Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Yui -From Start to Finish-

Okay i'm really tired so expect more typos then normal.

So... there are a few things i enjoy doing.... but i'm not terribly confident with
Fan art
Hands and feet...

I Still try to push myself by drawing those things but i end up worrying endlessly.

so i have no idea why i was compelled to do this piece.... i guess i though it would be fun? and hey... it was

however the sketch.... if not for the fact that i thought the pose would be cool to flesh out... it wuld have remained just a sketch.
so to adress the three things i mentioend at the start...
I'm not confident with Fan art cause it's hard strikign that balance where the character still looks recognizable BUT keep it in your style... did i succeed? thats really not for me to decide... but i was happier with this then i was with my absolute failed pic of kirito which i don't wanna post here....
Perspective is alwasy tricky... especially if you are working without any kind of reference... i'm not for or against referencing... it has it's place but the thing is even if i wanted to where would i find a pose like this.... so i just kinda.... wung it... wing it... erm.... yeah.... that...
Hands and feet... again always tricky.... but i'm having more fun drawing them now.... even if you can't tell from fail hand in the sketch
so i Inked and put in flat colour just for fun... i tried to plot out where the body was and how the forms would overlap... lots of mistakes but i'm pretty happy with the result.

So I found a reference picture of the pixie Yui from Sword art online and pulled the colours directly from that... figured it was just easier that way.
and i figured since this piece has really been about experimenting and tryign things in a different way i decided to do only one colour shadow per layer.... 
however i knew i still needed to punch it up so i added in core shadows and high lights and reflected light and eventually i added sparkles to the wings (cause in the show shining wings means you can fly) and eventually i managed to end up with...
this... is it full of mistakes? hell yes.... am i still really happy with it? Yep... it felt great takign all these risks and havign fun with things liek glittery wings and crazy poses.... 
so yeah i hope you like it... i cant get over how much fun i had.... but now i think it's time for some original stuff...

Yui is from Sword Art Online which airs on Crunchyroll and in the nest few weeks i will be reviewing it... so yeah.... 

You can see this over at

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

oh look i'm ranting again, please feel free to ignore

comments i tend to get on a daily basis.  (mostly on Deviant art)

"omg you visited my gallery for like two seconds! you should come subscribe to my youtube chanel!"
"aww you faved one of my pictures! you should go to my gallery and fav the rest"
"I looked at your art! you should do the same for me!"
"I have a facebook page! you should follow me by hitting the like button"
"i don't know you, never been to your profile but you should vote for my contest entry"
"I know you only do commissions but can you please draw me this for free?" 

hey.... how about... no?

How about you let me fav/watch/like/subscribe whatever because i want to... not because you told me to.
How about you stop begging for attention because it just makes me want to avoid giving it to you.

Let me tell you something, for every fav and follow i get on DA i go to the persons page and look through their gallery.... i don't thank them for it... i don't even necessarily fav back unless i like what i see... and i don't watch unless i want to see more of it... because everyone knows how hollow those "thank you for the fav/watch" comments are... we all know that actually going and commenting on a piece of art means a lot more to the person. Treating other people as people.... not just pageviews.

BUT RAI! i hear you all cry to your monitor.
You cross post everything, your DA pictures get linked to your tumblr.... you progress work gets posted here and link on DA.... you link people to Society 6 and redbubble.... how is that any different?

well thats easy.... i'm not begging for it.
I'm linking people to it but i'm not saying "omg you have to click the page to see the rest of the art!" i'm not going to random peoples pages and begging them for whatever scrap of attention they can give me.... i'm putting it there so that if they want to click it... they can... and if they don't then they don't have to.

I consider each site to have a different purpose... this is great for posting my thought process in greater Detail then DA or tumblr.
tumblr is great for posting sketches or random ideas or looking for inspiration.
DA is good for posting finished artwork...
the three main sites i use all have different purposes but i use them in tandem.

but do i go shoving it in people faces hoping that they go see? no... i simply leave it in the description and if they click on it bonus... but I refuse to go around and beg for attention.

and yes my current journal has links to a few sites were i would love to have more friends... but thats all i would like.... i would like to be able to talk to more people on sites like tumblr, here and Society 6... i'm not forcing them to come follow me, i'm just saying if they want to then cool but if they don't they can ignore it.

