Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mekakucity Actors

unlike my last little ramble i wont be spoiling anything.... not that i think it's even really possible to spoil stuff... it's complicated.

Also side note i have only seen one of the kagerou project videos.... Heat Haze and i saw it a few months before this show came on so i know i'm missing out on part of the story that are probably more fleshed out in the songs... i'll probably go check out the rest of the songs when i get a chance.

Every so often i end up watching a show that i call "WTF shows"
these shows tend to be on the artsier side of the scale and almost always make little to no sense till the end.

This show is just that. 12 Episodes of "i'm interested but what is going on" and "damn these visuals are interesting" followed by "wow it's nice how they tied pretty much everything up......... still dont understand everything thats happened but thats okay."

I would say it's probably better to go in without knowing the accompanying vocaloid songs cause the one i did know was a bit of a spoiler. but i have a feeling in order to get the entire picture it's best to watch the music as well.

The good:
The story.... it's crazy and never fully explains itself but you know what? it still works and makes sense and by the end you don't feel like you just wasted your time.... unlike that other show i talked about today.
The animation.... it has some stupid poses (i've been told that it's the 'shaft pose' sicne that animation house does it a lot) but the animation and artsy colourful style work well with the feeling of the show... it's a bit blockier then i tend to like but again... it works... if this was animated with softer colours like clannad or Natsume yuujinchou it would just be ridiculou.
The music... from what i understand there was a project that stemmed from the manga or perhaps the music was weaved into a story that was turned into a manga.... ? i don't know if thats fully right but either way it makes this show have some really well done and catchy music. 

The disappointing:
The ended is a tiny bit rushed... even one more ep may have been nice... but i could just be in my "i didn't want it to end" stage... still i would have liked if it continued on.

otherwise.... i can't think of a negative.... well other then what happened to [insert character] i mean i assume they [spoiler?] but it's never really mentioned despite being mentioned constantly [cause that makes sense]

so yeah... if you can stomach a show that takes 12 episodes to get to the point while being interesting and different along the way give this a shot.
if you hate artsy anime that is more focused on the visual language instead of giving you the plot.... then maybe just give it a try and see if you can handle it.

oh whats Mekakucity actors about?..... just go watch it.... it would be faster then me trying to explain it.

but yeah i enjoyed it.

hm.... looks like i have two other shows that finish in the upcoming week and everything continues into the next season...
gotta say.... looking forward to a year of sailor moon~ i really hope it's good...

Brynhildr in the Darkness [major spoilers]

Boy that got really stupid really fast.

Hell the last few episodes had stuff that normally triggers panic attacks in me but i was too busy face palming at the dumb that it didn't bother me.... that and it wasn't in space so.... yeah...
Granted when the black hole showed up i wasn't happy but again... the sheer amount of dumb kept my emotions in check.

This show did have potential though.

TL;dr: I did not like this show, i felt it needed to either be longer or less convenient as well as it needed less plot threads that need to be resolved in a rush.

[Let it be known that from here on i spoil the show cause i can't talk about the stupid without mentioning it]

The premise is that there are witches in this world... Girls who have undergone experimentation and through this process have gained magical abilities.
however the world sees them as hidden test subjects and they are kept under lock and key.

One day when transporting some witches from one facility to another a truck was turned over and many witches escaped.
However these are all just teenage girls who want to live a normal life so they try their best to blend into society while dodging the organizations on their tail...

ending there we could have had a neat little concept show..... but it does stop there.

Rewind to many years (10 i think) in the past and Ryota is playing with his friend Kuroneko.
There is an accident where they slip off the side of a faculty building. ryota is saved by kuroneko but as he is discharged from hospital he learns that she died that day.
having perfectly eidetic memory it is impossible for him to forget his friend from childhood and more traumatically he can't forget the day she died.
however back in present day theres a transfer student who looks exactly like her and he does his best to try and find out if it is actually her even though she acts like she doesn't know him.

