of are from kuroko's basketball. so should get those up over the next couple of days.
hope you enjoy it!