Long story short don't tell people what to do, your skill should shine through without begging
oh and when you tell people to do something... they tend to do the opposite....

well that wasn't as long as i was expecting.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Completed: Brave

Story time:

My friend brougth this to my attention about half a year... possibly more before it was released to theaters.... it looked so good and pretty and i vowed that i would see it in theater......

I tried a few times but due to work i could never make it happen.... hell one time i went to go see a different film... i couldn't make it and the film ended up being changed to brave..... ugh i was pissed.

so to say the least i was looking forward to seeing it, maybe because i have Scottish blood in my veins.... maybe because i like seeing film that have a bit of whimsy and fantasy or in the case of animation isn't trying to be real (stylized is always better in my opinion)

so what did i think........... hm....

first the summery:
Merida is a Princess who is fed up with how her life doesn't seem to be her own, wether by fate or by choice she has to find a way to create her own path without sending the clans to war.

yeah thats about as spoiler free as i can do this...

i was told the commercials sell a completely different movie then the actual film.... and yeah to a point it does.... but i don't think that is a good or bad thing.... just something to keep in mind.

alright.... The good:
Oh my god this movie is stunning, simply beautiful to look at, everything is so bright and colourful and the lighting and the water.... just so damn pretty.
The score is pretty good too... too many songs with words in them though.... i personally found it a little distracting in some scenes... yet the target practice bit it was perfect... so yeah... minor gripe.
the story is decent.... the pacing was okay and overall the characters were likeable.... now watch me contraict those last three points....

the not so good:
while the story is good and well done it is nothing new... we have seen this exact same princess not happy with her lot in life plot before.... i hoped they would take it in another direction and they do.... kinda...
The pacing of the story is good... the pacing of the character development is wrong.... certain characters change their tune at the drop of a hat.... other characters have to give up way more despite the situation....
The likeable characters don't get much screen time due to the overall situation.... i don't wanna spoil it so i'll leave it at that.

The annoying.... but not really bad:
Merida was really annoying to me at the start of the film, i know it's kinda the point.... but there are a few things she does that i'm sorry they crossed a line... and for a large chunk of the story there is no acceptance of guilt and no remorse... until randomly when she SUDDENLY and out of the blue starts realizing she may have a part to play in this.... it just felt like there was a character development scene missing or something.... again it's more annoying to me then really bad but i just.... i wanted to slap her so hard at one point... maybe i feel this way cause i crossed a line when i was small and i had to pay for my actions with everything in my bedroom aside from clothing and bed and such being taken away for 2 years... so maybe i'm a little sensitive to the 'shit you don't do to certain people in your life' line... but still... ugh she annoyed me....but only for a bit.... i'm rambling sorry...

I really did enjoy this movie, it was worth the wait... still kinda bummed i didn't get to see it in theater... is it pixars best? no.... the Incredibles and the first ten minutes of up will have that spot for a while longer... . but damn it was good....

so yeah sorry for nit picking.... i just.... get touchy with that one subject.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

If i hear one more person say they like the feel of paper...

Some quick explanation, i don't think this will be long or turn into a rant.... but knowing me it might.... so yeah if it's a wall of text scroll to the bottom for the Tl;dr...

Over a year ago, back when i was going to college, we would go to my friends dorm room to wait out the break we had between classes and maybe watch something.... one time she had her Kindle out... at this point i didn't have one... she said she didn't use it much right away but the second she discovered how many books she could have with her while it took no room in her tiny dorm room she was hooked.

Then i said the thing i can't stand hearing today. "But i like the smell and feel of paper"

and to be fair.... i really do like it.... it has a kind of nostalgia attached to it...

anyways so i read a few pages and i noticed how it flashed between pages but after the 3rd or 4th page i didn't notice.... plus the thing was really nice on the eyes and it was so light and thin and the battery lasted a month apparently (i didn't believe her claim at the time) best of all you could find lesser known authors and give them a shot for not a whole lot of money... more on that later. anyways not too much later i decided to get one for myself...
I considered myself a bit of a bookworm before.... this made that explode cause i can just carry it in my purse and anytime i'm waiting for something or i'm in transit i can just read a bit... then when i need to it goes back in the purse... and the battery really did last a month to a month and a half.
and yes i still buy real books for certain special things but still i was amazed at some peoples reaction.

