Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Dance with Devils

At the start of every season i try to watch every show.

When i saw there was a reverse harem with such pretty art i got a little hopeful... even though the last one *glares at amnesia* i watched made me want to yell from the rooftops on how..... not cool 90% of the shit in it was... i still had hopes.
I hoped the realtionships wouldn't be abusive/rape-y
i hoped there would be no "i'm kidnapping you to protect you and the child like clothing is just cause we were childhood friends and i wanna go back to that time and this cage isn't that bad and i only drugged your food a few times"
i also hoped there would be no "don't come near me i may kill you, oh no i'm hurt, why did you come i told you not to"
and finally my final wish was no insect since nothing gets me more angry then making incest a thing.

Well other then kidnapping someone for their protection and putting them in a cage to keep them from leaving your protection... .seriously how can people think that's romantic... how can that be the most popular ship
sorry just... amnesia broke me.

Anyways i was delightfully surprised when Dance with Devils turns into a musical.
a reverse harem musical that had nothing to do with pop groups.
I was so happy (even if the songs are... not alwasy great but still enjoyable)
and the brother is a potential ship...
he also has the best design.

Back to the point this show is far better then it has any right to be.
it's a reverse harem in the sense that there are multiple guys... theres only ever one that she likes which is really nice.
She also has a name, it's Ritsuka.. it's said a lot.... which is better then a certain other show where the character doesn't even have a name.

The thing i like best about this (other then pretty art and music~) is the fact that she is never helpless. despite being powerless she is constantly choosing her own destiny.
sure in the beggining she's a little on the too stupid to live on the harem spectrum because she's told "vampires and demons want to kidnap you" and she constantly goes "oh i'll just follow this mysterious person... what could go wrong?!" but that only happens.... once per guy so... i can deal with that i guess.

the other thing i love about this is for a shoujo title... it's dark. Characters die and don't come back, fountains of blood everywhere and thats really refreshing.
too many times do we get this sugary sweet does he love me or not story and this is not like that at all cause there are bigger things to deal with.

I kinda hope theres another season... have no idea how they would pull that off but i would love to see more with all these characters.

So yeah i enjoyed.

went fro mbeing a bit of a guilty pleasure to one of the better shows this season (that didn't try to kill me with cliffhagers like some other titles)

I believe Osomatsu san finished on monday... holidays have made things nuts but i'll probably get that all caught up tomorrow.
Friday is Noragami.
Saturday is Seraph (assuming that they aren;t taking a week or two off for holidays)
and Haikyuu and Utawarerumono and conitnueing into next season... there wasn't much in fall 2015 but at least i enjoyed everything i stuck with.

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