Saturday, 17 November 2012

Jupiter - From start to finish -

so this is another sketch i tweeked quite a bit in the digital inking process cause i wanted it to feel a bit more dinamic.
so i did this sketch while waiting for my ride home, it was very quick and had lots of problems but i figured i could fix it all up in photoshop.

unfortunately i kind finished it quickly so i didn't take any wip shots....
I just wanted to have more overlapping shapes since thats the best way to convey that something is 3d.... i do find it hard to draw other peoples characters in my style and still have them recognizable as the character in question and i think i accomplished it..... maybe... oh well... i had fun with this even if my wrist is screaming in pain for having coloured this after having written out 100 or so timecards.... which is why my typing is probably worse then normal... sorry.

alright the only inner senshi left are mars and Mercury.... the two i'm not too thrilled with... maybe i'll redraw them eventually and finish the inner set.... maybe not since i don't tend to do fan art...

oh well, it's over on redbubble:
and deviantart:
and tumblr:

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