Friday, 9 November 2012

TenierMe Closing

A while back... maybe a year or two? whenever it first opened ... nws of a new site that allowed you to dress up your avatars like Gaia but they moved around popped up and it was so adorable you eyes would melt if you looked at it too long.
I loved it.... all the items were super cheap and everything was free, it was easy to make avatars of my own characters based on the clothing options iwas given.... i never realyl got into gaia but this i simply loved.

Then they brught in the g-coin system which you bought with money.... (which to add insult to injury the coins would expire after 6 months despite you having paid real money)
and the site went to shit....

i think i stayed on for a month or two after the g-coin system was implemented but seriously there were no good free to play items and the exchange rate between money to g-coins to how much shit cost was highway robbery and worst of all other then new costumes to get there was nothing really to do... they hadn't set up many games (and the ones they did set up weren't terribly fun... though sevens could be entertaining) and it was really hard to make friends and find their profiles and be part of a community.

at least thats how i felt.
am i surprised the site is closing?
not even a little
Yes the japanese site is still running (which is funny cause when it comes to monotization it's way worse... you can barely do ANYTHING unless you pay to play) but they have things like games and events and people who are more willing to pay 50 cents to 5 bucks on a outfit for an avatar. but most people have betetr stuff to spend their money on so yeah... not surprised that despite this site being a pretty cool idea which some really nice outfits that it's closing it's doors down in a month...
am i sad? not really.... i occasionally signed back on to see what was happening but from what i saw it never got better.

oh well i just hope the people who did enjoy the site aren't too sad/flat broke cause honestly that would be the saddest part of closing the site.

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