Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Year End Top 10: the not so good

So now everything this past year was perfect.
Some things were downright terrible
This will cover everything (or at least games and Anime cause i didn't read any books that pissed me off this year)

Also i have 10 things... i can make top ten lists after all~

ok... everything is my personal opinion, i'm not saying anything is bad just that it didn't do it for me.

Onto the list.

10. Kurenai

During last years Rightstuf sale i took a risk with some cheaper titles that had interestign concepts.
Yeah i remember why i try shows out first now.
This show has a neat concept, guy has a demonic arm and works as a bit of a... odd jobs/mercenary type thing.
He's forced to protect this rich girl and it's about how she learns what it means to be less fortunate and he learns how to care for something instead of destroy it.
oh wait... no that was the better version i wrote in my head.
i mean she does have to live like a poor person... but he doesn't grow at all and just protects her... then cause it's Japan the girl falls in love with him (did i mention she's like... 8) and even though he says "yeah i'm waiting till your older" we end the series with nothing gained and just wasted potential.

9. Kuroko's Basketball

I don't tend to enjoy sports anime because they almost always get over powered and they have to win forthe plot to progress and they start naming moves and it's just so stupid.
But Kuroko was different... the music was amazing, they weren't overpowered and the moved went un-named.
that was until... the pass that only Kuroko can do was performed...
and it all went down from there.
The show became all about the Generation of miracles... games became 6-7 episodes long
the powers got dumber and dumber and the titular character was being left in the dust.
By the end of the final season i had to wait for the show to finish and just marathon it to get it over and done with.
it was painful... but i was so close to the end i didn't want to give up.
i kinda wish i just walked away.
oh well... Haikyuu wont do this to me will it?
will... it?

8. Nisekoi:

... it was pointless.
the plot didn't progress at all and just added silly unnecessary characters.
Like i get it's a  harem show but... things still need to move forward at some point.

7. Plastic Memories
I enjoyed elements of the show but part of me wishes it pushed it's concept a bit more... it has some fairly thought provoking scenes and does little to nothing with it. so this show isn't bad i'm just disappointed it wasn't better.

6. Parasyte -The Maxim-

this show is awesome rigth up until the end where it gets preachy and stupid and once again... completely tosses away a neat concept.
this is more my issue with zombie/parasyte story types in general because in the end... to have a satisfying conclusion you either have to get rid of the problem or kill everyone off in a blase of glory.
another show that dealt with this type of theme did a good job of ending on a final yet somewhat ambiguous note... parasyte just couldn't pull it off.
plus some of the design choices or rules just... seem incredibly convenient where it's almost to the point of taking away any sense of fear you may have for any character.
So if you do watch it... don't watch the final episode... you'll thank me.

5. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

We got this instead of a third season of Melancholy of haruhi Suzumiya.
Yeah i was a bit sad about it then but i figured it may be neat being in the other timeline.
until i realized not only do i not really enjoy Yuki x kyon... i really don't enjoy it when everything thats interesting about Yuki is taken away.
they took away all of her personality.... which is amazing cause her whole thing is she seems emotionless even though she really isn't.
I'm just sad... i want them to animate certain things... i want the ski lodge story....
I want to meet Kyons old odd friend thats been hinted at.
i want the final scene of the book animated... i want it so badly
and we are never going to get it
so getting this spinoff was just like a bunch of paper cuts really close together while lemon juice and salt is being rubbed into them.
and also nothing happens and it's all pointless so..... theres that too.

4. Blood Blockade Battlefront

I wanted this show cause damn that intro song is pretty... i really enjoy Bump of Chicken.
At best the show is a mediocre pointless anime trying so hard to be deep but showing is has nothing under the surface.
At worst it's a waste of time cause again... nothing is accomplished... you think something is but then the last scene says NOPE...
I don't get why this happens so often... why are some shows hell bent on wasting our time.
However Hello, world is really really pretty.

3. Charlotte

I am more sure then ever that Key/Visual Arts peaked with Clannad.
they had never done anything that good before (though i do like Kanon 2006) and all their titles after have been mediocre.
This one however crossed a line with me.
Spoilers: not all the characters survive.
this is something i tend to like in a show since most shows have characters covered in plot armor.
However this one particular thing happens after they don't survive and it actually triggered a part of my brain that i didn't realize would react that way... I just flew into a blind rage.
I nearly dropped the show then and there but i was pretty far into it.
but ever since that moment i was angry with the show... annoyed that it brought out such pure anger in me.... it made the rest of the shows rushed plot just an irritating nag of "i have better shit to do with my time".
stuff that could have been done in another 13 episodes is done in about 2 or 3.
I was happy when the show ended... and i honestly don't know if i'll ever watch a new Key/visual arts show.
But hey at least Clannad is stil lreally good (and actually better having watched it as both a highschooler and an adult)

2. Brandish

A falcom game?! on my top ten Not good things?!
well i would have put Ys6 here but... i needed it for the other list...
I barely got to play this... because apparently random dungeons + insta death traps + roguelike elements = Anxiety through the roof.
in the second 'area' there was a hallway with buttons and some would shoot arrows and on released a boulder and i had to guess.
plus monsters trying to kill me.
anyways i guessed wrong, and the stress of trying to get away and failing coupled with insta death plus really not giving a shit about the story pushed me into a mild Anxiety attack and i knew i could never play the game again.
I wanted to like it but hey... i helped by giving them my money... i don't need to stress.

*deep sigh* and the most irritating annoying disappointing thing this past year was!

1. Sailor Moon Crystal

So... while Sailor moon wasn't my first anime (Dragon Ball was) it's the one that stuck with me the most.
I loved it, i would run home from school just to make it in time (cause school ended at 3:15 and it was on at 3:30 and i live 15-20 mins away on my short little legs)
So when they announced they were making more i was happy.
and then it came out as a retelling that followed the manga i was less happy cause the manga is really rushed.
Still when it came out oh boy i was a ball of joy.
and then the transformation sequence happened... and i knew this wasn't going to be a good time.
still i held onto hope!
then the other scouts started to show up... completely devoid of any personality past being the smart one, the psychic one, the strong one and the pretty one.
they added nothing to the story, had no character and all had equally terrible transformations scenes.
couple that with the countless times that Usagi said Mamoru or Tuxedo Kamen... and the completely pointlessness of everything as we wait for sailor moon to stop whining and attack.
it was like the show was actively trying to beat up my childhood.
but the thing is... i still have the original uncut DVDs
it was the fix boxset i ever purchased and i adored every second of it.
it still exists... my childhood is still intact (well... mostly)
so even though this show is a blatant cash grab i'm still glad it exists... because it reminds me of the good times.
and yeah i'll cave and watch next chunck of crystal... maybe the girls wil lactualyl get some personality....
ha ha ha no probably not.

But honestly 2015 wasn't that bad as far as games and anime are concerned (at least for me) and i hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

2015 Year End Top 10(ish): Games

Only one problem.... i didn't play 10 games.

So some ground rules.
I beat these games, anything i dropped will be on my next list depicting the worst/most annoying things of the year.

other then that... this should be much easier then the other list.

7. Ys VI: Arc of Napishtim

I love Ys.
I do not like Ys 6.
But i figured when it came out on GoG i figured... maybe i was wrong when i borrowed Ys 6 from a friend and threw my controller.
more then once.
so i bought it... and while the Trails of Alma are not in this version (YAY) the game is still the weakest one in the series.
the bosses are lame and the music, while decent, is nothing special.
So yeah it's last on the list... because the rest of the series is so much better... and has no long jump command...

6. Luminous Arc 2

So i put this game down years ago
but i wanted to beat some of my back log so i pulled it out and found out i was only 3 or 4 fights from the end.
It's a bit of a mixed bag as far as music and strategy goes. it's not a bad game... it's also not the best game out there... i'm not surprised we didn't get the other luminous arc games. (though i wouldn't mind playing them)
i would tell you the plot but... uh... i don't remember.

5. Atelier Shallie

I was quite disappointed in this game... it was supposed to be the end to the dusk sea trilogy... i was hoping for some closure.
but between the lack of any closure, lack of some key game mechanics (the time mechanic specifically) and generally unlikable characters... i didn't even want to finish this game... let alone play the other campaign.
maybe The Plus version will be better.
it's got Logy so thats already an improvment.
i didn't hate the game... but was not as enjoyable as the rest of the series.
but still better then Meruru. so thats something.
i would say the whole dusk sea trilogy is a wash but... logy... logy's story was great... just play Escha & Logy Plus when it comes here.

4. Atelier Rorona Plus

I really enjoyed this... i know a bit of a jump from the other Atelier game.
it's not as good as Totori but as the start of the Arland it is really enjoyable.
now i get to wait for the new one to come out with a plus version... cause the plus versions are always better.
The story is about Rorona, who is running a new Atelier because her lazy master is too busy sleeping to do any work.

3. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

This game is unforgiving, the lack of being able to rescue or double move on a horse changes the strategy.  However i adore this series and even though this game frustrated younger me who wished to save everyone... this went rather well.
The story is simple and much like many other Fire Emblem but i'm glad i have finally beat this one.
Now i just have to beat the Wii Fire emblem and i'll have beaten them all until the new one arrives..
wish me luck because the console fire emblems are brutal.