If i wasn't getting a snooty version of "well i like paper, nothing will beat it" then i was getting "omg you spent 100 bucks on that? you could have bought real books with that money."
yeah ignoring the fact that i spend anywhere from 1 buck to 5 and hell i've gone as high as 10 (though no higher cause at that point i may as well buy the real thing) and i have about.... 40 -50 books on it when those same titles would have cost me closer to 350-500 bucks... if not more... plus i save on space and i can bring it anywhere... but yeah i could have just bought the real thing... my bad.

i'm not saying e-readers are good for everyone.... i just happen to love mine, when i was goign to college i spent an hour a day in transit and reading was the perfect way to pass the time... now if i transit home it takes me an hour and a half if i connect everything perfectly. it's not like i'm doing anything else with that time... so i may as well read.... oh but i like fantasy... which tends to be thick... good thing i have this ereader that weight less then a pound versus a copy of the count of monte cristo which i probably couldn't fit in my purse anyways...

But seriously just cause i choose to have a medium that relies on technology doesn't give you the right to be an elitist asshole to me.
Part of me does wish that people would stop bitching about the price of the e-books themselves.... yes they dont have the cost of paper or packaging or advertising BUT they do have all the time and effort and love the writer put in..... you want to charge a dollar for all that work? and they don't see all that profit, some goes to the distributor so lets give it an optimist 40 cents.... i just feel like... when i love a book that i'm ripping them off.... : ( i know it's not much betetr if you buy the real thing (i've seen it argued that it's actually much worse.... i am not a writer so i dunno).... i just wish there was a way to show authors more love...

well aside from the fact i make my friends buy their books as well.... i guess thats the best i can do...

oh well...

tl;dr: L like my e-reader and if you don't thats fine just keep your damn opinion to yourself.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Jupiter - From start to finish -

so this is another sketch i tweeked quite a bit in the digital inking process cause i wanted it to feel a bit more dinamic.
so i did this sketch while waiting for my ride home, it was very quick and had lots of problems but i figured i could fix it all up in photoshop.

unfortunately i kind finished it quickly so i didn't take any wip shots....
I just wanted to have more overlapping shapes since thats the best way to convey that something is 3d.... i do find it hard to draw other peoples characters in my style and still have them recognizable as the character in question and i think i accomplished it..... maybe... oh well... i had fun with this even if my wrist is screaming in pain for having coloured this after having written out 100 or so timecards.... which is why my typing is probably worse then normal... sorry.

alright the only inner senshi left are mars and Mercury.... the two i'm not too thrilled with... maybe i'll redraw them eventually and finish the inner set.... maybe not since i don't tend to do fan art...

oh well, it's over on redbubble:
and deviantart:
and tumblr:

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Completed: Knights: The Eye of Divinity By Robert E. Keller

and i'm kinda bummed that i finished it cause i planned and doing a piece with the four main character and since i was only 86% through according to my kindle... i thought i had more time....
NOPE, two chapters of another book
which i haven't read yet but i will.... one way or another.

So Knight: The Eye of Divinity by Robert E. Keller
*deep breath*
Wow this was good.

The chapters were a little long for reading on transit but still.... very interesting.

Lannon Sunshield, a boy who lives in Knights Valley, is visited by three powerful and well known knights. he finds it a little odd since they are kind of out of the way and no where near a town and it onlygets more confusing when the three are apparently looking for him incase he bears a gift known as the Eye of Divinity.

well he seems to show signs that he can so they bring him to the capital Dremlock... a place Lannon has dreamed about his entire life... though not everything is as perfect as the stories led to believe but he doesn't have time to worry about that right now, he has to pass the test of knighthood and obtain a colour in hopes to be all the three knights hope he is. However Deep shadows are lying in wait and trying to cause the boys demise at every turn.

and anymore would be getting too close to spoilersville.

The Good:
Really well written, it's been a while since i've read something so engaging, when characters were afraid i could feel it... when they were happy or surprised i was right there with them.
The characters are interesting and the way the world is set up you can learn a lot about a person by their last name.... parents try to give their kids knightly names in hopes that this books god will smile on them and give them more divine essence. This also helps me remember characters names because every name is pronounceable and different from all the others. i don't know why all fantasy novels can't just understand that.
The characters are flawed, This is great because this could have easily been "lannon saves day by barely lifting finger, there was much rejoicing" but it's not, lannon barely has any knightly essence and even though the divine essence pointed the knights to him they all have their doubts and i love it.

