Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Persona 4: Dancing all Night First Impression

I have always had a soft spot for Rhythm games. Ever since i was young i would always pounce on the chance to play them.

So when the team that was working on persona announced they they were making a rhythm game full of persona 4 music handled by a lot of the same people who worked on project Diva i was all over that.

I had been importing Project diva since day one and i really enjoyed the series... another Rhythm game on my Vita would be a welcome edition.

Then i saw the gameplay and immediately started to worry.

1. The layout was hard for me to read, especially the blue scratches... i barely noticed them till it's nearly time to hit it.

2. it completely ignores the right and square button yet still ads a gimmick (the skratches)

3. lots of remixes... since the game focuses on p4 it's a little limited to the song library.

4. That Price tag.

So certain game companies are really bad for pricing games rediculously high... Atlus has been guilty of this for years.

I believe the standard edition would cost (in Canada) 65 bucks.... for a Vita game...
if you wanted the fancy edition that was 100.

I am cheap... and i tend to buy handheld games around the 30 buck mark (though i'll go up to 50 if i want the title... wont be happy about it but i will) and for special editions i'll go as high as 70 IF the features are worth it and i love the game.

so needless to say i didn't get the game right away cause... i couldn't justify that price for a game i was already a little worried about.

Last Friday the special Edition went on sale for 30 bucks.
i haven't insta bought something that quickly in a long time.

It arrived yesterday night and i spent a chunk of today unlocking all the song.

1. yeah i was right... the layout is hard to read and those damn scratches almost always get missed.

2. the lack of two buttons isn't upsetting but it does remove a little of the fun.

3. so many remxes but other then a few most are pretty enjoyable.

But there was one thing i didn't notice when i was watching gameplay versus playing the game.

If there is a 'unison' note that goes across the middle followed imedately by a normal note... it's really hard to read.
it;s like... notes on top of notes... my brain just falls out my ear.

so i ask... why not, instead of having stars, the letter U or the Letter H to tell us what the notes are.... have the symbol i'm supposed to hit.
like... i can do hard songs in p.diva... which is a much harder game then this but i am failing miserably in hard mode.
and thats funny because normal mode was a breeze, far too easy.
i can't imagine the harder mode after this.

I'm sure as i play more it'll click but right now i have some frustrations.
granted a lot was made better by setting scratches to triggers and turning the brightness all the way down (it pretty much is nessicary to be able to see the notes.... i mean Half the movies in the back have yellow backgrounds and the star notes are yellow... who figured that was a good idea?)
But there are still two things that make me sad.

1. I like the songs... but so many remixes... this could have been a game that spanned all the persona music... or hell all the SMT catalogue... but they kept to this one game and kinda screwed themselves.

2. The beats feel off.... or more accurately... when you hit the button there is either a delay or the acceptance of when the button was hit is off... again going to p.diva the first one had this timing issue too... they fixed it in later titles but i don't think this spin off should get another title. it's just a little annoying to constantly be thinking "i know the game is telling me to hit in at this point... but what beat of the song is it actually following so i can do it to that"

so yeah... i don't know... i don't regret the purchase at all... but yeah i wish it just had straight ripped off Project Diva's UI.

actually one last thing... the meter telling you if you passed of failed... i really hate that meter... it doesn't mean anything and i never feel like i'm progressing... at least P.diva gave a percentage.
I have failed songs with 5 misses in this game... i do not get it.

still... lets see if i just need to get good.

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