Thursday, 24 March 2016


Where to even start.

Describing the plot would do the show a disservice so lets try this.

Satoru is a failed Manga artist with a hero complex who can go back in time a few minutes to avert disaster but for now he works as a pizza delvery guy. oh and it's set in 2008.... kinda

However that isn't what the show is about at all.
The best i can say is watch the first episode and if you find it interesting go from there.
a warning, every episode ends on a cliffhanger but since it's all out now you wont have to deal with the pain of waiting week to week.

This i loved about it:
The Intro song... i think it's so clever that they used an older song as the intro... it fits so perfectly with the mood.
The ending song... so full of emotions and just a joy to sing along to at the end (you know... through the tears)
The art direction. Everything has meaning... everything is subtly symbolic of something without smacking you over the head with it constantly. every shot is so cinematic (helped by the fact that portions of the show are in an even more extreme widescreen effect) and the animation is damn near flawless.
The acting, without getting spoilery the way characters (especially satoru) act given the situation is just so well done.
The story... which i can't talk about but it's very well done.

Things i could have done without but are by no means bad:
Satoru has a tendancy to say things outloud that he meant to say in his inside voice... it's cute a few times but it felt a bit.... overdone without having a real reason for it. still it's cute in it's own way.
The very end is a little rushed.... i mean i don't think giving it any more episodes would have been a benefit it's just a lot of characterization to cram into 5 minutes or so... plus i didn't really want this show to end... it's really really good.

Is it my favourite this season?
I mean it is but... this season also had Snow white with the red hair and Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju.... if i had to pick between those three snow white would probably win but it's hard cause the three show are so incredibly different to each other. so i'll say it's my fav thriller/mystery show.... Snow white is my fav Shoujo this season and Rakugo is my fav........ Slice of life i guess.

Oh and Durarara..... ugh so many good shows.... 

Will i try to purchase it on bluray?
Hell yes*

*assuming Aniplex doesn't put it out.... cause if they do it'll probably cost 100-150 and no thats too much for a show even one this good.

If you haven't been watching erased... go do that... it's all on crunchyroll... it's only 12 episodes long and thats it... there is no more.

This winter season flew by... i have a few more shows ending pretty soon but i'll try to space out my rambles just a bit, next will either be the Rakugo anime or Durarara... not 100% sure which is ending first.

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