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Completed: Wreck it Ralph

*pushes aside the fact that in an earlier blog she said she was going to put more effort into these (read as Draw more for banners and such) and just continues with the review without the extra flare... cause i'm tired....*

So.... wreck it ralph.

The story is simple, Ralph is a badguy... has been for the past 30 years.... but he's tired of living in the dump all by himself while the hero gets cake and pie and he knows he's not really a bad guy... so through a series of events he tries to find a way for the people in his game to accept him.

The good:
The short Animation was really cute, hell the 3d even added a subtle bit of dimention and despite throwing paper airplanes they never threw it at the viewer.... which is the main thing i hate about 3d.... in fact a bit more on that later...
so yeah the short was good... and the concept was good.... all the animations of the game characters made me laugh cause they still moved like 8 bit sprites despite being in 3d...
um... the way they showed the different worlds was pretty interesting, the main areas are Ralphs Game, the first person shooter game and the candy go kart game.... all are unique and fun....

The not so good:
All the characters, including Ralph with his dispropotionate body, look a little like their voice actor.... it's not a terrible thing but it was distracting to me.... i couldn't see Vanillope Van Sweets and i could see was a tiny sarah silverman with candy in her hair.... same goes for Jane Lynch.... again not bad just stopped me from getting fully immersed in the story and the world.

I saw it in 3d and while the 3d itself isn't terribly obnoxious..... i still hate 3d, it made the movie much darker and the part of the film that are dark (mostly near the end) things get too difficult to see at all. if you do plan to see it save your money and see it in 2d.

The pacing is a little off, the middle bit seems to drag just a little... again not terrible but it's no fun when something is off... it's just distracting.

Really predictable.... something is mentioned at one point and with that information i was able to determine the rest of the plot beat for beat.

The bad:
This is my personal taste and i'm sure she's a good actress but Sarah Silvermans voice is a bit gratign to me.... so her playing a squeaky high pitched kid? it was like torture.... but thats just me....

the really bad:
This film is pretty much about the Arcade experience... something that doesn't really even exist anymore in north america... however ot was something that a lot of people in the 80s probably experienced.... so you would think this film would be a nod to them... a love letter to retro gaming as a whole but still enjoyable for a kid to watch.
it's just a kids film.... not a family film... not a film that kids can enjoy.... no an outright pander down to children with toilet humor kids film.
Dammit kids are smarter then people give them credit for so seeing something that spends 5 minutes over a joke because a character said "duty" is just..... aggravating.
Yes the film deals with some darker concepts... death is mentioned frequently... the idea of not belonging due to sterotypes or assumptions is a theme through everything except two characters who barely make an impact now that i think about it... and the kids in the audience seemed to handle that just find.... so why do we have entire scenes of ralph and Vannilope just calling each other names back and forth... we get it... he smells (for some reason.... must be tricky considering he is a mass of pixels and code) just move on with the plot...

in fact the whole sugar rush bit of the film should have been cut.
"But rai.... thats pretty much the entire movie!"
yeah i am aware of that.... but here's the thing.... half the first half of the film be pretty much as is.... he gets a thing but instead of ending up where he does send him back to his original world.... insert plot that happens there with the major bad guy... ralph saves the day.... the end.... hell have all the badguys and orphaned game sprites help save the day... it would have made more sense...

AND ANOTHER THING.... it got all those game licenses.... yeah.... wasted them.... the bad guys anonymous bit near the start is really the only time it's used... i was expecting that kind of thing the entire time. but nope... once we get to go kart land we don't see a real game character until the end.

Also too many antagonist... yes they vary in threat but seriously.... 3 of them? 4 if you count the threat of a game getting unplugged. ugh i'm just beign nitpicky...

The film is good.... not great but not terrible.... i really wish that the go kart world wasn't in it since despite it being 3/4 of the film it serves no special purpose and the same effect could have been achieved had it all happened in Ralphs world.

oh well... i still say go see it just yeah... be warned... it's really turns into a kid film the secodn we get to go kart land...

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