The not so good:
there is a couple 'spelling mistake' but it's mostly missing quotation marks... but it's easy enough to figure out when people are talking. so this is a minor nit pick.... also if you hate stopping a book mid chapter then don't read on transit UNLESS you have a long commute. this is just from personal experience.

The almost bad:
The ending feels a bit rushed but that could be because there is a lot of set up for book 2 or because i was expecting another 14%.... so i dont want to call is bad.... it's just.... i guess dependign on the next book this could go either way.

Do i Recommended? yes. you see that? you see how much it cost? NOTHING (well as long as you own a ebook reader but still)
seriously there is no reason not to give this book a shot.

ok so yeah..... i liked it.... back to working on t-shirts
oh and His blog:

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Completed: Sailro Moon S

i'll make this short,
while i do love The outer senshi, the focus on chibi usa, the idea of characters potentially needing to be sacrificed for the greater good and the dilemma that can bring... this is my second lease fav season of sailor moon.

1. there isn't much growth, the only new character to get a new attack is Sailor moon and technically chibi moon cause she wasn't a scout before... i think every other season adds attacks for mars, jupiter, mercury and Venus.... not this one... they do all get an episode devoted to why they are pure (well... minako's is iffy but still) but for me that just wasn't enough.

2. while i like the outer senshi.... especially saturn and pluto..... the way they act... it's frustrating since MOST if not ALL the conflict could have been sorted out had they just sat down for coffee and had a chat. also they act so high and mighty and rash and it just annoys me.... luckily in other seasons they are only in small manageable doses.

3. it's a little anti-climatic, they seem to be leading up to a huge fight.... but thanks to a certain character it kind of resolves itself.... it just.... wasn't as epic as i remembered....

4. i didn't see this season for quite a while, when i was a kid the original season and R aired at 4 pm...... when S came around they either shifted to a later time or to around lunch.... andi would have been in school.... i see why thye did it... i mean some of the monsters were probably seen as a bit to adult for kids (let me set the record straight... they aren't, but i can see why people would jump o that conclusion)
i didn't end up seeing it till i was 15 or so and the channel that plays anime decided to air it at 7.... i felt like an idiot... watching something with the same excitement that i had when i was 7 years old.... but it was good... and once we got to super s..... i didn't even care.... i realized i had loved anime/nerdy things all my life and it wasn't something to be ashamed of... it was me being truest to myself.

also, just for reference, from top to bottom

Super S
R (i do like the post doom tree arc better but the entire season is good)

alright time to get to the favorite season~

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Just for a moment - From Start to Finish

so.... my scanner is evil.... i know for a fact i have it set to 300-600 dpi scanning every single time.... BUT NOPE it decided out of the blue it wanted to scan at 150.... so i have a picture i'm pretty happy with and it's small.... id's say a little smaller then i actually drew it....
and when do i find this out? when i resize the damn thing to submit online.
I HATE YOU SCANNER..... hate you so much.... i already draw small i don't need you to come in and make it even smaller....

ok enough ranting.... i know it's not the machines fault.... i shoudl have checked it.... grrrrrrrr....

so... i found another 30 day challenge that i knew i couldn't do in 30 days but through woudl be fun thematically...

this was the first challenge. Draw your OTP holding hands.
while 'One True Pairings' are fun to draw.... i wasn't getting inspired so i changed it to my in a perfect world pairing.... a pairing i thing would be adorable together but because i'm a horrible mean author it'll never happen....

so i sketch it out in like 5 mins.... and oh man it was so bad but i got my idea down and i knew i could make in much better in photoshop.

why does he look so funny? why do they have blob hands.... omg what happened to his feet?! what is this monstrocity....
so i resketched everything digitally... which i almost never do cause i'm the laziest person in the world.... and i eventually ame up with this multycoloured mess of blobs
oh well she looks okay but holy hell look at all the oclours...and the anatomy is STILL messed up... at least that angle for the face is better (BTW thats my fav angle to draw and not one i get to do often...) so i eventually inked and kept worked despite the fact that things were just gettting in the way.

and this was the finished product.... and it's so small *sobs* i knew it was acting odd but dammit.... oh well i am happy with it.... despite the mental breakdown i had over the hands.... andi  have no idea why i went with that bg cause i cannot paint clous.... or trees..... or landscapes of any kind... .
BUT I DON'T CARE... it was so much fun and the next one should be them cuddling... if i do them in order...
so yeah.... i should get back to work on the t-shirt i need to make for work..... but scaffolding is hard to make....

