Monday, 28 March 2016

Snow White with the Red Hair

First off... the final episode says "Fin"
Nope... sorry, i have read ahead... and this is just where the story gets good. i don't think there was enough for another 24 episodes but you know what? i wont be surprised if in a few years we get another two cours from this.

but i have a feeling i am getting way ahead of myself.

Snow White with the Red hair is about Shirayuki (pretty much litteral translation of snow white) who has red hair...
much like Adol Christin, this red hair draws all the attention and wonder as all the other characters marvel at this hair colour (you know... despite the fact that one has like blue green hair and the other has silver.... i guess thats also similar to how Adol is treated)

however the show is only about that on the surface, it's really about her relationship with the prince as she tries to become a court apothecary without using her friendship to boost her status. 

It is one of the sweetest shoujo shows i've seen in a while, the relationship never feels forced and theres none of that BS misunderstanding stuff. Shirayuki does occasionally get kidnapped (again red hair AND friend to the prince) but she always manages to do everything in her power to not be a damsel in distress... even when she is in way over her head.

The animation is stunning... the music is a mixed bag... most of the tracks are really fitting but i don't know how many i would want to listen to out of context... and finally the story is just a perfect bag of adorableness.

I love this show.
if Natsume Yuujinchou Go wasn't a thing that was happening this fall this would probably be my fav shoujo show of the year (still may win for romantic shoujo i guess)

However speaking of Natsume Yuujinchou getting a 5th season after 4 years.... that is pretty much what i'm basing my "this isn't Fin no matter how much you say it is" argument on.
currently the manga is in a rather long arc and even after finishing that we are probably going to need another arc to fill a full 24 episodes.
this happens a lot, shows take breaks in order for the source material to get ahead... look at Attack on titan... just not getting season 2... how long has it been despite the popularity of it?
I know eventually we will get more of this adorableness... or at least i'm going to keep holding onto that hope.

for now you can watch this show over on Funimation which i highly reccomend you do

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

I completely forgot that this show would be ending soon... which kind of sets the tone for this little ramble.

A-1 Pictures really took a risk with the look of this show. all the backgrounds are stunning and have levels of paralax scrolling or 3d mapping the likes of which i have never seen in anime... also it all looks like a watercolour or Gouache painting.... it is truly lovely to look at.
Unfortunately sometimes that means the character animation suffers... it's fluid for the most part but there are times where you can really tell they needed to save some money.

However it is the way this show looks that got me watching. the poster for it was the most interesting looking at face value and i was very hopeful.
Perhaps too hopeful.

The story begins with a group of people coming out of a building with no previous memory of what happened before and vague memories of a world that makes no sense in context.
Money is needed to survive in this world and the fastest way to earn your keep is becoming an adventurer.
each character splits off into different classes and they try to take on one of the weakest known monster... a goblin.
in the end that isn't even easy since no living creature wants to die.

Again this sets up a very rich world... the enemies all have a bit of personality and watching them get killed (or mortally wounded and trying to survive) is a little hard at points.

Past that... there is little to no plot and that makes me really sad. Overall it feels like style over substance and that they let one idea run the tone of the show.

There is so much hinting to how they got there... never explained.
The main character seems to be able to do something no one else can (or at least he does it more often then others)... never explain.

Now i could 100% be jumping the gun, this could all possibly be addressed in another season however currently there is no sign of such a thing happening. It did have a definite ending that tied up enough loose ends.... just not all of them... I found it difficult to be able to care about these characters because we know so little about them.
even just a hint to the other world/how they got there/ why them...
perhaps the light novel this is based off will have more answers and if it ever gets translated i would happily read it because right now i'm just left with one feeling. What was the point?

was the point character growth? there was a bit of that but not enough...
was the point to defeat the big bad? then maybe it should have been more of a threat earlier on....
in fact going on that theory the end of the series should have been a few episodes ago.... taking on this bonus conflict for one character to grow was a bit odd and just leaves me feeling like there is a lot we are still missing.

