Sunday, 27 March 2016

Durarara 2.3

So this finished yesterday... but between running errands and playing mahjong i only got to see it this morning.

I would be surprised if there was any more after this... all the loose ends are nicely tied up, characters have had their full arcs and most importantly i think it's pretty well established that the character most initially think is the main character in fact is not. I mean he's important to the plot... but the main character is literally the reason most of the things happen.

anyways as a season Durarara 2.3 is really enjoyable, a lot of cliffhanger endings but still such a fun time. out of all the seasons it feels the lease non-linear but thats okay, i know not everyone liked how much the story jumped around in the first season.

The music is amazing, stepping out as an intro song is right up there with complication, the ending song is probably my fav of the whole series too (though trust me is so good)

As a whole the ending is a little chill (considering everything) but i think it was the perfect way to leave it off.

Could they do another season? probably... life goes on... this is just the slice we got to witness.
will they do another season? i don't think so... i mean i'm reading the light novel so if there is more past that point i'll let you know but again... everything, even characters you probably forgot about, has been tied up pretty neatly.

I enjoyed this show from start to finish... even with the massive cast by the end it was still easy to care about all the characters.

however i'll be honest... the thing about happiest about with this ending is that the director can go work on Natsume Yuujinchou Go... which was announced a little over a week ago and i still just get a wave of happiness thinking about it.

Ok but back to Durarara, it's a really good show and i whole heartily recommend it.  some bits are a little violent so keep that in mind but honestly it's played a bit for laughs (i mean Shizuo throws vending machines at people and they survive). Fav show of the season? one of them for sure... Erased was really good as is Show Genroku Rakugo Shinju (which has it's final episode next friday so... thats going to be fun)

So yeah i recommend this show, you can watch it all on crunchyroll (dub or sub..... i prefer the sub personally but on the other hand Jhonny Yong Bosch as Orihiya Izaya is perfect AND it confirmed that he is the perfect voice actor for Hiroshi Kamiya roles *nods*)

Alrigth i think i have a few episodes of haikyuu to marathon.... and Mr. Osomatsu... then snow white with the red hair on monday and showa genkoru rakugo shinju on friday... winter season is almost done~

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