Monday, 2 February 2015

Figure photoshoot: Kagami Taiga

I have had this figure for a while but just never had the chance to take pictures of it till now.

I remember when i first saw this figure i wondered how it would stay upright considering bot hfeet are up.
i was not expecting how they managed this.

A metal pole? a metal pole in his foot...
i can fit kuroko under him.
The nice thing about him being so high up means i could get a lot of nice angled shots.
but yeah... this is a really nice figure.
never had one that defies gravity so much.
also lots of nice close up opertunities.

and then my favorite shot.
but apparently i'm not the only one who liked this figure.
I think my cat Chloe was mad i wasn't taking pictures of her... so i took a few

and one of my fat cat Corwin who was just happy to be sunbathing.
ok Aomine Daiki tomorrow.

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