EDIT 2.5 Splatoon

I didn't have this in my log of games i beat cause... it's a multiplayer games... you don't really beat those.
I am terrible at Shooter type games and even worse at multiplayer titles but i really got into splatoon and even got pretty good at it.
i haven't played in a while due to other games taking up my time but if you want to add me as a friend and play let me know! user name Raichana (cause i'm super duper creative like that) 

Ok so now we come to an impass.

3 weeks ago i knew what my number 1 was
then i played another game...
and now i've been thinking.
does the thing i waited 4 years for, a game that made me cry by simply playing an instrument... and game that consumed an entire week of my life... a game i personally thank the Loc. team for bringing over... still trump a game that bends genre and what a video game can be.

 Yes... yes it can.

2. Undertale

The hype for this game is a blessing and a curse.
I would have never heard of it or tried it if not for the hype... but the hype (and comparisons to earthbound) also drove me away.
Let's plays are the only reason i game this game a chance. when i saw that this game had shoot em up type combat... and an amazing soundtrack... i figured i could push aside the hype and give it a chance.
I'm so glad i did.
it's not long... but going into the game mostly blind was a joy.
a lot of people harp on certain aspects of the story... i think thats kinda silly... the game doesn't harp on them... it treats everything as completely normal and it's wonderful for that reason.
I said it in my ramble and i'll say it here... i hope there are more games like this in the future... i hope that this game is seen as somewhat important in the future. It may not be... the haters who have never played the game may eventually bury this... but i enjoyed every moment... it will stick with me.

Which leaves...

1. Trails in the Sky Second Chapter

And no one was surprised. At least not if you know me.
Having the other end of that cliffhanger finally resolved was wonderful.
and now that i'm playing Cold Steel (which i may add to this list if i get it done in time) i'm enjoying even more of SC.
The amount of times this game made me sob... Falcom needs to stop making me emotionally attached to certain instruments. It was worth the wait.
the wait was agonizing... and i was sure it would never come but i'm so happy it has.
it also introduced my new fav character Kevin.
who is the protagonist of Trails in the Sky The Third.
a game that we are most likely never going to see.
and my heart is broken... but i'm thankful for what we have... (but i'm greedy and want Zero no kiseki and Ao no kiseki and Nayuta no Kiseki and also Tokyo Xanadu [i'd be amazed if we don't get this one] ... just all the falcom)
I said it in my ramble and even got a reply but i'll say it again here where i know they wont read.
Thank you to everyone who worked to localize this game, the writing is spot on perfection and i just adored every moment. I hope you continue to do amazing work and from the bottom of my heart... Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Now i'm off to play cold steel... (well hopefully, who knows today has been a bit crazy)
Happy new year everyone...
I enjoyed 2015, here's hoping 2016 is even better!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015 Year End Top 10(ish): Anime

Looks like i can finally work on some of these seeing as all my shows are over except a handful that go into next year and do not qualify for this list.

Also this has been the hardest top ten i have ever done.

Ground Rules:
All shows were watched Legally on Crunchyroll or Funimation or Daisuki, if your fav show isn't on the list it probably didn't come to either of those Sites... or i may have just not enjoyed it...

All of the shows on this list were finished by me in 2015... this doesn't limit the list to 2015 shows only... watched a lot of older stuff as well.

i'm going over 10... cause this year was actually full of stellar titles.

Honourable Mentions:

Trails in the Sky: Animation

While it's probably the most inaccurate title... as it only covers the first half of the second game (and completely leaves out the best character) i still had fun... just not enough for it to hit the numbered part of the list.
This i bought on DVD from Sentai~

The List:

18. Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE!

I adored this show, the concept of magical boys was done so well and the humor was on point.
But the reason this is in the last place on the list is simple.
The company that is distributing it in North America is charging 70+ for 4 episode 'special edition'
except it's not a special edition because there is no Regular edition THEREFOR the special edition IS the regular edition...
but that aside i would never pay 70 for 4 episodes.
Season 1 of Haruhi Suzumiya came close to that honestly but in the end i always got the sets on sale.
It kills me knowing i will never own this show (unless the company which is stupid enough to think a japanese price scale will work in north america gets it's head out of it's ass and prices based on what we have determined market value)
I understand why Aniplex pulled this kind of pricing for madoka magica (which i would love to own but no... not for that price)... but pony canyon is in for a world of hurt if they think this show has that kind of pull (same goes for Rokka which is at best a fun but mediocre show)
Happy we are getting season 2... upset it'll never be on my shelf. therefor last.
You can watching on Crunchyroll.

17. Wagnaria!!! (Working!!!)

This show has probably the slowest moving plot of any show i've enjoyed... but this past season was great with an amazing amount of growth.
I'm so sad that it's coming to an end... one final special to end it all.  wait... it's aired...
guess i jumped the gun on this.
Okay, now that i've watched it I am happy, very cute final episode... btu i can't put this any higher since i needed to be in a certain mood to even watch it... still loved it.
I believe all three seasons are available on crunchyroll.

16. Summer Wars

There were so many good shows this year that would feel kinda bad for putting this much higher.
I loved this movie, it's probably my fav of this director (though the girl who leaped through time is stellar as well.) So yeah go see it, i wish i could put it higher but i can't.
I do love how it shows technology as something that can be used to bond with different generation instead of fearing it.
Got the Bluray from Funimation... i do think it's on their website but only view able if you are a subscriber.

15. Mononoke

A Visually Stunning Anime that should be watched at least once if you can stomach some of the themes.
Again this would be higher but i'm still upset about that final episode. But the art and music still make it one of the best shows i've seen all year.
I would describe it but... a medicine seller does stuff.... the art is lovely... thats all i've got.
You can watch it on Crunchyroll

14. School Live!

Rarely do i watch a show simply because of a neat concept but i thoroughly enjoyed this show. I went in expecting a terrible show about Moe girls in a club (where they never leave the school hence the title) and i ended up with a wonderful show about moe girls in a club (ok there is more to it but check it out for yourself if you want!)
You can watch this on Crunchyroll.

13. Kamisama Kiss 2

I love Paranormal mixing with Current times... and i love romantic comedies (at least in anime) so smash the two together and it's bound to be a good time. I mean who doesn't love the story of a human turned God falling in love with her familiar...
However this feel like a middle season... and i know we will eventually get more so yay for cuteness (and a better intro song) but still fairly low on the list. '
You can watch it on Funimation

12. Death Parade

The intro to this show is addicting... also doesn't tell you about the show at all.
and interestign concept animated beautifully with a heart wrenching ending that still has stuck with me.
However... and i guess this is a bit of a spoiler... but oh well.. i get a bit annoyed with shows that don't have much progression. yes plot happened but where they are at the end is not very different from the start. yes they grew but... it doesn't really matter?
it's tough... still that ending... *sniffle*
You can watch it on Funimation

11. Gangsta.

I never expected to watch this show... the intro is full of scantily clad girls and drugs and needles and just felt super dark and gritty which i don't tend to like since people forget dark =/= mature.
But after watching the first episode and seeing it was much more then a show about a seedy town with a horrible class system... it was also about being able to lead a normal live (or hell be better then normal) when some people may think you have a disability... it shows in so many ways how it wasn't a disability at all.
it's not higher cause it just ends
and then the studio filed for bankruptcy.
I will eventually pick up the manga but having this show end and then reading that the company had vanished too... that was probably the most heartbreaking event this year.
Anyways you can watch it on Funimation.... They did a simuldub so that probably means they are putting out the Bluray eventually... otherwise if they aren't who knows how long the license will last.

10. Dance With Devils

My mind was blown when this reverse harem turned out to be a musical.
and yeah not all the music is great but a lot of it is really enjoyable.
But it didn't stop there, it wasn't afraid to push the boundaries for what a show primarily targeted at girls can be.
There is a lot of blood and gore.
Not everyone survives the series and no one is brought back through the power of friendship or love (despite there being literal devils to make deals with)
It is still pretty fresh in my mind, maybe if this had ended months ago it would be lower but these year end things always have to deal with time.
You can watch it on Funimation.

Ok see now we get to the problem.
if any of the following shows were in a separate year from each other... they could all possibly be my number 1 pick.
but they all ended up in 2015... so this is going to be fun.

9. Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon

Uh... this would be higher but.. i guess going on the anime alone it does leave some key world details that the novel goes in depth... and the cliffhanger ending is a bit of a FU but i'm sure that'll be resolved in another season.
The main thing about this show is that the title is terrible and doesn't do the show justice at all... the novel actually answers the titles question in the first line. "it's a terrible idea to pick up girls in a dungeon"
The show focuses around Bell, a new adventurer who seems to be growing abnormally fast.
It is a harem show in the fact that Bell, unwittingly, woos many a lady but it never goes anywhere because Bell is far too innocent (in the anime... in the book his mind goes there but he never shows it)
But yeah despite the stupid title the show is good and not as fanservicy as you would expect.
You can see it on Crunchyroll and the novels are available from Yen Press (i got them on ebook)

8. My Teen Romantic Comedy is SNAFU Too!!

This... this is harder then it's ever been.
This show... i know a lot of people find the main character a bit too depressing... but honestly i get him... i get why he acts that way and i've acted similar ways myself.
This show connected on a level this season that i didn't expect.
I cried a lot... not even when sad things happened... just seeing the reaction to his actions and feeling my heart break.
And yet it's so low on this list.... this year sucks... it was too good.
Watch it on Crunchroll

7. Seraph of the End

When i fist watched this show i figured i would bail pretty early.
I don't like vampires, the potential for being OP was just too real.
then i heard the music and the first words out of my mouth were "dammit this is going to be my fav show this season"
and it was one of them... yeah a lot of people find Yuu and Mika's relationship a bit close but whatever... people can't seperate love of ones family for love then thats their problem...
not saying it wont have a chance of going that way later i'm just saying wait till it actually happens.
Why so low? the endings to episodes were... well cliffhanger-y and i can only smash my head into my desk so many times and swear at my monitor so many times before i get a little annoyed.
Great show though.
Watch both seasons (vampire reign and Battle of Nagoya) on Funimation

Looking at the remaining ones on the short list.... oh this is going to hurt.