I guess i just have to hope for another season, which i would watch if only to get some plot hopefully.
This show isn't bad by any means... it just isn't good enough to stand alone in these 12 episodes.
I love slice of life and i know when you only get a snippet of the characters existence you aren't necessarily going to get everything answered.... but NOTHING was answered and i think that's why i'm hesitant to recommend this and honestly... i won't be surprised if in a few weeks i completely forget this existed or what it was about.

However if you are curious to see how pretty the show is (and WOW is it pretty) you can watch it over on Funimation (they even have a dub if you subscribe for it)

at least the intro song and endign song are really really good.

Durarara 2.3

So this finished yesterday... but between running errands and playing mahjong i only got to see it this morning.

I would be surprised if there was any more after this... all the loose ends are nicely tied up, characters have had their full arcs and most importantly i think it's pretty well established that the character most initially think is the main character in fact is not. I mean he's important to the plot... but the main character is literally the reason most of the things happen.

anyways as a season Durarara 2.3 is really enjoyable, a lot of cliffhanger endings but still such a fun time. out of all the seasons it feels the lease non-linear but thats okay, i know not everyone liked how much the story jumped around in the first season.

The music is amazing, stepping out as an intro song is right up there with complication, the ending song is probably my fav of the whole series too (though trust me is so good)

As a whole the ending is a little chill (considering everything) but i think it was the perfect way to leave it off.

Could they do another season? probably... life goes on... this is just the slice we got to witness.
will they do another season? i don't think so... i mean i'm reading the light novel so if there is more past that point i'll let you know but again... everything, even characters you probably forgot about, has been tied up pretty neatly.

I enjoyed this show from start to finish... even with the massive cast by the end it was still easy to care about all the characters.

however i'll be honest... the thing about happiest about with this ending is that the director can go work on Natsume Yuujinchou Go... which was announced a little over a week ago and i still just get a wave of happiness thinking about it.

Ok but back to Durarara, it's a really good show and i whole heartily recommend it.  some bits are a little violent so keep that in mind but honestly it's played a bit for laughs (i mean Shizuo throws vending machines at people and they survive). Fav show of the season? one of them for sure... Erased was really good as is Show Genroku Rakugo Shinju (which has it's final episode next friday so... thats going to be fun)

So yeah i recommend this show, you can watch it all on crunchyroll (dub or sub..... i prefer the sub personally but on the other hand Jhonny Yong Bosch as Orihiya Izaya is perfect AND it confirmed that he is the perfect voice actor for Hiroshi Kamiya roles *nods*)

Alrigth i think i have a few episodes of haikyuu to marathon.... and Mr. Osomatsu... then snow white with the red hair on monday and showa genkoru rakugo shinju on friday... winter season is almost done~

Friday, 25 March 2016

Fire Emblem: Conquest

you would think after all the fire emblem i've played in the last month i'd be sick of it..... NOPE.

granted in general it takes a lot to make me sick of something...

I played on Normal and this time i turned Permadeath off (a choice that forced me to completely restart the game) but honestly... happy i did it cause i would have reset a lot... including in the final battle... which would mean 2 maps in a row.... not fun... I play games to have fun.

Okay need to get this out of the way. Any time you do a split story one is probably going to be better then the other.
in that case, between Birthright and Conquest, Conquest has the far superior story and i think it's pretty simple to see why.
Overall there is more conflict and more stakes when you aren't necessarily the "good guy"
Hoshido was fine but the entire driving factor is "we are good and need to get rid of bad"
In Norh things are far more complicated and that complication makes more more interesting plot and characters.
That being said Azura barely gets any explanation so i'm really glad i played the games in the order i did...

One final point in Conquests favor.... the maps are so much more interesting... almost every chapter has a gimmick or a unique goal... i didn't mind the constant routing in birthright but it was nice to have some variety. (hoping theres even more variety in this final story)

Finally, recently some spoiler filled DLC released recently... and it explains (or at least i think it does... i haven't played it yet) why certain characters are there... when they probably shouldn't be. but man i am so curious... but i worry it'll spoil revelations stuff so holding off for now...
but i wanna know

In conclusion.
I love Fire Emblem
I have played every one since they started coming out here
i still remember Sain.... i remember how i let him die because it was either restart the map or beat the enemy in the next turn...
I remember waiting for the next game to release and just wishing others would play it.
This is a game as close to my heart as Ys is... i literally have spent more money then i should have between the special edition new 3ds and the special edition of the game itself.... plus i'm looking at getting that 8 disk OST... which is not cheap.... especially when i convert it to CAD.

