Friday, 2 November 2012

Okay there is something i want to be clear on...

Stalking something DOES NOT EQUAL liking something.

I should explain.
Now this all happened over on Deviantart and in the end is really isn't a big deal but i just have some shit i need to get off my chest... also the stalking wasn't really stalking but a club about stalking.... but still i need to say stuff... here's the one place i can probably say it without getting backlash from the person who started this in general.

This morning i Checked my Deviantart Inbox as i do every morning before work and i noticed someone has asked for one of my pieces (one that is really bad and old and why would anyone even look at that one?) to be submitted into their groups folder. I was a little confused that a madoka magica piece was being asked for by a group called "group-of-stalkers" since there aren't any stalkers in that show... except maybe Kyuubey? and possibly another character once you get to ep 10... but i think those are stretches... anyways back to the point.... I accepted the invitation because... why not?
yeah... that was my first mistake...
anyways shortly after i got an invite to the club.... i looked around to see what they did and i couldn't really find anything.... so i joined hoping i'd be able to see more of what they did....
mistake number 2....
first i was bombarded on my front page with "OMG WE HAVE THIS AWESOME CONTEST AND YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT"
yeah.... no.... i don't appreciate a group that charges for something as simple as a feature to post it's huge advert on my front page.... so after hiding the message (cause honestly it was no better then spam) i noticed my inbox had jumped... .all thanks to this one new club and the best part? despite the fact that they claim to kick out people who do art theft... half the pictures were traces or redraws of licensed anime/video game art..... all of this happened in less then an hour and i figured i just didn't have time for this shit anymore so i left the club.

not even 5 minutes later i get another message on my front page.

"Why did you leave the club?" 
Seriously? why did i leave it? cause i didn't want to be in it....
but no what i said was~

"sorry i thought i would give the club a try since you invited me but it just wasn't the right fit for me.
and i couldn't really figure out what the club is for...
I also was a little put off by the amount of pencil redraws of licensed art.
so yeah i apologize for leaving the club but thank you for inviting me in the first place."
i felt it was kind and civil and best of all i said my peace without offending anyone..... or so i thought.

"pencil redraws?

well if you go to the right top of the page you will see the description for it,Maybe that will help you know what the group is for.

but its fine~"
So i should have left it there... but i didn't and i was getting annoyed by this.... so i go to the page and look at the line in question....
" "a group for every person that stalks something."
Well i'm sure everyone has fun in the club but i don't really stalk anything so again i just didn't see the point of me staying, sorry.
anyways good luck with it and again thanks for the invite, sorry that it just wasn't for me."
Again, i feel i'm being pretty damn civil at this point cause in the end the answer is and always was "cause i didn't want to be a part of the club, you invited me... i tried (for all of 30 mins) and i didn't like it so i left" also a group for everyone who stalks something? um.... i don't know ANYONE who stalks something... stalking is a bad thing.... more on that later....

"do you really?You are not a part of any fandom to something?

If you replace 'stalk' with 'like' you will get it,Do you not want to know more about things you like?

its fine,if you ever want to rejoin then we will always accept you ;p"
Part of a fandom to something what the hell does that have to do with anything--- no.... oh don't tell me they are going there.... no no no no.... AND THEY DID.... dammit they went there
 Seriously....  If you replace 'stalk' with 'like' you will get it,Do you not want to know more about things you like? NO.... NO

I immediately went to check the persons age on DA which wasn't posted so i had to resort to thinking... if this person is younger then me they should learn right now that Stalking is a bad thing and Stalking something doesn't mean liking something.... the two are not Synonyms!
*goes to check on to be sure*

 Thanks it's always great to know your around... and look nowhere to be found are the words Like, Love or Fandom.
but lets take it a step further shall we?

 STILL NOWHERE TO BE FOUND THE WORDS "if you like a fandom it's the same as stalking it"
Stalking is a BAD THING
I get the REAL purpose of the club is to find people who like the same thing as you and the term stalkers is more so a different word for fan....
yeah i have two major problem with this...

1) if i wanna join a club with similar interest.... i will find a club DEDICATED to that interest instead of an all around jack of all fandoms club... Hell DA is such a huge site where even the smallest of fandoms or the most Niche interest will have a club.

2) STALKERS AND FANS ARE NOT THE SAME THING and equating them is INSULTING... some fans can become stalkers but this is NOT something to be glorified or something to look up to...

*deep breath* I get i'm probably over reacting to the situation (why i did it here and not on DA) but saying that stalking and liking something are interchangeable.... i cannot describe how pissed off it makes me... Words having Meaning... and just cause you feel the way your using it isn't as harsh as the true meaning and therefor shouldn't be judged as harshly.... yeah.... no.... it doesn't work like that.

Also on a somewhat unrelated note... while i may be a terrible speller there is one thing i know above all else.... There is a space after a Comma... you can't just keep writing and pretend that the comma replaces a space.... no you must physically hit the space bar or else it is wrong....
ok now i'm just nitpicking....

I'm sorry this was so long but i needed to say this somewhere and this seemed like the place that wouldn't get my in trouble... since probably no one will read this....

ok one more for the road.... salking as defined by

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