6. Durarara x2

Oh it hurts.
well it's not as well designed in it's non-linear-ness as season one... and... uh... Orihaya isn't in it nearly enough... and it's technically not even done... we've only had 2.1 and 2.2.... 2.3 is in january.
so... i guess that means it can be lower on the list
just... go watch it on cruchyroll... it has both dub and subs (i prefer the sub personally... ryuugamine sounds so wooden)

5. Yona of the Dawn

The show is amazing, i was worried i wouldn't enjoy this type of story since it's obviously a big epic journey type story and those sometimes lose their point and get dull.
Not this show, the music, the characters, all so well realized.
However the final isn't found till the end of the season... and with no second season in sight i have to be super nitpicky.
This year is killing me...
watch it on Crunchyroll AND Funimation

4. Your Lie In April

The hell is up with this year.
Ok, this show has the most accurate depictions of PTSD and Anxeity... watching this show made my heart ache... i felt so connected to the main character and watching them struggle through their trauma made me want to push myself a bit more.
The main character desperately wants to play but his trauma stops him from playing which feeds into his anxiety which feeds into his trauma... however a girl who plays a violin comes by his side and convinces him to keep playing even while she's dealing with her own trauma.
The animation is some of the best i have ever seen, the story is heartbreaking and thinking about it is making me tear up and i cannot believe that it's not the best show i've seen.
why... uh...
because when i look at the other titles i can't put this above the others?
it's a little slow at the start too i guess.
such a good show.
Watch it on Crunchyroll.

only a few more... i can do this..

3. My LOVE Story!!

this show warms my heart, i love it.
Takeo is just about the manliest man man to ever man... and his best friend Suna is the popular boy that everyone loves and no one likes poor little (huge) Takeo.
One day he helps stop a groper and the girl he helps ends up really liking him... and it's just adorable.
It's also not a "will they wont they" for the entire season...  they get together very early... and it just so sweet and cute.
Also i love the idea that Suna may like Takeo but you know... respects the way that he doesn't swing that way and just wants his best friend to be happy. (not confirmed but... look how he smiles and remembers everything about him... so adorable)
i hope we get more.... but i do have 5 more volumes of the manga headed to my door... so yeah... there is that.
Watch it on Chruchyroll, it's so much fun.

2. Snow White with the Red Hair

I made my friend marathon this show... and despite the terrible intro song the show is practically perfect.
Shirayuki rocks, never feels like a damsel in distress (despite the numerous kidnappings/ imprisonments)
It's a smart show with an adorable romantic plot that deals with issues like Class and possibly figuring out who may just be trying to use Zen position as prince.
another season airs in january... i am looking forward to it.
i hope the manga gets licensed soon so i can own that.
i love this show
but i love one show just a hair more.
watch this on Funimation.

*deep breath*
Surprise to no one

1. Noragami: Aragoto

This season was amazing, yes it had some cliffhanger-y endings much like seraph... i don't care, the pacing was great the characters were wonderful and grow so much in 13 episodes.
i need a season 3
i need it now.
Yato is a god who is charing 5 yens for any type of job... but in the past he was a god of calamity. However with his new Shinki Yukine and a human girl whose spirit escapes her body he menages to grow and cut ties to his past.
Much like my love story... i also have a ton of noragami manga coming my way so i wont have to wait (unless they are at the same point and then i will cry)
Hiroshi Kamiya is great as Yato.
Yukine is pure adorable and we finally learn more about Bishamon
also that intro
just when you think it's over there is more.
i love this show.
i love all these shows
Anime in 2015 was just so good.
watch this on Funimation

and that't it
it was hard... you could probably ask me when i'm in a different mood and this order may be completely different
but one thing is true... there were no shortage of amazing titles... even if some of those titles were long and stupid.
Here's to 2015... hope you can live up to my hopes! (read as Natsume Yuujinchou 5 please?)

Next... Games!
then The worst/most annoying things

should be fun

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

Not quite as trollish of an ending as last season... but they still threw up an "the end" splash artwork when we are obviously no where near the end.

I enjoyed this season, it felt a bit rushed in places and some characters aren't as well developed as i would like but that comes naturally to stories where the line between good and bad is so thin.

So if you liked season one, then this is a good follow up.

if you are curious about the show it's like is Blue exorcist and Attack on titan had a baby... and i'm not just saying that cause all three share the same composer

I look forward to season 3 even if it may be a while before we get it.

but for now i have one more show to finish and then i think i can start on some top tens (at least for anime, games i'm holding out till the last second)

Friday, 25 December 2015

Noragami: Aragoto

That is possibly the most cruel end to a season i have ever seen...
oh well guess it's time to catch up on the manga.

Last time this aired i know it was one of my fav shows, this season season is even better.
We learn more about Yato, Yukine grows up a little and Hiyori continues to cement herself as a crucial component to the story.

I love this show.
I can't say it any more clearly then that.

If you are curious it's best to watch season 1, Funimation has it on their site for free.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Dance with Devils

At the start of every season i try to watch every show.

When i saw there was a reverse harem with such pretty art i got a little hopeful... even though the last one *glares at amnesia* i watched made me want to yell from the rooftops on how..... not cool 90% of the shit in it was... i still had hopes.
I hoped the realtionships wouldn't be abusive/rape-y
i hoped there would be no "i'm kidnapping you to protect you and the child like clothing is just cause we were childhood friends and i wanna go back to that time and this cage isn't that bad and i only drugged your food a few times"
i also hoped there would be no "don't come near me i may kill you, oh no i'm hurt, why did you come i told you not to"
and finally my final wish was no insect since nothing gets me more angry then making incest a thing.

Well other then kidnapping someone for their protection and putting them in a cage to keep them from leaving your protection... .seriously how can people think that's romantic... how can that be the most popular ship
sorry just... amnesia broke me.

Anyways i was delightfully surprised when Dance with Devils turns into a musical.
a reverse harem musical that had nothing to do with pop groups.
I was so happy (even if the songs are... not alwasy great but still enjoyable)
and the brother is a potential ship...
he also has the best design.

Back to the point this show is far better then it has any right to be.
it's a reverse harem in the sense that there are multiple guys... theres only ever one that she likes which is really nice.
She also has a name, it's Ritsuka.. it's said a lot.... which is better then a certain other show where the character doesn't even have a name.

The thing i like best about this (other then pretty art and music~) is the fact that she is never helpless. despite being powerless she is constantly choosing her own destiny.
sure in the beggining she's a little on the too stupid to live on the harem spectrum because she's told "vampires and demons want to kidnap you" and she constantly goes "oh i'll just follow this mysterious person... what could go wrong?!" but that only happens.... once per guy so... i can deal with that i guess.

the other thing i love about this is for a shoujo title... it's dark. Characters die and don't come back, fountains of blood everywhere and thats really refreshing.
too many times do we get this sugary sweet does he love me or not story and this is not like that at all cause there are bigger things to deal with.

I kinda hope theres another season... have no idea how they would pull that off but i would love to see more with all these characters.

So yeah i enjoyed.

went fro mbeing a bit of a guilty pleasure to one of the better shows this season (that didn't try to kill me with cliffhagers like some other titles)

I believe Osomatsu san finished on monday... holidays have made things nuts but i'll probably get that all caught up tomorrow.
Friday is Noragami.
Saturday is Seraph (assuming that they aren;t taking a week or two off for holidays)
and Haikyuu and Utawarerumono and conitnueing into next season... there wasn't much in fall 2015 but at least i enjoyed everything i stuck with.

Disgaea 5

Every time a Disgaea comes out i get excited... which is a little odd.

For ages my favorite one has been the first... and the game is barely any different then it was when it was on PS2.
Still every time i get giddy and look forward to funtimes with a new protagonist.

if i list which ones i liked the most it would be

4. Disgaea 2
3. Disgaea 3
2. Disgaea 4
1. Disgaea 1

Currently i haven't played much of Disgaea D2 (for whatever reason i'm finding it hard to get into... but that is a ramble for another time) so it's not on the list yet.

So where does Disgaea 5 land? i'm not 100% sure myself... it either ties for first or just narrowly beats it.

But to discuss why i like it so much i have to spoil the normal ending (and i guess good ending) for disgaea 1.

So if you just want a straight recommendation, it doesn't do much different from the previous games but it is the longest one and the story is really well done.

ok... from here on, spoiler time (for disgaea 1, i'll try not to spoil this)

I've told this story before but oh well, it works.

Back when i was 13 i was playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time, we were waiting for one of the party members who was a little late and when he got there he mentioned he had found a copy of a game and just had to buy it and thats why he was like.

