Sunday, 11 November 2012

Completed: Ouran High Host Club

no seriously the second i have a day off i'll try to draw stuff for these reviews.... for now i just don't have time *sighs*

Okay so most people either love this show or they hate it.... not too many middle people in the middle ground.

the premise is fairly simple, poor kid gets into rich school and breaks a vase belonging to the host club.... they force him to pay them back through indentured servitued untill they figure out that with some polishing he can shine like a host...
on problem.... he isn't a he.... he's a she.... and for some reason it being outted that he's a she would force her to quit the host club and not be able to repay the debt.... because the plot says so.

infact.... most of this show can be summed up as "because the plot sais so"
and you know what? i don't care... it's got a charm and humor to it that a lot of other shows just completely forget... it deals with some gender issues an tries (most of the time) to have the message that gender doesn't matter as long as you try your best.
yeah it's a little mary sueish with the way haruhi makes 4 of the 6 guys fall in love with her (dealt with more in the manga) but considering the anime only deals with 2 of 4 in question i actually am not bothered by it.
i hear a lot of complaints about the art.... but i like the style, it's bright it's colourful and while it isn't perfect i think it fits in with the show perfectly.

ok lets break it down...

The good:
The art, music and voice acting in BOTH english and japanese is steller.... not funimations best but pretty damn good... my only thing was every time Honey talked i would see pincess tutu in my head but thats just me and my odd voice recognition thing which i can't get over.
It picks a good part of the manga to focus on.... the stuff that happens after is better but considering that will probably never be animated i think what they did have is done well.
the intro and ending song (especially the ending song) in japanese are stellar and to this day i love when it comes on my ipod.

The not so good:
due to most of the character development happening in the events after the anime ends the characters do come off as a little shallow.... especially kyoya, Honey and Mori.

The bad:
I haven't bought much from funimation lately (cause when i can get 2 entire season of my fav show in a gorgeous box with an art book for 60 compaired to half a season in a shitty cardboard flap with no extras for 50... i'm gunna go with the lovely box.... yes i sacrifice english voice actign which is a bummer but maybe one day NISA will be able to add VA and still be cost effective.)*cough sorry for the tangent cough* butthey went through a phase where they were dubbing intro and ending songs.
why? no clue... but this show was one of the ones to do it...
and it's bad... it sent me running for the remote every time to skip over.... which sucks cause i love the originals of these songs
maybe i'm over reacting.... you decide
now that wasnt't so bad right? i mean.... other then the opening lyric it was pretty much in key.... right?
yeah it's still not the original.... okay... now the ending.
i don't know if it feels like he's not putting his heart into it or he's just not on key but he just doesn't do a very good job of this song..... he can sing thats for sure i just don't like him singing this song.... wait....
Vic did a version? (i already knew this but dramatic tension and whatnot)
so what he's playing the voice of the male lead... Vic has one hell of a voice on him.... that is so good! it's comparable to the original version, I.... I seriously don't understand why the other one was used... yes the other guy can sing just find but Vic sounds like he's actually putting emotion behind the words. I know he did the lyrics for the song so that's probably why he's more invested but seriously this is the better of the two versions.

oh we're still on whats bad about the show.... um... there isn't any real point.... which is the problem with most comedy anime.... especially one that only does a small chunk of the manga...

but yeah i enjoy this show a lot, i just think it's really fun but i understand why a lot of people outright hate it.

if you can go check it out... i'm pretty sure FUNimation has some episodes on their youtube channel and if you like the show go pick it up... it's pretty old so it shouldn't be too expensive...

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