However the real reason the girl transferred in is cause she is one of the escaped witches and along with her friend who's magic is to predict who will die and how... so the girl joins the school to stop them from dying.
through ryota's sheer stupidity when he is told he'll die if he does a certain.... he figures why not do it anyway.... so the transfer, who goes by Neko, has to reveal herself to him as a witch and now he will be killed if they find out he has connections to witches.

Okay.... the story could still have been interesting.... theres nothing too stupid yet...
too bad i'm not done.

There are a few things about the witches... they have this thing in their neck which keeps them from turning into goo. they also have to take pills every 12-24 hours (depending on how much magic they have used) to again stop from turning into goo.... these pills are not readily available though so most of these witches only have a few days to live until they run out of medicine.

ok we are still good.... and still not done.

Inside the thingy in their neck is an alien.
mmm kay thats stupid.

Yes theres an alien, it's using the girls as host and they will eventualyl hatch cause reasons and theres one alien with the power to reset all life on earth making it the god alien and this god alien is defeated by a push of a button.

oh and theres a witch who can create antimatter cause..... why not.
also black holes are consiquence free... well other then the memory thing i guess...
oh and theirs an orginization that wants to kill all the witches but they show up in the last few eps and add nothing to the plot and kill no witches.
you know what this feels like?
it's like when you are young and you roleplay a story
and you wanna keep upping the anti and you don't care about things like god moding
so you just go "well i'me a witch"
"well i'm an alien witch!"
"well i'm an alien witch who can use every type of magic!"
"well i'm an alien wicth who can also use any type of magic and i'm better then you cause reasons!"
and it just gets so stupid
resolutions are pulled out of nowhere constantly.

and the worst part..... i'm not done explaining plot.
one of the witches is also been planted with the soul of the sister of the guy who runs the place that makes witches..... and theres an all powerful witch who can only be beaten by her colour swap....

just Ugh... I hit a point where i almost stopped (right around where the intro changes) simple because i couldn't stand how serious it was taking itself.

also fun fact that second intro SUCKS.
Granted i'm not a fan of Screamo but i'm also not a fan of dubstep which is what i would consider the first intro.... but i enjoyed the first intro...

so yeah.... this show could have been good..... but it's not... at least not in my opinion.

The good:
it's colourful and the piano version of the dubstep song is really pretty.

The not so good:
because girls litterally melt and get cut in half there is a lot of censorship.
when they melt theres white smoke everywhere... when they get cut up it's a black smudge.... it just looks rediculous..... but it's not the funniest part.... all the nuditiy is censored by blinding glares of light.... and it's pretty humours even though it's not supposed to be... it's just like "oh no you pulled off my top and now light from the heavens in shining from my bust.

The terrible:
*points to the spoiler filled ranty bit* it just got too stupid and too convenient. when a problem is introduced but then immediately solved... thats not good story telling... simply saying "oh i can do this thing" is not good storytelling. it felt really rushed but it also didn't leave an opening for another season.... i mean it does but not really cause obviously time has passed.

But still make your own opinion [even though i spoiled a lot i left out key things], the entire series is available on crunchyroll (though you'll have to wait a week from when this is posted to see the last episode if you are not a premium member)

they kinda hint that maybe there will be a season two... i don't see how but whatever... i'm done with this show.
also i'll be catching up on things cause Summer Games done quick became my BG noise for the week so now i need to catch up on the normal BG noise... but yeah... also means catching up on shows... may end up doing a bunch of these rambles in a row.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

First impressions: PS3 and Tales of Xillia

so.... i'm a little tiny itty bitty bit late to the party when it comes to owning a PS3.... but i promise i kinda sorta have a reason why.

When the system first came out our dollar was in the crapper and the system was easily 100 bucks more then the original (and ridiculous) launch value.
I could afford it.... but spending an insane amount of money on a system was not something i wanted to do... i needed to save for college... plus the system didn't have any games i wanted for a long time.

Then second year of college hit.
and all these games i wanted came out...
unfortunately that was also the year i completely screwed up my arm and was forced to quit my job because between shitty min wage job that i hated and school... school won out.... but that meant that i had to make the amount in my bank account last till the end of the year since i had a summer job lined up. I just couldn't afford a now much cheaper system.

