Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Completed: Sailro Moon S

i'll make this short,
while i do love The outer senshi, the focus on chibi usa, the idea of characters potentially needing to be sacrificed for the greater good and the dilemma that can bring... this is my second lease fav season of sailor moon.

1. there isn't much growth, the only new character to get a new attack is Sailor moon and technically chibi moon cause she wasn't a scout before... i think every other season adds attacks for mars, jupiter, mercury and Venus.... not this one... they do all get an episode devoted to why they are pure (well... minako's is iffy but still) but for me that just wasn't enough.

2. while i like the outer senshi.... especially saturn and pluto..... the way they act... it's frustrating since MOST if not ALL the conflict could have been sorted out had they just sat down for coffee and had a chat. also they act so high and mighty and rash and it just annoys me.... luckily in other seasons they are only in small manageable doses.

3. it's a little anti-climatic, they seem to be leading up to a huge fight.... but thanks to a certain character it kind of resolves itself.... it just.... wasn't as epic as i remembered....

4. i didn't see this season for quite a while, when i was a kid the original season and R aired at 4 pm...... when S came around they either shifted to a later time or to around lunch.... andi would have been in school.... i see why thye did it... i mean some of the monsters were probably seen as a bit to adult for kids (let me set the record straight... they aren't, but i can see why people would jump o that conclusion)
i didn't end up seeing it till i was 15 or so and the channel that plays anime decided to air it at 7.... i felt like an idiot... watching something with the same excitement that i had when i was 7 years old.... but it was good... and once we got to super s..... i didn't even care.... i realized i had loved anime/nerdy things all my life and it wasn't something to be ashamed of... it was me being truest to myself.

also, just for reference, from top to bottom

Super S
R (i do like the post doom tree arc better but the entire season is good)

alright time to get to the favorite season~

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