Saturday, 24 November 2012

Completed: Brave

Story time:

My friend brougth this to my attention about half a year... possibly more before it was released to theaters.... it looked so good and pretty and i vowed that i would see it in theater......

I tried a few times but due to work i could never make it happen.... hell one time i went to go see a different film... i couldn't make it and the film ended up being changed to brave..... ugh i was pissed.

so to say the least i was looking forward to seeing it, maybe because i have Scottish blood in my veins.... maybe because i like seeing film that have a bit of whimsy and fantasy or in the case of animation isn't trying to be real (stylized is always better in my opinion)

so what did i think........... hm....

first the summery:
Merida is a Princess who is fed up with how her life doesn't seem to be her own, wether by fate or by choice she has to find a way to create her own path without sending the clans to war.

yeah thats about as spoiler free as i can do this...

i was told the commercials sell a completely different movie then the actual film.... and yeah to a point it does.... but i don't think that is a good or bad thing.... just something to keep in mind.

alright.... The good:
Oh my god this movie is stunning, simply beautiful to look at, everything is so bright and colourful and the lighting and the water.... just so damn pretty.
The score is pretty good too... too many songs with words in them though.... i personally found it a little distracting in some scenes... yet the target practice bit it was perfect... so yeah... minor gripe.
the story is decent.... the pacing was okay and overall the characters were likeable.... now watch me contraict those last three points....

the not so good:
while the story is good and well done it is nothing new... we have seen this exact same princess not happy with her lot in life plot before.... i hoped they would take it in another direction and they do.... kinda...
The pacing of the story is good... the pacing of the character development is wrong.... certain characters change their tune at the drop of a hat.... other characters have to give up way more despite the situation....
The likeable characters don't get much screen time due to the overall situation.... i don't wanna spoil it so i'll leave it at that.

The annoying.... but not really bad:
Merida was really annoying to me at the start of the film, i know it's kinda the point.... but there are a few things she does that i'm sorry they crossed a line... and for a large chunk of the story there is no acceptance of guilt and no remorse... until randomly when she SUDDENLY and out of the blue starts realizing she may have a part to play in this.... it just felt like there was a character development scene missing or something.... again it's more annoying to me then really bad but i just.... i wanted to slap her so hard at one point... maybe i feel this way cause i crossed a line when i was small and i had to pay for my actions with everything in my bedroom aside from clothing and bed and such being taken away for 2 years... so maybe i'm a little sensitive to the 'shit you don't do to certain people in your life' line... but still... ugh she annoyed me....but only for a bit.... i'm rambling sorry...

I really did enjoy this movie, it was worth the wait... still kinda bummed i didn't get to see it in theater... is it pixars best? no.... the Incredibles and the first ten minutes of up will have that spot for a while longer... . but damn it was good....

so yeah sorry for nit picking.... i just.... get touchy with that one subject.


  1. yeah I heard mixed reviews about brave, mostly how they really didn't have it make a lot of sense and that it is a disappointment
    regardless i still want to see it, because I too have Scottish jeans and i love the culture, visually especially (omg kilts <3)

    1. *genes

      didn't catch that until it was too late =n=

    2. Jeans! i love it... sorry... i know you corrected yourself but i had to have a giggle.
      i think it makes more sense if you stop thinking about it too much... but my born in Scotland father said it right off the bad "you never trust the fea" it always ends badly in that kind of folklore.
      but yeah it is flawed... but i still enjoyed it... you should see it just no rush.