Completed: Ouran High Host Club

no seriously the second i have a day off i'll try to draw stuff for these reviews.... for now i just don't have time *sighs*

Okay so most people either love this show or they hate it.... not too many middle people in the middle ground.

the premise is fairly simple, poor kid gets into rich school and breaks a vase belonging to the host club.... they force him to pay them back through indentured servitued untill they figure out that with some polishing he can shine like a host...
on problem.... he isn't a he.... he's a she.... and for some reason it being outted that he's a she would force her to quit the host club and not be able to repay the debt.... because the plot says so.

infact.... most of this show can be summed up as "because the plot sais so"
and you know what? i don't care... it's got a charm and humor to it that a lot of other shows just completely forget... it deals with some gender issues an tries (most of the time) to have the message that gender doesn't matter as long as you try your best.
yeah it's a little mary sueish with the way haruhi makes 4 of the 6 guys fall in love with her (dealt with more in the manga) but considering the anime only deals with 2 of 4 in question i actually am not bothered by it.
i hear a lot of complaints about the art.... but i like the style, it's bright it's colourful and while it isn't perfect i think it fits in with the show perfectly.

ok lets break it down...

The good:
The art, music and voice acting in BOTH english and japanese is steller.... not funimations best but pretty damn good... my only thing was every time Honey talked i would see pincess tutu in my head but thats just me and my odd voice recognition thing which i can't get over.
It picks a good part of the manga to focus on.... the stuff that happens after is better but considering that will probably never be animated i think what they did have is done well.
the intro and ending song (especially the ending song) in japanese are stellar and to this day i love when it comes on my ipod.

The not so good:
due to most of the character development happening in the events after the anime ends the characters do come off as a little shallow.... especially kyoya, Honey and Mori.

The bad:
I haven't bought much from funimation lately (cause when i can get 2 entire season of my fav show in a gorgeous box with an art book for 60 compaired to half a season in a shitty cardboard flap with no extras for 50... i'm gunna go with the lovely box.... yes i sacrifice english voice actign which is a bummer but maybe one day NISA will be able to add VA and still be cost effective.)*cough sorry for the tangent cough* butthey went through a phase where they were dubbing intro and ending songs.
why? no clue... but this show was one of the ones to do it...
and it's bad... it sent me running for the remote every time to skip over.... which sucks cause i love the originals of these songs
maybe i'm over reacting.... you decide
now that wasnt't so bad right? i mean.... other then the opening lyric it was pretty much in key.... right?
yeah it's still not the original.... okay... now the ending.
i don't know if it feels like he's not putting his heart into it or he's just not on key but he just doesn't do a very good job of this song..... he can sing thats for sure i just don't like him singing this song.... wait....
Vic did a version? (i already knew this but dramatic tension and whatnot)
so what he's playing the voice of the male lead... Vic has one hell of a voice on him.... that is so good! it's comparable to the original version, I.... I seriously don't understand why the other one was used... yes the other guy can sing just find but Vic sounds like he's actually putting emotion behind the words. I know he did the lyrics for the song so that's probably why he's more invested but seriously this is the better of the two versions.

oh we're still on whats bad about the show.... um... there isn't any real point.... which is the problem with most comedy anime.... especially one that only does a small chunk of the manga...

but yeah i enjoy this show a lot, i just think it's really fun but i understand why a lot of people outright hate it.

if you can go check it out... i'm pretty sure FUNimation has some episodes on their youtube channel and if you like the show go pick it up... it's pretty old so it shouldn't be too expensive...

Friday, 9 November 2012

TenierMe Closing

A while back... maybe a year or two? whenever it first opened ... nws of a new site that allowed you to dress up your avatars like Gaia but they moved around popped up and it was so adorable you eyes would melt if you looked at it too long.
I loved it.... all the items were super cheap and everything was free, it was easy to make avatars of my own characters based on the clothing options iwas given.... i never realyl got into gaia but this i simply loved.

