Saturday, 21 June 2014

Kamigami no Asobi

aka Playground of the gods
aka Ludere Deorum

Needs more transformation sequences.
you know how rare it is to get magical boy transformations? i personally have never seen it anywhere else... or at least not with this much fanservice.
also needed more glasses.... just put all the guys in glasses... then it would have been perfect... at least to me. 

Okay needs two get two things aside.
This is easily one of the best reverse harem shows i have ever seen
This did end up making me cry... not that it's difficult but it managed.

Also i may end up spoiling some things but if you know anything about mythology..... i'm not really spoiling anything... but yeah i can't talk abotu the show without spoilers so.... I liked it, if you like fun shows with lots of pretty boys or love mythology you will get a kick out of it.
i call it a reverse harem but it's only that in the sense that there are vaguely romantic settings and more guys then girls.... however i think it's missing a key thing to be a true reverse harem.

ANYWAYS.... potential spoilers from here on.

when the show started with a male striptease transformation sequence i knew one thing... this show was just going to be a lot of fun.

You get 6 main gods (and cause i love mythology a mini lesson).
Apollo (pronounces Apollon in the show) who is the god of a lot of things but we will focus on Sun and profecy... he's also son to zeus (though uncle in the show [also who isn't zues' kid in greek mythology... i mean really]) and has a sister who is never mentioned.

Hades who is easily the most fun character with his constant brooding over misfortune, of course he is known for being the god of the underworld [tartarus], brother to Zeus and Posiedan.

Bladr (balder? good old norse names) who is famously one of a few gods that actually dies. He has a dream about his death and goes crying to his mother... his mother gathers everything in the world and tells them not to harm him and they agree... all but mistletoe but since it's a harmless plant (despite being poisonus but we just wont talk about that) she didn't care too much.... fast forward many years and the gods enjoy throwing stuff at Baldr since nothing hits him.
Loki being the trickster that he is tricks Badrs Blind brother hodor (i think i spelled it wrong) into throwing a mistletow stick (or spear depending where you read) and it hits Baldr's heart, kills him and then that sets in motion Ragnarok. oh and he's the god of light.

did i mention norse is my fav mythology?.... cause it is.... anyways.

Loki who is also a lot of fun cause who doesn't love a trickster... easily the character that gets the most character development and i love that about this show. it's a little sucky that there is no shape shifting which is kinda what he's know to do... but i understand why the focused on the other things he did more cause.. .we only have 12 episodes. still while he isn't really a god of anything specific... he is the cause of earthquakes according to the mythos and i don't remember what the show attaches him to... darkness probably.

Then we have the gods i know nothing about cause North american mythology classes never talk about Asian Mythology.

Susano'o no Mikoto who from the show we see that he let someone [the love if his life?] die and was exilled from it. again i don't know more cause... well i'd have to do more research and i do wanna talk about the show eventually. he is the god of the sea

Tsukito Totsuka (i can't find his god name on any research... so.... yeah) he is the god of the moon and has a bunny.... he doesn't get much screen time which is a bit sad cause i would have loved to know more.

there are more but.... i think i should continue.

anyways those 6 and Yui, a human girl, get transported to a garden by Zeus (cause he's mean) in the sky and must fill a chalice with water that represents understanding huumans all within a year so they can graduate.

but who are we all kidding... it's about magical boy transformation funtimes and getting in slightly romantic situations with pretty boys.

The sad/best part is that this show is fairly accurte to every gods mythology.... not a 100% but pretty damn close... and even though it made me go "but that isn't how that happened" once i was still in love with how it was meshing it's own story with the actual mythology.

there is one thing...
one itty bitty thing.... that makes me sad.
One of the characters does something..... uh... he gets very possessive.... and if i haven't been clear in other reviews i really cannot stand that...
But unlike Amnesia, the character that is possessive is not rewarded.... hell he's not even entirely forgiven.... but still when he started acting like that i'll be honest... my heart broke a little since he was my fav going in [for more then obvious reasons]... still by the end i have a different favourite all beacuse of how he acts in one episode.

still... despite the sillyness of the entire premise it is really well done.

The good:
Music, character (both design and personality), the amount of colour is lovely, the transformation sequences are perfect (but honestly could have happened more often and been longer), the fact that Yui isn't just the trembling flower... she works hard to get things done and thats kind of refreshing in anime.

The not so good
So short... 12 episodes? you are killing me.... come on do a season 2... please?

The unforgivable
Seriously no one has even slightly bad eyesight? i mean i get tht they are gods but really?just one pair of glasses....

but seriously i did love this show... i should probably just be on the fence about it but it was way too much fun. Sentai licensed it (i know NISA would never go for this kind of title but i will be honest... i hoped they would get it... but i hope they get everything.... ) so i'll be owning it eventually...
and seriously... season 2... it could be good times.... and considering where they are maybe one of their *coughbaldrcough* eyesight could be slightly bad.... just saying.

oh also seeing more of Thoth and Anubis would have been fun... oh well.
okay lets see what else finishes today... La Corda D'oro... well at least that will be short... and thats it for today... wonderful... see you soon.

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