Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fire Emblem: Birthright

Part 1 of what will end up a 3 part review

First some things to get off the bat.

1. played on normal because i play games to have fun.... with permadeath on cause i apparently hate myself.

2. I have been a fan of this series since it started to come to north america... i have played ever single north american release (granted i haven't beaten Radiant Dawn yet but i will be working on that soon... it's really really hard)

3. No seriously i love fire emblem... if you asked me to pick between Fire Emblem and Ys i'd hesitate a second and then pick Ys.... but seriously it's a close second for me.

Story time:
The release of this game was handled incredibly poorly.
So they announce the special edition... great... wonderful... it takes MONTHS for it to show up on Canadian website... and then sells out within 5 minutes.
Still i foolishly held onto hope... i knew i would not rest until i got that special edition.
then it was getting closer and closer to release... with no luck.
The day comes and the game is out... and still no hope to get my hands on it.
i got to all my local stores... nothing
i check every site i can hoping it'll pop up... and I almost get it but can't finish the order in time.
the day ends and i realize i may not get my hands on it... and i am heartbroken.
The next morning, i woke up at 6 to feed my kitties and i figure... hey no harm in checking.
And it was there... in stock... but for how long
i run, grab my credit card, trip over my fan and rush back to my laptop.
i complete the order and i am happy.... and really tired so back to bed.
then it took like half a week to ship but in the end i got it and i couldn't be happier... it plays so nicely in my Fire emblem edition new 3ds... cause i also got that... cause i love Fire Emblem.

anyways i decided to play birthright > conquest > revelations because i was really curious about playing a fire emblem with more japanese elements and i wanted to do that first.

What i didn't realize was the differences between the games wasn't just on the surface.
Birthright has an abundance of supplies and resources, it only has route/defeat the boss maps and you can grind unlike it's counterpart where you have mostly (if not all) defense type maps. (and i have no idea about revelations... keeping myself spoiler free)

I will saying just outright playing "the good guys" isn't the most interesting story wise but it was done so well. i'm really looking forward to playing the "not so good" guys for the first time in conquest.

Finally yes i had to restart a lot... i would do stupid stuff or get screwed over by RNG (enemies getting crits... super fun.... getting killed on a 3% hit chance... just the best... mmm thats good RNG) and sometimes i just would take leave of my senses... still i managed for the second time to play completely Deathless AND i managed to get every character for the first time ever... considering you can't grind i may not be able to accomplish that in conquest but we will see.

I loved this game... it was a bit easier then some of the others in the series... but i know it's counterpart will not be so simple (also i'm planning to play that normal without permadeath cause seriously.... i tell myself it's fun... it's not... it's stressful)

But before i end this.... i have something to say to nintendo.

1. The translation isn't as bad as people are saying... but i wish it wasn't so reliant on comedy and memes... Fire emblem is about war... war is hell... i kinda want the character interactions to reflect that more then the constant joking back and forth.

2. There was no reason to put the two/three games on 2 carts... seriously NONE. the special edition fates version proves that. All versions should have had both versions with revelations as a DLC option... this move to make the games on separate carts feels like nothing more then a cash grab. especially since buying the game the way i did it less cost effective then buying 1 and getting the other two as DLC... i knew that... i wanted my art book and little bag.

I am probably going to beat Legend of heroes 4/2/1 Prophecy of the moonlight witch before i just into conquest... i'm litterally at the end of that game and i don't want to push it aside anymore.
but yeah next will be conquest and then revelations funtimes.

If you like Fire emblem you will enjoy this game... if the series hasn't hooked you yet then this probably wont change your mind but it does have a lot of options to give you the chance to try it out and see if you like it.

Alright onto the next thing!

Curious about what i thought of Conquest? here is my ramble

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