After finishing college i thought about getting one but then i ended up turning that one summer job into a on and off again job.... and while that mean i had more then enough to buy the system.... 7 days a week and 12 hour days doesn't allow for much video game time... so i held off... again.

Then the ps4 was annouced and it had a still unreleased rental system to allow for playing older games.
however there were no price announcements, not hint on how it all would work and in the end there is just nothing on the ps4 that makes me wanna buy the system just yet... a year or two from now... maybe.... but at the time no.

then just a little while ago we started seeing the start of the system and the prices were... well they were less then optimal... I made a joke that it would be cheaper to buy a ps3 and then in a few years when games i wanna play come out i can also get a ps4...
there was no rush because as long as i had a dvd player there was no point in actually buying the ps3 (which will be a glorified bluray player 90% of the time but will also play games so yay)
well the day i said that.... like... within an hour of saying it.... my dvd player died.
considering it has a sony logo on it... i think it heard me and this is all a conspiracy.

anyways.... in need of a new Bluray player and not planning to own a ps4 for at least 2 more years..... i ordered a ps3 and here we are.

So yeah, i like it... it's a good system... the controller works well for my tiny hands and has good weight...
it is refiurbished btu i mean my ps2 which was refurbished is still alive so.... hopefully no problems.
however something odd happened... after set up i noticed it had a game loaded up... it wasn't supposed to come with anything so i hit the eject button and Assassins creed 3 pops out.

well it's not a game i would ever play but hey... wont scoff at a free game... i guess?

Now i did buy a game when i ordered the system.... i was going to get graces f but it was sold out so i got Xillia instead.

i've heard mixed things but honestly... don't really care it's a tales games and even the bad ones *coughsymphoniacough* are decent.

First impression of the game:
It's so pretty..... i'm just happy i get to use my hd tv for... hd stuff.... a novel concept i know. The look reminds me a bit of ToS2 but less Brushstroke feeling which is a bit of a bummer.... so far ToS2 has my fav look/character design of the entire series.
The voice acting is both decent and grating.... some lines are fairly wooden while others work fine... i wish i could switch to japanese voices but that doesn't seem to be an option... i know they added the ability in a recent game but not yet apparently.
I hate Milla's design...
i mean her outfit is fine
but she doesn't have a ribcage..... it really bothers me.... it just looks... wrong....
btu yeah if i ever refer to a character as ribless i am talking about her.
Jude seems fine... typical blank slate (which the series doesn't tend to do so... i hope he gets developed more.)
I did start off with Jude cause... again ribless just doesn't look right but i figure if i get through the game i can play again and ignore the lack of ribs.

and then my other first impression which has pretty much nothing to do with the game... more to do with the series.
I made a quip over on twitter that pretty much went like this.

"We have come a long way from 'iftheir is evil in the world it lies in the hearts of mankind'"

for those who don't know the line i quoted is the very first line in Tales of Phantasia.

then the cutscene goes on (i'm going to paraphrase for a second cause i have only seen ti once)
"everythign is happy and good but if there were evil in the world it would probably be in the heart of hand"

so then i burst out laughing cause yeah.... it was just a return to the start of the series.... which got be thinking.
while the games do tend to recycle spirits names (considering that they all come from mythology) this game reuses Maxwell which i on;y remember being used in Phantasia.... that being said i haven't played many of the tales of games so who knows... maybe maxwell is in every one... but it gives it a major connection to phantasia.... like the other four are also summons in phantasia but i'm pretty certain all of those are common through the games (except maybe gnome...)
so until i am proven otherwise... and hell even after i am proven otherwise i am convinced that this is in the Symphonia, Phantasia world(s)

i mean.... it could be way past phantasia wince it's technologically advanced.... and they could be repeating a mistake from the past by having a weapon that absorbs mana and spirits to be super powerful..... it could happen....
and theres probably a big tree somewhere i can label as Yggdrasil...  which would confirm my theory....
or maybe we are on [major spoilers for a game thats probably over 20 years old... yay] and this is when [still spoiler].... that would be neat...