Then they brught in the g-coin system which you bought with money.... (which to add insult to injury the coins would expire after 6 months despite you having paid real money)
and the site went to shit....

i think i stayed on for a month or two after the g-coin system was implemented but seriously there were no good free to play items and the exchange rate between money to g-coins to how much shit cost was highway robbery and worst of all other then new costumes to get there was nothing really to do... they hadn't set up many games (and the ones they did set up weren't terribly fun... though sevens could be entertaining) and it was really hard to make friends and find their profiles and be part of a community.

at least thats how i felt.
am i surprised the site is closing?
not even a little
Yes the japanese site is still running (which is funny cause when it comes to monotization it's way worse... you can barely do ANYTHING unless you pay to play) but they have things like games and events and people who are more willing to pay 50 cents to 5 bucks on a outfit for an avatar. but most people have betetr stuff to spend their money on so yeah... not surprised that despite this site being a pretty cool idea which some really nice outfits that it's closing it's doors down in a month...
am i sad? not really.... i occasionally signed back on to see what was happening but from what i saw it never got better.

oh well i just hope the people who did enjoy the site aren't too sad/flat broke cause honestly that would be the saddest part of closing the site.

Monday, 5 November 2012

hey 5 bucks off isn't bad... right?

so i have a society 6 account
and right now theres a 5 dolalrs off promotion... all you have to do is follow the link

they do this occasionally so i'll probably do blog posts like this every once in a while... so take a look around or even just stop by to say hello.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Venus - From Start to finish-

so apparently i'm doing these in the whatever order i feel like.... so it started out as a sketch... in fact i was sketching a lot that day... it had been a long day at work and i was waiting for my ride so i ended up drawign Sailor Jupiter, then this one... and finally chibi moon.

i enjoyed the idea but i knew i was being pretty sloppy and lazy... i mean i forgot to draw her ears for crying out loud... but i didn't know if it had another minute left to sketch or another hour
so after inking and colouring moon and mini moon i was kinda over my fan art stage.... but i did have these drawn so i figured why not and i inked it for fun... and then i started colouring and playing around with it and eventually i ended up with

It was very fun but it reminded me why it's such a pain to draw anything thats facing forward but hey it's good to challenge yourself... i guess... also sorry that it's the third one in this series ot have her mouth open... it just looks odd to me when chibis have their moths closed (at least when i draw them)

so yeah no in between stuff cause i went from ink to finished product surprisingly quick... hopefully another original piece next... i kind of like staggering the fan art since i don't do it often

Also seen on
Society 6

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Completed: Wreck it Ralph

*pushes aside the fact that in an earlier blog she said she was going to put more effort into these (read as Draw more for banners and such) and just continues with the review without the extra flare... cause i'm tired....*

So.... wreck it ralph.

The story is simple, Ralph is a badguy... has been for the past 30 years.... but he's tired of living in the dump all by himself while the hero gets cake and pie and he knows he's not really a bad guy... so through a series of events he tries to find a way for the people in his game to accept him.

The good:
The short Animation was really cute, hell the 3d even added a subtle bit of dimention and despite throwing paper airplanes they never threw it at the viewer.... which is the main thing i hate about 3d.... in fact a bit more on that later...
so yeah the short was good... and the concept was good.... all the animations of the game characters made me laugh cause they still moved like 8 bit sprites despite being in 3d...
um... the way they showed the different worlds was pretty interesting, the main areas are Ralphs Game, the first person shooter game and the candy go kart game.... all are unique and fun....

The not so good:
All the characters, including Ralph with his dispropotionate body, look a little like their voice actor.... it's not a terrible thing but it was distracting to me.... i couldn't see Vanillope Van Sweets and i could see was a tiny sarah silverman with candy in her hair.... same goes for Jane Lynch.... again not bad just stopped me from getting fully immersed in the story and the world.

I saw it in 3d and while the 3d itself isn't terribly obnoxious..... i still hate 3d, it made the movie much darker and the part of the film that are dark (mostly near the end) things get too difficult to see at all. if you do plan to see it save your money and see it in 2d.

The pacing is a little off, the middle bit seems to drag just a little... again not terrible but it's no fun when something is off... it's just distracting.

Really predictable.... something is mentioned at one point and with that information i was able to determine the rest of the plot beat for beat.