I had just recently bought my PS2, i only had a handful of games but the game he pulled out looked so interesting. It was Disgaea.
Too bad there was a catch. it was already out of print and a bit of a limited release.
So getting my hands on it wouldn't be easy. still i looked forward to the day i would own it and in the mean time got La Pucelle Tactics since that had just recently come out.

i still haven't beaten that game... i need to restart the whole thing... *cry*

anyways putting that aside.

Shortly after i did manage to find it in the store but in the time it took for me to go home, get my money and get back it had sold.
About a year later i did mangae to buy it and i played through and without knowing i accidently killed a party member which put me on route for the normal ending.

Last chance.

So at the end of Disgaea you go through Celestia and make it to the Seraph and he turns one of my best characters.... into a flower.
I just stared blankly at the screen... this is the SECOND time i picked the ONE character who would be useless in the final fight (or in La Pucell Tactics most of the game) in a NIS game.
I was so mad
I wanted that Seraph dead.
then he kicked my ass.
... so then i trained up my Ninja and they pretty much soloed the fight cause... Ninjas were a little Over powered in the original game.

At the end of the fight Seraph is face down in a pool of his own pixelated blood.
And Laharl looks at the flower and realizes all rage, all this hatred, killing the thing one who made his life hell.. it didn't actually accomplish anything.
The character is still a flower.
No amount of blooshed will change that.
Instead he decides to sacrifice himself in order to give her back life since thats the only thing that will facilitate a miracle.

I Sobbed, it was just such a powerful character moment (plus i cry easily). it showed how much Laharl grew over the course of the game.
and it was only the NORMAL ending.
the GOOD ending must be great.

Yeah about that... same thing but instead at the end of the fight no blood.
Laharl gets ready to sacrifice himself but Seraph jumps up and is all "hey just kidding, just a big test, he changes the character back but slightly different then before and everyone is happy"
it's a good ending... but i preferred the overall sadder ending.

NOW we can finally talk about Disgaea 5.

Killia at the start of the game is like Laharl at the end of 1.
He has lost the one he loves and has to deal with the reality that no amount of anger, hatred or revenge will bring her back... he just wants to stop others from suffering like he has.
The second i realized we would be extrapolating on my fav plot point from the first game i was all smiles.

Killia is probably the most toned down of all the Disgaea protagoists... his biggest gimmick is his love of eating. Personally... i'm kind of glad... The more gimmicky the character the less i liked them (hence why disgaea 2 is so low... still a good game but easily the weakest).

The sprites look lovely... the extra detail that the PS4 allows is well used..... but honestly... other then length and detail the game could beon ps2 no problem... it's still the same game (i'm ok with that but if the game never endeared you before... this probably wont change anything)

I do plan on doing some post game stuff... also only 6 endings? depending on criteria i could probably accomplish that... granted i just looked it up and it's like... 5 bad ends and a normal end.
make sense considering this game is a [spoiler]
but yeah we'll see... it's technically the only ps4 game i own (for now)

Trails of Cold Steel Arrived on my doorstep this morning... so there goes the rest of my week.
what do you mean christmas is in a few days,,, and i'm in charge of 90% of the baking.
... but cold steel *whimper*

Well yeah... i loved this game... one day i'll decide if if like is as much or more then disgaea one.. but i do whole heartily recommend it*

*if you like Disgaea or Nippon Ichi Software games.

ok... getting close to the end of the year, almost time for year end top tens (may be more or less then ten for certain categories)

Friday, 18 December 2015


Going to be completely honest for a minute.

Normally as i'm playing/reading/watching things i tend to write these in my head so i know what point i wanted to hit on.

But now that i have beaten the game... those things i thought about aren't the things i want to talk about here... so this will be fragmented... but also spoiler free.... so yay.

Okay so you probably don't need one more person gushing about how good this game is... So i'll keep the gushing short.

This game is really good.
This is one of the most interesting games i have ever played.
I hope History looks back on this game as being important... cause i personally think it is.
If you don't like it, thats fine... it's not for everyone.
but the way it uses the medium to transcend aspect of 'gameplay' is truly fascinating and i hope we see more games from Toby Fox since they obviously have a lot to offer.

ok... now onto the part i had written in my head before beating the game.

a lot of people Hate lets plays... they think it's foolish to watch someone else play a game... they feel like it's taking away sales from the gamecause fewer people are actually playing and more are just watching.

Personally i enjoy Lets Plays, always have...
two reasons.
1. great background noise, because i live with an extremely noisy autistic brother i get more then a little antsy when things are quiet (since quiet tends to mean 'someone' is up to no good)
2. I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to games... meaning that there are a whole bunch of games i will never play because i don't find them fun and lets plays allow me a chance to experience the story and music... it's the same reason i watch speed runs (that and glitches fascinate me)

however there is a third reason that is happening more often.
3. I see a game that originally i figured i would enjoy but decide to give a chance due to a lets play.

This is one of those games.
See when it first came out everyone kept on saying "it's like a new Earthbound!"
That along with all the hype really made me want to stay far far away.

*deep breath* for you see... i am one of those Heathens who doesn't like Earthbound.
I don't hate it.... but on multiple occasions i have tried to play it and ever time i just feel drained from the complete lack of fun i'm having.
So comparing this game to a game i cannot get into... yeah it wasn't a good time.

But then i saw FraserAgar (Video Games Awesome) doing a (for lack of a better term) lets play and i decided "well if i'm not going to play... i may as well enjoy the story and stop having tumblr talk about/spoil it without any context.

I laughed so hard at the comedy.
The gameplay was so intriguing... i expected it to be turn based (and it is) but it's more like a bullet hell game (which i have always loved even if i'm terrible at them)
The characters were wonderful.
the fact that you can play it different ways and get completely different turn outs.
choices that actually matter.
and that feeling that the game knows more then it lets on.

However Fraser only does these episodes occasionally... and i'm bad at waiting...
so i went to Super Beard Bros...
i was loving it until they did something that actually brought tears to my eyes.
i was crying over a game i had never played... all because i knew the outcome could be different....
Then pushing up roses uploaded a part.... and i was like "yes... good.... but.... i'm tired of watching others play this... i want to play this the way i would play it.... plus that music is so good"
so i bought the game and the soundtrack.

Currently i have only completed the pacifist run.... i don't know if i have it in me to do the other run now that i have gotten to know all these characters.

But everything aside i hope we get more games like this.
Games that push the genre.
Games that make you care.
Games that can be funny one second and heartbreaking the next.
Games that aren't afraid to call us out on our shit.
Games that fill us with determination... not just in game but in the real world...
this was made by (practically) one person.
if that doesn't fill you with determination... i don't know what will.

I know a lot of people bash this game... but i also know a lot of those people haven't actually played it... so please... before you get turned away by the hype or hate if the idea of a 5ish hour turn based bullet hell puzzle comedy game sounds at all interesting to you give it a shot.
I know i'm glad i did.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Persona 4: Dancing all Night First Impression

I have always had a soft spot for Rhythm games. Ever since i was young i would always pounce on the chance to play them.

So when the team that was working on persona announced they they were making a rhythm game full of persona 4 music handled by a lot of the same people who worked on project Diva i was all over that.

I had been importing Project diva since day one and i really enjoyed the series... another Rhythm game on my Vita would be a welcome edition.

Then i saw the gameplay and immediately started to worry.

1. The layout was hard for me to read, especially the blue scratches... i barely noticed them till it's nearly time to hit it.

2. it completely ignores the right and square button yet still ads a gimmick (the skratches)

3. lots of remixes... since the game focuses on p4 it's a little limited to the song library.

4. That Price tag.

So certain game companies are really bad for pricing games rediculously high... Atlus has been guilty of this for years.

I believe the standard edition would cost (in Canada) 65 bucks.... for a Vita game...
if you wanted the fancy edition that was 100.

I am cheap... and i tend to buy handheld games around the 30 buck mark (though i'll go up to 50 if i want the title... wont be happy about it but i will) and for special editions i'll go as high as 70 IF the features are worth it and i love the game.

so needless to say i didn't get the game right away cause... i couldn't justify that price for a game i was already a little worried about.

Last Friday the special Edition went on sale for 30 bucks.
i haven't insta bought something that quickly in a long time.

It arrived yesterday night and i spent a chunk of today unlocking all the song.

1. yeah i was right... the layout is hard to read and those damn scratches almost always get missed.

2. the lack of two buttons isn't upsetting but it does remove a little of the fun.

3. so many remxes but other then a few most are pretty enjoyable.

But there was one thing i didn't notice when i was watching gameplay versus playing the game.

If there is a 'unison' note that goes across the middle followed imedately by a normal note... it's really hard to read.
it;s like... notes on top of notes... my brain just falls out my ear.

so i ask... why not, instead of having stars, the letter U or the Letter H to tell us what the notes are.... have the symbol i'm supposed to hit.
like... i can do hard songs in p.diva... which is a much harder game then this but i am failing miserably in hard mode.
and thats funny because normal mode was a breeze, far too easy.
i can't imagine the harder mode after this.

I'm sure as i play more it'll click but right now i have some frustrations.
granted a lot was made better by setting scratches to triggers and turning the brightness all the way down (it pretty much is nessicary to be able to see the notes.... i mean Half the movies in the back have yellow backgrounds and the star notes are yellow... who figured that was a good idea?)
But there are still two things that make me sad.

1. I like the songs... but so many remixes... this could have been a game that spanned all the persona music... or hell all the SMT catalogue... but they kept to this one game and kinda screwed themselves.