but yeah... enjoyingthe story so far... it's not as interestign as Vesperia, Abyss or Phantasia but i am barely into it... maybe it changes.

but serious if chameleon shows up..... i'll call my completely wrong fan theory confirmed.

so yeah enjoying my pretty new system so far... i'll be watching some of the blue rays i own thanks to combo pack but i also got a crap load of anime today as well... and there is one dvd i can't watch till second chapter comes out but thats okay.... i'll wait.... i've waited for so long already....

oh and if you have suggestions on jrpgs to try or vis novels.... i'll see if i can find them 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

One Week Friends

This is the show that i expected would make me cry.... and it didn't.
Thats not a bad thing i'm just surprised.

The story follows Kaori and Hase.
He wants to be her friend buit theres is a catch, kaori has insanely specific amnesia where all her memories of friends are reset on monday.

The show is essentially about dealing with what seems like an impossible hurdle and still managing to have friendships.

There are two problems.

1. Hase is probably one of the most annoying main characters i have ever seen. he's always whining or complaining or being incredibly selfish with his actions but the show plays it up as being caring and sorry.... i'm just not buying it... half the shit he does is solely for his own personal gain and her feelings come second... especially true in the last few episodes when another character is introduced and he starts complaining that if he isn't as special as the other guy whats the point.
he's just unlikeable.

2. their mouths are so far down their faces...
i know it's a strange thing to complain about but every time a show has the nose super high and the mouth where the chin is i cringe a little. it is enough to break immersion for me and is probably why they show never got tears out of me.... i was too busy thinking "why did they make their faces too like that?!"

that being said.... the show is very good... just not as good as i was hoping for.

The good:
Animation (despite the silly anatomy), music and story... all the characters are fully developed and it works well (that being said every single character is more interesting then hase)

The not so good:
it's only 12 episodes so it feels a bit rushed... would have loved to see more time given to the transfer student arc or hase's friends story...

The bad:
seriously if i had to hear Hase whine about some stupid bullshit one more time i probably would have stopped watching the show. it was that irritating to me.... especially since half the shit he complains about could have been solved by talking to the other person.

Still if you are curious and enjoy slice of life give the show a watch...

okay back to watching Summer Games done quick...

Saturday, 21 June 2014

La corda d'oro -Blue Sky-

wow both my reverse harem shows finishign on the same day...

I saw the other seasons of La corda d'oro a long time ago... long before i started writing these.
I remember that i enjoyed them.... i remmeber that theres a girl who wants to play violin.... and then theres a fairy with a magic violin... and then she breaks it... and has to learn the real way to play.

and...... thats it.... i can't remember anything else.
But still part of me seems to remmeber enjoying it... so thats why i watched this season.

what a waste of time.
first, wow this show doesn't want to be outdone.. .there must be like... 15 different options in this reverse harem...
adn how i mentioned that Yui was the getter done type? well Kohinata in this is the wilting flower type... it gets really annoying really.

but thats not even why this show was so blah.... it takes itself SUPER seriously... people faint due to music on occasions. two people have massive trauma because of one competition in the past.

it's just........ really stupid.

The good:
 The classical music is good.
theres a lot of colour.

the bad:
the rest of the music sucks, the animation is some of the laziest i have ever seen and i don't care about any of the characters... there could have been an interesting story in there.... either about someone who has lost their love of music or lost their physical ability to play and needs to learn how to deal...
we get 12 episodes of "oh no if i win then they lose" and "oh wow you love me to?" and my personal favourite "lets play music while focusing on a still of the characters and/or have everyone reacting to the fantasy background created by the magic fairy ring..."
oh i didn't mention the pointless magic fairy ring? well.. it's there... and it shows images to everyone when music is played.... and thats about it... it serves no purpose other then "well we figured you didn't want to be watching everyone play in an auditorium for 12 episodes so look.... pretty images"

The worst:
The set up to the plot makes no sense.
*clears thraot*
"theres going to be a music competition" the MC exclaims.
"fun fact, you two are now registered in this school in a different town  and you will join the orchesta club because i am the megane and i make the rules!" the megane exclaims
then 11 episodes of "i don;t know if i'm cut out for this... oh wait if i just have a shred of confidence i can do it but i dunno i'm still so unsure."
then one episode of "i can do it after all and save everyone cause music has that power."

