Friday, 25 March 2016

Fire Emblem: Conquest

you would think after all the fire emblem i've played in the last month i'd be sick of it..... NOPE.

granted in general it takes a lot to make me sick of something...

I played on Normal and this time i turned Permadeath off (a choice that forced me to completely restart the game) but honestly... happy i did it cause i would have reset a lot... including in the final battle... which would mean 2 maps in a row.... not fun... I play games to have fun.

Okay need to get this out of the way. Any time you do a split story one is probably going to be better then the other.
in that case, between Birthright and Conquest, Conquest has the far superior story and i think it's pretty simple to see why.
Overall there is more conflict and more stakes when you aren't necessarily the "good guy"
Hoshido was fine but the entire driving factor is "we are good and need to get rid of bad"
In Norh things are far more complicated and that complication makes more more interesting plot and characters.
That being said Azura barely gets any explanation so i'm really glad i played the games in the order i did...

One final point in Conquests favor.... the maps are so much more interesting... almost every chapter has a gimmick or a unique goal... i didn't mind the constant routing in birthright but it was nice to have some variety. (hoping theres even more variety in this final story)

Finally, recently some spoiler filled DLC released recently... and it explains (or at least i think it does... i haven't played it yet) why certain characters are there... when they probably shouldn't be. but man i am so curious... but i worry it'll spoil revelations stuff so holding off for now...
but i wanna know

In conclusion.
I love Fire Emblem
I have played every one since they started coming out here
i still remember Sain.... i remember how i let him die because it was either restart the map or beat the enemy in the next turn...
I remember waiting for the next game to release and just wishing others would play it.
This is a game as close to my heart as Ys is... i literally have spent more money then i should have between the special edition new 3ds and the special edition of the game itself.... plus i'm looking at getting that 8 disk OST... which is not cheap.... especially when i convert it to CAD.

So getting my opinion on this series... not the best idea... cause i love it and it would have to be really atrocious for me to even get a little upset at it.
and again... not sick of it... i may go finish Radiant dawn (the only FE game i haven't beaten cause holy crap it's hard) after i beat Revelations.

I mean my biggest gripe with the series is the Two carts BS
all three games fit on one cart (with 9 save slots).
there was no excuse to split it up.... i feel it even does the game a disservice since to get the full story you really do need to play it all. (and not everyone was lucky enough to get the poorly handled Special edition) but yeah... Fire emblem is good in my books... and even though this is the better game... if you plan on playing all three (and you should) play birthright first... then Conquest then revelations.

Also Arthur has the cutest kid... and Laslow as a hero is probably my favorite thing ever... just constantly healing himself... good times.
Ok see you in a few weeks with my final thoughts... not going to rush this game at all.

Curious what i said about birthright? here is my ramble

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