Friday, 18 December 2015


Going to be completely honest for a minute.

Normally as i'm playing/reading/watching things i tend to write these in my head so i know what point i wanted to hit on.

But now that i have beaten the game... those things i thought about aren't the things i want to talk about here... so this will be fragmented... but also spoiler free.... so yay.

Okay so you probably don't need one more person gushing about how good this game is... So i'll keep the gushing short.

This game is really good.
This is one of the most interesting games i have ever played.
I hope History looks back on this game as being important... cause i personally think it is.
If you don't like it, thats fine... it's not for everyone.
but the way it uses the medium to transcend aspect of 'gameplay' is truly fascinating and i hope we see more games from Toby Fox since they obviously have a lot to offer.

ok... now onto the part i had written in my head before beating the game.

a lot of people Hate lets plays... they think it's foolish to watch someone else play a game... they feel like it's taking away sales from the gamecause fewer people are actually playing and more are just watching.

Personally i enjoy Lets Plays, always have...
two reasons.
1. great background noise, because i live with an extremely noisy autistic brother i get more then a little antsy when things are quiet (since quiet tends to mean 'someone' is up to no good)
2. I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to games... meaning that there are a whole bunch of games i will never play because i don't find them fun and lets plays allow me a chance to experience the story and music... it's the same reason i watch speed runs (that and glitches fascinate me)

however there is a third reason that is happening more often.
3. I see a game that originally i figured i would enjoy but decide to give a chance due to a lets play.

This is one of those games.
See when it first came out everyone kept on saying "it's like a new Earthbound!"
That along with all the hype really made me want to stay far far away.

*deep breath* for you see... i am one of those Heathens who doesn't like Earthbound.
I don't hate it.... but on multiple occasions i have tried to play it and ever time i just feel drained from the complete lack of fun i'm having.
So comparing this game to a game i cannot get into... yeah it wasn't a good time.

But then i saw FraserAgar (Video Games Awesome) doing a (for lack of a better term) lets play and i decided "well if i'm not going to play... i may as well enjoy the story and stop having tumblr talk about/spoil it without any context.

I laughed so hard at the comedy.
The gameplay was so intriguing... i expected it to be turn based (and it is) but it's more like a bullet hell game (which i have always loved even if i'm terrible at them)
The characters were wonderful.
the fact that you can play it different ways and get completely different turn outs.
choices that actually matter.
and that feeling that the game knows more then it lets on.

However Fraser only does these episodes occasionally... and i'm bad at waiting...
so i went to Super Beard Bros...
i was loving it until they did something that actually brought tears to my eyes.
i was crying over a game i had never played... all because i knew the outcome could be different....
Then pushing up roses uploaded a part.... and i was like "yes... good.... but.... i'm tired of watching others play this... i want to play this the way i would play it.... plus that music is so good"
so i bought the game and the soundtrack.

Currently i have only completed the pacifist run.... i don't know if i have it in me to do the other run now that i have gotten to know all these characters.

But everything aside i hope we get more games like this.
Games that push the genre.
Games that make you care.
Games that can be funny one second and heartbreaking the next.
Games that aren't afraid to call us out on our shit.
Games that fill us with determination... not just in game but in the real world...
this was made by (practically) one person.
if that doesn't fill you with determination... i don't know what will.

I know a lot of people bash this game... but i also know a lot of those people haven't actually played it... so please... before you get turned away by the hype or hate if the idea of a 5ish hour turn based bullet hell puzzle comedy game sounds at all interesting to you give it a shot.
I know i'm glad i did.

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