If you really must see every reverse harem show... i guess watch it... but it's really pretty terrible.... i don't remember if it's any better or worse then the first two seasons but hey... i remember those more then i do this and i saw them over 3 years ago so versus just over the past season.

go watch kamigami no asobi instead... much much much better. 

Kamigami no Asobi

aka Playground of the gods
aka Ludere Deorum

Needs more transformation sequences.
you know how rare it is to get magical boy transformations? i personally have never seen it anywhere else... or at least not with this much fanservice.
also needed more glasses.... just put all the guys in glasses... then it would have been perfect... at least to me. 

Okay needs two get two things aside.
This is easily one of the best reverse harem shows i have ever seen
This did end up making me cry... not that it's difficult but it managed.

Also i may end up spoiling some things but if you know anything about mythology..... i'm not really spoiling anything... but yeah i can't talk abotu the show without spoilers so.... I liked it, if you like fun shows with lots of pretty boys or love mythology you will get a kick out of it.
i call it a reverse harem but it's only that in the sense that there are vaguely romantic settings and more guys then girls.... however i think it's missing a key thing to be a true reverse harem.

ANYWAYS.... potential spoilers from here on.

when the show started with a male striptease transformation sequence i knew one thing... this show was just going to be a lot of fun.

You get 6 main gods (and cause i love mythology a mini lesson).
Apollo (pronounces Apollon in the show) who is the god of a lot of things but we will focus on Sun and profecy... he's also son to zeus (though uncle in the show [also who isn't zues' kid in greek mythology... i mean really]) and has a sister who is never mentioned.

Hades who is easily the most fun character with his constant brooding over misfortune, of course he is known for being the god of the underworld [tartarus], brother to Zeus and Posiedan.

Bladr (balder? good old norse names) who is famously one of a few gods that actually dies. He has a dream about his death and goes crying to his mother... his mother gathers everything in the world and tells them not to harm him and they agree... all but mistletoe but since it's a harmless plant (despite being poisonus but we just wont talk about that) she didn't care too much.... fast forward many years and the gods enjoy throwing stuff at Baldr since nothing hits him.
Loki being the trickster that he is tricks Badrs Blind brother hodor (i think i spelled it wrong) into throwing a mistletow stick (or spear depending where you read) and it hits Baldr's heart, kills him and then that sets in motion Ragnarok. oh and he's the god of light.

did i mention norse is my fav mythology?.... cause it is.... anyways.

Loki who is also a lot of fun cause who doesn't love a trickster... easily the character that gets the most character development and i love that about this show. it's a little sucky that there is no shape shifting which is kinda what he's know to do... but i understand why the focused on the other things he did more cause.. .we only have 12 episodes. still while he isn't really a god of anything specific... he is the cause of earthquakes according to the mythos and i don't remember what the show attaches him to... darkness probably.

Then we have the gods i know nothing about cause North american mythology classes never talk about Asian Mythology.

Susano'o no Mikoto who from the show we see that he let someone [the love if his life?] die and was exilled from it. again i don't know more cause... well i'd have to do more research and i do wanna talk about the show eventually. he is the god of the sea

Tsukito Totsuka (i can't find his god name on any research... so.... yeah) he is the god of the moon and has a bunny.... he doesn't get much screen time which is a bit sad cause i would have loved to know more.

there are more but.... i think i should continue.

anyways those 6 and Yui, a human girl, get transported to a garden by Zeus (cause he's mean) in the sky and must fill a chalice with water that represents understanding huumans all within a year so they can graduate.

but who are we all kidding... it's about magical boy transformation funtimes and getting in slightly romantic situations with pretty boys.

