Tuesday, 10 June 2014

E3 2014

i actually got to watch for once, some fun times.

Now i'm the type of person who only realyl watches the Press cons and then i get the other big updates from Social media cause.... i have stuff to do with my time i can't watch the entire thing all week.

So This is just the press cons and a little bit of the extra nuintendo stuff (like the invitational.)

I may not like them much, i have never personally bought one of their systems but have always had an xbox of 360 in the house... they just don't tend to have games i enjoy.
that all being said i think the Media Breifing was pretty good... all about games.
I think they were in a bit of a no win situation.... if they had mentioned the kinect then they would have been the source of ridicule.... but also not mentioning it at all makes it seem like a failure or worse a waste of 100 bucks you were (until recently) forced to spend.
still even though i'm not a fan they did way better then last year so thats pretty good.

Not a fan of EA much either... i don't like the sims, i hate sports game... btu again they were fine... even if it was pretty boring.

It was painful... like they were pandering to the audience. when it started off with all that swearing that was out of nowhere and unneeded and unprofessional.... the press conference was slow and boring and barely focused on the games... cinematic trailers are nice but honestly meaningless... wasn't too impressed (but again.... not a fan of any of their series...)

It was good, lots of stuff that looks like it'll be fun when i get a Ps4.... though nothing that makes me want to get a ps4 now.... or even in 2015... they really need some good rpgs now...
the ability to play ps3 games will be nice but i wanna see how that all works before i buy.
i would have liked to see more games for vita, i know everyone sais it's dead so we wont get many games...
but that logic is stupid... of course it'll die if it has no games.... bring stuff out for it... and maybe it'll do well.
who cares that it's not doing as well as 3ds... the two are different systems and they are both very good.
but all we hear about is remote play... yeah not interested.

It's looking pretty likely that i'll be getting a wii u within a year. smash is looking good, the zelda games look fun (though those are not system sellers for me personally)
no the system seller for me, and this may be a shock... if they announce tht the new starfox is like the 64 versions (ie on rails with a path)... i will go out an buy a wii u so fast.
there are other gamesi want but a on rails type star fox game will have me sold.
but they keep just teasing it.... evil.
the amiibo's are cute...... i know my friends are all really excited for them... they loo kreally well made.... they also look like a cash grab.
thats not gunna stop me from getting marth... but yeah... not hugely excited to be spending more money.

It was fun but wow that host really didn't wanna be there... he seemed incredibly bored and annoyed.... i'm sure he's a really nice guy and a good journalist but yeah... just brought the energy down.
but yeah the new smash looks nice and quick... love all the characters... i hope they announce even more before the release in October.... some SMT characters would be funny (yeah it'll NEVER happen)
but yeah it was nice... a bit over the top with the commentary but it was fun so all good.
wasn't a fan of the fan aspect but thats completely personal opinion.

and thats all i care about.... i'll update this when star fox is finally shown... and if anything else really looked interesting (like Ys 8 [never happen] or Pokemon snap 2 [not likely to happen])

but yeah hope you continue to enjoy E3!

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