Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Year End Top 10(ish): Games

Only one problem.... i didn't play 10 games.

So some ground rules.
I beat these games, anything i dropped will be on my next list depicting the worst/most annoying things of the year.

other then that... this should be much easier then the other list.

7. Ys VI: Arc of Napishtim

I love Ys.
I do not like Ys 6.
But i figured when it came out on GoG i figured... maybe i was wrong when i borrowed Ys 6 from a friend and threw my controller.
more then once.
so i bought it... and while the Trails of Alma are not in this version (YAY) the game is still the weakest one in the series.
the bosses are lame and the music, while decent, is nothing special.
So yeah it's last on the list... because the rest of the series is so much better... and has no long jump command...

6. Luminous Arc 2

So i put this game down years ago
but i wanted to beat some of my back log so i pulled it out and found out i was only 3 or 4 fights from the end.
It's a bit of a mixed bag as far as music and strategy goes. it's not a bad game... it's also not the best game out there... i'm not surprised we didn't get the other luminous arc games. (though i wouldn't mind playing them)
i would tell you the plot but... uh... i don't remember.

5. Atelier Shallie

I was quite disappointed in this game... it was supposed to be the end to the dusk sea trilogy... i was hoping for some closure.
but between the lack of any closure, lack of some key game mechanics (the time mechanic specifically) and generally unlikable characters... i didn't even want to finish this game... let alone play the other campaign.
maybe The Plus version will be better.
it's got Logy so thats already an improvment.
i didn't hate the game... but was not as enjoyable as the rest of the series.
but still better then Meruru. so thats something.
i would say the whole dusk sea trilogy is a wash but... logy... logy's story was great... just play Escha & Logy Plus when it comes here.

4. Atelier Rorona Plus

I really enjoyed this... i know a bit of a jump from the other Atelier game.
it's not as good as Totori but as the start of the Arland it is really enjoyable.
now i get to wait for the new one to come out with a plus version... cause the plus versions are always better.
The story is about Rorona, who is running a new Atelier because her lazy master is too busy sleeping to do any work.

3. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

This game is unforgiving, the lack of being able to rescue or double move on a horse changes the strategy.  However i adore this series and even though this game frustrated younger me who wished to save everyone... this went rather well.
The story is simple and much like many other Fire Emblem but i'm glad i have finally beat this one.
Now i just have to beat the Wii Fire emblem and i'll have beaten them all until the new one arrives..
wish me luck because the console fire emblems are brutal.

EDIT 2.5 Splatoon

I didn't have this in my log of games i beat cause... it's a multiplayer games... you don't really beat those.
I am terrible at Shooter type games and even worse at multiplayer titles but i really got into splatoon and even got pretty good at it.
i haven't played in a while due to other games taking up my time but if you want to add me as a friend and play let me know! user name Raichana (cause i'm super duper creative like that) 

Ok so now we come to an impass.

3 weeks ago i knew what my number 1 was
then i played another game...
and now i've been thinking.
does the thing i waited 4 years for, a game that made me cry by simply playing an instrument... and game that consumed an entire week of my life... a game i personally thank the Loc. team for bringing over... still trump a game that bends genre and what a video game can be.

 Yes... yes it can.

2. Undertale

The hype for this game is a blessing and a curse.
I would have never heard of it or tried it if not for the hype... but the hype (and comparisons to earthbound) also drove me away.
Let's plays are the only reason i game this game a chance. when i saw that this game had shoot em up type combat... and an amazing soundtrack... i figured i could push aside the hype and give it a chance.
I'm so glad i did.
it's not long... but going into the game mostly blind was a joy.
a lot of people harp on certain aspects of the story... i think thats kinda silly... the game doesn't harp on them... it treats everything as completely normal and it's wonderful for that reason.
I said it in my ramble and i'll say it here... i hope there are more games like this in the future... i hope that this game is seen as somewhat important in the future. It may not be... the haters who have never played the game may eventually bury this... but i enjoyed every moment... it will stick with me.

Which leaves...

1. Trails in the Sky Second Chapter

And no one was surprised. At least not if you know me.
Having the other end of that cliffhanger finally resolved was wonderful.
and now that i'm playing Cold Steel (which i may add to this list if i get it done in time) i'm enjoying even more of SC.
The amount of times this game made me sob... Falcom needs to stop making me emotionally attached to certain instruments. It was worth the wait.
the wait was agonizing... and i was sure it would never come but i'm so happy it has.
it also introduced my new fav character Kevin.
who is the protagonist of Trails in the Sky The Third.
a game that we are most likely never going to see.
and my heart is broken... but i'm thankful for what we have... (but i'm greedy and want Zero no kiseki and Ao no kiseki and Nayuta no Kiseki and also Tokyo Xanadu [i'd be amazed if we don't get this one] ... just all the falcom)
I said it in my ramble and even got a reply but i'll say it again here where i know they wont read.
Thank you to everyone who worked to localize this game, the writing is spot on perfection and i just adored every moment. I hope you continue to do amazing work and from the bottom of my heart... Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Now i'm off to play cold steel... (well hopefully, who knows today has been a bit crazy)
Happy new year everyone...
I enjoyed 2015, here's hoping 2016 is even better!

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