2. The beats feel off.... or more accurately... when you hit the button there is either a delay or the acceptance of when the button was hit is off... again going to p.diva the first one had this timing issue too... they fixed it in later titles but i don't think this spin off should get another title. it's just a little annoying to constantly be thinking "i know the game is telling me to hit in at this point... but what beat of the song is it actually following so i can do it to that"

so yeah... i don't know... i don't regret the purchase at all... but yeah i wish it just had straight ripped off Project Diva's UI.

actually one last thing... the meter telling you if you passed of failed... i really hate that meter... it doesn't mean anything and i never feel like i'm progressing... at least P.diva gave a percentage.
I have failed songs with 5 misses in this game... i do not get it.

still... lets see if i just need to get good.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dropped: Gurumin - A Monsterous Adventure

well.... i can't say for certain (because i haven't tried Zwei or it's redundant sequel Zwei 2) but it seems like the only Falcom games i enjoyed are Ys and Legend of heroes (including the kiseki spin off that ditch the LoH part of the title)
Brandish literally gave me an anxiety attack and reminded me why i hate grid based dungeon crawlers and Roguelikes by mashing the two together
and now Gurumin has given me a massive headache... granted thats only minorly the games fault.

For whatever reason when i played it it started to flicker... at first it was like once a minute... i turned it off once it hit ever 15 seconds.
however i did experience enough of the game to base an opinion on.

So Gurumin is about a girl who sees monsters and since she desperately wants friends she follows them to her village (which is litterally on the other side of a hole in a wall)
one of the firends gets kidnapped and you go save him in the tutorial level... but then when you get back oh no the monster town is destroyed.

thats as far as i got before the headache said stop.

It's interesting that it's a fully voice acted game... but unfortunately it just reminded me of a really floaty 3d Zelda.
Full disclosure: I love the story and music when it comes to zelda... but the controls/combat/gameplay make me want to throw things out windows. so a floaty version of that just sounds like hell to me. i mean... taking a game i already don't like playing and making it worse.... nope.

But still it's pretty cool that Falcom did a far more kid focused game cause... well In Ys adol eats gods for breakfast and LoH... well lets just say that when i saw pixelated blood around a certain character in a tear of vermilion i was more then a little surprised... not to mention that half the stuff in trails would go over a kids head.
However this isn't the best attempt in my opinion cause wow is it trying too hard. "i'm so hip and cool, look at these dancing monsters"
There was a mechanic i was curious about when i saw screen shots because theres like a music bar on the top and i wondered if it was going to be like a rhythm combat game... would Gurumin be Falcom's answer to Rhapsody?
no... it just determines when you get a crit.
Also the music (so far) in this game sucks... i know Falcom Sound Team is better then this... and considering music seems to be such an important part i'm kinda annoyed that the music is as terrible as it is.
like it's not Ys 3 abandoned mine bad but it's not far off.  

In conclusion, i bought it on a whim cause i like falcom and didn't know what to expect and it ended up not being my cup of tea.
If you find Zelda too grounded or difficult maybe give this a try (though honestly despite my great distaste for playing zelda i made it more then 30 mins in.. can't say the same for this) but otherwise i can't really recommend it since it didn't appeal to me in any way shape of fashion.

Go play Ys instead.

I am a bit sad... this was supposed to last till Cold steel came out... okay i guess i will just have to tackle something else on my backlog.
Like vesperia
or Moonlight witch... yeah i'll probably go with that.... stick to the Legend of heroes theme (even if the ghargav trilogy has little to nothing (so far) to do with the Kiseki line.
though i really should go with Vesperia....
oh i also have Fire emblem on Wii (the second one... can't remember subtitle right now)
i'll play something... probably.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The Animation

About 2 years ago Right stuff had The Legend of Heroes anime on sale for like... 5 bucks.
even though at this point there was very little hope of it actually coming out... still i needed to bump up my order past the Min for international free shipping... and i seem to be determined to have all the Falcom Anime.

So i got it and i looked at it and said "no... i will not watch this until SC is out and i've beaten it." even if that meant never watching it.

Well yesterday morning i beat the game and i was going to watch it right away but i started running a fever and i figured... watch it later when i'm feeling better.

So this morning i woke up and felt worse and said Screw it... i've owned the dvd for 2 years... i'm watching it fever be damned.

So i look at the back.
81 minutes.
First chapter took me around 40 hours
Second Chapter took me just under 61 hours.
how do you cram 100+ hours of story into just over an hour.

Short answer... you don't.

The anime starts at the very end of First chapter (which is fine other then the fact that if you know nothing about this series then you have no idea who those characters are doing what they are doing and why it matters) and ends about halfways through Second chapter.

[major spoiler character] doesn't even show up... never even mentioned.
the best character (in my opinion) from the game... never seen.
[final conflict] never even hinted at...
yet the image on the disk and the main menu image... well lets just say it happens later.

Normally for anime adaptations of games you do need to be a fan.... for this adaptation i would argue that you need to have played both games to enjoy it... cause it will make no sense otherwise.

You know what would have been amazing? if this was a 2 cour show where there first 13 episodes were First chapter (or at least the first 8-10) and then the rest was second chapter. it would have worked really well and shown more of the lore.... and more of the major characters.

and yeah i was looking forward to this because the other falcom anime are really good.
granted.... Ys 1 anime is as long (if not longer) then a playthrough of the game.... and Ys 2 anime is probably the best use of showing the source myth in the series...

so i guess... the shorter the game the longer the anime?

Did i enjoy the anime? yeah.... the music was great and it made me laugh a lot but it's just going at breakneck speed to try and cram in the 30 hours it depicts.

But again... you can't enjoy it (hell i would argue you wouldn't understand anything) if you haven't played the games... so if you are curious first get these

Trails in the Sky First Chapter
Trails in the Sky Second Chapter

then you can look at getting the anime.
In fact just get those games anyways... they are good.

Ok time to pump myself full of cold medicine and sleep until i feel better.... Or try playing Gurumin... whichever my feverish brain lets me accomplish.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter

Even though i know that no one on the Localization team will read this i have to say something with all my heart.
Thank you.
I had given up hope that this game would ever come out.
It was so big... it was released far past the PSP's lifespan in North America. the odds were against it... but now that i have not only had a chance to play it but actually beat it.... i'm just so happy it actually came out.

Falcom... stop making me emotional about harmonicas
in fact stop making me cry altogether... while i only got teary about 3 times i ended up with tears streaming down my face during at least 4 different parts.

I'm going to do my best not to spoil a thing... which means i can't say much of anything plotwise... so lets start this.

Trails in the sky Second chapter is about what happens the next morning after the events of First Chapter.
We follow Estelle Bright as she travels the land to try and help the people of liberl while also dealing with a shadowy organization.

yeah thats about... all i can say... well besides play the first one.. it deals with Estelle becoming a Bracer in order to protect the people of Liberl.

Quick story time,
due to the spoilery nature of the entire game I was getting a little frustrated that i couldn't talk about the game with friends (mostly because the friends who have already played it don't really wanna talk about plot elements). one day after a really... uh... swearing enduced plot twist happened i couldn't hold back anymore, i found the link on GOG and told my friend she should play this game.
Expecting a "whats it about" or "why" i was thinking of how i would convince her.
Her reply was "Sure"
so apparently all i needed to do was let people know... i guess thats a lesson i needed to learn.

Anyways back to Second chapter... I do want to talk about one character in particular.

Oh boy i adore Kevin.
I would love if Kevin got his own game.... he could go around with a nun (preferably with pinkish hair)
you could call it Trails in the Sky: The Third...
Ok so i don't want to be one of those people who are like "great thanks for SC.... wheres the third?"
I honestly thought i didn't care if the third never came out before i played this game... but i really love Kevin. I want to know his story and i know the chance of The Third coming out are slim to none... but still i think i will hold onto that slight hope.
Also just in the game Kevin was the best character... i thought it defensive crafts and s-break along with weak strength would make him useless but he saved me more then once... every time i could use him in my party i did.
If i had to pick a plot i liked as much as Estelle's story... it would be kevin...
oh well... i don't want to be greedy... i mean i want to be greedy but i don't want to get my hopes up for something that has such a small chance of being localized.
but... i will hold out that tiny hope (i mean the Vita Version was just announced... i can dream)

but yeah in the end this was my end time.
I believe FC was about 45, i would have to check my PSP... so yeah the games are huge and just packed with story.

I really loved every moment of the game, i adore all the characters and picking who i wanted in my party (aside from Kevin) was always a chore.. cause i just wanted everyone.

If you haven't played Trails in the Sky and you like JRPGs I highly recommend it... but start with the first one
It is also Available on PSN

Now i get to wait about a month till Trails of Cold Steel comes out...
and I can't even begin to describe how excited i am for it.

for now i figure i have a huge backlog of art to work on... also i need to draw some Fanart for trails.
Should be fun.

. . .
Well that was unexpected...
Still I meant every word... i loved every second... I love that i'm getting my friends into playing it...
so once again Thanks you...

but seriously i didn't expect anyone to read it...

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Anthem of the Heart

So it's nearly 1 AM... and normally i would write these the next morning cause i'm just too tired to bother....
After the film we went to a Izakaya... which was delicious... however i am quite severely allergic to MSG.... which is pretty prevalent in most japanese/chinese/korean cuisine (At least in North America)
it didn't used to be this bad but a few years ago i went MSG toxic... which is like a sever hangover/fever that lasts days... ever since then i can't stomach the stuff at all.
However that experience taught me that putting a little cream of tartar in water and just drinking it down helps absorbe the MSG... so while i'm drinking my disgusting water... i can talk about the film.