The sad/best part is that this show is fairly accurte to every gods mythology.... not a 100% but pretty damn close... and even though it made me go "but that isn't how that happened" once i was still in love with how it was meshing it's own story with the actual mythology.

there is one thing...
one itty bitty thing.... that makes me sad.
One of the characters does something..... uh... he gets very possessive.... and if i haven't been clear in other reviews i really cannot stand that...
But unlike Amnesia, the character that is possessive is not rewarded.... hell he's not even entirely forgiven.... but still when he started acting like that i'll be honest... my heart broke a little since he was my fav going in [for more then obvious reasons]... still by the end i have a different favourite all beacuse of how he acts in one episode.

still... despite the sillyness of the entire premise it is really well done.

The good:
Music, character (both design and personality), the amount of colour is lovely, the transformation sequences are perfect (but honestly could have happened more often and been longer), the fact that Yui isn't just the trembling flower... she works hard to get things done and thats kind of refreshing in anime.

The not so good
So short... 12 episodes? you are killing me.... come on do a season 2... please?

The unforgivable
Seriously no one has even slightly bad eyesight? i mean i get tht they are gods but really?just one pair of glasses....

but seriously i did love this show... i should probably just be on the fence about it but it was way too much fun. Sentai licensed it (i know NISA would never go for this kind of title but i will be honest... i hoped they would get it... but i hope they get everything.... ) so i'll be owning it eventually...
and seriously... season 2... it could be good times.... and considering where they are maybe one of their *coughbaldrcough* eyesight could be slightly bad.... just saying.

oh also seeing more of Thoth and Anubis would have been fun... oh well.
okay lets see what else finishes today... La Corda D'oro... well at least that will be short... and thats it for today... wonderful... see you soon.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Simple Things

i haven't posted much here lately, sorry about that... i've been dealing with a cold that just saps the energy to get anything done. On a positive note i may have a diagnosis for my arm issues and it's not scary or life threatening (cause after 8 years with no idea whats wrong with me thats where my mind kept going).... it's not curable either but i can probably manage it now that i have an idea why it's happening... just gotta see the doctor to confirm.

but next week and the week after i'll be posting because thats when most of the shows i'm watching end.
so yeah expect to hear me ramble about: La corda D'oro ~blue sky~ (if i catch up), Black Bullet, Brynhildr into Darkness, One week friends, Kamigami no Asobi, Mekakucity actors and Yowapeda (if i catch up, i'm like... 5 episdoes behind)

Oh and i've been bad about doing written process work stuff cause i have the videos now... i'll try to remember to do both and i may retroactively do one for the other original pieces i mean (cause the fan arts are just self explanatory.... i'm excited for sailor moon)

But what i actually wanted to ramble about has more to do with being an artist then the art i make.

This slump has sucked, i have been drawing every day but i'm just not happy with anything. A lot of people call this Artist Block... which i don't believe in because i can draw... i'm just not happy. But whatever you call it there is one truth.... it's just a pain in the ass.

The trigger for this slump happened to be a few things.

cold/allergies: When i'm sick i'm grumpy about everything... i just want to curl up in bed but at the same time i don't wanna waste the day.... so yeah big pouty sniffly mess who can't think straight.

I made a picture i was super happy with: i like all my art (when i create it... not so much the following week) but occasionally you hit that one "this is special" piece that just works... and even months later i can look at and be proud.... and those are wonderful... but for me they can trigger a slump because if the next piece isn't as good or not meshing as well... i just don't feel like i'm improving... which makes me not finish pieces as much which causes me to feel like i'm stagnating and then i'm so deep in the slump i just need to do something.

for me those two pieces were Prison and Waiting. both mermaid pictures which part of me loves but the other part wants to get away from... but i just was so thrilled with out they turned out.... that everything after has made me feel inadequate.

The last thing that happened was that i drew something i really liked but i don't think i have the skill to finish it the way i want. "but how can you sketch something but then think you aren't skilled enough" no one is asking... well i can draw it just fine... but the colouring... and rendering... and the fact that i want to set it at night.... i'm just doubting myself which is the worst possible thing to ever do in regards to anything.

