Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Year End Top 10: the not so good

So now everything this past year was perfect.
Some things were downright terrible
This will cover everything (or at least games and Anime cause i didn't read any books that pissed me off this year)

Also i have 10 things... i can make top ten lists after all~

ok... everything is my personal opinion, i'm not saying anything is bad just that it didn't do it for me.

Onto the list.

10. Kurenai

During last years Rightstuf sale i took a risk with some cheaper titles that had interestign concepts.
Yeah i remember why i try shows out first now.
This show has a neat concept, guy has a demonic arm and works as a bit of a... odd jobs/mercenary type thing.
He's forced to protect this rich girl and it's about how she learns what it means to be less fortunate and he learns how to care for something instead of destroy it.
oh wait... no that was the better version i wrote in my head.
i mean she does have to live like a poor person... but he doesn't grow at all and just protects her... then cause it's Japan the girl falls in love with him (did i mention she's like... 8) and even though he says "yeah i'm waiting till your older" we end the series with nothing gained and just wasted potential.

9. Kuroko's Basketball

I don't tend to enjoy sports anime because they almost always get over powered and they have to win forthe plot to progress and they start naming moves and it's just so stupid.
But Kuroko was different... the music was amazing, they weren't overpowered and the moved went un-named.
that was until... the pass that only Kuroko can do was performed...
and it all went down from there.
The show became all about the Generation of miracles... games became 6-7 episodes long
the powers got dumber and dumber and the titular character was being left in the dust.
By the end of the final season i had to wait for the show to finish and just marathon it to get it over and done with.
it was painful... but i was so close to the end i didn't want to give up.
i kinda wish i just walked away.
oh well... Haikyuu wont do this to me will it?
will... it?

8. Nisekoi:

... it was pointless.
the plot didn't progress at all and just added silly unnecessary characters.
Like i get it's a  harem show but... things still need to move forward at some point.

7. Plastic Memories
I enjoyed elements of the show but part of me wishes it pushed it's concept a bit more... it has some fairly thought provoking scenes and does little to nothing with it. so this show isn't bad i'm just disappointed it wasn't better.

6. Parasyte -The Maxim-

this show is awesome rigth up until the end where it gets preachy and stupid and once again... completely tosses away a neat concept.
this is more my issue with zombie/parasyte story types in general because in the end... to have a satisfying conclusion you either have to get rid of the problem or kill everyone off in a blase of glory.
another show that dealt with this type of theme did a good job of ending on a final yet somewhat ambiguous note... parasyte just couldn't pull it off.
plus some of the design choices or rules just... seem incredibly convenient where it's almost to the point of taking away any sense of fear you may have for any character.
So if you do watch it... don't watch the final episode... you'll thank me.

5. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

We got this instead of a third season of Melancholy of haruhi Suzumiya.
Yeah i was a bit sad about it then but i figured it may be neat being in the other timeline.
until i realized not only do i not really enjoy Yuki x kyon... i really don't enjoy it when everything thats interesting about Yuki is taken away.
they took away all of her personality.... which is amazing cause her whole thing is she seems emotionless even though she really isn't.
I'm just sad... i want them to animate certain things... i want the ski lodge story....
I want to meet Kyons old odd friend thats been hinted at.
i want the final scene of the book animated... i want it so badly
and we are never going to get it
so getting this spinoff was just like a bunch of paper cuts really close together while lemon juice and salt is being rubbed into them.
and also nothing happens and it's all pointless so..... theres that too.

4. Blood Blockade Battlefront

I wanted this show cause damn that intro song is pretty... i really enjoy Bump of Chicken.
At best the show is a mediocre pointless anime trying so hard to be deep but showing is has nothing under the surface.
At worst it's a waste of time cause again... nothing is accomplished... you think something is but then the last scene says NOPE...
I don't get why this happens so often... why are some shows hell bent on wasting our time.
However Hello, world is really really pretty.

3. Charlotte

I am more sure then ever that Key/Visual Arts peaked with Clannad.
they had never done anything that good before (though i do like Kanon 2006) and all their titles after have been mediocre.
This one however crossed a line with me.
Spoilers: not all the characters survive.
this is something i tend to like in a show since most shows have characters covered in plot armor.
However this one particular thing happens after they don't survive and it actually triggered a part of my brain that i didn't realize would react that way... I just flew into a blind rage.
I nearly dropped the show then and there but i was pretty far into it.
but ever since that moment i was angry with the show... annoyed that it brought out such pure anger in me.... it made the rest of the shows rushed plot just an irritating nag of "i have better shit to do with my time".
stuff that could have been done in another 13 episodes is done in about 2 or 3.
I was happy when the show ended... and i honestly don't know if i'll ever watch a new Key/visual arts show.
But hey at least Clannad is stil lreally good (and actually better having watched it as both a highschooler and an adult)

2. Brandish

A falcom game?! on my top ten Not good things?!
well i would have put Ys6 here but... i needed it for the other list...
I barely got to play this... because apparently random dungeons + insta death traps + roguelike elements = Anxiety through the roof.
in the second 'area' there was a hallway with buttons and some would shoot arrows and on released a boulder and i had to guess.
plus monsters trying to kill me.
anyways i guessed wrong, and the stress of trying to get away and failing coupled with insta death plus really not giving a shit about the story pushed me into a mild Anxiety attack and i knew i could never play the game again.
I wanted to like it but hey... i helped by giving them my money... i don't need to stress.

*deep sigh* and the most irritating annoying disappointing thing this past year was!

1. Sailor Moon Crystal

So... while Sailor moon wasn't my first anime (Dragon Ball was) it's the one that stuck with me the most.
I loved it, i would run home from school just to make it in time (cause school ended at 3:15 and it was on at 3:30 and i live 15-20 mins away on my short little legs)
So when they announced they were making more i was happy.
and then it came out as a retelling that followed the manga i was less happy cause the manga is really rushed.
Still when it came out oh boy i was a ball of joy.
and then the transformation sequence happened... and i knew this wasn't going to be a good time.
still i held onto hope!
then the other scouts started to show up... completely devoid of any personality past being the smart one, the psychic one, the strong one and the pretty one.
they added nothing to the story, had no character and all had equally terrible transformations scenes.
couple that with the countless times that Usagi said Mamoru or Tuxedo Kamen... and the completely pointlessness of everything as we wait for sailor moon to stop whining and attack.
it was like the show was actively trying to beat up my childhood.
but the thing is... i still have the original uncut DVDs
it was the fix boxset i ever purchased and i adored every second of it.
it still exists... my childhood is still intact (well... mostly)
so even though this show is a blatant cash grab i'm still glad it exists... because it reminds me of the good times.
and yeah i'll cave and watch next chunck of crystal... maybe the girls wil lactualyl get some personality....
ha ha ha no probably not.

But honestly 2015 wasn't that bad as far as games and anime are concerned (at least for me) and i hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

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