Tuesday, 27 November 2012

oh look i'm ranting again, please feel free to ignore

comments i tend to get on a daily basis.  (mostly on Deviant art)

"omg you visited my gallery for like two seconds! you should come subscribe to my youtube chanel!"
"aww you faved one of my pictures! you should go to my gallery and fav the rest"
"I looked at your art! you should do the same for me!"
"I have a facebook page! you should follow me by hitting the like button"
"i don't know you, never been to your profile but you should vote for my contest entry"
"I know you only do commissions but can you please draw me this for free?" 

hey.... how about... no?

How about you let me fav/watch/like/subscribe whatever because i want to... not because you told me to.
How about you stop begging for attention because it just makes me want to avoid giving it to you.

Let me tell you something, for every fav and follow i get on DA i go to the persons page and look through their gallery.... i don't thank them for it... i don't even necessarily fav back unless i like what i see... and i don't watch unless i want to see more of it... because everyone knows how hollow those "thank you for the fav/watch" comments are... we all know that actually going and commenting on a piece of art means a lot more to the person. Treating other people as people.... not just pageviews.

BUT RAI! i hear you all cry to your monitor.
You cross post everything, your DA pictures get linked to your tumblr.... you progress work gets posted here and link on DA.... you link people to Society 6 and redbubble.... how is that any different?

well thats easy.... i'm not begging for it.
I'm linking people to it but i'm not saying "omg you have to click the page to see the rest of the art!" i'm not going to random peoples pages and begging them for whatever scrap of attention they can give me.... i'm putting it there so that if they want to click it... they can... and if they don't then they don't have to.

I consider each site to have a different purpose... this is great for posting my thought process in greater Detail then DA or tumblr.
tumblr is great for posting sketches or random ideas or looking for inspiration.
DA is good for posting finished artwork...
the three main sites i use all have different purposes but i use them in tandem.

but do i go shoving it in people faces hoping that they go see? no... i simply leave it in the description and if they click on it bonus... but I refuse to go around and beg for attention.

and yes my current journal has links to a few sites were i would love to have more friends... but thats all i would like.... i would like to be able to talk to more people on sites like tumblr, here and Society 6... i'm not forcing them to come follow me, i'm just saying if they want to then cool but if they don't they can ignore it.

Long story short don't tell people what to do, your skill should shine through without begging
oh and when you tell people to do something... they tend to do the opposite....

well that wasn't as long as i was expecting.


  1. hideing their comment or blocking them helps ;D

    1. i do hide the comments only because i don't want that shit on my page.... i don't tend to black users unless they are harassing me because i know they aren't doing it to be annoying... they just don't see how pathetic it makes them seem ><
      but yeah... what can you do