Sunday, 27 March 2016

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

I completely forgot that this show would be ending soon... which kind of sets the tone for this little ramble.

A-1 Pictures really took a risk with the look of this show. all the backgrounds are stunning and have levels of paralax scrolling or 3d mapping the likes of which i have never seen in anime... also it all looks like a watercolour or Gouache painting.... it is truly lovely to look at.
Unfortunately sometimes that means the character animation suffers... it's fluid for the most part but there are times where you can really tell they needed to save some money.

However it is the way this show looks that got me watching. the poster for it was the most interesting looking at face value and i was very hopeful.
Perhaps too hopeful.

The story begins with a group of people coming out of a building with no previous memory of what happened before and vague memories of a world that makes no sense in context.
Money is needed to survive in this world and the fastest way to earn your keep is becoming an adventurer.
each character splits off into different classes and they try to take on one of the weakest known monster... a goblin.
in the end that isn't even easy since no living creature wants to die.

Again this sets up a very rich world... the enemies all have a bit of personality and watching them get killed (or mortally wounded and trying to survive) is a little hard at points.

Past that... there is little to no plot and that makes me really sad. Overall it feels like style over substance and that they let one idea run the tone of the show.

There is so much hinting to how they got there... never explained.
The main character seems to be able to do something no one else can (or at least he does it more often then others)... never explain.

Now i could 100% be jumping the gun, this could all possibly be addressed in another season however currently there is no sign of such a thing happening. It did have a definite ending that tied up enough loose ends.... just not all of them... I found it difficult to be able to care about these characters because we know so little about them.
even just a hint to the other world/how they got there/ why them...
perhaps the light novel this is based off will have more answers and if it ever gets translated i would happily read it because right now i'm just left with one feeling. What was the point?

was the point character growth? there was a bit of that but not enough...
was the point to defeat the big bad? then maybe it should have been more of a threat earlier on....
in fact going on that theory the end of the series should have been a few episodes ago.... taking on this bonus conflict for one character to grow was a bit odd and just leaves me feeling like there is a lot we are still missing.

I guess i just have to hope for another season, which i would watch if only to get some plot hopefully.
This show isn't bad by any means... it just isn't good enough to stand alone in these 12 episodes.
I love slice of life and i know when you only get a snippet of the characters existence you aren't necessarily going to get everything answered.... but NOTHING was answered and i think that's why i'm hesitant to recommend this and honestly... i won't be surprised if in a few weeks i completely forget this existed or what it was about.

However if you are curious to see how pretty the show is (and WOW is it pretty) you can watch it over on Funimation (they even have a dub if you subscribe for it)

at least the intro song and endign song are really really good.

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