So getting my opinion on this series... not the best idea... cause i love it and it would have to be really atrocious for me to even get a little upset at it.
and again... not sick of it... i may go finish Radiant dawn (the only FE game i haven't beaten cause holy crap it's hard) after i beat Revelations.

I mean my biggest gripe with the series is the Two carts BS
all three games fit on one cart (with 9 save slots).
there was no excuse to split it up.... i feel it even does the game a disservice since to get the full story you really do need to play it all. (and not everyone was lucky enough to get the poorly handled Special edition) but yeah... Fire emblem is good in my books... and even though this is the better game... if you plan on playing all three (and you should) play birthright first... then Conquest then revelations.

Also Arthur has the cutest kid... and Laslow as a hero is probably my favorite thing ever... just constantly healing himself... good times.
Ok see you in a few weeks with my final thoughts... not going to rush this game at all.

Curious what i said about birthright? here is my ramble

She and Her Cat: Everything Flows

Why did i watch this...
I knew i was going to be destroyed by this... i've seen the original short story cause it's an extra on voices of a distant star.
but here i am choking back sobs and trying to see the screen through teary eyes.
and just when i think i'm done crying a new wave hits...
i'm gunna go hug my cats... sure they hate it but i just want to cuddle them after that.

so yeah... 4 episodes, each just shy of 8 minutes each and it ends exactly how it has to end... even if that means i'm gunna be sitting here a sobbing mess for the rest of the day.

I do love seeing Makoto shinkai's first (at least i think it was his first... voices of a distant star may have been the first) short film but with a team and budget. I love that it's got the same voice actor playing the girl... the animation is lovely... the way the cat is drawn is perfect... got all those little movements down just right.

but dammit my heart
go watch it on crunchyroll, the final episode wont be available till next week but it really wont take you long to get through it all.

Thursday, 24 March 2016


Where to even start.

Describing the plot would do the show a disservice so lets try this.

Satoru is a failed Manga artist with a hero complex who can go back in time a few minutes to avert disaster but for now he works as a pizza delvery guy. oh and it's set in 2008.... kinda

However that isn't what the show is about at all.
The best i can say is watch the first episode and if you find it interesting go from there.
a warning, every episode ends on a cliffhanger but since it's all out now you wont have to deal with the pain of waiting week to week.

This i loved about it:
The Intro song... i think it's so clever that they used an older song as the intro... it fits so perfectly with the mood.
The ending song... so full of emotions and just a joy to sing along to at the end (you know... through the tears)
The art direction. Everything has meaning... everything is subtly symbolic of something without smacking you over the head with it constantly. every shot is so cinematic (helped by the fact that portions of the show are in an even more extreme widescreen effect) and the animation is damn near flawless.
The acting, without getting spoilery the way characters (especially satoru) act given the situation is just so well done.
The story... which i can't talk about but it's very well done.

Things i could have done without but are by no means bad:
Satoru has a tendancy to say things outloud that he meant to say in his inside voice... it's cute a few times but it felt a bit.... overdone without having a real reason for it. still it's cute in it's own way.
The very end is a little rushed.... i mean i don't think giving it any more episodes would have been a benefit it's just a lot of characterization to cram into 5 minutes or so... plus i didn't really want this show to end... it's really really good.

Is it my favourite this season?
I mean it is but... this season also had Snow white with the red hair and Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju.... if i had to pick between those three snow white would probably win but it's hard cause the three show are so incredibly different to each other. so i'll say it's my fav thriller/mystery show.... Snow white is my fav Shoujo this season and Rakugo is my fav........ Slice of life i guess.

Oh and Durarara..... ugh so many good shows.... 

Will i try to purchase it on bluray?
Hell yes*

*assuming Aniplex doesn't put it out.... cause if they do it'll probably cost 100-150 and no thats too much for a show even one this good.

