Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Completed: Knights: The Eye of Divinity By Robert E. Keller

and i'm kinda bummed that i finished it cause i planned and doing a piece with the four main character and since i was only 86% through according to my kindle... i thought i had more time....
NOPE, two chapters of another book
which i haven't read yet but i will.... one way or another.

So Knight: The Eye of Divinity by Robert E. Keller
*deep breath*
Wow this was good.

The chapters were a little long for reading on transit but still.... very interesting.

Lannon Sunshield, a boy who lives in Knights Valley, is visited by three powerful and well known knights. he finds it a little odd since they are kind of out of the way and no where near a town and it onlygets more confusing when the three are apparently looking for him incase he bears a gift known as the Eye of Divinity.

well he seems to show signs that he can so they bring him to the capital Dremlock... a place Lannon has dreamed about his entire life... though not everything is as perfect as the stories led to believe but he doesn't have time to worry about that right now, he has to pass the test of knighthood and obtain a colour in hopes to be all the three knights hope he is. However Deep shadows are lying in wait and trying to cause the boys demise at every turn.

and anymore would be getting too close to spoilersville.

The Good:
Really well written, it's been a while since i've read something so engaging, when characters were afraid i could feel it... when they were happy or surprised i was right there with them.
The characters are interesting and the way the world is set up you can learn a lot about a person by their last name.... parents try to give their kids knightly names in hopes that this books god will smile on them and give them more divine essence. This also helps me remember characters names because every name is pronounceable and different from all the others. i don't know why all fantasy novels can't just understand that.
The characters are flawed, This is great because this could have easily been "lannon saves day by barely lifting finger, there was much rejoicing" but it's not, lannon barely has any knightly essence and even though the divine essence pointed the knights to him they all have their doubts and i love it.

The not so good:
there is a couple 'spelling mistake' but it's mostly missing quotation marks... but it's easy enough to figure out when people are talking. so this is a minor nit pick.... also if you hate stopping a book mid chapter then don't read on transit UNLESS you have a long commute. this is just from personal experience.

The almost bad:
The ending feels a bit rushed but that could be because there is a lot of set up for book 2 or because i was expecting another 14%.... so i dont want to call is bad.... it's just.... i guess dependign on the next book this could go either way.

Do i Recommended? yes. you see that? you see how much it cost? NOTHING (well as long as you own a ebook reader but still)
seriously there is no reason not to give this book a shot.

ok so yeah..... i liked it.... back to working on t-shirts
oh and His blog:

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