Now i don't know why this film got treated the way it did in Canada but it was a little annoying.
There were only two showings for the entire country.... and we didn't get any freebies.
Also the theater was apparently sold out despite the fact that there were plenty of empty seats.

This film is made by the same Director as Ano Hana (aka oh god the tears) so i was expecting to be a bit misty eyed.... cause i'm the easiest person to make cry during a movie or book or game.
and while some moments tugged at my feelings nothing made me cry... nothing even made me teary...
This is just the definition of a feel good movie.

Without spoiling anything the film is about a girl who can't speak because when she does it causes her great pain... however singing seems to be okay.
Working together with a slpped together group they all work together to help make a community project a success.

And yeah i really enjoyed it.... best movie ever? no but just so much "feel good energy" where i would say if you have the chance to see it take it... i believe pretty much all the screenings end tonight or tomorrow though... so you may have to wait for a physical release.

The animation was lovely (i mean A-1 Pictures tends to have stunning animation no matter what) and very emotive. The music was great especially if you like musicals/classical music.... the final song being stunning on so many levels. The voice acting was solid... yeah i can't say i have any complaints about the film (other then only the one showing... and it wasn't terribly close)

oh well my gross water is done.... hopefully i don't get sick cause i do not have time for that right now... but yeah go watch it and feel good.

then go watch Ano Hana and cry..... then some toradora since thats the same director as well...

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Atelier Shallie: Alchemist of the Dusk Sea

This is the final game in the "dusk sea" Trilogy of Atelier games....

Maybe Gust just doesn't really know how to end a series because Meruru wasn't the best game either. It had the connecting thread of the previous two alchemists so you kind of forgive it.

This one... well Escha shows up as a shop clerk, you see Logy and Ayesha in the end credits, however the connecting threads to the other two games are just barely there. It might as well just be fanservice.

Still that isn't what makes this game lackluster.

In every other Gust game there is a timelimit or some element of balancing all your tasks in a way where you can get to the end of the story by the end of the game.

Shallie has no time limit, it has items and elements that make me wonder if at the start there was a time limit but they took it out because of reasons. however without that time limit any sense of balancing doing quests, performing alchemy and exploring the land. So pretty much you can wonder around and do as much alchemy without consequence (as long as the cost level doesn't go above your own)

So all that throws off the pacing, some chapters can be completed in litterally less then 30 mins while others take hours because you are just trying to figure out exactly where the games wants you to go.
It does give you a live task thing that you can check for hints on what to do in theory.
See the translation for this game is probably the worst i have ever seen when it comes to tasks.

To give one of many examples, Jumping a lot would fill a meter names "break lots of barrels"
Swinging your bell would fill a meter "gather items in a place that you may not even be in"
Sometimes for seemingly no reason meters would just start filling up and i would have no idea how or why but i'd be thankful since this was the main way to get experience in the game.

None of the task descriptions correspond to what it actually wants you to do... and you have to complete these tasks (at least as Shalistera, dunno if Shallote has the same deal) in order to actually get the chapter to progress. So that's more then a little frustrating. Also because it was the only way to get decent Exp. there was no point in grinding, you just had to hope you could fill meters with EXP. bonuses and the level up after the next fight. I can't tell you how many times i'd be fighting, getting like 50-1000 exp and then suddenly fill up a random meter and fight something and get 10000 exp and end up getting 5 levels in one fight.

However all that is minor frustration in the end... it makes the game annoying but not unplayable.

So i guess the real place this game falls flat is the story.
This is the finale to the series where alchemists are trying to figure out why the water is vanishing and what dusk is.
now maybe the true ending is better but the ending i got pretty much. "well we kinda sorta fixed it.... good enough"
(just watched the true ending, it's not better... also the endglish dub says Atelier as "At-ler"... i can't even begin to say how wrong that is... i mean... it's a french word... just as a rule of thumb is that ER sounds like a Hard A.. so it's more like ah-Teh-liA)
In the end i was left feeling irritated.
I didn't care about these characters, neither Shallistera or Shallote are terribly interesting... in fact both have moments where they are so incredibly stupid and annoying that i wished Logy was the protagonist of this game as well.

Also last negative point, the english dub pronunciations are just so bad that i played in Japanese again cause yeah.... i can't deal with people blatantly pronouncing stuff wrong, especially in a game with so many Germanic and french words/names.

It's not all bad.
The alchemy, while it took the longest for me to get used to of any gust game it's easily the most in depth and easiest to fully control which is really really nice.
The combat is also pretty good although there are two many boss enemies who can attack 5+ times.
Finally the music is the best of the series, it is so pretty i am just so happy the game came with a soundtrack.

Can i recommend Atelier Shallie? not at full price, if they ever do a plus version then i would recommend that however the best in the dusk series is easily Escha and Logy... and the whole series as a trilogy kind of falls flat. Play Atelier Totori instead

I wish they would patch the life tasks so they actually said what they meant.
I don't know how much of a difference their is between Stera and Lotte's campaign but honestly... i don't care enough to find out... never like Lotte as a character.

I believe they have announced a new Atelier game Atelier Sophie, hopefully they bring back the time mechanic (words i never thought i would say but it really helps with the pacing of the game) reading up on how they plan to do the alchemy... sounds fun actually... it'll be more puzzle based then just dumping things in and hoping. also just watched the trailer... looks like there is some kind of time mechanic so yay.

In the end i guess i'm just disappointed that Atelier Shallie wasn't as good as it could have been... however i do still have high hopes for the future of the series... i just hope it has a better translation and things actually say what they mean.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One

By Patrick Ruthfuss.

As the book is all about telling a story i find it fitting to tell a little story and go off on a bit of a tangent... if you don't want to go on that journey the short of it is I liked the book and i'll be starting book 2... or rather Day Two immediately after i finish writing this little blurb.

So... Storytime.
According to amazon, i bought this book for my Kindle Januaru 28, 2014... yet i only started reading it a few days ago.
A few reasons for that...
1. i bought a few titles around that time thinking i would have a chance to get some reading done in transit... but then i ended up having little no time to read at all
2. i was in the middle of a few other books.
3. it got pushed to the bottom of the list and i kinda forgot about it.

So what reminded me of this book?
Well it was actually Tumblr, i saw a few pieces of fanart for something they called the kingkiller chronicles.
it sounded familiar but i couldn't place it.
Later that same user posted either fan art or cover art that showed similarities in the main character of that book to the main character in Brave of the Six flowers.
at this point it was really ringing a bell so i opened up my kindle and there it was waiting to be read.

Now my new kindle has this nifty feature that my old one lacked... it told me it figured i would take 17 hours to finish the book.
I looked at that and laughed since even extremely long books (like around 1000 pages) tend to take about 10-14 hours depending on how much i'm enjoying it.
This book is only just under 700 pages... which puts it at about 8-12 hours for me...
and yeah.... just finished it in around 10 hours... That'll show you kindle turn page analitical thingy (technical term)

Okay now time for the tangent... even though i bought the book so long ago... it was fanart that got me interested in actually reading it. A lot of people give fanart a really hard time because they don't consider it real art... but in the end no matter how you feel you have to admit that it has some power... i would have eventually read the book but the fanart pushed it to the top of the pile and i'm sure i'm not the only one who has picked up a book or played a game or watched a show simply because the fanart intrigued us.
I guess what i'm saying is it's probably a good idea to thank someone who helped you enjoy something you may have skipped over... and i really did enjoy this book.

We begin this tale at the Waystone inn, a bartender with true red hair polishes his bottles in silence, Dark rumors are being carried on the wind. Word that demons are traveling this way has everyone in town on edge.
However this simple bartender is anything but and after saving a Scriv who had easily the worst possible timing from a hord of spiders with razor legs... he is convinced to tell the story of his life and how Kvothe the Kingkiller because Kote the Innkeeper.

And yeah i've left out pretty much everything but hey... spoilers and all that.
The most interesting part about this book is that the first chapter or two are so full of blatant exposition that it's a little incredible... especially cause you as the reader have little to no context so you can't understand everything that being said right away... but you get so much from it.
you can tell he knows more then he lets on, even going as far as other languages and song and folklore and possibly even magic. I don't know... that kind of blatant "you are going to learn a lot about this world but for now enjoy being confused" storytelling kind of makes me grin from ear to ear.

The entire book put a grin on my face, i love "Magic systems" (easiest but not terribly accurate way to describe it in this case) that use Words.. hell my fav magic system is called the Will and the Word.
From the Belgariad... go read that too.
 anyways the "magic system" is this is really good and not overly powerful which is nice.
And considering it's being told in a way where the books are actually called "day 1" instead of book 1 just works so well...

i'm a little worried that since book 2 was released 2011.... and we don't have a date for 3 yet... i'll be forced to wait... which is never fun.
but in the end at least i'll have a few more houws with day 2...
there also seems to be a short book (177 pg).... but kindle is trying to sell it for 11 bucks and.... thats more then they are charging for his 1000 page book.... so maybe if it goes on sale for 5-8
not that it isn't worth it... i'm just cheap...

