Saturday, 21 June 2014

La corda d'oro -Blue Sky-

wow both my reverse harem shows finishign on the same day...

I saw the other seasons of La corda d'oro a long time ago... long before i started writing these.
I remember that i enjoyed them.... i remmeber that theres a girl who wants to play violin.... and then theres a fairy with a magic violin... and then she breaks it... and has to learn the real way to play.

and...... thats it.... i can't remember anything else.
But still part of me seems to remmeber enjoying it... so thats why i watched this season.

what a waste of time.
first, wow this show doesn't want to be outdone.. .there must be like... 15 different options in this reverse harem...
adn how i mentioned that Yui was the getter done type? well Kohinata in this is the wilting flower type... it gets really annoying really.

but thats not even why this show was so blah.... it takes itself SUPER seriously... people faint due to music on occasions. two people have massive trauma because of one competition in the past.

it's just........ really stupid.

The good:
 The classical music is good.
theres a lot of colour.

the bad:
the rest of the music sucks, the animation is some of the laziest i have ever seen and i don't care about any of the characters... there could have been an interesting story in there.... either about someone who has lost their love of music or lost their physical ability to play and needs to learn how to deal...
we get 12 episodes of "oh no if i win then they lose" and "oh wow you love me to?" and my personal favourite "lets play music while focusing on a still of the characters and/or have everyone reacting to the fantasy background created by the magic fairy ring..."
oh i didn't mention the pointless magic fairy ring? well.. it's there... and it shows images to everyone when music is played.... and thats about it... it serves no purpose other then "well we figured you didn't want to be watching everyone play in an auditorium for 12 episodes so look.... pretty images"

The worst:
The set up to the plot makes no sense.
*clears thraot*
"theres going to be a music competition" the MC exclaims.
"fun fact, you two are now registered in this school in a different town  and you will join the orchesta club because i am the megane and i make the rules!" the megane exclaims
then 11 episodes of "i don;t know if i'm cut out for this... oh wait if i just have a shred of confidence i can do it but i dunno i'm still so unsure."
then one episode of "i can do it after all and save everyone cause music has that power."

If you really must see every reverse harem show... i guess watch it... but it's really pretty terrible.... i don't remember if it's any better or worse then the first two seasons but hey... i remember those more then i do this and i saw them over 3 years ago so versus just over the past season.

go watch kamigami no asobi instead... much much much better. 

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