Sunday, 22 June 2014

One Week Friends

This is the show that i expected would make me cry.... and it didn't.
Thats not a bad thing i'm just surprised.

The story follows Kaori and Hase.
He wants to be her friend buit theres is a catch, kaori has insanely specific amnesia where all her memories of friends are reset on monday.

The show is essentially about dealing with what seems like an impossible hurdle and still managing to have friendships.

There are two problems.

1. Hase is probably one of the most annoying main characters i have ever seen. he's always whining or complaining or being incredibly selfish with his actions but the show plays it up as being caring and sorry.... i'm just not buying it... half the shit he does is solely for his own personal gain and her feelings come second... especially true in the last few episodes when another character is introduced and he starts complaining that if he isn't as special as the other guy whats the point.
he's just unlikeable.

2. their mouths are so far down their faces...
i know it's a strange thing to complain about but every time a show has the nose super high and the mouth where the chin is i cringe a little. it is enough to break immersion for me and is probably why they show never got tears out of me.... i was too busy thinking "why did they make their faces too like that?!"

that being said.... the show is very good... just not as good as i was hoping for.

The good:
Animation (despite the silly anatomy), music and story... all the characters are fully developed and it works well (that being said every single character is more interesting then hase)

The not so good:
it's only 12 episodes so it feels a bit rushed... would have loved to see more time given to the transfer student arc or hase's friends story...

The bad:
seriously if i had to hear Hase whine about some stupid bullshit one more time i probably would have stopped watching the show. it was that irritating to me.... especially since half the shit he complains about could have been solved by talking to the other person.

Still if you are curious and enjoy slice of life give the show a watch...

okay back to watching Summer Games done quick...

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