The only thing worse then self doubt is jealousy.

As an artist, in any medium, jealousy is something that will happen... someone will always do better then you... it's sucks but you cannot let it control you.
I see things that i could have potentially made got for hundreds to thousands of dollars. I could look at it and go "why not me" or.... i can ignore it and just keep trying to improve and trying to get myself out there hopefully while not being too annoying. In the end i have always felt one way about my art.

If you like it... great, thats a bonus.... but honestly i don't make this for you... i make it for myself and as long as i can look at it an smile... thats all that matters... it's pretty selfish in the end but i make art to make myself happy, to keep myself sane... possibly because it's the only thing i'm good at.If these blogs have proven anything it's that i'm not terribly good at writing.

and just like al lthe slumps before it... this slump will pass and i will hopefully go on to make more eye bleedingly adorable things.
and more sailor moon fanart cause yeah.... i'm excited.

thanks for listening to my ramble and if you are still here then thank you for putting up with my random bouts of selfishness and self promotion.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

E3 2014

i actually got to watch for once, some fun times.

Now i'm the type of person who only realyl watches the Press cons and then i get the other big updates from Social media cause.... i have stuff to do with my time i can't watch the entire thing all week.

So This is just the press cons and a little bit of the extra nuintendo stuff (like the invitational.)

I may not like them much, i have never personally bought one of their systems but have always had an xbox of 360 in the house... they just don't tend to have games i enjoy.
that all being said i think the Media Breifing was pretty good... all about games.
I think they were in a bit of a no win situation.... if they had mentioned the kinect then they would have been the source of ridicule.... but also not mentioning it at all makes it seem like a failure or worse a waste of 100 bucks you were (until recently) forced to spend.
still even though i'm not a fan they did way better then last year so thats pretty good.

Not a fan of EA much either... i don't like the sims, i hate sports game... btu again they were fine... even if it was pretty boring.

It was painful... like they were pandering to the audience. when it started off with all that swearing that was out of nowhere and unneeded and unprofessional.... the press conference was slow and boring and barely focused on the games... cinematic trailers are nice but honestly meaningless... wasn't too impressed (but again.... not a fan of any of their series...)

It was good, lots of stuff that looks like it'll be fun when i get a Ps4.... though nothing that makes me want to get a ps4 now.... or even in 2015... they really need some good rpgs now...
the ability to play ps3 games will be nice but i wanna see how that all works before i buy.
i would have liked to see more games for vita, i know everyone sais it's dead so we wont get many games...
but that logic is stupid... of course it'll die if it has no games.... bring stuff out for it... and maybe it'll do well.
who cares that it's not doing as well as 3ds... the two are different systems and they are both very good.
but all we hear about is remote play... yeah not interested.

It's looking pretty likely that i'll be getting a wii u within a year. smash is looking good, the zelda games look fun (though those are not system sellers for me personally)
no the system seller for me, and this may be a shock... if they announce tht the new starfox is like the 64 versions (ie on rails with a path)... i will go out an buy a wii u so fast.
there are other gamesi want but a on rails type star fox game will have me sold.
but they keep just teasing it.... evil.
the amiibo's are cute...... i know my friends are all really excited for them... they loo kreally well made.... they also look like a cash grab.
thats not gunna stop me from getting marth... but yeah... not hugely excited to be spending more money.

It was fun but wow that host really didn't wanna be there... he seemed incredibly bored and annoyed.... i'm sure he's a really nice guy and a good journalist but yeah... just brought the energy down.
but yeah the new smash looks nice and quick... love all the characters... i hope they announce even more before the release in October.... some SMT characters would be funny (yeah it'll NEVER happen)
but yeah it was nice... a bit over the top with the commentary but it was fun so all good.
wasn't a fan of the fan aspect but thats completely personal opinion.

and thats all i care about.... i'll update this when star fox is finally shown... and if anything else really looked interesting (like Ys 8 [never happen] or Pokemon snap 2 [not likely to happen])

but yeah hope you continue to enjoy E3!