The bad:
This is my personal taste and i'm sure she's a good actress but Sarah Silvermans voice is a bit gratign to me.... so her playing a squeaky high pitched kid? it was like torture.... but thats just me....

the really bad:
This film is pretty much about the Arcade experience... something that doesn't really even exist anymore in north america... however ot was something that a lot of people in the 80s probably experienced.... so you would think this film would be a nod to them... a love letter to retro gaming as a whole but still enjoyable for a kid to watch.
it's just a kids film.... not a family film... not a film that kids can enjoy.... no an outright pander down to children with toilet humor kids film.
Dammit kids are smarter then people give them credit for so seeing something that spends 5 minutes over a joke because a character said "duty" is just..... aggravating.
Yes the film deals with some darker concepts... death is mentioned frequently... the idea of not belonging due to sterotypes or assumptions is a theme through everything except two characters who barely make an impact now that i think about it... and the kids in the audience seemed to handle that just find.... so why do we have entire scenes of ralph and Vannilope just calling each other names back and forth... we get it... he smells (for some reason.... must be tricky considering he is a mass of pixels and code) just move on with the plot...

in fact the whole sugar rush bit of the film should have been cut.
"But rai.... thats pretty much the entire movie!"
yeah i am aware of that.... but here's the thing.... half the first half of the film be pretty much as is.... he gets a thing but instead of ending up where he does send him back to his original world.... insert plot that happens there with the major bad guy... ralph saves the day.... the end.... hell have all the badguys and orphaned game sprites help save the day... it would have made more sense...

AND ANOTHER THING.... it got all those game licenses.... yeah.... wasted them.... the bad guys anonymous bit near the start is really the only time it's used... i was expecting that kind of thing the entire time. but nope... once we get to go kart land we don't see a real game character until the end.

Also too many antagonist... yes they vary in threat but seriously.... 3 of them? 4 if you count the threat of a game getting unplugged. ugh i'm just beign nitpicky...

The film is good.... not great but not terrible.... i really wish that the go kart world wasn't in it since despite it being 3/4 of the film it serves no special purpose and the same effect could have been achieved had it all happened in Ralphs world.

oh well... i still say go see it just yeah... be warned... it's really turns into a kid film the secodn we get to go kart land...

Friday, 2 November 2012

Okay there is something i want to be clear on...

Stalking something DOES NOT EQUAL liking something.

I should explain.
Now this all happened over on Deviantart and in the end is really isn't a big deal but i just have some shit i need to get off my chest... also the stalking wasn't really stalking but a club about stalking.... but still i need to say stuff... here's the one place i can probably say it without getting backlash from the person who started this in general.

This morning i Checked my Deviantart Inbox as i do every morning before work and i noticed someone has asked for one of my pieces (one that is really bad and old and why would anyone even look at that one?) to be submitted into their groups folder. I was a little confused that a madoka magica piece was being asked for by a group called "group-of-stalkers" since there aren't any stalkers in that show... except maybe Kyuubey? and possibly another character once you get to ep 10... but i think those are stretches... anyways back to the point.... I accepted the invitation because... why not?
yeah... that was my first mistake...
anyways shortly after i got an invite to the club.... i looked around to see what they did and i couldn't really find anything.... so i joined hoping i'd be able to see more of what they did....
mistake number 2....
first i was bombarded on my front page with "OMG WE HAVE THIS AWESOME CONTEST AND YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT"
yeah.... no.... i don't appreciate a group that charges for something as simple as a feature to post it's huge advert on my front page.... so after hiding the message (cause honestly it was no better then spam) i noticed my inbox had jumped... .all thanks to this one new club and the best part? despite the fact that they claim to kick out people who do art theft... half the pictures were traces or redraws of licensed anime/video game art..... all of this happened in less then an hour and i figured i just didn't have time for this shit anymore so i left the club.

not even 5 minutes later i get another message on my front page.

"Why did you leave the club?" 
Seriously? why did i leave it? cause i didn't want to be in it....
but no what i said was~

"sorry i thought i would give the club a try since you invited me but it just wasn't the right fit for me.
and i couldn't really figure out what the club is for...
I also was a little put off by the amount of pencil redraws of licensed art.
so yeah i apologize for leaving the club but thank you for inviting me in the first place."
i felt it was kind and civil and best of all i said my peace without offending anyone..... or so i thought.

