Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mekakucity Actors

unlike my last little ramble i wont be spoiling anything.... not that i think it's even really possible to spoil stuff... it's complicated.

Also side note i have only seen one of the kagerou project videos.... Heat Haze and i saw it a few months before this show came on so i know i'm missing out on part of the story that are probably more fleshed out in the songs... i'll probably go check out the rest of the songs when i get a chance.

Every so often i end up watching a show that i call "WTF shows"
these shows tend to be on the artsier side of the scale and almost always make little to no sense till the end.

This show is just that. 12 Episodes of "i'm interested but what is going on" and "damn these visuals are interesting" followed by "wow it's nice how they tied pretty much everything up......... still dont understand everything thats happened but thats okay."

I would say it's probably better to go in without knowing the accompanying vocaloid songs cause the one i did know was a bit of a spoiler. but i have a feeling in order to get the entire picture it's best to watch the music as well.

The good:
The story.... it's crazy and never fully explains itself but you know what? it still works and makes sense and by the end you don't feel like you just wasted your time.... unlike that other show i talked about today.
The animation.... it has some stupid poses (i've been told that it's the 'shaft pose' sicne that animation house does it a lot) but the animation and artsy colourful style work well with the feeling of the show... it's a bit blockier then i tend to like but again... it works... if this was animated with softer colours like clannad or Natsume yuujinchou it would just be ridiculou.
The music... from what i understand there was a project that stemmed from the manga or perhaps the music was weaved into a story that was turned into a manga.... ? i don't know if thats fully right but either way it makes this show have some really well done and catchy music. 

The disappointing:
The ended is a tiny bit rushed... even one more ep may have been nice... but i could just be in my "i didn't want it to end" stage... still i would have liked if it continued on.

otherwise.... i can't think of a negative.... well other then what happened to [insert character] i mean i assume they [spoiler?] but it's never really mentioned despite being mentioned constantly [cause that makes sense]

so yeah... if you can stomach a show that takes 12 episodes to get to the point while being interesting and different along the way give this a shot.
if you hate artsy anime that is more focused on the visual language instead of giving you the plot.... then maybe just give it a try and see if you can handle it.

oh whats Mekakucity actors about?..... just go watch it.... it would be faster then me trying to explain it.

but yeah i enjoyed it.

hm.... looks like i have two other shows that finish in the upcoming week and everything continues into the next season...
gotta say.... looking forward to a year of sailor moon~ i really hope it's good...

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