For now i have a birthday cake to bake... mine actually... Happy Birthday to me~ may i go another year of people going "wait your how old?" and watching them pale... oh it brings me joy.
until i get asked if i'll be paying child fare to get into things... then i get a little sad....
only a little.
and luckily while things are baking i'll have plenty of time to read~ 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

First Impressions: Fall 2015

Summer 2015 was a really good season for anime.
It's been a while since i've had so many favorites.... too bad all of them ended.

Granted there are some second seasons for shows that took a break... so it's not all new... but for the most part i'm going into this season completely Blind.

Ground Rules:
1. I will try to give every show a chance but this doesn't mean i have to watch a full episode... if i stop early i will note the time and reason for stopping.

2. No 'webshows' or shows that are shorter then 20 minutes... i don't like waiting a week for these so i don't tend to watch them... i have made exceptions in the past but they are rare.

3. No shows with Brother, sister or Father in the title... i mean i may still give them a chance but they almost always have insest so... no...

4. No Second+ seasons of shows i didn't originally watch for obvious reasons.

5. no shows about card games, again i may give them a chance but they are almost never my cup of tea.

6. all opinions are my own and are based soley on what i see... unless i have read the manga of something i tend to go into these shows completely blind.

Returning Shows:

Noragami Aragoto
The amount of happiness i have is difficult to put into words...
Lets just say i have 2 mugs with Yato on them and the kickass figure Alter put out...
i am more then a little happy this got another season.
I am reading the Manga so i know a little bit about what this season will focus on... seems to be why Bishamon hates Yato as much as she does...
past that i know nothing... i'm only on vol 4 or 5.
so happy... go watch it.
Also yes.... Hiroshi Kamiya sounding like a dork makes me happy... but that is beyond the point.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
You make me wait 3 months for a clip show....
this makes me very very very sad.
I'm still looking forward to when this show starts properly next week... i mean the music is amazing (i bought the Soundtrack) the animation is lovely and it's just a really enjoyable way to tel this kind of story.
but seriously? a clip show.... why are you so cruel...

Haikyuu!! 2
Okay.... please do not let this pull a Kuroko's Basketball... i will bail so much sooner if it does... no naming moves... no BS powers and most importantly no telepathy "this is bad because reasons that we are all simultaniously saying at the same time BS"
no no no
we good? ok lets watch
it was enjoyable, i love how dorky they all are... still i am worried.... i can't go through another train wreck like Kuroko.... i just can't


Lance N' Masques
Uh.... Ok so off the bat i have Reservations about this.
So theres this guy who is a "Knight of the World" and he has this condition that he can't help but become a white knight when he hears girls in distress.
Most people find it creepy but one time he saves this little girl (i would guess around 7 years old) and she gets really excited about a real hero coming to her rescue.
So far it's all cute and innocent.... but i've watched other Bodyguard takes care of young mistress anime...
they almost always end up the same way.... and thats REALLY CREEPY.
still... it looks like it may be deeper then the surface would have you believe.... unless i'm really hard pressed for stuff to watch i probably wont continue...
unless someone can verify that it goes no further then the girl admiring the hero.

Hackadoll The Animation
Well i didn't expect the intro to be in English...
oh well running at 7:50 per episode... i won't be watching... it looks like moe AI systems being cute... if you are into that this show is probably fun. It just looks a bit tedious to me.

Heavy Object
Starting off with Space is not good for me...
Also wow a lot of exposition... and very little reason for me to care.
oh look... more exposition but this time it's told over scenes of a girl taking a shower...
wow the exposition never ends.... this is rediculous.
it's been 10 minutes.... and i don't know the characters names cause it's all been exposition.
Well the music that accompanies this exposition is quite lovely.
I would describe the plot but so far there hasn't been any other then "there are things called objects, they changed how wars were fought"
Also dude she's suffocating... stop worrying that you may touch her breasts.... this is life or death... also those belts look horribly placed...
oh and guess what MORE EXPOSITION
come on... 3 minutes left... we can have some kind of plot can't we?
So the plot is... someone is useing a stronger object to destroy everything despite normal protocol just being take over.
oh wow i can't describe how much i do not care.... too bad since JC staff tends to do a good job... this was just awful.

7:50 mins per episode so i'm not going to watch the show but i will mention it has an extremely unique style. like everything is cut out of paper and heavily textured. it's also fairly 'realistic' as far as proportions go...
but yeah nothing about it is interesting enough for me to continue.

Lovely Muuuuuuuco!
another Short show... 12:30 mins but still... under 20 = i don't watch (unless there is something special about it)
So it's a badly animated show about about a dog and how much the dog loves his human.
it's especially odd since the animation seems to be done in 3d... giving everything an oddly stiff feel.
if you like shows about Dogs being Dogs (and being able to hear the dog say stuff over and over)... yeah you may get a kick out of this....
it just seems tedious to me... especially considering it's 12 mins... it could easily be 3 min gags...

Young Black Jack
Now i think this doesn't fall into my "no sequels of shows i haven't seen before" because it's a prequel...  so i'm going to give it a chance but i am worried since i haven't seen any Black Jack and my history with enjoying Osamu Tezuka's work is already spotty to begin with.
Still i am curious about the show... i just figure theres going to be a lot that i won't get.
So the show was okay, it's nice seeing the oldr style of art with Current standards of animation...
however the imagery is extremely heavy handed and there wasn't much of anything to keep me interested in where the show will go... i may continue to watch but i'm still on the fence.
i'm assuming that if you like Blackjack this show will be right up your alley.... i just foudn it dull being told "omg he so fast, oh noes we are almost out of time.... OMG he did it!" which i have a feeling will happen every show (cept the inevitable one where the patient dies and then he'll get all sad and have to rekindle his ability to heal blah blah blah)
so yeah, not a bad show i just wasn't really hooked.

The Asterisk War
It's an academy of super powered people show...
I don't think i've ever enjoyed one of these shows... especially when they open with blatant fanservice.
oh no... he accidentally held his hand on her breast after knocking her down.... never seen that happen before... Do shows like this have a checklist of stupid tropes they have to fulfill before they can get to the plot?
So new transfer student is more then he appears to be and his sister is missing and every girl he meets falls in love... also theres a tournament that he has been asked to be but of course fighting is silly so he isn't interested however i'm sure when he does accept it'll be shown that it's all far more important then it first seemed and he's actually fighting for the fate of the world....
when did fall become "predictable show" season. the only way it could be worse is if the sister ends up being part of the big bad later on and he has to fight her...
Am i a little bitter that Aniplex decided to put this forward instead of another Season of Natsume Yuujinchou.... yeah probably...
but i mean we have a million shows like this and they are all damn near identical.
will i keep watching? probably not.... again it's not bad but it's so by the book so far it's painful.

UTAWARERUMONO -Itsuwari no Kamen-
Technically this should probably be up in the returning shows since.... well there is a Utawarerumono from ages ago....
which i remember really enjoying but i haven't watched it since i was in highschool so at least a decade ago....
maybe it hasn't aged well but i am looking forward to this show.
Well the music is as good as i remember and the art (although heavily steeped in early Aughts h-game style) is really pretty and expressive.
 I hope to continue enjoying this... i should probably rewatch the original show though to get my bearings. (though it doesn't seem needed)

Attack on Titan: Junior High
uh... so it's technically under 20 mins.... but i mean 17:15 is close enough where i can try one ep.
it's a chibi spoof spinoff thingy
now.... i only first watched the show recently but even i'm wishing they would stop repeating the first part... like seriously get on with it.... i can't even imagine how those who were with it from the start feel.
even though it still has great music.... i have Seraph of the end to enjoy that particular composer... this is just too stupid and goofy for me.

Comet Lucifer
yep, well the show is off to a good start so far.... oh it's a mech show? not the biggest fan of those but i'll still give it a chance.
YHm the first episode doesn't give us much to go on... a guy name sogo is a bit of a rock hound, goes wall climbing to find a certain stone with a certain property... by chance he gets hit with a beam of light and wakes up with what he seems to be looking for in his hand.
everything seems fine until he finds himself at an underground lake where a girl emerges from a larger version of the stone he found and now a biped robot is trying to protect them from attackers...
i'll probably continue on with this... it was interesting enough to make me curious about what happens... hopefully it's good.

3:30... i'm actually surprised with how many short shows there are this season... well we add a "oops i feel and accidentally groped the other character counter to 2.... but yeah wont be watching anymore of this...

Concrete Revolutio
Is that Ledo?
Yep... Kaito Ishikawa... oh and his birthday is the day before mine (thought he's 5 years younger then me)  thanks MAL you teach me so much~
ok onto the show
Bones... yeah i figured the animation fit them...
Oh boy this is so colourful... like a bit too much if you want my opinion....
Oh look a better transformation sequence then sailor moon crystal.....
So... this is pretty much Bones' take on all the Genres?
um... it wasn't bad but it's just too crazy for me and i find it difficult to care.

Komori-san can't decline!
well.... only 2 mins long
how do they expect to get anything told in that amount of time?
welll the animation is pretty bad and the jokes aren't funny and even though it's only 2 mins long it's dragging.... so major pass.