"pencil redraws?

well if you go to the right top of the page you will see the description for it,Maybe that will help you know what the group is for.

but its fine~"
So i should have left it there... but i didn't and i was getting annoyed by this.... so i go to the page and look at the line in question....
" "a group for every person that stalks something."
Well i'm sure everyone has fun in the club but i don't really stalk anything so again i just didn't see the point of me staying, sorry.
anyways good luck with it and again thanks for the invite, sorry that it just wasn't for me."
Again, i feel i'm being pretty damn civil at this point cause in the end the answer is and always was "cause i didn't want to be a part of the club, you invited me... i tried (for all of 30 mins) and i didn't like it so i left" also a group for everyone who stalks something? um.... i don't know ANYONE who stalks something... stalking is a bad thing.... more on that later....

"do you really?You are not a part of any fandom to something?

If you replace 'stalk' with 'like' you will get it,Do you not want to know more about things you like?

its fine,if you ever want to rejoin then we will always accept you ;p"
Part of a fandom to something what the hell does that have to do with anything--- no.... oh don't tell me they are going there.... no no no no.... AND THEY DID.... dammit they went there
 Seriously....  If you replace 'stalk' with 'like' you will get it,Do you not want to know more about things you like? NO.... NO

I immediately went to check the persons age on DA which wasn't posted so i had to resort to thinking... if this person is younger then me they should learn right now that Stalking is a bad thing and Stalking something doesn't mean liking something.... the two are not Synonyms!
*goes to check on to be sure*

 Thanks it's always great to know your around... and look nowhere to be found are the words Like, Love or Fandom.
but lets take it a step further shall we?

 STILL NOWHERE TO BE FOUND THE WORDS "if you like a fandom it's the same as stalking it"
Stalking is a BAD THING
I get the REAL purpose of the club is to find people who like the same thing as you and the term stalkers is more so a different word for fan....
yeah i have two major problem with this...

1) if i wanna join a club with similar interest.... i will find a club DEDICATED to that interest instead of an all around jack of all fandoms club... Hell DA is such a huge site where even the smallest of fandoms or the most Niche interest will have a club.

2) STALKERS AND FANS ARE NOT THE SAME THING and equating them is INSULTING... some fans can become stalkers but this is NOT something to be glorified or something to look up to...

*deep breath* I get i'm probably over reacting to the situation (why i did it here and not on DA) but saying that stalking and liking something are interchangeable.... i cannot describe how pissed off it makes me... Words having Meaning... and just cause you feel the way your using it isn't as harsh as the true meaning and therefor shouldn't be judged as harshly.... yeah.... no.... it doesn't work like that.

Also on a somewhat unrelated note... while i may be a terrible speller there is one thing i know above all else.... There is a space after a Comma... you can't just keep writing and pretend that the comma replaces a space.... no you must physically hit the space bar or else it is wrong....
ok now i'm just nitpicking....

I'm sorry this was so long but i needed to say this somewhere and this seemed like the place that wouldn't get my in trouble... since probably no one will read this....

ok one more for the road.... salking as defined by

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I made a sale?


Sorry i just had to say this somewhere...
I never thought i would sell anything on sites like Redbubble or Society 6... so the fact that i sold something... albeit something very small... well that pretty much made my week. Especially since i don't really make... sellable things... and by that i mean i don't do a lot of fan art or popculture references... i just make art that makes me happy... if that makes other happy then yay... bonus

but yeah i'm in a pretty good mood.... still wont go throw my originals up on etsy but maybe i'm a step closer to getting the courage to do that.... who knows...

Also Nanowrimo.... yeah... if i weren't working 7 days a week 12 hour days i may considering trying it.... but yeah... i don't think i can fit it in... who knows *sighs* why can't Nanowrimo be in February (thats when this job hopefully ends)

um yeah.... so i should probably work a bit on my completed things (i have 2 things that i recently finished but i wanna put more effort into it so it'll probably be a little while before they are up...a day or two?)
i should also work on those chibi sailor scouts i drew a while ago....
i should also paint something for christmas/winter...
and finish the tshirt design for the show i'm on...
*looks at growing list of shit to do... has a little cry*
Free time.... where did you go? i miss you~
granted all but one thing on that list is a self imposed to do so i guess i can't complain too much.... but i still will....

to anyone reading this sorry about the rambling... just getting it all off my chest.