If you haven't been watching erased... go do that... it's all on crunchyroll... it's only 12 episodes long and thats it... there is no more.

This winter season flew by... i have a few more shows ending pretty soon but i'll try to space out my rambles just a bit, next will either be the Rakugo anime or Durarara... not 100% sure which is ending first.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fire Emblem: Birthright

Part 1 of what will end up a 3 part review

First some things to get off the bat.

1. played on normal because i play games to have fun.... with permadeath on cause i apparently hate myself.

2. I have been a fan of this series since it started to come to north america... i have played ever single north american release (granted i haven't beaten Radiant Dawn yet but i will be working on that soon... it's really really hard)

3. No seriously i love fire emblem... if you asked me to pick between Fire Emblem and Ys i'd hesitate a second and then pick Ys.... but seriously it's a close second for me.

Story time:
The release of this game was handled incredibly poorly.
So they announce the special edition... great... wonderful... it takes MONTHS for it to show up on Canadian website... and then sells out within 5 minutes.
Still i foolishly held onto hope... i knew i would not rest until i got that special edition.
then it was getting closer and closer to release... with no luck.
The day comes and the game is out... and still no hope to get my hands on it.
i got to all my local stores... nothing
i check every site i can hoping it'll pop up... and I almost get it but can't finish the order in time.
the day ends and i realize i may not get my hands on it... and i am heartbroken.
The next morning, i woke up at 6 to feed my kitties and i figure... hey no harm in checking.
And it was there... in stock... but for how long
i run, grab my credit card, trip over my fan and rush back to my laptop.
i complete the order and i am happy.... and really tired so back to bed.
then it took like half a week to ship but in the end i got it and i couldn't be happier... it plays so nicely in my Fire emblem edition new 3ds... cause i also got that... cause i love Fire Emblem.

anyways i decided to play birthright > conquest > revelations because i was really curious about playing a fire emblem with more japanese elements and i wanted to do that first.

What i didn't realize was the differences between the games wasn't just on the surface.
Birthright has an abundance of supplies and resources, it only has route/defeat the boss maps and you can grind unlike it's counterpart where you have mostly (if not all) defense type maps. (and i have no idea about revelations... keeping myself spoiler free)

I will saying just outright playing "the good guys" isn't the most interesting story wise but it was done so well. i'm really looking forward to playing the "not so good" guys for the first time in conquest.

Finally yes i had to restart a lot... i would do stupid stuff or get screwed over by RNG (enemies getting crits... super fun.... getting killed on a 3% hit chance... just the best... mmm thats good RNG) and sometimes i just would take leave of my senses... still i managed for the second time to play completely Deathless AND i managed to get every character for the first time ever... considering you can't grind i may not be able to accomplish that in conquest but we will see.

I loved this game... it was a bit easier then some of the others in the series... but i know it's counterpart will not be so simple (also i'm planning to play that normal without permadeath cause seriously.... i tell myself it's fun... it's not... it's stressful)

But before i end this.... i have something to say to nintendo.

1. The translation isn't as bad as people are saying... but i wish it wasn't so reliant on comedy and memes... Fire emblem is about war... war is hell... i kinda want the character interactions to reflect that more then the constant joking back and forth.

2. There was no reason to put the two/three games on 2 carts... seriously NONE. the special edition fates version proves that. All versions should have had both versions with revelations as a DLC option... this move to make the games on separate carts feels like nothing more then a cash grab. especially since buying the game the way i did it less cost effective then buying 1 and getting the other two as DLC... i knew that... i wanted my art book and little bag.

I am probably going to beat Legend of heroes 4/2/1 Prophecy of the moonlight witch before i just into conquest... i'm litterally at the end of that game and i don't want to push it aside anymore.
but yeah next will be conquest and then revelations funtimes.

If you like Fire emblem you will enjoy this game... if the series hasn't hooked you yet then this probably wont change your mind but it does have a lot of options to give you the chance to try it out and see if you like it.

Alright onto the next thing!

Curious about what i thought of Conquest? here is my ramble