Peeping Life TV Season 1??
yeah thats actually the title
Also new rule, if the show is fully in 3d i don't have to watch...
it's just so ugly
also is the same group that did Death parades intro? it is BRADIO....
oh for crying out loud you can do so much better
also WOW this is so painful i can't even describe... i technically bailed immediately when i saw the art but i'm closing the video now at just under 3 mins
you know whats sad? i thought that wit ha stupid title like that it had to be a short show... NOPE... 23 mins...

why are there so many short shows? another 3:30 AND fully CG though done in a way where they are trying to emulate what anime actually looks like.
once again this is simple terrible... how do they make 3 mins drag like this?! pass

Mr. Osomatsu
I'm just glad it's a full length episode...
is..... that hiroshi somewhere in those voices?
YEP... ok now i just hope the show is good
Ok so this is incredibly silly but i laughed so much i can't complain... but yeah it's REALLY stupid.... imagine every trope every thrown at you no matter what the circumstances and played for laughs.
I may keep watching... i know nothing about the original series but this was pretty funny.... also yeah fav voice actor helps.

The animation is oddly stiff and i find that odd for a show that has such a huge focus on dance (and i assume singing)
i think it was a mistake to watch this immediately after the first episode of Mr. Osomatsu cause that show pretty much makes fun of everything this show tries to do seriously.
but hey... i can hear Junichi suwabe signing... so yeah....
actually that just gives me Uta-pri flashbacks
*the character Junichi is playing actually talks* w-wait... no... ah i don't like this.... it doesn't sound like him at all... i mean it does but it's so highpitched and strange and stop it.
I don't like these idol shows at the best of times... but at least it seems to have a bit of a plot.... maybe?
but seriously that voice is like nails on a chalkboard... and the animation needs to be better for this type of show. It's so desperate to be like Uta-pri but it falls extremely short.

One Punch Man
I'm pretty sure i'm the only person on the planet who isn't looking forward to this show.
i'm not saying i'm expecting it to be bad... just based on what i have seen it probably wont be my cup of tea.
Yeah.... after 6 mins... i'm bailing...
It's just absurd for the sake if it... and it's trying desperately to be funny but it's so forced it's painful... 
And the sad thing is... i know this is going to be the most popular show this season...
And i will continue to be perplexed by why gag filled shonen anime are so damn popular.
Again i'm not saying it's bad it's just a genre i happen to despise.

Shin Atashinchi
I.... I don't want to.... can i just not?
I was so hoping this would be a short show...
It's not as bad as it looks but at the same time it's not the type of show i enjoy... it's slice of life in the sense that we follow around this family any their antics.... however it's obviously based on a 4koma or something cause the 'plots' are very quick. if you like that kind of stuff the original series had over 300 episodes and ran for about 7 years... so i guess they have the material. but yeah i'm probably going to pass.

DD Fist of the North Star II + Fist of the North Star: Strawberry Flavor
. . . i just wanted to share the title...
Otherwise i' mjust chuck this into my "second season of a show i haven't previous watched" category...
oh it's a spinoff? yeah i don't care...

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note
Another short show but it doesn't seem to be a comedy.
Honestly it was pretty cute, at 9 mins an episode i don't think i'll be watching week to week
but honestly i marathon at the end of the season.
essentially the story is about a group of kids in a cram school who are part of a special class and end up solving mysteries.

Dance with Devils
please don't be filled with abuse
please have a sweetness to it...
please no abuse.... please
so much english this season... and i mean English... like it sounds decent.
wait.... is this a musical Anime... that doesn't focus around a pop group... and the songs are actually really pretty?
what is this show? oh please let it continue to be good....
not even 10 mins in and 3 songs.... none of them were the intro either....
mmkay so i kinda loved that...
no idea if it's going to be any good going further but it's an interesting concept with lovely animation and great music... the fact that it's reverse harem (which currently shows no signs of abuse cause there is no focus on the relationship aspect) doesn't hurt it since those have always been a guilty pleasure of mine.
Could it get terrible? absolutely... but hey she has character so thats a step above 90% of other reverse harem shows done in the past 5 years.
Ritsuka, a girl who attends a highschool that may as well be a mansion, is heading home after a long day of hittign the books. unfortunately it seems like theres a robbery taking place and her mom seems to be being attacked... after running away and calling the police they return to see that nothing seems to be wrogn with the house and all the damage has been repaired.
on her way to her friends house for the night she is attacked by the same robbers (who just happen to be vampires but she's unaware of that) but saved by her school council president (who may or may not also be a vampire or demon or devil or something)
He claims he'll help her... but not for her sake... then the episode ends...
and yeah lots of music.... probably was premature to call it a musical but i don't think i'm completely wrong about that.
so yeah i'll probably be watching

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation-
To say the animation for this show is simply stunning is a huge understatement... I'm not sure if i'll enjoy the show simply because Mystery doesn't tend to interest me but since they seem to be routed in fact that you can parse without knowing a damn thing about the world it could be pretty interesting.
However i am finding it a little hard to care about the characters since after one episode we don't know much... hopefully that changes in an episode or two.

Anti-Magic academy: the 35th Test Platoon
this show wasn't terrible... until it added itself to the "i just happened to fall on you and grope you" trope... whats that the third time this season?
it also was okay until it tried to cram at least 5 episodes worth of plot intothe last half of the ep.
it's like... "not going to work with you you" to "hey i'm back... or your doing something that pisses me off so i'll leave but just so happen to show i'm injured" to "omg i'm totally your cpatain why won't you accept me" to "suddenly we are on a mission together for reasons" to "i hate witches, something that had yet to be brought up at all,  and will kill them all even though it's against the orginizations intents" to "i accept you for reasons" to "omg a witch has interest in the main character.... ".... it's like plot whiplash.
the animation is okay but i have a feeling this show isn't going to do too well...

Magical Somera-chan
yet another short show...

The Perfect Insider
oh noitaminA been a while since i've seen their logo infront of a series. also i love the animation in the intro song...
so... uh.... it's about... college students ? maybe...
and a girl who may or may not be a criminal who is in hiding and is well known in the academic community...
this one is going to take a few episodes.... but i will say i enjoyed the first episode... even if not much info was given to the viewer... it was enough to be intrigued.

Doamayger- D
A short show trying to look like an old mech anime
It's got the look down pretty good... it's just a little too silly... at least it's only just over 2 mins long...
but seriously too many short shows.

Shomin Sample
oh... i'll be amazed is this show ends up being any good
So there is a school designed specifically for young girls from high brow families... because they are taught in such a sheltered way they are findign that graduates are having trouble adapting and tend to isolate themselves and play online games all day instead of being proper women in the upper echelons of society.
So a group of bulging flexing muscular men kidnap this kid for reasons and now he must attend this all girls school as a way of socializing these princesses to the fact that commoners do in fact exist.
why not a commoner girl? well because the girls are also afraid of evil scary men so inviting the one male commoner in essentially deals with all the problems... cause thats how the world works right?
So why this kid? cause the maid he has a bulging muscle fetish and is only attracted to other men. Now he claims he is straight and this causes more problems because they do want to protect the chastity of the women attending... and this campus is secret for... reasons... so he has to attend but first a castration....
oh wait... actually turns out muscles are where it's at...
Wait wait wait.... these sheltered rich girls have never seen a cell phone before?
yeah... sorry... Ouran High School host club did this show so much better.
Bailing just after the halfway mark... wow that was painful.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
I know nothing about Gundam... to date i have only seen a chunk of Seed and The first episode of the Gundam Origins OVA.
Still because Gundam is so huge in scope i wondered if i could watch the first ep without getting completely lost...
Though even if i do i wont be watching the show... despite seeing as much of seed as i did i don't remember any of it which meant i couldn't handle it. and even now... i can find myself only half watching it... the animation is nice and the cast is huge but i'm going to pass.

I'm thinking thats pretty much everything so lets look over to livechart
According to it i have 3 more shows that aren't immediately disqualified... even though i'm sure some of them will be short shows...
ok lets do this...

Brave Beats
oh damn... i was hoping this was a short show so i could skip it...
the intro is incredibly obnoxious... and considering it's a show all about dance it sure isn't a song you want to dance to (well at least not in my opinion, i'm extremely picky with that kind of music)
What i don't get is why so many dance centric shows with children have come up as of late.
it's a kids show... as far as kids shows go it's not insulting... but it's still a kids show and nothing special...

Anime De Training! EX

Did you want a 4 min long show about the basics of working out with so much moe your eyes will bleed out of your skull? well then this is your show.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
I don't wanna... i know this is the last one but I do not want to watch this... 

It just looks like Fansevicy crap...
Why is that girl wearing a bathing suit a million sizes too small.. that strip of fabric would not hold those in place without needing to be painfull tight.
Hilarious censorship aside.... apparently this is yuri...though why they would make something thsy little have to cover with big white lines.... i do not get... but okay...
but yeah... it's exactly what i figured... fanservicy crap and i've got better uses for my time

And that is it....
I'm a little disappointed... there are a lot of OK shows but other then the returning stuff nothing sticks out as being particularly special... last season was so good so i was kinda hopign this season would be as well...
still lets see how much i'll be watching.

Noragami Aragoto
Seraph of the End
UTAWARERUMONO -Itsuwari no Kamen-
Comet Lucifer (maybe)
Mr. Osomatsu (maybe)
Dance with Devils
Beautiful Bones (maybe)
The Perfect Insider (maybe)

And that's it.... well maybe it'll be a good time to watch some older stuff or finish some backlog.
And yeah... i am bummed that we didn't get Gargantia 2 (cause it was cancelled) and no Natsume yuujinchou 5 either (cause they haven't announced any more seasons... yet) and instead we get just a pile of mediocre anime (and WAY too many short shows... at this rate all shows will be 3 mins long) but hopefully Winter 2015/16 will be better